Military Veteran Actors on the Rise!

This is a list of great actors that are an asset to any production. Hard-working, dedicated and responsible are just some of the qualities you will find with a Veteran actor!
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Jeff Bosley
Jeff was born in Colorado, raised around the U.S. and spent most of his later grade school years in Idaho. He grew up playing goalkeeper in soccer, a position he so excelled at that he was able to take advantage of a great opportunity and play for a MVP team in Holland. Jeff loves sports and tried just about everything: martial arts, SCUBA diving, rodeo/steer wresting and football...
Will Tijerina
Will is a native of Chicago Illinois who moved to Orlando for freshman yr and later spent sophomore and junior yr in LA. Senior yr was back in Orlando before he joined the US Army. He served for 7 yrs (97-04) and attained the rank of Sergeant (E-5 SGT) He was stationed @ Ft Jackson, SC (Alpha Company...
Veronica Wayne
Veronica Wayne was born on an Air Force base in Grand Forks, North Dakota where her father served as a communications specialist. By the age of 10 she had lived with her family in Langley, Virginia; Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, Ramstein AFB, Germany where she had begun to learn German at the age of 8...
Drea Garcia
For Drea Garcia it all started with the independent feature film, Much Ado about Nothing, where she got a chance to work with Writer/Director Joss Whedon. During a scene, Whedon walked up to Garcia and said, "I want to see you on camera." This caught the eye of one of the films producers. He referred...
Scott Levy
Actor, 24: Legacy
Scott Levy has starred in film, television, video games and music videos following his service as a Stinger missile gunner in the United States Marine Corps during the Persian Gulf War. On film, Scott played the lead role alongside Vanilla Ice in The Helix... Loaded, a parody of The Matrix. He has also acted in The Dentros with Mariette Hartley and John Saxon...
Dotan Baer
Dotan Baer, born in Jerusalem, Israel; Dotan Ya'akov Ben Moshe Ze'ev to Moshe and Ruth Ze'ev, has brought his military and intellectual genius to Hollywood. After graduating a Golden Key National Honor Society Member, receiving a bachelor's degree in finance at Florida Atlantic Univeristy, Boca Raton...
Jerry Della Salla
Actor, Green Zone
Jerry Della Salla, is an Army War veteran who served 12 months with the 18th MP Battalion, - OIF3. He studied with Stella Adler and is a graduate of the NYU Tisch Drama Program. Co-starred with the late Victor Argo in his last film- Personal Sergeant (2004). Co-Starred opposite Matt Damon in the Green Zone (2010), Directed by Paul Greengrass...
Doc King
Director, Project 22
Doc is a dual citizen who grew up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. After Business School, Doc joined the United States Army as a Combat Medic. Deploying to Korea and Iraq, he reached the rank of Sergeant before receiving an Honorable Discharge. Doc then joined the Medina Police Department where he patrolled for three years...
Jeffrey Fellin
Born in California Jeffrey Fellin lived in Colorado as a teenager, and after spending four years in the US Air Force, finished college and became a helicopter pilot in the US Army. After five years flying medical helicopters he headed to Hollywood to become an actor. He has appeared in numerous short films and commercials Although he is best known as an actor...