Grachi Cast.
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Willy Martín
Actor, Grachi
From childhood he was a member of the "Group Theatre Greek mythological Hybris" participating in works like "Danae", "Daughters of the King Cinyras", "Zagreus" and "Meleager". The curtain opened again for this young actor to be cast as The Chamberlain in a modern version of the classic piece "Cinderella"...
Isabella Castillo
Actress, Grachi
Isabella Castillo was born on December 23, 1994 in Havana, Cuba. She was born in a musical family, her mother Delia Diaz de Villegas was a known singer in the island. Her father, Jose Castillo is a drummer and her sister Giselle Castillo graduated from the university in Music Education. In 1997 she migrated to Belize City and months later she moved to Miami...
Sol Rodriguez
Actress, Devious Maids
Sol Rodriguez is an Argentinian actress of Spanish and Italian descent. She is best known for the role of Mecha in the Nickelodeon Latin America's original series Grachi. Rodríguez has released several songs from the soundtrack of Grachi, sung along other members of the cast. Her first TV gig was for Nickelodeon Latin America...
Alexandra Pomales
Alexandra Pomales best known for her work in Grachi (Nickelodeon) The House Next Door(Telemundo), is originally from Indiana of Puerto Rican descent. She began to work in theater at the age of five in Ocala, Florida where she starred in several musical theater plays including Frumpled Fairy Tales, Rogers & Hammerstein Cinderella...