The Most Evil Batman Villains

Based on Villains of the Nolan Series.
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“ Tom Hardy-The Dark Knight Rises(2012)

Hands down the strongest and most frightening villain of them all. The amount of terror that Bane causes onto the City of Gotham is like nothing that has ever happened before. ” - timmydave
“ Heath Ledger-The Dark Knight(2008)

Of Course Ledger's Joker is one of the best! The only actor from the series(yet) to win an Academy Award, yes posthumous but still a well deserved award. Heath Ledger's Joker gives a whole new meaning to crazy, yet very cleaver at the same time...a Villain that will be remembered for years to come. ” - timmydave
This character is no longer available
“ Marion Cotillard-The Dark Knight Rises(2012)

With one of the biggest twist in the Nolan Series, Cotillard creates a whole new meaning to B***h. Not that i hated the charater or Cotillard, it is simply something that completely blind sides the audience. Talia does such an impressive job at winning over all of the charaters, including beloved Batman(well beloved after he risks his life for Gotham), then she reveals the dirtiest secret of any villain. ” - timmydave
This character is no longer available
“ A.k.a Two-Face Aaron Eckhart-The Dark Knight(2008)

The only villain that the audience almost hates to see turn evil. Dent is the only person to finally clean up Gotham, but then is turned into what he has been stopping for years and everything falls apart. Eckhart was so impressive and a great addition for the series. ” - timmydave
“ Liam Neeson-Batman Begins(2005)

Neeson is the definition of acting and his version of Ra's al Ghul is absolutely spot on and everything imaginable. ” - timmydave
This character is no longer available
“ Anne Hathaway-The Dark Knight Rises(2012)

Nolan's version of Catwoman(Selina Kyle) is by far the best in any Batman film/tv show/video game etc. Hathaway does a perfect job of portraying the strength, innocence and humility that is the character of Selina Kyle. ” - timmydave
“ Cillian Murphy-Batman Begins(2005)

The Scarecrow is a villain that seems to be easily forgotten, but by far one of the scariest villains. ” - timmydave