Marvel Ultimate Alliance Animated Movie cast

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“ voice of Steve Rogers
aka: Captain America ” - darthj4321
“ voice of The Hulk ” - darthj4321
“ voice of Logan
aka: Wolverine ” - darthj4321
“ voice of Thor ” - darthj4321
“ voice of Peter Parker
aka: Spider-Man ” - darthj4321
“ voice of Nick Fury ” - darthj4321
Marc Worden
A professional actor for 26 years, Marc Worden started his career in Toronto, Canada, in television and theater. In 1990, he relocated to the US to work for the Walt Disney Company and has remained there ever since. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where he continues his career as an on-camera actor and voice-over artist...
“ voice of Tony Stark
aka: Iron-Man ” - darthj4321
Dawnn Lewis
Dawnn Lewis was born August 13, 1961. She is remembered mostly from her role as Jaleesa Vinson on A Different World. Dawnn composed the theme song with Bill Cosby and Stu Gardner that was used for the series. She left the show in 1992 to join the cast of Hangin' with Mr. Cooper as Robin Dumars. From 1995-1996...
“ voice of Ororo Munroe
aka: Strom ” - darthj4321
“ voice of Captain Marvel
voice of Vision ” - darthj4321
Loren Lester
Loren Lester, a native of Los Angeles, began his career as a teenager and has accumulated more than 30 years of film, stage and television credits. In his early years, he played the evil hall monitor "Fritz Hansel" in the cult classic film Rock 'n' Roll High School and he recurred for five seasons as "Roy" on The Facts of Life opposite 'Nancy McKeon'...
“ voice of Daniel Rand
aka: Iron-Fist ” - darthj4321
“ voice of Clinton Barton
aka: Hawkeye ” - darthj4321
Clive Revill
A grand, well-respected actor of stage, film and television, most people think New Zealander Clive Revill is British. Although most people think of the curly, red-haired gent as a comic eccentric best known for his sterling work on the musical stage, he has been highly regarded for his formidable dramatic work in Shakespearean roles...
“ voice of Victor Von Doom
aka: Doctor Doom ” - darthj4321
Nika Futterman
Actress, The Boxtrolls
Nika Futterman has been involved in world of acting and singing since early childhood when she performed in plays, musicals and student films. She spent a few years as an on-camera actress doing television, co-starring in such shows as Chicago Hope and Murphy Brown. Most recently, however, she has devoted...
“ voice of Natsha Romanova
aka: Black Widow ” - darthj4321
“ voice of Frank Castle
aka: The Punisher ” - darthj4321
“ voice of Eric Brooks
aka: Blade ” - darthj4321
“ voice of Wade Wilson
aka: Deadpool ” - darthj4321
Gary Anthony Sturgis
Gary Anthony Sturgis is a New Orleans born actor/writer/director best-known for his portrayal of the villain in two of Tyler Perry's biggest hit films, "Diary of A Mad Black Woman" (as Jamison Jackson) and "Daddy's Little Girls" (as Joseph Woods). He also co-starred opposite Terrence Howard in "Pride"...
“ voice of James Rhodes
aka: War Machine ” - darthj4321
Phil LaMarr
A Los Angeles native, Phil is a graduate of Harvard-Westlake School, Yale University and The Groundlings Theater and is perhaps best known as one of the original cast members of MADtv and as Marvin in Pulp Fiction. In addition to numerous appearances on stages across the country, in films and on TV...
“ voice of T'Chilla
aka: Balck Panther
voice Piotr Rasputin
aka: Colossus ” - darthj4321
Catherine Taber
Georgia native Catherine Taber made her feature film debut starring in the coming of age drama "The Girls' Room". Taber's performance in the film garnered critical praise from industry publications. Daily Variety hailed her performance as "winning, empathetic and intimate." Catherine can also be seen alongside Reese Witherspoon in the romantic comedy...
“ vocie of Rouge ” - darthj4321
“ voice of Jean Grey ” - darthj4321
“ voice of Ms. Marvel ” - darthj4321
“ voice of Hank Pym ” - darthj4321
“ voice of Jane Van Dyne
aka: Wasp ” - darthj4321
Jim Ward
Actor, WALL·E
“ voice of Professor Charles Xavier ” - darthj4321
“ voice of Erik Lennsherr
aka: Magento ” - darthj4321
“ voice of Loki ” - darthj4321
James Horan
Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, of Irish/Scandinavian heritage, Horan first became interested in acting while attending Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. When he was 19, he starred in his first play, as the Marquis de Sade in "Marat/Sade", what he calls a "baptism by fire." He also portrayed Stanley in "A Streetcar Named Desire" that same year...
“ voice of Doctor Strange ” - darthj4321
Kevin Michael Richardson
Well-known, king-sized actor and voice artist Kevin Michael Richardson was born in Bronx, New York. He is, perhaps, mostly recognizable for his deep voice, which he uses in many of his works. Richardson is a classically trained actor. He first gained recognition as one of only eight U.S. high school students selected for the National Foundation for the Arts' "Arts '82" program...
“ voice of Baron Mordo ” - darthj4321
“ voice of Enchantress ” - darthj4321
Crispin Freeman
Crispin is the oldest of three. He has a younger brother, Clark, and youngest sister, Cassidy. All three attended the Latin School of Chicago, where Crispin graduated in a class of 60 in 1990. Crispin had a Mac in 1985. To this day he is still an avid computer geek. He played no official team sports in school...
“ voice of James "Bucky" Barnes
aka: Winter Soldier ” - darthj4321
“ voice of Sam Wilson
aka: Falcon ” - darthj4321