Favorite Costume Designers

These guys/girls know how to make their stuff
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Michael Kaplan
Costume Designer, Fight Club
“ Impressive Costumes in Blade Runner,Fight Club ,Star Trek(2009), MI:Ghost Protocol,Star Trek Into Darkness and The Upcoming Star Wars Episode VII:The The Force Awakens ” - KalKenobi83
“ Impressive Costumes in Tron Legacy and also 300,Sucker Punch,Watchmen,Terminator Salvation Man Of Steel, American Hustle , Noah and The Upcoming Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice! :D ” - KalKenobi83
“ Impressive Jedi Robes and other intergalatic Costumes ” - KalKenobi83
Alexandra Byrne
Costume Designer, The Avengers
“ Awesome Costumes in The Avengers,Thor , The Phantom of The Opera, Guardians Of The Galaxy ” - KalKenobi83
Deborah Lynn Scott
Costume Designer, Titanic
“ Amazing Costumes in Avatar,Transformers,Minority Report,Get Smart,The Island,Titanic and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ” - KalKenobi83
Milena Canonero
Costume Designer, The Shining
Milena Canonero grew up in Genoa. She studied design and costume in Genoa before moving to England to finish her studies. Milena's film career started with Stanley Kubrick, designing the costumes for three of his films: Clockwork Orange (1971), Barry Lyndon (1975), winning her first of her four academy awards...
“ Solaris,Life Aquatic and The Grand Budapest Hotel ” - KalKenobi83
Lindy Hemming
Costume Designer, The Dark Knight
“ Great Costumes in Batman Begins,The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises,inception, 007 Casino Royale and Clash Of The Titans ” - KalKenobi83
“ Hellboy, Thor:The Dark World and Pompeii ” - KalKenobi83
Jany Temime
Costume Designer, Gravity
“ Harry Potter 4,5,6,7,007:Skyfall, Wrath of The Titans and Gravity ” - KalKenobi83
“ Chronicles of Narnia and The Wolverine ” - KalKenobi83
Mary Zophres
Costume Designer, Interstellar
“ Iron Man 2, Cowboys and Aliens, Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull and Interstellar ” - KalKenobi83
Judianna Makovsky
Judianna was born on August 24, 1955. As a child she joined the Metropolitan Opera ballet and children's chorus but was always more interested in what went on backstage to produce a show. After graduating from the Art Institute of Chicago and Yale Drama School she worked as an assistant to Jane Greenwood...
“ Great Costumes in The Hunger Games,X-Men The Last Stand and The Last Airbender ” - KalKenobi83
“ Stelllar G.I. Joe Costumes and X-Men Costumes ” - KalKenobi83
“ Silver Linings Playbook,The Fighter,The Italian Job and The Master ” - KalKenobi83
Casey Storm
Costume Designer, Her
“ Zodiac,Adaptation,Being John Malkovich and Her ” - KalKenobi83
Jacqueline West
Costume Designer, The Revenant
“ The Social Network,Tree Of Life, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Argo ” - KalKenobi83
Jeffrey Kurland
Costume Designer, Inception