50 Best Performances in ex-Yugoslavian TV Series of All Time

50 Best Performances in ex-Yugoslavian TV Series of All Time (1972-2012)
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Rade Serbedzija
Actor, Snatch
Rade Serbedzija was born in Bunic (Korenica) in 1946. Graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Still a student, he started to play the leading roles in films and theater productions. He is remembered as an outstanding Peer Gynt, Don Juan, Georgij, Melkior, Oedipus, Hamlet, Leon and Richard III...
“ as Matan Potrka in «Prosjaci i sinovi» (1972) and as Ivica Kicmanovic in «U regitraturi» (1974) and as Kresimir Horvat in «Putovanje u Vucjak» (1986-1987) ” - nativaiva
“ as Mile Vrbica in «Kuda idu divlje svinje» (1971) and as Kikas in «Prosjaci i sinovi» (1972) ” - nativaiva
Boris Dvornik
Boris Dvornik was born to the family of a carpenter. His acting experience started at the age of 8 when he took parts in plays for children. In his high school days he was learning to be electrician, but soon decided to pursue full-time acting career instead. After finishing National Acting School in Novi Sad he enrolled in Drama Academy in Zagreb...
“ as Roko Prc in «Naše malo misto» (1970-1971) and as Dimnjacar in «Kapelski kresovi» (1975-1976) ” - nativaiva
“ as Zivka in «Drugarica minitarka» (1989) and as Vera in «Ljubav, navika, panika» (2005-2007) ” - nativaiva
“ as Doktor Luigi in «Naše malo misto» (1970-1971) ” - nativaiva
“ as Duje in «Velo misto» (1980-1981) and as Vinko Benzina in «Putovanje u Vucjak» (1986-1987) and as Izet Fazlinovic in «Lud, zbunjen, normalan» (2007-2011) ” - nativaiva
Vojislav 'Voja' Brajovic
Actor, Sindjelici
Born in 1949. in Belgrade, but he spent his childhood and teenage period in a small city Valjevo, where he was a child-actor in amateur theatre company. At year 2006 was Minister of Culture in Republic of Serbia. Now he is a President's Consultant for culture. His second wife is Milica Mihajlovic, an actress. He's a proud father of Iskra Brajovic,an actress
“ as Tihi in «Otpisani» (1974-1975) and as Tihi in «Povratak otpisanih» (1976) ” - nativaiva
Dragan Nikolic
Dragan Nikolic's movie debut was in 1964 (Pravo stanje stvari), but he started his career with role Dzimi Barka in movie When I Am Dead and Gone, directed by Zivojin Pavlovic and for this role, he was awarded with Diploma at Pula Film Festival in 1968. He appeared in more than 90 feature films. In 1985 he received the "October award" of Belgrade. He was married to Milena Dravic...
“ as Prle in «Otpisani» (1974-1975) and as Prle in «Povratak otpisanih» ” - nativaiva
“ as Emilija Ema Popadic in «Bolji zivot» (1987-1991) ” - nativaiva
Dragan Bjelogrlic
Dragan Bjelogrlic is a Serbian actor, director, and producer.Simultaneous to moving from Opovo to Belgrade to continue his studies, 14-year-old Bjelogrlic also debuted in movies playing a memorable role of Sava Jovanovic Sirogojno in Bosko Buha, a 1978 film that achieved sizable popularity. He followed that up in the coming years with other roles in TV series, short, and feature films...
“ as Slobodan Popadic in «Bolji život» (1987-1991) and Ekser in «Vratice se rode» (2007-2008) ” - nativaiva
“ as Jare in «Kamiondzije» (1973) ” - nativaiva
“ as Joca in «Povratak otpisanih» (1976) ” - nativaiva
“ as Bepina in «Naše malo misto» (1970-1971) ” - nativaiva
“ as Dule Pacov in «Vratice se rode» (2007-2008) ” - nativaiva
“ as Andja Vlajina in «Nase malo misto» (1970-1971) and as Violeta in Velo misto (1980-1981) ” - nativaiva
“ as Upravnik in «Sivi dom» (1986) ” - nativaiva
“ as Bane Bumbar Zivkovic in «Grlom u jagode» (1976) ” - nativaiva
“ as Dudek in «Gruntovcani» (1975) ” - nativaiva
“ as Robert Kumerle – Robi in «Bitange i princeze» (2005-2010) ” - nativaiva
“ as Regica in «Gruntovcani» (1975) ” - nativaiva
Milena Dravic
Actress, Sindjelici
Born in Belgrade, Dravic was involved with the performing arts from the age of four: first with dance and later classical ballet. In 1959, while in high school, director Frantisek Cap saw her on the cover of a youth magazine in a ballet dancers group photo and decided on the spot to approach her about being in his film Vrata ostaju otvorena...
“ as Gvozdenka in «Price iz radionice» and as Marijana Margitic in «Putovanje u Vucjak» (1986-1987) ” - nativaiva
“ as Cinober in «Gruntovcani» (1975) ” - nativaiva
Ljubisa Samardzic
Ljubisa Samardzic was born into a miner's family. His acting talent was discovered very early and he won a scholarship with respected director Bojan Stupica. After graduating Belgrade Drama Arts Academy and playing a few theater roles, Ljubisa Samardzic was given the part in Igre na skelama. After that experience...
“ as Crni rok in «Kuda idu divlje svinje» (1971) and as Bosko Simic in «Policajac sa petlovog brda» (1993) ” - nativaiva
“ as Netjak in «Velo misto» (1980-1981) and as Marko Kosmecki in «Odmori se, zaslužio si» (2006-2010) ” - nativaiva
“ as Svaba in «Vratice se rode» (2007-2008) ” - nativaiva
“ as Sina in «Trs via Skopje» (1987) ” - nativaiva
“ as Kica in «Ljubav, navika, panika» (2005-2007) and Radojka in «Selo gori, a baba se ceslje» (2007-2011) ” - nativaiva
“ as Zlatka Vrtirepka in «Prosjaci i sinovi» (1972) and as Marjeta in «Velo misto» (1980-1981) ” - nativaiva
“ as Saveta Govedarevic in «Price iz radionice (1982) and as Ruzica Sindjelic in «Vratice se rode» (2007-2008) ” - nativaiva
“ as Boca Combe in «Grlom u jagode» (1976) and as Svetislav Bata Andjelic in «Otvorena vrata» (1994-1995) ” - nativaiva
“ as Divac in «Prosjaci i sinovi» (1972) and as Jozo in «Velo misto» (1980-1981) and as Prospero in «Loza» (2011-) ” - nativaiva
“ as Podguza in «Prosjaci i sinovi» (1972) ” - nativaiva
Vlastimir 'Djuza' Stojiljkovic
Vlastimir 'Djuza' Stojiljkovic was born in Razanj near Krusevac into a teacher's family. After graduating from Krusevac Grammar School he registered at the School of Mining in Belgrade, but after three semesters he entered Drama Academy in Belgrade and graduated from it in professor Mata Milosevic's class (1948-1952)...
“ as Rodoljub Roda Petrovic in «Pozoriste u kuci» (1972-1984) ” - nativaiva
Olivera Markovic
Actress, Tito i ja
Olivera Markovic has prevailed in the Yugoslav theater, film and television scene since she first appeared in modern American stage plays by such authors as Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams and William Inge in the early 1950s, and was also able to impress audiences and critics alike in more light-hearted roles...
“ as Buba in «Bolji život» (1987-1988) ” - nativaiva
“ as Tale in «Tale» (1979) ” - nativaiva
Inge Appelt
Inge Apelt was born to the family of Rudolf Appelt, electric application store owner in Osijek. During her childhood she was often taken to the theatre by her schoolteacher mother. There she fell in love with opera, but, lacking the talent for singing, decided to pursue career in drama. In 1961 she enrolled in Drama Academy in Zagreb and later got small part in a TV show...
“ as Kate Luksina in «Kapelski kresovi» (1975) and as Polona in «Dirigenti i muzikasi» (1990) ” - nativaiva
Mira Furlan
Actress, Babylon 5
A leading actress of theatre, film and TV in the former Yugoslavia, Mira Furlan emigrated to the U.S. with her husband, Goran Gajic, in November 1991, due to the intolerable political circumstances in her homeland. Ms. Furlan starred in the Warner Brothers TV-series Babylon 5 as "Ambassador Delenn" (Sci-Fi Universe Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Genre TV-series 1996 and 1997)...
“ as Kate in «Velo misto» (1980-1981) and as Eva Horvatek in «Putovanje u Vucjak» (1986-1987) ” - nativaiva
“ as Servantes in «Velo misto» (1980-1981) and as Vinko Marinic in «Inspektor Vinko» (1984) ” - nativaiva
“ as Zivadinka Sijakovic in «Bolji zivot» (1988-1991) ” - nativaiva
“ as Snezana Nikolajevic in «Pozoriste u kuci» (1972-1984) ” - nativaiva
Mira Stupica
Actress, Parada
“ as Kika Bibic in «TV Bukvar» (1968-1969) and as Emina Bosnjakovic in «Price iz fabrike» (1985) and as Kristina Trobozic in «Otvorena vrata» (1994-1995) ” - nativaiva
“ as Upravnikot in «Komedijanti» (1984) ” - nativaiva
Nikola Simic
Nikola Simic was born on May 18, 1934 in Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia. He is best known for his leading role in Serbian sequeled smash hit A Tight Spot as a low-level clerk Dimitrije-Mita Pantic, as well as the voice of Bugs Bunny cartoons dubbed in Serbian. He died of cancer on November 9, 2014 in Belgrade, Serbia.
“ as Mica in «Ljubav, navika, panika» (2005-2007) ” - nativaiva
“ as Nives Odak in «Ruža vjetrova» (2011-) ” - nativaiva
“ as Irena Grobnik in «Bitange i princeze» (2005-2010) ” - nativaiva
“ as Radasin in «Selo gori, a baba se ceslje» (2007-) ” - nativaiva
“ as Nusa in «Prosjaci i sinovi» (1972) ” - nativaiva
“ as Gazda in «Bitange i princeze» (2005-2010) and as Dida in «Odmori se, zasluzio si» (2006-2010) ” - nativaiva
“ as Illustrissimus in « U registraturi» (1974) ” - nativaiva
“ as Ridjan in «Kapelski kresovi» (1975-1976) ” - nativaiva