Famous Brothers & Sisters!

Some of the known & unknown siblings I have encountered......This list will be continually up-dated as I encounter more and more siblings!
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Verdine White
Soundtrack, Be Cool
“ Brother of the late great singer Maurice White and actor Freddie White. ” - gattonero975
Maurice White
Soundtrack, The Intouchables
Maurice was born in Memphis on December 19, 1941, but moved to Chicago as a teenager. His father, Verdine, was a doctor. For many years, they lived in the South Shore section on the South Side. He attended Crane Junior College and the Chicago Conservatory of Music. It was while he was at the conservatory that he got the call to fill in for a drummer a Betty Everett session...
“ Brother of singer/musician Verdine White and actor Freddie White. ” - gattonero975
“ Brother to actresses Daryl Hannah & Page Hannah. ” - gattonero975
Daryl Hannah
Daryl Christine Hannah was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She is the daughter of Susan Jeanne (Metzger), a schoolteacher and later a producer, and Donald Christian Hannah, who owned a tugboat/barge company. Her stepfather was music journalist/promoter Jerrold Wexler. Her siblings are Page Hannah...
“ Sister to actor/producer Don Hannah and actress Page Hannah ” - gattonero975
Lou Ferrigno Jr.
Lou Ferrigno Jr. is an American actor and improvisational comedian. After beginning his career in entertainment as a fitness model, Ferrigno found his way to roles in commercials, Tv, and films. He's best known for his work on How I Met Your Mother (2013), Teen Wolf (2014), and Battlefield: Rush (2016)...
“ Brother of actress Shanna Ferrigno and Brent Ferrigno. ” - gattonero975
“ Sister of actor Lou Ferrigno and Brent Ferrigno. ” - gattonero975
“ Younger half-sister of actresses Page Hannah, Daryl Hannah and actor/producer Don Hannah. ” - gattonero975
“ Brother to Sound-Mixer Jeff Wexler and Kathy Wexler ” - gattonero975
Don Everly
Soundtrack, Bluebird
“ Brother of late singer Phil Everly ” - gattonero975
“ Brother of singer Don Everly ” - gattonero975
Sean Connery
Actor, Dr. No
Sean Connery is best known for portraying the character James Bond, starring in seven Bond films between 1962 and 1983. In 1988, Connery won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Untouchables. His film career also includes such films as Marnie, The Name of the Rose, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen...
“ Brother of actor Neil Connery ” - gattonero975
Haskell Wexler
Two-time Academy Award-winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler was adjudged one of the ten most influential cinematographers in movie history, according to an International Cinematographers Guild survey of its membership. He won his Oscars in both black & white and color, for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) and Bound for Glory (1976)...
“ Brother of late producer Jerrold Wexler and late actor Yale Wexler. ” - gattonero975
Remy Thorne
Actor, Rubber
Remy was born in Florida and has three sisters, Bella, Dani, and Kaili. Remy has spent time in New York and Los Angeles. He resides on both coasts to pursue his acting dream. He shares this dream with his sisters. Remy began his career at eight months old as a model. At the young age of one, Remy booked his first national commercial and hasn't stopped since...
“ He has two elder sisters, Kaili Thorne (b. 1992) and Dani Thorne (b. 1993) and one younger sister, Bella Thorne (b. 1997). All four of the Thorne children are involved in acting and modelling. ” - gattonero975
Bella Thorne
Actress, Shake It Up!
Bella Thorne was born in Pembroke Pines, Florida, to Tamara (Beckett) and Delancey Reinaldo "Rey" Thorne. She has three siblings, Remy Thorne, Dani Thorne and Kaili Thorne, all of whom have also acted. She is of Cuban (father) and Irish, Italian, English, German, and Welsh (mother) ancestry...
“ Younger sister of actors Dani Thorne, Remy Thorne, and Kaili Thorne. ” - gattonero975
Dani Thorne
Dani was born in Florida and began modeling and commercial work at 4 years old. Her siblings are in the entertainment business, as well. She has 2 sisters, Bella Thorne and Kaili Thorne, and one brother, Remy Thorne. Dani sponsors a friend, Kathrine, in Kibwezi, Kenya and is involved with the Nomad Organazation...
“ Sister of actors Kaili Thorne, Remy Thorne and Bella Thorne. ” - gattonero975
Kaili Thorne
Actress, Chillerama
Kaili Thorne is an American actress. Her name is Hawaiian -meaning "whisper of the ocean"- and can also be spelled Kylie. Kaili spent her early years all over Hawaii with her mother. Then lived her early teen years in Miami, with her father and three younger half siblings. Kaili Thorne has studied acting in New York and currently lives in Los Angeles...
“ Older sister of actors Dani Thorne, Bella Thorne and brother Remy Thorne. ” - gattonero975
“ Younger brother of actor Dermot Mulroney, Moira Mulroney and Sean Mulroney. ” - gattonero975
Dermot Mulroney
Dermot Mulroney was born in Alexandria, Virginia, to Ellen and Michael Mulroney, a law professor at Villanova. Since being discovered at Northwestern University by a Hollywood talent agent 28 years ago, Mulroney has been seen in over 70 films. Mulroney is a classically trained cellist who began playing in Alexandria...
“ Older brother of actor Kieran Mulroney, Moira Mulroney and Sean Mulroney. ” - gattonero975
“ Brother of actors Arthur Wahlberg, Donnie Wahlberg, Mark Wahlberg, Robert Wahlberg ” - gattonero975
“ Brother of actors Arthur Wahlberg, Donnie Wahlberg, Mark Wahlberg, and Paul Wahlberg, ” - gattonero975
Donnie Wahlberg
Donald Edmond Wahlberg, Jr. was born August 17, 1969 in Dorchester Massachusetts, into a family of Swedish (from his paternal grandfather), Irish, and more distant French-Canadian, English, and Scottish, descent. He is the eighth of nine children of Alma Elaine (Donnelly), a nurse's aide and clerk, and Donald Edward Wahlberg...
“ Brother of actors Arthur Wahlberg, Mark Wahlberg, Paul Wahlberg, Robert Wahlberg ” - gattonero975
Mark Wahlberg
American actor Mark Wahlberg is one of a handful of respected entertainers who successfully made the transition from teen pop idol to acclaimed actor. A Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominee for The Departed who went on to receive positive critical reviews for his performance in The Fighter, Wahlberg also is a solid comedy actor, proven by his starring role in Ted...
“ Brother of actors Arthur Wahlberg, Donnie Wahlberg, Paul Wahlberg, Robert Wahlberg ” - gattonero975
“ Brother of actor Joel Edgerton ” - gattonero975
Joel Edgerton
Actor, Warrior
Joel Edgerton was born on June 23, 1974 in Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia, to Marianne and Michael Edgerton, who is a solicitor and property developer. His brother is filmmaker Nash Edgerton. He went to Hills Grammar School in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, and after leaving, he attended Nepean Drama School in 1994...
“ Brother of actor Nash Edgerton ” - gattonero975
Vanessa Williams
Actress, Eraser
Vanessa Lynn Williams was born in Millwood, New York, to Helen L. (Tinch) and Milton Augustine Williams, Jr., both music teachers. Vanessa and her brother grew up in suburban New York in comfortable surroundings. Vanessa sang and danced in school productions and signed her high school yearbook with a promise to "see you on Broadway"...
“ Sister of actor Chris Williams ” - gattonero975
Chris Williams
An extremely versatile performer in film, television and on stage, Chris is no stranger to the entertainment arena both on and off camera in both comedy and drama. Film credits include the "The World's Fastest Indian" playing Tina, a transvestite opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins "The Joneses" opposite Demi Moore as well as a lead in the classic comedy "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story"...
“ Brother of actress/singer Vanessa Williams ” - gattonero975
“ Older half-sister of actress Honey Hollman, actress Lorraine Nicholson, Location assistant Caleb James Goddard and assistant director/actor Ray Nicholson. ” - gattonero975
“ Older sister of assistant director/actor Ray Nicholson.

Younger half-sister of actress Jennifer Nicholson and actress Honey Hollman. Also has a half-brother, location assistant Caleb James Goddard. ” - gattonero975
Kathleen Marshall
Kathleen Marshall is a graduate of Northwestern University who made her New York theatre debut in the Off-Broadway production of 'Wrong Turn at Lungfish' at the Promenade Theatre. Other stage credits include the LA premiere of 'Life Beneath the Roses', 'The Odyssey', 'Medea', 'Antigone', and 'Pastorale'...
“ Middle sister of casting agent Lori Marshall and actor/director Scott Marshall. ” - gattonero975
“ Brother of actress Kathleen Marshall and casting agent Lori Marshall ” - gattonero975
“ Brother of actress/director Penny Marshall and producer/actress Ronny Hallin (née Marshall). ” - gattonero975
Penny Marshall
Penny Marshall was born Carole Penny Marshall in the Bronx, New York, on October 15, 1943. The Libra is 5' 6 1/2", with brown hair and green eyes. She is the daughter of Marjorie (Ward), a tap dance teacher, and Anthony "Tony" Marshall, an industrial film director. She is the younger sister of filmmakers Garry Marshall and Ronny Hallin...
“ Younger sister of actor/writer/director/producer Garry Marshall and producer/actress Ronny Hallin. ” - gattonero975
Kim Richards
Kim was born September 19, 1964 in Mineola, New York, to Kathleen Mary (Dugan) and Kenneth Edwin Richards, a business executive. She is of Irish, English, and Welsh descent. Kim made her TV commercial debut at four months in a diaper ad. By age four and a half Kim had already appeared in 20 TV commercials...
“ Older sister of actress Kyle Richards. Younger half-sister of actress Kathy Hilton (Paris Hilton's mother) ” - gattonero975
“ Older stepsister of actresses Kim Richards and Kyle Richards. ” - gattonero975
Kyle Richards
Actress, Halloween
Kyle Egan Richards was born in Hollywood, California, to Kathleen Mary (Dugan) and Kenneth Edwin Richards, a business executive. Ken died in 1998. Kathleen was diagnosed with breast cancer the same year, and passed away in March of 2002. Kyle, like her sister Kim, began acting at a very young age. She made many appearances on Little House on the Prairie as Alicia Sanderson Edwards...
“ Younger sister of actress Kim Richards and younger half sister of actress Kathy Hilton (Paris Hilton's mother) ” - gattonero975
Nicky Rothschild
Nicholai Olivia Hilton ("Nicky") was born in New York City, into the Hilton family, and has three siblings, older sister Paris Hilton, and younger brothers Barron Hilton and Conrad Hilton. She is the daughter of Kathy Hilton (née Kathleen Elizabeth Avanzino) and businessman Rick Hilton...
“ Sister of actress Paris Hilton, producer Barron Hilton, and Conrad Hilton. ” - gattonero975
Pamela Springsteen
Pam Springsteen was born on 8 February 1962 in Freehold, New Jersey as part of a big family. Her brother, Bruce Springsteen, became a nationwide rock star in the early 70s and Pam sometimes went on tour with him. When she got older, she became a still photographer and photographed the pictures for his record singles...
“ Sister of singer Bruce Springsteen ” - gattonero975
Bruce Springsteen
Soundtrack, Jerry Maguire
Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen was born September 23, 1949 in New Jersey, USA. His father, Douglas Frederick Springsteen, worked as a bus driver, and was of Irish and Dutch ancestry. His mother, Adele Ann (Zerilli), worked as a legal secretary, and was of Italian ancestry. He has an older sister...
“ Older brother of actress Pamela Springsteen ” - gattonero975
Bruno Bichir
Bruno Bichir is one of the most talented actors working in current Mexican cinema, theater and television. He comes directly from a family of artists, where all of its five members (his parents and his two older brothers) are as well highly recognized actors and directors. Bruno has worked with some of the most important contemporary filmmakers.
“ Brother of actors Demian Bichir & Osideo Bichir ” - gattonero975
Demián Bichir
Demián Bichir Najera was born in Mexico City, Mexico, to Maricruz Nájera (María de la Cruz Nájera Botello), an actress, and Alejandro Bichir (Alejandro Bichir Batres), a theatre director. His parents met in the theatre. He has two brothers who are also actors, Bruno Bichir and Odiseo Bichir. Demián began acting...
“ Brother of actors Bruno Bichir & Osideo Bichir ” - gattonero975
Robert B. Sherman
Music Department, The Jungle Book
Robert B. Sherman was born just before Christmas in 1925 in New York City. Parents, Rosa & Al Sherman didn't know how they would pay the doctor and delivery costs. Fortunately, upon their arrival home from the hospital, Al discovered a large royalty check in the mail. Ironically, it was Al's song...
“ Older brother of the great composer Richard M. Sherman ” - gattonero975
Richard M. Sherman
Soundtrack, Iron Man 2
Richard Morton Sherman was born in the spring of 1928 in New York City to Rosa and Al Sherman. Together with his older brother, Robert B. Sherman, the Sherman brothers would follow in their songwriting father's footsteps to form one of the most prolific, lauded and long lasting songwriting partnerships of all time...
“ Younger brother of the late great composer Robert B. Sherman ” - gattonero975
Dean Stockwell
Photogenic American child actor of the 1940s, popular due in no small measure to his air of innocence and his beautiful, cherubic face with its dimples and his sparkling eyes, topped with a crown of curls. Still an actor in demand while well into his middle years, he is one of the few juvenile performers to succeed lifelong in films...
“ Younger brother of late actor Guy Stockwell ” - gattonero975
David Attenborough
Born 8 May 1926, the younger brother of actor Lord Richard Attenborough. He never expressed a wish to act and, instead, studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, graduating in 1947, the year he began his two years National Service in the Royal Navy. In 1952, he joined BBC Television at Alexandra Palace and...
“ Brother of the late great actor/director Richard Attenborough ” - gattonero975
“ Older brother of actor Rider Strong ” - gattonero975
“ Younger brother of actor Shiloh Strong ” - gattonero975
“ Brother of director/actor Eli Roth and producer/actor Gabriel Roth ” - gattonero975
Eli Roth
Producer, Grindhouse
Eli Raphael Roth was born in Newton, Massachusetts, to Cora (Bialis), a painter, and Sheldon H. Roth, a psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, and clinical professor. His family is Jewish (from Austria, Hungary, Russia, and Poland). He began shooting Super 8 films at the age of eight, after watching Ridley Scott's Alien and vomiting...
“ Brother of actor Adam J. Roth and Producer/actor Gabriel Roth ” - gattonero975
Sigrid Valdis
A native Californian of Swedish descent, Sigrid Valdis (the professional stage name of Patricia Olson) was raised in the Westwood/Brentwood suburbs of Los Angeles, and attended many exclusive private schools, including Marymount High School. Upon graduation she moved to Europe, then to New York City to continue the modeling career she had begun as a teenager...
“ Sister of actress Dale Russell ” - gattonero975
James Garner
Amiable and handsome James Garner had obtained success in both films and television, often playing variations of the charming anti-hero/con-man persona he first developed in Maverick, the offbeat western TV series that shot him to stardom in the late 1950s. James Garner was born James Scott Bumgarner in Norman...
“ Brother of late actor Jack Garner ” - gattonero975
“ Younger brother of actress Raini Rodriguez. ” - gattonero975
“ Older sister of actor Rico Rodriguez ” - gattonero975
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Actor, The F.B.I.
It's hardly surprising that the son of renowned Russian-born concert violinist Efrem Zimbalist Sr. (1889-1985) and Romanian-born opera singer Alma Gluck (1884-1938) would desire a performing career of some kind. Born in New York City on November 30, 1918, surrounded by people of wealth and privilege throughout his childhood...
“ Younger stepbrother of the late writer Marcia Davenport. ” - gattonero975
“ Younger brother of Actor Beau Starr. ” - gattonero975
“ Sister of Production assistant editor Angela Simmons and actor Joseph Simmons Jr..

Older stepsister of actor/producer Russell Simmons Jr., Daniel Simmons and Miley Simmons. ” - gattonero975
“ Sister of actress Vanessa Simmons and actor Joseph Simmons Jr..

Older stepsister of actor producer Russell Simmons Jr., Daniel Simmons and Miley Simmons. ” - gattonero975
“ Brother of production representative Roeg Sutherland and actor Rossif Sutherland.

Younger half-brother of actor Kiefer Sutherland and production supervisor Rachel Sutherland. ” - gattonero975
Rossif Sutherland
Actor, River
Rossif Sutherland is a Canadian actor, son of Donald Sutherland and Francine Racette, who got his acting debut in a short film he directed while studying at Princeton University after his lead actor was a no-show on the first day of shooting.. Encouraged by his father, Rossif studied with Harold Guskin in New York...
“ Brother of actor Angus Sutherland & production representative Roeg Sutherland

Younger half-brother of actor Kiefer Sutherland and production supervisor Rachel Sutherland. ” - gattonero975
Kiefer Sutherland
Kiefer Sutherland was born in London, England, UK, to Canadian actors Shirley Douglas and Donald Sutherland, who moved to California shortly after his birth. His maternal grandfather, Tommy Douglas, was a Scottish-born Canadian politician who was a Premier of Saskatchewan for over 17 years and led the national NDP party for almost 10...
“ Brother of production supervisor Rachel Sutherland

Older half brother to actors Angus Sutherland & Rossif Sutherland and production representative Roeg Sutherland ” - gattonero975
“ Half sister of actor Al Pacino. ” - gattonero975
John Drew Barrymore
American actor with a sporadic career, the son of stage and screen legend John Barrymore. His father and mother, actress Dolores Costello divorced in his infancy and he claimed to remember seeing his father only once. His mother attempted to keep him from the acting life, sending him to St. John's Military Academy and intending that he attend college...
“ Half-brother of actress Diana Barrymore ” - gattonero975
Diana Barrymore
Actress, Nightmare
"Too Much, Too Soon" was the story of Diana's life, and the title of her autobiography. Her father was stage and screen legend John Barrymore; and her mother was Blanche Oelrichs (who wrote under the masculine pseudonym Michael Strange), who had just divorced Mr. Thomas and had 2 children (Leonard and Robin) from that marriage...
“ Half-sister of actor John Drew Barrymore

Older stepsister of actress Barbette Tweed. ” - gattonero975
“ Younger half-brother of actors Pola Kinski and Nastassja Kinski. ” - gattonero975
Nastassja Kinski
Actress, Cat People
Nastassja Kinski was born Nastassja Aglaia Nakszynski on January 24, 1961 in Berlin, Germany, the daughter of German actor Klaus Kinski. In 1976, she met director Roman Polanski, who urged her to study method acting with Lee Strasberg in the United States. Kinski starred in the Italian romantic drama Stay as You Are with Marcello Mastroianni...
“ Half-sister of actors Nikolai Kinski and Pola Kinski. ” - gattonero975
Dexter Fletcher
Dexter Fletcher is an English actor who made his way in many screen and television performances, the most well-liked and well-known of the latter being in Press Gang where he played opposite real-life love (at the time) Julia Sawalha (Lynda Day on "Press Gang"). His career began at the age of 10, with a small role in Bugsy Malone.
“ Brother of actor Steve Fletcher ” - gattonero975
January Jones
Actress, Mad Men
January Kristen Jones was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but for the first decade of her life, she was raised in Hecla, a small town of some 400 souls, in the Mount Rushmore State. She is the daughter of Karen Sue (Cox), a sporting goods store manager, and Marvin Roger Jones, a gym teacher and fitness director...
“ Sister of Production Assistant Jina Jones ” - gattonero975
“ Older sister of actor/director/musician, Mike Kasem. ” - gattonero975
“ Older brother of actress Neve Campbell and actor Alex Campbell ” - gattonero975
Neve Campbell
Actress, Party of Five
Neve Campbell was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario, to Marnie (Neve), a Dutch-born psychologist and yoga instructor (from Amsterdam), and Gerry Campbell, a Scottish-born teacher (from Glasgow). Campbell first came to our TV screens in the hit Drama series Party of Five. Described as TV's most believable teenager...
“ Sister of actors Christian Campbell & Alex Campbell ” - gattonero975
“ Older sister of actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

Older half-sister of actors Alexandra Curtis and Allegra Curtis. ” - gattonero975
Jamie Lee Curtis
Actress, True Lies
Jamie Lee Curtis was born on November 22, 1958 in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of legendary actors Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis. She got her big break at acting in 1978 when she won the role of Laurie Strode in Halloween. After that, she became famous for roles in movies like Trading Places...
“ Younger sister of actress Kelly Curtis. Older half-sister of Allegra Curtis, Alexandra Curtis and Nicholas Curtis. ” - gattonero975
Lionel Barrymore
Famed actor, composer, artist, author and director. His talents extended to the authoring of the novel "Mr. Cartonwine: A Moral Tale" as well as his autobiography. In 1944, he joined ASCAP, and composed "Russian Dances", "Partita", "Ballet Viennois", "The Woodman and the Elves", "Behind the Horizon"...
“ Older brother of actors John Barrymore & Ethel Barrymore ” - gattonero975
Ethel Barrymore
Ethel Barrymore was the second of three children seemingly destined for the actor's life of their parents Maurice and Georgiana. Maurice Barrymore had emigrated from England in 1875, and after graduating from Cambridge in law had shocked his family by becoming an actor. Georgiana Drew of Philadelphia acted in her parents' stage company...
“ Sister of actors John Barrymore & Lionel Barrymore ” - gattonero975
John Barrymore
John Barrymore was born John Sidney Blyth on February 15, 1882 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. An American stage and screen actor whose rise to superstardom and subsequent decline is one of the legendary tragedies of Hollywood. A member of the most famous generation of the most famous theatrical family in America...
“ Younger Brother of actors Lionel Barrymore & Ethel Barrymore ” - gattonero975
Richard Burgi
Richard Burgi was born on July 30, 1958, in Montclair, New Jersey (a town roughly 15 miles west of New York City), to a musical family: His father was a drummer, his mother was a singer, and one of his three siblings became a drummer. Burgi started participating in community theater during his youth; after graduating from Montclair High School, he traveled throughout Europe for a while...
“ Younger brother of legendary rock drummer, Chuck Burgi ” - gattonero975
Matthew Lillard
Matthew Lillard was born in Lansing, Michigan, to Paula and Jeffrey Lillard. He lived with his family in Tustin, California, from first grade to high school graduation. The summer after high school, he was hired as an extra for Ghoulies Go to College. Matthew was the MC of the Nickelodeon program SK8 TV in 1989...
“ Brother of Producer/Unit Publicist Amy Lillard ” - gattonero975
Lisa Canning
Lisa Canning is one of television's most popular and admired on-air personalities. Best known to viewers around the world for her work as an on-air correspondent for Entertainment Tonight from 1996-1999, she is also a talented actress who has appeared in a number of series and feature films. Most recently...
“ Half-sister of actress Sandra Canning ” - gattonero975
Mary Crosby
Mary Crosby was born in Los Angeles, the daughter of Bing Crosby and Kathryn Grant. She received her Actor's Equity card, at the age of four, and made her first professional appearances, in the company of her siblings, in her father's popular Christmas-season TV specials of the 60s and 70s. After graduating from high school at age 15...
“ Middle sister of actor Harry Crosby and golfer Nathaniel Crosby.

Younger half-sister of Gary Crosby, Lindsay Crosby, Phillip Crosby and Dennis Crosby. ” - gattonero975
Leo Faulkner
Having been born in to a show business family, Leo started acting at the young age of five. He is the son of actor James Faulkner and younger brother of Guy Faulkner. Leo made his film debut in Immortal Beloved starring Gary Oldman. He grew up in Hampstead, London with his family before moving to California.
“ Younger Brother of Actor Guy Faulkner ” - gattonero975
Nicholas Hoult
Nicholas Caradoc Hoult was born in Wokingham, Berkshire, England to parents Glenis and Roger Hoult. His great-aunt was one of the most popular actresses of her time, Dame Anna Neagle. He attended Sylvia Young Theatre School, a school for performing arts, to start acting as a career. Hoult has been acting since appearing in the film Intimate Relations; his breakthrough role was in About a Boy...
“ Brother of actress Clarista Hoult ” - gattonero975
George Sanders
George Sanders was born of English parents in St. Petersburg, Russia. He worked in a Birmingham textile mill, in the tobacco business and as a writer in advertising. He entered show business in London as a chorus boy, going from there to cabaret, radio and theatrical understudy. His film debut, in 1936...
“ Brother to late actor Tom Conway ” - gattonero975
“ Brother of Actors Dante Basco, Darion Basco and Dion Basco ” - gattonero975
“ Brother of Actors Dante Basco, Darion Basco and Derek Basco ” - gattonero975
“ Brother of Actors Derek Basco, Darion Basco and Dion Basco ” - gattonero975
“ Brother of Dante Basco, Derek Basco and Dion Basco ” - gattonero975
David Gwillim
David Gwillim was a leading man on British Television in the 1970s to the mid 1980s. Best known for playing Prince Hal in Henry IV Part I, Henry IV Part II opposite Sir Anthony Quayle and later the title role in Henry V in the 'BBC Shakespeare Television series'. Other leading roles included the Television mini series Anna Karenina...
“ Brother to actors Sarah-Jane Gwillim & Jaxon Duff Gwillim ” - gattonero975
“ Older brother to actor Neill Barry ” - gattonero975
Neill Barry
Born to P.J. Barry and Dolores Du Bois on November 29th 1965 in New York, New York, USA, Neill made his screen debut at the tender young age of 13 in the 'Martin Davidson' comedy Hero at Large, opposite _"Three's Company"_ star John Ritter and a very youthful Kevin Bacon. Next came along the horror flick Amityville 3-D...
“ Younger brother of actor/casting director Matthew Barry. ” - gattonero975
“ Older brother of late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman ” - gattonero975
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Actor, Capote
Film and stage actor and theater director Philip Seymour Hoffman was born in the Rochester, New York, suburb of Fairport on July 23, 1967. He was the son of Marilyn (Loucks), a lawyer and judge, and Gordon Stowell Hoffman, a Xerox employee, and was mostly of German, Irish, English and Dutch ancestry...
“ Younger brother of Writer, Director and Producer Gordy Hoffman ” - gattonero975
“ Younger brother to actor Gregory Smith ” - gattonero975
Gregory Smith
Actor, Everwood
Gregory Edward Smith was born in Toronto, Ontario, to Terrea (Oster), an American-born actress, and Maurice Smith, a British-born film producer. His brother is actor Douglas Smith. Gregory has starred in over 25 feature films, including The Patriot, opposite Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger; Closing the Ring...
“ Older brother to actor/composer Douglas Smith ” - gattonero975
Rory Culkin
Actor, Signs
Rory Culkin was born in New York City, New York. He is the youngest son of Kit Culkin, a former stage and child actor, and Patricia Brentrup. He is the brother of Shane Culkin, Dakota Culkin, Macaulay Culkin, Kieran Culkin, Quinn Culkin, and Christian Culkin. His mother, who is from North Dakota...
“ Brother of actors Christian Culkin, Kieran Culkin, Macaulay Culkin , Quinn Culkin , Shane Culkin and the late Art Production Assistant, Dakota Culkin ” - gattonero975
Kieran Culkin
Kieran Kyle Culkin was born September 30, 1982 in New York City, New York. He is the son of Kit Culkin, a former stage and child actor, and Patricia Brentrup. He is the brother of Shane Culkin, Dakota Culkin, Macaulay Culkin, Quinn Culkin, Christian Culkin, and Rory Culkin. His mother...
“ Brother of actors Christian Culkin, Rory Culkin, Macaulay Culkin , Quinn Culkin , Shane Culkin and the late Art Production Assistant, Dakota Culkin ” - gattonero975
Macaulay Culkin
Actor, Home Alone
Macaulay Carson Culkin, one of the most famous American child stars, was born on August 26, 1980 in New York City, New York, USA, as the third of seven children of his father Kit Culkin (a former stage and child actor and also Macaulay's former manager) and mother Patricia Brentrup. He is the brother of Shane Culkin...
“ Brother of actors Christian Culkin, Kieran Culkin, Rory Culkin, Quinn Culkin , Shane Culkin and the late Art Production Assistant, Dakota Culkin ” - gattonero975
Renée Estevez
Actress, Heathers
Renée Pilar Estevez was born in New York City on April 2, 1967. She is the youngest child and only daughter of Janet Sheen (née Templeton), an artist, and Martin Sheen, an actor. Her three older brothers - Emilio Estevez (b. 1962), Ramon Estevez (b. 1963), and Charlie Sheen (b. 1965) - also act...
“ Younger sister of actors Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez and Ramon Estevez ” - gattonero975
Ramon Estevez
Being the son of Martin Sheen and brother of Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, it is no small wonder that Ramon Estevez has also ventured into the world of acting, both in front of and behind the camera. His first acting job was a small role in In the Custody of Strangers starring his father, brother Emilio...
“ Brother of Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez and Renee Estevez ” - gattonero975
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen was born Carlos Irwin Estévez on September 3, 1965, in New York City. His father, actor Martin Sheen (born Ramon Antonio Gerard Estevez), was at the time just breaking into the business, with performances on Broadway. His mother, Janet Sheen (née Templeton), was a former New York art student who had met Charlie's father right after he had moved to Manhattan...
“ Brother of Renee Estevez and Emilio Estevez and Ramon Estevez ” - gattonero975
Emilio Estevez
Emilio Estevez was born on May 12, 1962, in New York City. He is the eldest son of actor Martin Sheen, who at the time was just breaking into the business. His mother, Janet Sheen (née Templeton), was a former New York art student who had met Emilio's father right after he had moved to Manhattan...
“ Brother of Charlie Sheen and Renee Estevez and Ramon Estevez ” - gattonero975
“ Older sister of actor Christian Bale ” - gattonero975