The Top 4 Paranormal Activity Movie Characters

These are the list for the scary movies paranormal activity characters that was the scariest
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Jessica Tyler Brown
Jessica Tyler Brown was born in West Columbia, South Carolina- a long way from Hollywood - but her parents noticed early on that she was constantly performing scenes from television shows and films. Even at the tender age of two, she would re-enact scenes from Cinderella, over and over again. So when her parents heard about an acting workshop being offered in Hickory...
“ omg she was the creepiest ” - jackiefittles
Katie Featherston
Katie Featherston is perhaps best known for playing the lead role in Paramount's 2009 smash hit Paranormal Activity, which earned her the Best Actress award at the 2009 Screamfest Film Festival. Made on a budget of approximately $15,000, the movie earned over $100 million dollars at the US box office...
“ don't piss her off lol ” - jackiefittles
“ just look at him ” - jackiefittles
Tommy Miranda
Tommy Miranda is a young talented actor, born in 1989, Fairfax Virginia. He spends his time looking for ways to better his acting skills. At the age of 7, he wanted to act and become a big movie star. After graduating high school, Tommy made it his mission to become an actor, director and producer. Now a days Tommy spends his time going to casting calls to further his acting resume...
“ This guy is going to freak you out, but hes cool ” - jackiefittles