Rose Hills Memorial Park.

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They are interred at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, Los Angeles, California.

1. Dorothy Abbott

Actress | Dragnet

Perennial starlet Dorothy Abbott was a sexy, vivacious, wide-smiling model, showgirl and actress who could brighten up a room. Unfortunately, her cinematic offerings wound up being pretty minimal and her last years were marred by depression and, ultimately, a tragic end.

She was born Dorothy E. ...

Plot: Valley Lawn, Lot 2939 GPS (lat/lon): 34.00576, -118.05087

2. Alvin Ailey

The Turning Point

Ailey was born in the rural town of Rogers, Texas, USA. His childhood memories and experiences often informed his choreography; the most notable of his works was "Blues Suite", "Cry" (choreographed for Judith Jamison), and "Revelations", a ballet based on Ailey's observations and experiences in ...

3. Lilian Andersson

Göranssons pojke

Lilian Andersson is an actress, known for Goransson's Boy (1941).

4. Griff Barnett

Actor | Pinky

Griff Barnett was born on November 12, 1884 in Blue Ridge, Texas, USA. He was an actor, known for Pinky (1949), For the Love of Mary (1948) and Apartment for Peggy (1948). He died on January 12, 1958 in El Monte, California, USA.

Plot: Cypress Lawn, Lot 1435, Grave 1

5. Bobbie 'Cotton' Beard

Actor | A Lad an' a Lamp

Bobbie 'Cotton' Beard was born on August 2, 1930 in Los Angeles County, California, USA. He was an actor, known for A Lad an' a Lamp (1932), Hi'-Neighbor! (1934) and Fish Hooky (1933). He died on October 16, 1999 in Los Angeles County.

6. Curley Bradley

Actor | Cavalcade of America

Curley Bradley was born on September 18, 1910 in Coalgate, Oklahoma, USA as George Bradford. He was an actor, known for Cavalcade of America (1952). He died on June 3, 1985 in Long Beach, California, USA.

Plot: Cherry Blossom Garden, Lot 62, Grave B

7. Charles Edward Bull

Actor | The Iron Horse

Charles Edward Bull born in Texas in 1881, tall, handsome man was a real life Judge working for the Justice of the Peace in Reno, Nevada, became better known for his impersonation of Abraham Lincoln in two films, first a western starring O'Brien and Madge Bellamy in 'The Iron Horse' at the Fox Film...

Plot: Hillcrest Lawn, Lot 549, Grave 1

8. Rusty Burrell

Actor | Divorce Court

Rusty Burrell was born on November 17, 1925 in Metropolis, Illinois, USA as Roy Justus Burrell. He was an actor, known for Divorce Court (1957), Animal Court (1998) and The People's Court (1981). He was married to Clara Mae Odom. He died on April 15, 2002 in Rosemead, California, USA.

9. Timothy Carey

Actor | The Killing

Timothy Carey had one of the most unusual careers of all Hollywood character actors, obtaining full cult status for his portrayals of the doomed, the psychotic and the plain crazy. Carey's career was an "Only in America" type of story, and he retains his status as a Great American Original a decade...

Plot: The Gardens, L-7, private garden

11. Alexander Chavez

Art_department | The Meadow

Alexander Chavez is known for his work on The Meadow (2011), Steel City (2011) and Scars That Heal: The Dave Roever Story (1993).

12. Boyd Coddington

Self | American Hot Rod

Boyd Coddington was born on August 28, 1944 in Rupert, Idaho, USA as Boyd Leon Coddington. He was married to Jo Andenise Clausen McGee, Diane Marie Ragone Elkins and Peggy Jeanne King. He died on February 27, 2008 in Whittier, California, USA.

Plot: Fountainhead Lawn, Sec 1000

13. Donfeld

Costume_designer | Spaceballs

Los Angeles native Donfeld (born Donald Lee Feld) attended Chouinard Art Institute before being hired as art director in 1953 by Capitol Records. After several years at Capitol he went out on his own, and soon found steady employment in the film industry as a costume designer. He has been nominated...

Plot: Garden of Prayer, sec. 18, lot 5007, grave 4

14. Kathryn Eames

Actress | Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre

Kathryn Eames won the National Collegiate Players Award in 1940 while attending the University of Arizona. Her prize included a summer workshop with Tamara Daykarhanova who gave her a scholarship to continue study in the fall. Her first professional appearance was in the Broadway production of "...

15. Ted Edwards

Actor | The Way to the Gold

Ted Edwards is an actor, known for The Way to the Gold (1957).

Plot: Ivy Lawn, Lot 744, Grave 2

16. Jaime Escalante

Actor | Futures

Jaime Escalante was born to two Bolivian schoolteachers who taught in a small Aymara Indian village. After 9 years of teaching in Bolivia, Escalante moved to the United States in 1964, and worked as a busboy, a cook, and an electronics factory technician. He attended the Universidad de Puerto Rico,...

Plot: Lakeside Gardens, Section 18, Lot 3914, Grave 3

17. Elizabeth Flournoy

Actress | Adam's Rib

Elizabeth Flournoy was born on November 18, 1886 in St. Charles, Missouri, USA as Elizabeth Edwards. She was an actress, known for Adam's Rib (1949), Kelly and Me (1957) and Science Fiction Theatre (1955). She died on August 14, 1977 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Plot: Valley View Lawn, Lot 2154, Grave 2

18. Mary Gordon

Actress | Bride of Frankenstein

Scots actress, long in the United States, who specialized in housekeepers and mothers, most notably the housekeeper Mrs. Hudson in the Sherlock Holmes series of movies of the Thirties and Forties. She was born Mary Gilmour, the daughter of a Glasgow wire weaver. She worked as a dressmaker before ...

Plot: Court of Eternal Light, Section C, Crypt 579

19. John Gough

Actor | The Calendar Girl

John Gough was born on September 22, 1894 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He was an actor, known for The Calendar Girl (1917), Ain't Love Funny? (1927) and The Air Legion (1929). He died on June 30, 1968 in Hollywood, California, USA.

Plot: Garden of Rememberance, Lot 394, Grave 1

20. Bryan Gregory

Actor | The Foreigner

Bryan Gregory was born on February 20, 1951 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He was an actor, known for The Foreigner (1978) and The Cramps: Live at Napa State Mental Hospital (1981). He was married to Robyn Hunt. He died on January 10, 2001 in Anaheim, California, USA.

Plot: Section 1, Lot 808, Grave 808

21. Al Haskell

Soundtrack | Terror of the Plains

Al Haskell was born on December 4, 1886 in Watsonville, California, USA as Albert B. Haskell. He was an actor, known for Terror of the Plains (1934), The Fiddlin' Buckaroo (1933) and The Voice from the Sky (1929). He died on January 6, 1969 in Los Angeles, California.

Plot: Garden of Prayer, Lot 7617, Grave 1

22. Walt Hazzard

Actor | The Cosby Show

Walt Hazzard was born on April 15, 1942 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA as Walter Raphael Hazzard Jr. He was an actor, known for The Cosby Show (1984), Gilligan's Island (1964) and A Different World (1987). He was married to Jaleesa Hazzard. He died on November 18, 2011 in Los Angeles, ...

23. Wally Hood

Self | Warming Up

Wally Hood was born on February 9, 1895 in Whittier, California, USA as Wallace James Hood. He was an actor, known for Warming Up (1928). He died on May 2, 1965 in Hollywood, California.

Plot: Whispering Pines, Lot 5167, Grave 4 GPS coordinates: 34.0060692, -118.0541611 (hddd.dddd)

24. William Hopper

Actor | Perry Mason

William Hopper was born on January 26, 1915 in New York City, New York, USA as William DeWolf Hopper Jr. He was an actor, known for Perry Mason (1957), 20 Million Miles to Earth (1957) and The Bad Seed (1956). He was married to Janette Jinty Mansfield and Jane Gilbert. He died on March 6, 1970 in ...

Plot: Memorial Urn Garden, Space 201

25. Clara Horton

Actress | The Girl from Outside

Clara Horton was born on July 29, 1904 in Brooklyn, New York, USA as Clara Marie Horton. She was an actress, known for The Girl from Outside (1919), Tom Sawyer (1917) and Huck and Tom (1918). She was married to Hyman Brand. She died on December 4, 1976 in Encino, California, USA.

Plot: Alderlawn, Lot 6303, Lot 1

26. Gladys Hulette

Actress | Tol'able David

The daughter of an opera star turned actress, Gladys Hulette began her career as a three-year old on the stage. On Broadway from 1906, she played juvenile leads in "The Kreutzer Sonata" and "A Doll's House". She was also Tyltyl in "The Blue Bird". A genuine pioneer of the movies, Gladys first ...

Plot: Lakeview Mausoleum, Section 1, Lot R, Niche 6

27. Goodwin Knight

Self | The Red Skelton Show

Goodwin Knight was born on December 9, 1896 in Provo, Utah, USA as Goodwin Jess Knight. He died on May 22, 1970 in Inglewood, California, USA.

28. Cao Ky Nguyen

Self | The Big Picture

Cao Ky Nguyen was born on September 8, 1930 in Son Tay, Vietnam as Nguyen Cao Ky. He died on July 23, 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Plot: Stupa Garden North, Section N, Lot 119, Grave 119, Gate 1

29. Billy 'Froggy' Laughlin

Actor | Kiddie Kure

His mother enrolled him in a dramatic class to overcome his self-consciousness. His gravel voice was exploited by an MGM talent scout. After his test and positive public reaction he was signed to a term contract to Our Gang. His favorite sport was bicycling. After Our Gang was over, Froggy was ...

Plot: Myrtle Lawn, Lot 743, (Curb #1011)

Plot: Guardian Lawn, Sec. 6, Lot 100, Space 1

31. Keye Luke

Actor | Charlie Chan at the Opera

Keye Luke was born in Canton, China. He grew up in Seattle, Washington, and entered the film business as a commercial artist and a designer of movie posters. He was hired as a technical advisor on several Asian-themed films, and made his film debut in The Painted Veil (1934). It seemed that he ...

Plot: Memorial Chapel Garden, Lot 434, Grave 2

32. William 'Link' Lyman

Self | Pro Football

William 'Link' Lyman was born on November 30, 1898 in Table Rock, Nebraska, USA as William Roy Lyman. He died on December 16, 1972 in Baker, California, USA.

Plot: Suncrest, Lot 1563, Grave 1 GPS coordinates: 34.0055389, -118.0490723 (hddd.dddd)

33. Linda Martinez

Soundtrack | Teeth

Linda Martinez was born on December 2, 1975 in Los Angeles County, California, USA as Linda Suzanna Martinez. She died on May 19, 2005 in Los Angeles, California.

34. Haing S. Ngor

Actor | The Killing Fields

Haing S. Ngor was a native of Cambodia, and before the war was a physician (obstetrics) and medical officer in the Cambodian army. He became a captive of the Khmer Rouge during the and was imprisoned and tortured; in order to escape execution he denied being a doctor or having an education. He ...

Plot: Alpine Terrace, L-2274 G-2 GPS coordinates: 34.0134888, -118.0221329 (hddd.dddd)

35. Hugh Prosser

Actor | The Adventures of Sir Galahad

Hugh Prosser was born on November 6, 1900 in Illinois, USA. He was an actor, known for The Adventures of Sir Galahad (1949), Mysterious Island (1951) and Daredevils of the Clouds (1948). He died on November 8, 1952 in Gallup, New Mexico, USA.

Plot: Whispering Pines Lawn Burial Section: 8 Burial Lot: 4656

36. Lillian Snyder

Actress | Hearts of Love

Lillian Snyder was born on August 5, 1884. She was an actress, known for Hearts of Love (1918). She died on April 24, 1961.

Plot: Maple Lawn GPS coordinates: 34.0118790, -118.0531769 (hddd.dddd)

37. Mark St. John

Self | Kiss: X-treme Close-Up

Mark St. John was born on February 7, 1956 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Mark Norton. He died on April 5, 2007 in New York City, New York, USA.

Plot: Greenwood Gardens, sec. 2, lot 4523, grave 3

38. Robin Stille

Actress | The Slumber Party Massacre

Tall, lovely and spirited actress Robin Rochelle Stille was born on November 24, 1961 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her parents were Jere Stille and Sarah Bridge. Stille had two sisters and one brother. She moved with her family to Los Angeles, California. Robin graduated from Garden Grove High ...

39. Carl Thompson

Actor | Woman in the Dark

Carl Thompson is an actor, known for Woman in the Dark (1952) and Cowboy in Africa (1967).

40. Mickey Thompson

Self | The Lively Set

Mickey Thompson was born on December 7, 1928 in Alhambra, California, USA as Marion Lee Thompson. He was married to Trudy Thompson. He died on March 16, 1988 in Bradbury, California.

41. Paul Titsworth

Music_department | The Great Gabbo

Plot: Rainbow Gardens, Lot 1411, Grave 3

42. Thuy Trang

Actress | The Crow: City of Angels

Thuy Trang was born on December 14th of 1973 in Saigon, Vietnam. After the fall of Saigon in 1975 to Communist forces, her father who had fought in the Vietnam War, traveled to America to seek political asylum. However, his entire family, unable to follow, were left behind.

In 1979, Thuy and her ...

Plot: Ashes interred.

43. Susan Vickery

Actress | ABC Afterschool Specials

Susan Vickery Studied The Art of Dance and Acting at Pasadena City College. Among all her talents, Susan was 100 percent pure at heart especially to Family and Friends. She drove a Dodge Colt. Everyday meant something and she would resonate it back on you. She had the charm of a Full Moon. If you ...

Plot: Suncrest Lawn, L-1233, G-3 GPS coordinates: 34.0055389, -118.0490723 (hddd.dddd)

44. Alan Wiggins

Self | 1984 World Series

Alan Wiggins was born on February 17, 1958 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Alan Anthony Wiggins. He was married to Angela Mckenzie. He died on January 6, 1991 in Los Angeles.

45. Eazy-E

Soundtrack | The Watch

Eric Lynn Wright, better known by his stage name Eazy-E, was an American rapper who performed solo and as a member of the group NWA Wright is affectionately called "The Godfather Of Gangsta Rap."

He was born in Compton, California. After dropping out of high school in the tenth grade, he supported ...

Plot: Lupine Lawn, Lot 2482, Gr 1

46. Richard Wurmbrand

Writer | Richard Wurmbrands: Taps on the Walls

Richard Wurmbrand was born on March 24, 1909 in Bucharest, Kingdom of Romania. He was a writer, known for Richard Wurmbrands: Taps on the Walls (2009), Taivaallinen tehtävä (1998) and Prisoners of Light (2010). He died on February 17, 2001 in Glendale, California, USA.

Plot: Lupine Lawn, Lot 2482, Gr 1

47. Charley Cowan

Self | NFL Monday Night Football

Charley Cowan was born on June 19, 1938 in Braeholm, West Virginia, USA as Charles Edward Cowan.

48. Lupe Ontiveros

Actress | Chuck & Buck

Lupe Ontiveros was born on September 17, 1942 in El Paso, Texas, USA as Guadalupe Moreno. She is known for her work on Chuck & Buck (2000), Real Women Have Curves (2002) and The Goonies (1985). She was married to Elias P. Ontiveros. She died on July 26, 2012 in Whittier, California, USA.

Plot: Portal Lawn, lot 812, grave 3

49. Felicia Tang

Actress | Hotel Decadence

Felicia Tang was born on October 22, 1977 in Singapore as Felicia Lee. She was an actress. She died on September 11, 2009 in Monrovia, California, USA.

50. Lewis Arquette

Actor | Little Nicky

Lewis Arquette was born on December 14, 1935 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Lewis Michael Arquette. He was an actor and writer, known for Little Nicky (2000), Tango & Cash (1989) and Akira (1988). He was married to Brenda Denaut. He died on February 10, 2001 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

51. Ron Glass

Actor | Serenity

Ron Glass was born on July 10, 1945 in Evansville, Indiana, USA as Ronald Earle Glass. He was an actor and director, known for Serenity (2005), Lakeview Terrace (2008) and Barney Miller (1974). He died on November 25, 2016 in Los Angeles, California, USA.