These are some of my favorite actors and actresses from "The Walking Dead" TV series and why. The Walking Dead is my favorite graphic novel and is becoming one of my favorite television series of all time. Everyday some of us pray for the safety of are family, are survival, a lot of us believe that this post apocalyptic world can one day exist. I'm one of those fans.
SPOILER ALERT!!! THIS LIST INCLUDES CHARACTERS FROM SEASONS 1 - 2. IN ORDER BY SEASON. I recommend you don't read on for if you don't like spoilers.

Welcome to my top 31 characters from seasons 1 & 2 of "The Walking Dead". This list includes the survivors and the dead. Every character who helped shape this early post apocalyptic walker world. In order by season and appearance, "Walking Dead" fun facts and character quotes included. Enjoy!
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Andrew Lincoln
Andrew Lincoln is a British actor. Lincoln spent his early childhood in Hull, Yorkshire before his family relocated to Bath, Somerset when he was age 10. He was educated at Beechen Cliff School in Bath, and then the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. His father is a civil engineer...
“ RICK GRIMES - English actor Andrew Lincoln has surprisingly taken up the role of officer Rick Grimes in "The Walking Dead" series. His character shall continue to develop into his darker side with next events from upcoming seasons. His voice has become the voice of reason, and his decision makings have given him the most leadership amongst the group. After his best friend's murder and soon to be born child. Rick will become the weapon everyone in the group will need. And a bigger man than his best friend ever was.

FUN FACT: Rick is the first character in the television series to directly kill a living person (namely Dave) after the apocalypse. Shane was the first character overall who caused the death of a living character (Otis).

A QUOTE FROM RICK: "Things are different now. There's only white meat and dark meat. There's us and the dead. We survive this by pulling together, not apart." ” - Gentleman_Caller
Jon Bernthal
Jon Bernthal was born and raised in Washington D.C., the son of Joan (Marx) and Eric Bernthal, a lawyer. His grandfather was musician Murray Bernthal. Jon went to study at The Moscow Art Theatre School, in Moscow, Russia, where he also played professional baseball in the European professional baseball federation...
“ SHANE WALSH - The character of Shane has been greatly portrayed by actor Jon Bernthal. Whether Shane has a head of hair or is shaved, he carries the persona of Shane from the comic books perfectly. I loved the shaved head concept (which was not featured in the comic books) for really representing the end of Shane's humanity, looking into his reflection in the mirror. His death in my case was sad, he even had the sad face of a zombie after his reanimation. So far my favorite death and reincarnation to date.

FUN FACT: After the death of Shane, the rapid flashes of zombie mayhem represent the storm in Shane’s brain (to some extent). Andrea's sister Amy from Season 1 was a weaker character. Shane is in a murderous rage, in which explains why he reanimated quicker than Amy.

A QUOTE FROM SHANE: "Hell man, if you think about it, in the cold light of day, you are pretty much dead already." ” - Gentleman_Caller
Addy Miller
Actress, Dark Places
Addy Miller started her career as a child model at the age of four, acting later followed, but she didn't get her first big break until the age eight when she won the role of Young Lily (Dakota Fanning) in "The Secret Life of Bees". After setting foot on that set, she knew this was what she was meant to do with her life...
“ LITTLE GIRL WALKER - Easily one of my favorite openings out of all of the episodes, more importantly my favorite opening to any TV series. Directed by creator Frank Darabont, he really captures the entire episode right out of the pages from the comic. With the twists involving Morgan's wife and the ending tank. The little girl walker is the first walker we see killed, and in just a handful of minutes, the world becomes a walking nightmare. While filming the opening scene, actress Addy Miller's makeup from applying to removing off, took up to 10 hours altogether. Two thumbs up for the 10 year old Addy!

FUN FACT: Made to stand out like an innocent child still, the little girl walker is seen wearing a pink robe, two white bunny slippers, and holding a silver bear. After she's shot in the head with her back hitting the pavement she loses a bunny slipper and drops her bear. ” - Gentleman_Caller
Adrian Kali Turner
Adrian Kali Turner is an actor, singer, dancer, writer, entrepreneur and community activist. Adrian is from Atlanta, Georgia and lives in the Los Angeles area where he is pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. From portraying the emotionally compelling Duane in The Walking Dead to the hilariously funny and scene stealing Shawn in Bad Teacher...
“ DUANE JONES - At this early stage of the series, Duane is the first child we see living in fear under a roof of boards and nails. His father is broken over his wife's death, his mother walks with the undead. The future for them is unknown and can defer from the comics in every way. Their encounter with Rick has been the most welcoming so far in two seasons. Much like the character Rick, hope holds their world together.

FUN FACT: The name "Duane Jones" was the author's homage to the African-American actor of the same name who was the main protagonist in Night of the Living Dead (1968).

A QUOTE FROM DUANE: "Daddy, can I learn to shoot? I'm old enough." ” - Gentleman_Caller
Lennie James
Actor, Snatch
Lennie James was born in Nottingham to Trinidadian parents, and grew up in South London. His mother, Phyllis Mary James, died when he was 12. Lennie and his older brother went into a council children's home. When he was 16 he was fostered with a social worker who had two older children, and they remain very close...
“ MORGAN JONES - Without the help of Morgan, Rick would be dead and these next hardships to come would have never existed. Not only is Morgan an honest man, he's also a devoted father much like Rick. I think only in the first episode was it much more simple to have man against walkers. Instead we're given the 'Walking Dead, which refers to the living survivors and not the walkers throughout the series.

FUN FACT: So far, Morgan is the true equivalent of his novel counterpart. But instead of Jenny (his wife) being the zombie he had trouble with killing in the show, it was his son Duane in the books.

A QUOTE FROM MORGAN: "Listen one thing. They may not seem like much one at a time, but in a group all riled up and hungry... man, you watch your ass." ” - Gentleman_Caller
“ BICYCLE WALKER/HANNAH - Although we are given no clear definition of what her name is and who she was. The Webisodes circle the life and death behind the crawling bicycle walker. Her shot to the head is the one moment that makes Rick more human than most. The walker that Rick encounters in the tank at the end of the episode "Days Gone Bye", is played by actor Sam Witwer. The intention was to have a webisode showing how Atlanta fell and how Witwer's character died in the tank. This webisode never materialized since creator Frank Darabont was let go from the show.

FUN FACT: Hannah was the central character in the Webisodes where as in the television series; she plays a minor role. She is still mentioned throughout both Season 1 and Season 2 on numerous occasions by Rick.

A QUOTE FROM RICK: "I'm sorry this happened to you." ” - Gentleman_Caller
Sarah Wayne Callies
Sarah Wayne Callies was born in La Grange, Illinois, and was raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, the daughter of Valerie Wayne, an professor of English, and David E. Callies, a law professor. She graduated from Dartmouth College and received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Denver's National Theatre Conservatory...
“ LORI GRIMES - Lori is probably the most devastating character in this TV series. She loves a husband whom she thought was dead. Makes a commitment with her body to a man who saved her life. Also, raising an impressionable boy in a world only raised from the dead. I think the birth of her second child will be the Lori we all want to see. At that moment she only will be in love with one man and one family.

FUN FACT: Though unintentionally, Lori's last words with Shane before his departure in both the comic and television series, may have fueled Shane to start a final confrontation with Rick. In the final two episodes of Season 2, it is evident that Lori realizes she does in fact love Shane.

A QUOTE FROM LORI: "We need time to mourn, and we need to bury our dead." ” - Gentleman_Caller
“ CARL GRIMES - I would say Carl has probably one of the most interesting roles of all. He differs from his comic character to a point, but has become a bit more darker as he should. His closest friend died with Sophia, and the walking dead father figure he had looked up to for so long, Carl shoots in the head. As much as people want to say he causes the most deaths amongst the remaining survivors. I believe with upcoming seasons, we're going to see a much more mature Carl follow in his father's foot steps. Actor Chandler Riggs continues to give a great performance.

FUN FACT: In the comic, Carl killed Shane while he was alive to defend his father. And Rick killed his reanimated self. But in the TV series, Rick kills Shane during a forced confrontation with him. And a shaken Carl, shoots his reanimated zombie to defend Rick.

A QUOTE FROM CARL: "Everything's food for something else." ” - Gentleman_Caller
Jeffrey DeMunn
Jeffrey DeMunn was born on April 25, 1947 in Buffalo, New York. He studied in England at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, then returned to America and was a member of the National Shakespeare Company. He has starred in many theatre productions, both on and off Broadway, including "K2" (for which he received a Tony Award nomination for Best Actor), "Spoils of War" and "Comedians"...
“ DALE HORVATH - It was so painful to watch the character of Dale die in the open field. I feel like he's become one of the most unused characters from the comic book series thus far. I know they're trying out new directions, as they have with the death of Sophia. I guess all of us fans just look forward to next season. Actor Jeffrey DeMunn (who has played in every Frank Darabont movie) shall be greatly missed. Even Dale's RV has passed away in the giant Season 2 finale barn fire.

FUN FACT: In the Second Season, Of the 3 original survivors, Dale is the only one who did not reanimate after death. Shane reanimated after Rick stabbed him in the chest, and Sophia got lost in the woods, and after bit in the neck by a Walker, was found in the barn and then shot by Rick.

A QUOTE FROM DALE: "The world we know is gone, but keeping our humanity? That's a choice." ” - Gentleman_Caller
Emma Bell
Emma Jean Bell (born December 17, 1986) was born in Woodstown, New Jersey, grew up in Flemington and the Stanton section of Readington Township and attended Hunterdon Central Regional High School. She moved to New York City at the age of 16. She attended Talent Unlimited High School Performing Arts High School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan...
“ AMY - Actress Emma Bell has had a career in small part roles both in TV and movies. Her role as the baby sister to Andrea I think has always been a favorite one. It's the first time we see face-to-face with someone who's come back from the dead. The look in her eyes without any make up appliances done to her, tell us a story. A lesson to the rest of the remaining group, that nothing lasts forever.

FUN FACT: According to her sister Andrea, Amy is a kid to still like things such as dragons, unicorns and especially mermaids.

A QUOTE FROM AMY: "The world ended. Didn't you get the memo?" ” - Gentleman_Caller
Laurie Holden
LAURIE HOLDEN is best known to audiences as Andrea in the hit AMC drama series The Walking Dead. However, Laurie's big acting break came much earlier in her career, starring with Vanessa Redgrave in the critically acclaimed TNT mini-series Young Catherine. Since that auspicious beginning, she has appeared in several groundbreaking television series...
“ ANDREA - Actress Laurie Holden makes quite the Andrea sharp shooter. One of my known favorite actresses to be cast in "The Walking Dead". The actress never disappoints and has always done great work in her darker films such as "Silent Hill" and "The Mist". I think we'll continue to see the character Andrea grow as the seasons progress. The death of her sister and suicidal attempt I think will be the tools to push her forward. According to Andrea, she says she misses her "Benz", "Sat-Nav", and her "Vibrator" the most.

FUN FACT: In the TV series, Andrea is considerably older than her comic book counterpart by about 10 years.

A QUOTE FROM ANDREA: "The pain doesn't go away. You just make room for it." ” - Gentleman_Caller
Steven Yeun
Steven Yeun was born in Seoul, South Korea and his family first immigrated to Canada and stayed there for one year and moved to United States. He began acting when studying at Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, MI. When he realized his love for acting he went to study theatre in college instead of med school...
“ GLENN RHEE- I don't know who can hate Glenn. He does everything I wouldn't do, and he does it for the group not himself. I still think his quote to Rick in the tank "Hey You! Dumb ass! Yeah you in the tank! Cozy in there?" is still one of the best introduction quotes of the show. I'm not too familiar with Steven Yeun's acting career, but I don't see him leaving this show anytime soon. His relationship with Maggie is the strongest so far, and will definitely be tested in time.

FUN FACT: The first time Glenn has a full conversation with his later love interest Maggie Greene, is on Hershel's front porch. Glenn prays for the first time in his life, asking for an answer for him and his group of survivors. When Maggie walks out the front door and joins him.

A QUOTE FROM GLENN: "I don't want you in danger ever! So I hate to blow your dad's big secret but I'm sick of secrets! Secrets get you killed! And I rather have you pissed off at me and alive, than liking me and dead!" ” - Gentleman_Caller
Irone Singleton
IronE Singleton is best known to audiences as the menacing kingpin Alton in the Academy® Oscar Award-nominated film The Blind Side; the biggest box office grossing sports movie of all time. He is also known as the compassionate tough guy, T-Dog, in the Emmy, AFI & WGA Award winning, Golden Globe nominated TV show The Walking Dead; one of basic cable's highest rated shows for viewership...
“ T-DOG - Much like the early character of Tyrese from The Walking Dead comic books, notably for using a hammer to kill the walkers with. He's developed slower than the rest of the characters, yet you can still feel that he has a rightful place. He's only made friends with the rest of the group, discluding Merle. After Singleton's great performance in "The Blind Side" as the street thug, it was nice to see him have a more softer side in "The Walking Dead".

FUN FACT: T-Dog's real name is revealed to be "Theodore Douglas."

A QUOTE FROM T-DOG: "Oh, man. Wouldn't that be the way? World gone to hell, the dead risen up to eat the living and Theodore Douglas is done here by a cut on his arm." ” - Gentleman_Caller
“ JACQUI - Jacqui I would describe as the first survivor of the group, who committed suicide by staying in the CDC laboratory. The ending to her character did make a lot of sense, being that she had no family or lover to live for anymore. Like Dr. Jenner, she had nothing more to live for and didn't die alone. Although her role was cut short, actress Jeryl Prescott has been a strong actress. My favorite role for her has so far been the evil Hoodoo lady from "The Skeleton Key".

FUN FACT: It is possible that T-dog and Jacqui were friends before the apocalypse, or were forming a relationship at the camp. T-dog tried to persuade Jacqui to leave the CDC, but respected her wishes for a painless suicide.

A QUOTE FROM JACQUI: "I miss my Coffeemaker, with that dual-drip filter and built-in grinder." ” - Gentleman_Caller
“ MORALES - Very little is known of what happened to Morales and his family at the end of Season 1. Rick Grimes talks into the radio to the supposed Morgan on the other end, telling him we've lost people along the way. Never pronounced dead, I'm sure Morales and his family decided it would be best to go their separate ways.

FUN FACT: Morales is also the name of a character from Walking Dead creator and movie director Frank Darabont's film, "The Mist". Who was also played by actor, Juan Gabriel Pareja.

A QUOTE FROM MARALES: "I gotta do what's best for my family." ” - Gentleman_Caller
“ JIM - Full bearded Jim as short as his character lived attracted a huge fanbase behind him. Before his untimely death, he was pretty much the groups lead mechanic before Dale and what appeared to be psychic as well. His mission for digging the numerous graves for no apparent reason quickly made sense to the group after the herd of walkers who killed "Ed" and "Amy". Not many characters like Jim accept their faith on becoming a zombie, left alone off the side of the road.

FUN FACT: After it has been discovered that Jim has been bitten, he is placed in Dale's camper with a fever. Behind him while he suffers an American flag hangs upside down as a curtain. A flag flying upside down is a universal signal for distress.

A QUOTE FROM JIM: "The only reason I got away was 'cause the dead were too busy eating my family." ” - Gentleman_Caller
Michael Rooker
Michael Rooker was born on April 6, 1955 in Jasper, Alabama. When he was thirteen, his parents divorced and he went with his mother to live in Chicago. He caught the acting bug while attending college, and began appearing in local stage productions. On first breaking into film, his intensity and "don't-mess-with-me"...
“ MERLE DIXON - Actor Michael Rooker for over three decades is known for playing the antagonist role in his movies, notably, "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer". It didn't surprise me to see a racist-redneck Rooker exist in a post-apocalyptic world sniping walkers from a rooftop. For as ruthless as Merle is, he actually has some of the best tough guy lines. Even when he appears to Daryl as a hallucination in season 2, he refers to his brother Daryl as a used rubber lying there in the dirt. Awesome! Rooker was made for "The Walking Dead".

FUN FACT: Merle is the first surviving character to have one of his limbs amputated (an ongoing theme in the comic series). Not to mention his hand was sawed off by himself.

A QUOTE FROM MERLE: "I know I'm being punished. I know. I... Oh, I deserve it. I deserve it. I've been bad. Help me now. Show me the way. Go on, tell me what to do. Tell me. Tell me. God! That's okay. Never you mind, silly Christ boy. I ain't begged you before. I ain't gonna start begging now. I ain't gonna beg you now! Don't you worry about me begging you ever! I'll never beg you! I ain't gonna beg you! No!" ” - Gentleman_Caller
Greg Nicotero
Makeup Department, Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Gifted SFX and make-up wizard, who learned his trade under the watchful eye of SFX splatter guru Tom Savini. Nicotero and buddies, Howard Berger and Robert Kurtzman started KNB Efx Group in 1988 and the group has provided eye-popping & jaw dropping special effects for major Hollywood releases including The Green Mile, Vanilla Sky, Sin City and Land of the Dead.
“ DEER EATING WALKER - Nicotero is probably the best makeup artist in the movie industry right now. A true prodigy of both Tam Savini and George C. Romero. All of the zombie work done in "The Walking Dead" comes solely out of the vision of Gregory Nicotero. I'm happy to see that he's included himself in a couple zombie roles on the show. If you want the best special effects involving blood, exploding bodies, or downright slayings; find out if the special effects team is KNB Efx Group. And you'll know you're watching a movie with the best kill scenes around.

FUN FACT: Make-up designer and monster creator Greg Nicotero, plays the zombie that bites the character Amy on the arm. Nicotero says that he decided to play the zombie because he knew where to bite. Well-known for making cameo appearances as zombies in George A. Romero's "Dead" movies.

A QUOTE FROM DARYL: "Got bit. Fever hit. World gone to s**t. Might as well quit." Dumb ass didn't know enough to shoot himself in the head." ” - Gentleman_Caller
Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus was born in Hollywood, Florida, to Marianne and Norman Reedus. He is of Italian (from his paternal grandmother), English, Scottish, and Irish descent. Norman's first film was in 'Guillermo Del Toro''s 1997 horror thriller Mimic, where he played the character Jeremy. He has also played roles in the films "Floating"...
“ DARYL DIXON - Actor Norman Reedus has hit fame in a lot of his movies, namely "The Boondock Saints". His portrayal of Daryl on "The Walking Dead" is probably thee number one character everybody wants to see. He's so far going to be the first character to be created from the TV series, making the transition from the television series "The Walking Dead" to, "The Walking Dead" comic book series. I don't think it matters if you're a man or a woman, your favorite badass from the show is Daryl.

FUN FACT: It's stated that Daryl was raised by his brother Merle to share his beliefs. Merle in the episode of "Chupacabra" portrays as Daryl's subconscious. This is the first time we see a "subconcious figure" in the TV series. However it's a reoccurring thing amongst characters in the comic books.

A QUOTE FROM DARYL: "Man, I'm gonna get s**t-faced drunk, again." ” - Gentleman_Caller
“ CAROL PELETIER - Carol, although different from the comic book series has been tormented before and after the zombie apocalypse. Her husband "Ed" in a lot of ways deserved to have died, while her daughter "Sophia" did not. Actress Melissa Suzanne McBride has played the broken grieving mother in every episode. She also had a similar role in the movie "The Mist", who goes out into the mist to look for her two daughters. As engaging as her performance has been, I hope she continues to follow the story-line of Carol from the comic books.

FUN FACT: Andrea says that the item she misses most is her vibrator and then Carol replies "me too." Carol also says she misses her Maytag (washing machine).

A QUOTE FROM CAROL: "That's not my little girl. It's some other... thing. My Sophia was lost in the woods. All this time, I thought. But she didn't go hungry. She didn't cry herself to sleep. She didn't try to find her way back. Sophia died a long time ago." ” - Gentleman_Caller
Madison Lintz
Actress, Bosch
Madison Lintz was born on May 11, 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia. She began her acting career when she was only 6 years old. She had been in a few commercials and voice-overs and did a commercial for a national Golden Corral spot which aired all over the country. Her big acting break came when she got the role of Sophia Peletier on AMC's post-apocalyptic drama series The Walking Dead...
“ SOPHIA PELETIER - Sophia does get separated from the group, and she's only found when it's too late. I do believe her character was written out rather quickly. It did surprise me that she was found dead, unlike her role in the comic book series. Her death represents to the remaining group, that nothing lasts forever. Her death is a prime example of how much the TV series departs from the comic book series. And how much more horrifying it can be to original characters we've come to follow.

FUN FACT: Walking Dead creators reveal that they had shot the barn scene twice. Once with Sophia looking normal, the way the survivors wanted to see her. And the zombified version, which is the version that was aired in 'Pretty Much Dead Already'.

A QUOTE FROM DARYL: "It's a Cherokee Rose. I'm not fool enough to think there's any flowers blooming for my brother. But I believe this one bloomed for your little girl." ” - Gentleman_Caller
Noah Emmerich
Noah Emmerich was born and raised in New York City, to Constance, a concert pianist, and André Emmerich, an art dealer and gallery owner. He attended Yale University, where he sang with the a capella group the Yale Spizzwinks. He attended NYU Film School where he wrote and directed an award winning...
“ DR. EDWIN JENNER - Dr. Jenner I believe is one of the first most dangerous things the surviving group comes upon. Unlike the zombies, his truth about the dismantled government is a sign of the worse things have yet to come. It's not his intentions to kill everyone in the group, but it's his belief that hope no longer exists. Actor Noah Emmerich has done some great dramatic roles in movies such as "The Truman Show" and "Super 8". He continues to do so here in "The Walking Dead".

FUN FACT: The name Edwin Jenner is likely a nod to Dr. Edward Anthony Jenner, the English researcher who discovered the smallpox vaccine in 1796.

A QUOTE FROM EDWIN: "You *do* want this. Last night you said you knew it was just a matter of time before everybody you loved was dead." ” - Gentleman_Caller
“ DR. CANDACE JENNER - Candace Jenner I think is the only real proof that the day comes back to life. Showing us the inner sparks of the brain reanimating back to life. Much like with what we see from Shane's death and point of view. Test Subject 19 to the end, gave us the evidence that whatever causes the dead to come back to life exists in the air we breathe. A virus that's all around us.

FUN FACT: Candace appears in episode "TS-19" as archived MRI footage and in a photograph on Edwin Jenner's desk. However, she actually appears alive in a deleted scene for the episode of TS-19. ” - Gentleman_Caller
“ VI - As a self-destructing system, Vi still has primary actions that it must follow. Much like the closing and opening of the hall doors that keep the group locked in. Actress Judi M. Durand has been known for a voice-over actress. Notably known for her 50+ episodes as the Cardassian Computer from the "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" TV series.

FUN FACT: Vi is the only computer to be destroyed throughout "The Walking Dead" series.

A QUOTE FROM VI: "H.I.T.s - high-impulse thermobaric fuel-air explosive consists of a two-stage aerosol ignition which produces a blast wave of significantly greater power and duration than any other known explosive except nuclear. The vacuum-pressure effect ignites the oxygen between 5,000 and 6,000 degrees and is used when the greatest loss of life and damage to structures is desired." ” - Gentleman_Caller
Pruitt Taylor Vince
Vince first started to get noticed for his excellent performances at the start of his career in Shy People and Mississippi Burning. In both these films he played something of a blathering redneck idiot, although there was a streak of pathos in both performances which made it impossible to dismiss his characters as just 'bad' people...
“ OTIS - Otis who is very different from his comic book counterpart, is the earliest sign of Shane losing all humanity. His bullet to the leg making him a decoy to the approaching walkers, has so far been one of the most graphic deaths yet. He's the first innocent man we see who's shot and left for the dead, leaving his wife Patricia a widow. Making the world of the walking dead, that much more of a dog eat dog world. Actor Pruitt Taylor Vince usually plays the big softy type in most of his movies. Which includes "Identity" and "Trapped".

FUN FACT: Prior to the arrival of Rick and the other survivors, Otis is the only resident on Hershel's farm in possession of a gun.

A QUOTE FROM SHANE: "'We got to save the boy!' See that's what he said. He gave me his backpack he shoved me ahead. 'Run!' he said. He said, 'I'll take the rear I'll cover you.' And when I looked back... If not for Otis, I would've never made it out alive, and that goes for Carl too. It was Otis. He saved us both. And he did that very meaning, it was his." ” - Gentleman_Caller
Scott Wilson
Actor, Monster
One chillingly infamous screen role for Scott Wilson in 1967 set the tone for an actor who went on to prove himself an invaluable character player for the past five decades. The Georgia-born native (Atlanta born and raised) was awarded a basketball scholarship following high school at Georgia's Southern Tech University to study architecture...
“ HERSHEL GREENE - Hershel much like Dale, is a voice of reasoning amongst the survivors. Like many survivors, he believes to put his trust into Rick's decision making. Actor Scott Wilson does play a great Hershel. I always thought it was funny that both him and actor Pruitt Taylor Vince, both were featured in the movie "Monster" as men who pick up actress Charlize Theron from the side of the road. Reuniting here for the episode of "Bloodletting".

FUN FACT: Hershel's family horse 'Nervous Nelly', had a small role and appeared in three episodes. The group flees Hershel's farm after it becomes overrun by Walkers and forgets to bring Nelly with them, leaving her fate unknown.

A QUOTE FROM HERSHEL: "There is no hope. And you know it, like I do. Don't you? There is no hope for any of us." ” - Gentleman_Caller
Lauren Cohan
Lauren Cohan is a British-American actress and model, best known for her role as Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead and recurring roles on The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and Chuck. After her film debut Casanova as Sister Beatrice, she starred in the sequel to Van Wilder, _Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj as Charlotte Higginson (2006)_...
“ MAGGIE GREENE - Maggie has become one of my favorite female characters of the show after Andrea. Her romance with Glenn is one of the first growing love stories since the zombie apocalypse has happened. Nothing has made the two inseparable yet. And the two do look cute together. Actress Lauren Cohan is becoming one of my favorite actresses of today. She's really making "The Walking Dead" a start to her future acting career.

FUN FACT: The attack in the episode 'Secrets' changed Maggie's mind on whether or not walkers are still people. The change goes from specifically not calling them walkers to suddenly referring to Glenn as 'Walker-Bait.'

A QUITE FROM MAGGIE: "You're smart, you're brave, and you're a leader. But you don't know it and your friends don't want to know it. They'd rather have you fetching peaches. Just a dead guy in the well, send Glenn down. You're walker-bait. I can't take you becoming one of them." ” - Gentleman_Caller
Emily Kinney
Emily Kinney is an American actress. She is best-known for her role as "Beth Greene" in the AMC television series, The Walking Dead. Kinney was born in Wayne, Nebraska. She graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 2006. Kinney has had reoccurring roles and guest appearances on television series such as "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"...
“ BETH GREENE - The character of Beth is one who's scared. After the shooting of Carl and death of Otis, and more importantly the death of her mother as a walker in the barn. Who tried attacking her just after the barn shooting. Beth then attempts suicide by cutting her own wrists. Finding a new path when she couldn't do it. I don't know what to expect from Beth, but I'm sure it'll have an interesting new twist.

FUN FACT: Beth appears to be shy most of the time, only talking to and hanging out with her own family, but is the first to run towards the walkers after the barn massacre in the episode "Nebraska".

A QUOTE FROM BETH: "I don't want to be gutted. I wanna go in this bed tonight, with you beside me....please." ” - Gentleman_Caller
“ DAVE - Dave who portrays a smart but cunning type to get what him and his friends want. Much like Shane, he'll kill you if you get in the way of what him and his group wants. I always wondered what it would have been like for Shane to change sides and head back to that group after setting Randall free. Of course we see Shane form his own plan to get Carl and Lori back. For a guest appearance, actor Michael Raymond-James pulled off a sly antagonist type.

FUN FACT: Dave and his group referred to the zombies as "Roamers", the common name for them in the comic books, as opposed to the term "Walkers" commonly used in the TV show.

A QUOTE FROM DAVE: "You don't know anything about us. You don't know what we had to go through out there, the things we've had to do. I bet you've had to do some of those things yourself. Am I right? 'Cause ain't nobody's hands clean in what's left of this world. We're all the same." ” - Gentleman_Caller
“ RANDALL - We never really do get the answer to whether or not Randall could be trusted or not. In my opinion he couldn't be trusted. Him and his group of friends sound like they've stopped following right from wrong long ago. However, I do think Randall was just a pawn in the scheme of all things. His death convinced Rick that the secret Dr. Jenner had whispered into his ear was in fact true. We all carry the virus.

FUN FACT: Randall is the third character in the TV Series known to reanimate without getting bitten (before Randall it was the two Mert County Deputies Rick investigated from episode "18 Miles Out", who appeared to have just been scratched).

A QUOTE FROM RANDALL: "I'm just some guy." ” - Gentleman_Caller
Danai Gurira
Danai Gurira was born in Grinnell, Iowa to parents from Zimbabwe, when her father was teaching Chemistry at Grinnell College. When she was 5, the family moved back to Zimbabwe. Gurira studied social psychology at Macalaster College, and received an MFA from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She is the co-author of the play, "In the Continuum", with Nikkole Salter.
“ MICHONNE - Probably the best and long awaited cameo appearance in "The Walking Dead" TV series. Much like her entrance from the comic books, she drags behind her two mouthless walkers by chain collars. Which help make any other walkers not want to attack her. I think her story will jump Season 3 into a darker more gritty series. I hope she brings us some good sword wielding action scenes, even her hallucination of having an imaginary friend. Soon we'll all be talking about the actress Danai Gurira.

FUN FACT: It was said that it has always been the intention of introducing Michonne earlier than in the comic, as she is a favorite among both the fans of the comic and of the show's production team. ” - Gentleman_Caller