*Famous Faces on V: The 80's Series!

The first anniversary of the day the aliens were defeated could lead to Earth's last day: Alien commander Diana escapes and reunites with her fleet. The Starchild undergoes a strange metamorphosis, the Resistance fighters activate a new weapon Visitor mothership..and many more things happen in this final follow-up to the epic mini-series"V" & "V:The Final Battle". Thus ending this great mini-series trilogy...
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Jane Badler
Jane Badler, the American and Australian actress best known for her role as the evil reptilian Visitor leader "Diana" in the NBC mini-series V, its sequel V: The Final Battle, the subsequent TV series V, and the last season of the latest series V, was born on the last day of 1953 in Brooklyn...
“ "Diana"
(19 episodes, 1984-1985) ” - gattonero975
Xander Berkeley
Xander's father was a painter and his mother a school teacher who sewed, providing him with costumes (his preference over toys). School plays and Community Theater were next. An experimental theater troupe in the area (which was an offshoot from Joseph Chaikin's Open Theater in New York) took Xander under their wing when he was 16...
“ V: Season 1, Episode 3
Breakout (9 Nov. 1985) ” - gattonero975
“ V: Season 1, Episode 15
The Wildcats (15 Feb. 1985) ” - gattonero975
“ V: Season 1, Episode 16
The Littlest Dragon (22 Feb. 1985) ” - gattonero975
Sybil Danning
Actress, Grindhouse
Tall, leggy, buxom and statuesque 5'7" blonde beauty Sybil Danning reigns supreme as one of the sexiest, most dynamic and commanding actresses to achieve cult B-movie queen status. She was born Sybille Johanna Danninger on May 24, 1952, in Wels, Austria, the daughter of a US Army major father and an Austrian mother...
“ V: Season 1, Episode 6
Visitor's Choice (23 Nov. 1984 ” - gattonero975
Anthony De Longis
Actor, Director, Fight Coordinator & Weapons Expert. He's performed with some of biggest names in the entertainment industry, including Harrison Ford, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jet Li, Brendan Frasier, Ron Howard, Yuen Woo Ping, Tim Burton, David Carradine, Patrick Swayze, Angelica Huston, Placido Domingo...
“ V: Season 1, Episode 8
The Dissident (7 Dec. 1984) ” - gattonero975
“ V: Season 1, Episode 11
The Hero (11 Jan. 1985) ” - gattonero975
“ V: Season 1, Episode 17
War of Illusions (8 Mar. 1985) ” - gattonero975
Jeff Kober
Actor, Sully
Jeff Kober, a native of Billings, Montana, was born on December 18, 1953. Kober moved to Los Angeles in his twenties. His first appearance on television was a non-billed role in the 1980s series V. Kober was a regular in the highly-acclaimed Vietnam War drama, China Beach. He also starred in the short-lived...
“ V: Season 1, Episode 11
The Hero (11 Jan. 1985) ” - gattonero975
“ V: Season 1, Episode 6
Visitor's Choice (23 Nov. 1984 ” - gattonero975
Sheryl Lee Ralph
Actress, Moesha
Sheryl Lee Ralph was born December 30, 1956 in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA. She is known for her roles in Moesha (1996), Its A Living (1980), and Instant Mom (2013). Her Career Began in the late 1970's. She has been Married to Vincent Hughes since July 30, 2005 a Pennsylvania state senator. She was previously married to Eric Maurice.
“ V: Season 1, Episode 7
The Overlord (30 Nov. 1984) ” - gattonero975
“ V: Season 1, Episode 15
The Wildcats (15 Feb. 1985) ” - gattonero975
“ V: Season 1, Episode 3
Breakout (9 Nov. 1985) ” - gattonero975
“ V: Season 1, Episode 17
War of Illusions (8 Mar. 1985) ” - gattonero975
Aki Aleong
Aki Aleong's career has spanned more than 60 years as an actor, singer, writer, producer and activist. He has served on the National Board of the Screen Actors Guild, appointed National Chair of SAG'S EEOC and was a member of the President's Diversity/Affirmative Action Task Force. Aki has also been Executive Director of AIM (Asians in Media)...
“ "Mr. Chiang"
(9 episodes, 1984-1985) ” - gattonero975
“ "Philip"
(7 episodes, 1984-1985) ” - gattonero975
“ "Lydia"
(19 episodes, 1984-1985) ” - gattonero975
Bruce Davison
Actor, X-Men
With his blond, clean-cut, Ivy League handsomeness and ready-whipped smile reminiscent of Kennedyesque times, actor Bruce Davison fits the prototype of today's more current crop of fresh-faced, likable blonds such as Brian Kerwin and Aaron Eckhart. While it proved difficult at times for the actor to get past those perfect features and find meatier roles...
“ "John Langley"
(3 episodes, 1985) ” - gattonero975
Robert Englund
Veteran character actor Robert Englund was born in Glendale, California, to Janis (MacDonald) and John Kent Englund, an aeronautics engineer. He has Swedish, Danish, Scottish, and English ancestry. Since 1973, Englund has appeared in over 75 feature films and starred in four TV series. He has starred alongside Oscar-winners Henry Fonda...
“ "Willie"
(19 episodes, 1984-1985) ” - gattonero975
Faye Grant
Faye Grant was born in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, in 1957, and was involved in theater as a teenager. She left home at 18, hitchhiking throughout Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. After living in Mexico City, where she did Spanish commercials, she moved to Los Angeles. She played the role of Rhonda on The Greatest American Hero...
“ "Dr. Julie Parrish"
(19 episodes, 1984-1985) ” - gattonero975
Michael Ironside
Michael Ironside has made a strong and indelible impression with his often incredibly intense and explosive portrayals of fearsome villains throughout the years. He was born as Frederick Reginald Ironside on February 12, 1950 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Ironside was a successful arm wrestler in his teenage years...
“ "Ham Tyler"
(13 episodes, 1984-1985) ” - gattonero975
“ "Chris Farber"
(3 episodes, 1984-1985) ” - gattonero975
Judson Scott
Judson Earney Scott was born on July 15, 1952 in Azuza, California. He graduated from California State University with a B.A. in Theatre Arts, and trained at Los Angeles' prestigious Actors Studio. He entered the American College Theater Festival and received the Irene Ryan Award for Best Actor in the Western United States...
“ "Lt. James"
(8 episodes) ” - gattonero975
Marc Singer
A production of the William Shakespeare's "Richard III" with Sir Laurence Olivier that Marc's dad took him to see as a boy made a lasting impression, though he didn't start acting himself until a teacher recruited him to fill a suddenly vacant role in his junior year of high school. However, as the son of musicians...
“ "Mike Donovan"
(19 episodes, 1984-1985) ” - gattonero975
“ "Elias Taylor"
(13 episodes, 1984-1985) ” - gattonero975
“ "Kyle Bates "
(19 episodes, 1984-1985) ” - gattonero975
“ "Elizabeth Maxwell"
(19 episodes, 1984-1985) ” - gattonero975
Duncan Regehr
Actor, Zorro
Duncan Regehr was born in Lethbridge, Alberta and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. In his youth he distinguished himself as a champion figure skater, then had his own radio program at age 16. Regehr was also an Olympic boxing contender, and a classically trained Shakespearean stage performer in his native Canada before tackling Hollywood in 1980...
“ "Charles"
(4 episodes, 1984-1985) ” - gattonero975
Blair Tefkin
Blair Tefkin, born in California, got her first taste of acting as the innocent "Robin Maxwell" in V, when Dominique Dunne was murdered. After the two "V" miniseries and the TV series, she starred in other movies, such as Fright Night Part 2 and S.F.W..
“ "Robin Maxwell "
(13 episodes, 1984-1985) ” - gattonero975
“ "Nathan Bates"
(13 episodes, 1984-1985) ” - gattonero975