Italia Conti

Students and faculty who have studied or taught at the Italia Conti Academy of Drama in London, England.
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Julianne Hough
Julianne Alexandra Hough was raised in Salt Lake City, the youngest of 5 children. She is the daughter of Mari Anne (Heaton) and Bruce Robert Hough, twice chairman of the Utah Republican Party. Her parents met in college when both were part of a ballroom dancing team. Her parents divorced, and she has 9 step-siblings from their second marriages...
Gabrielle Anwar
Actress, Burn Notice
Her father is Tariq Anwar and her mother is Shireen Anwar. Anwar attended Laleham Church of England Primary and Middle School from 1975 to 1982. Trinian's sketch in the school concert of 1982 gave an early indication of her theatrical leanings. She studied at the London drama and dance school...
Karen Gillan
Karen was born and raised in Inverness, Scotland, the daughter of Marie (Paterson) and John Gillan, who is a singer and recording artist. She developed a love for acting very early on, attending several youth theatre groups and taking part in a wide range of productions at her school, Charleston Academy...
Serena Lorien
London-born actress Serena Lorien's acting career started at an early age when she booked her first UK commercial at the tender age of 6. It was also from this tender age that Serena was attending the prestigious British Arts Academy Italia Conti. This world-renowned academy was also attended by many of the UK's stars like Kelly Brook, Russell Brand and Naomi Campbell...
Kelly Brook
Actress, Piranha 3D
Kelly Brook (born 23 November 1979) is an English model, actress and television presenter best known for her roles in the 2010 horror comedy remake Piranha 3D and in the NBC sitcom One Big Happy. Brook was born and raised in Rochester, Kent, as Kelly Ann Parsons. She is the daughter of Sandra Kelly...
Russell Brand
Russell Brand was born on June 4, 1975, in Grays, Essex, England, the son of Barbara Elizabeth (Nichols) and Ronald Henry Brand, a photographer. An only child, his parents divorced when he was only six months old, and he was subsequently raised by his mother. Enduring a difficult childhood that saw...
Martine McCutcheon
Actress, EastEnders
Martine McCutcheon was born Martine Kimberley Sherri Ponting on the 14th of May 1976 in Hackney, East London, to Jenny Tomlin (née Jeanette Lilian Ponting) and Thomas Hemmings. She has a little brother called L.J. She studied at the renowned Italia Conti stage school in London from the age of 10...
Leslie Phillips
A much-loved comic actor who has specialized in playing plummy, quintessentially English stereotypes, Leslie Phillips' heart was in acting from a very young age. He received elocution lessons as a child in order to lose his natural cockney accent (at that time a regional British accent was a major impediment to an aspiring actor) and he attended the Italia Conti School...
Anthony Newley
Anthony Newley was born in Hackney, London, England, to Frances Grace Newley and George Kirby, a shipping clerk. He was attracted to acting, after seeing an ad for a child actor in a Fleet Street window. He attended the Italia Conti Stage School from the age of 14 and, two years later, played the Artful Dodger in David Lean's film...
Charlotte Chatton
Charlotte Chatton won a scholarship to attend the prestigious Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London, where she excelled in the drama department. During seven years of intensive training she also began to work professionally, starring in dozens of commercials and music videos. Upon graduation...
Margaret Lockwood
Karachi-born Margaret Lockwood, daughter of a British colonial railway clerk, was educated in London and studied to be an actress at the Italia Conti Drama School. Her first moment on stage came at the age of 12, when she played a fairy in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in 1928. She had a bit part in the Drury Lane production of "Cavalcade" in 1932...
Alice Henley
Studied for three years at Royal Holloway in London and a year in Modern Dance at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. Started out in theatre, co-creating her own theatre company, Sweetfa, with fellow actress Frederica Dunstan in 2001. The company put on their own show at the Jermyn St Theatre in London, where Alice first gained representation...
Claire Goose
Actress, Casualty
Claire Goose was born in Edinburgh and lived there till she was two and a half. She grew up in Norfolk. Her parents are mother, Joy, and father, David, who is a GP in Kings Lynn and has also looked after the Royals. Claire also has an elder sister, Caroline, a nursery nurse, and an elder brother, Duncan...
Lisa Snowdon
Lisa Snowdon was born in 1971 in Welwyn Garden City, England. The eldest of three sisters, she moved to London where she worked briefly as a waitress. A graduate of the Italia Conti School of Performing Arts, Lisa was spotted by a model agency at age 19 while in a London nightclub. Since then, she has appeared in fashion publications such as Vogue...
Johnny Briggs
Born in South London on Sept 5, 1935, to Ernest and Rose Briggs, Johnny had a younger sister, Barbara, who died in 1955 at age 15. As a boy, he sang soprano in a church choir and during World War II he was evacuated to the safety of the English countryside. Back in London he won a scholarship, at age 12...
Bonnie Langford
Actress, EastEnders
Bonita Melody Lysette Langford was born on 22 July 1964 in Hampton Court, Surrey. By the age of six she had won Hughie Green's Opportunity Knocks television talent contest and gained membership of Equity. Later she trained at the Arts Educational and Italia Conti stage schools in London. By her early teens she had starred on New York's Broadway ("Gypsy")...
Darren Kent
Actor, Mirrors
Darren Kent was born and raised in Essex with a gravelly Cockney accent. He graduated from Italia Conti in 2007. After his college studies, he went on to become a Pontins Bluecoat. He went on to film his first acting role, starring in the 20th-Century-Fox Film 'Mirrors'. He is a keen writer and has wrote several feature films and shorts...
Frankie Fitzgerald
Actor, Troy
Frankie Fitzgerald is a British actor best known for his roles in Eastenders (Ashley Cotton 2000-2001) and Dream Team (Jason Porter 2006-2007) He has worked extensively in television, film and theatre since his first role in Eastenders, recently completing filming on Legend, the story of notorious British Gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray with Tom Hardy.
Betty Marsden
Actress, The Dresser
Remarkable, unique, unforgettable Betty Marsden was one of Britain's most talented comedy actresses, best known for her multiple roles in the Kenneth Horne shows on BBC radio in the 1960s. Betty Marsden was born in Liverpool on 24th February 1919, and appeared at Bath Pavilion aged 11 as the First Fairy in A Midsummer Night's Dream...
Louise Redknapp
Louise was born on 4 November 1974 in Lewisham, London. Her full name is Louise Elizabeth Nurding but, after marrying long-time friend and football star Jamie Redknapp, she took his surname. Louise started her music career very early after studying at the Italia Conti Stage School. While she was still a teen...
Claire Sweeney
Claire comes from a small family and was brought up in Liverpool by her mother, Kathleen, and butcher father, Ken along with her brother, Shaun She found school work a little difficult particularly Math but did well in singing and acting. Her first job had nothing to do with acting though as she worked as a butchers assistant in her fathers shop...
Sophie Ellis
Sophie Elizabeth Ellis was born on January 19, 1995, in Surrey, England. From a young age she had a love of acting, and trained at the prestigious Italia Conti Theatre School in London for over ten years, after she gained an Acting Scholarship to the School, aged just 5 years old. Her first professional role came when she was ten years old...
Alice Bird
Alice Bird is a British actress born and raised in London, daughter of engineer Bryn Bird and fashion designer June Bird. Upon seeing Alice Cry when the stage was dismantled at her primary school, her mother enrolled her in acting classed and Alice has not looked back since. Alice attended classes at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama...
Shelley Sweeney
Shelley's career in Japan began serendipitously. Before studying at the prestigious Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London, she came to Japan on a modeling contract and never looked back. She's acted in countless movies and television shows in Japan, the U.S. and Canada as well as done extensive modeling and voice acting delivered across the globe.
Tricia Walsh
Actress, Terror
Tricia Walsh's (aka, Tricia Walsh-Smith) father was in the Royal Air Force, so as a child, she traveled the world. In her teens, she went to London and studied at the Italia Conti Academy of Dramatic Arts. She appeared in television situation comedies, The Kenny Everett Show, Constant Hot water, Dick Emery Show...
Tyler Kennington
Tyler was born in Greenwich, London. He started of as a child model from the age of 2 upwards and achieved a place at London's famous Italia Conti Academy of Theater Arts in 2007. He started off with his first film called Monsters and Rabbits in 2008 which later came out in 2009. He then spent 2 years in the west-end performing Oliver the musical from 2008-2010...
Michael E. Briant
Director, Emmerdale Farm
Born in 1942, Michael went full time to the Italia Conti Stage School in Archer Street, London W1 when he was 12. Three months later he gave his first professional performance as an elf and a rainbow child at the Royal Festival Hall. The following year he played the lead Crispian. As a child/young actor he worked extensively in the theaters...
Marco Costa
Actor, Amanhecer
Marco Costa has appeared onstage and on screen in both Portugal and the UK. At the age of 22 he began his formal training in drama, completing his first course at InImpetus, followed by additional drama study at Universidade Moderna, both in Portugal. After completing one year at Universidade Moderna...
John Sichel
Director, Three Sisters
Early in his career, John was asked by Laurence Olivier to direct the National Theatre Company in the award-winning film of Chekhov's Three Sisters with Olivier, Joan Plowright and Alan Bates. He then went on to direct Olivier in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice and Alec Guinness and Ralph Richardson in Twelfth Night...
Stephanie Fearon
Born in Londonm Stephanie is the daughter of two erstwhile hit-makers, Phil Fearon, of the 1980s band Galaxy, and his wife Dorothy, a member of 1990s chart-toppers Baby D. She began singing at the age of four and her big break came at the age of 16 when she appeared in children's television comedy series 'My Parents Are Aliens'...
Stephen Manwaring
Actor, Saxon
Born on October 7th 1975 in Dartford, Kent, England, UK. Attended The G.Y.P.T. Theatre & The Anna Scher Summer School Courses before attending The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts - graduating with a BA in Acting. Stephen has a passion for movie character acting... Various TV and short Film credits (also many commercials) with his First British Feature Film character part released in 2008...
Puneet Sira
Puneet Sira (born on 3 December 1967), is a well known British and Bollywood film director, producer, screenwriter and actor. Sira's directorial career consists of several feature films. Two feature films released in 2009, Kisaan for Sohail Khan Production, starring Jackie Shroff, Sohail Khan...
Jane Baxter
A distinguished stage and film actress Jane Baxter was one of the most glamorous performers on the London stage. Winston Churchill, an ardent fan, once described her as, "that charming lady who grace personifies all that is best in British womanhood". Her stage career spanned half a century and she is best remembered for her role in "Dial M For Murder"...
Melissa Hartzel
Actress, RKO 281
Melissa Hartzel (nee Collings) was born in Essex, England. She attended Italia Conti Stage School at the age of 10 and has been acting ever since. Melissa is now a mum of 2 children and is based in the UK. Melissa is known for her hilarious performances on Fake Bloods music video 'I Think I Like It' and Camo & Krooked's award winning music video 'Breezeblock'...
Tristan Carrasco
Actress, Volare
Tristan Carrasco studied acting at LAMDA, HB Studios and the Actors Studio, but realized early on she much preferred writing. After winning the New Dramatists Award for her play, "The Moron Principle" while still in High School, she took screenwriting classes at Columbia University. Mentored by Milos Forman and Sidney Lumet...
Irene Peters
Irene Peters trained at The Italia Conti Stage School in London. Since the age of five she has been singing and dancing. As a child she attended The Ivy Travers School of Dancing, and appeared in numerous shows from the ages of five to ten years old. After leaving Italia Conti Irene appeared in numerous TV series and Films in the 1970s...
Hilda Campbell-Russell
Hilda Campbell-Russell began her acting career as a child at the Italia Conti Stage School in London. She made her debut as an indian brave in Peter Pan (1920) with Gladys Cooper in the title lead. From there she started in rep, where it was a different play in a different venue every week. It was...
Lance Secretan
Lance Hilary Kenyon Secretan, was born in Beaconsfield (Amersham), Buckinghamshire, UK. His father was Kenyon Secretan, a prominent scientist and engineer who headed the BBC's foreign monitoring service and was part of William Stephenson's network (A Man Called Intrepid) during WWII; and Marie-Therese (née Haffenden) Secretan...
Michael Maguire
Michael Maguire was an English actor, who attended Italia Conti Stage school. He has appeared on the radio and has recorded several jingles, he was also in several famous television productions including one of the first UK childrens' series. He was also in various childrens' films for the Children's Film Foundation...
Laura Vogels
Actress, Found
Laura spent her childhood bouncing from country to country. Although native to Amsterdam, she also lived in Portugal and on both coasts in the US, in upstate New York and Seattle. Laura has a BA in Acting from the Italia Conti Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, UK. She also completed studies at RADA, LAMDA, and the Actors Center. Laura resides in NYC.
Jodi De Souza
Director, Rhubarb
Jodi De Souza lives in the United Kingdom and is predominately a film and theatre director. Her work has been shown in cinemas and on prime time TV. She has also worked as producer, choreographer, writer and artist. She held the post of Artistic Director for The Humble Theatre Company Ltd from 2007-2011. Jodi is a graduate of the Italia Conti Academy in London.
Richard Todd
British leading man who achieved some success in American films, as well. Born in Ireland as the son of a British officer, Todd grew up in Devon and attended Shrewsbury Public School. His interest in theatre led him to small roles in stock in England and Scotland, following which he helped found the Dundee Repertory Theatre in 1939...
Noël Coward
Writer, Easy Virtue
Noel Coward virtually invented the concept of Englishness for the 20th century. An astounding polymath - dramatist, actor, writer, composer, lyricist, painter, and wit -- he was defined by his Englishness as much as he defined it. He was indeed the first Brit pop star, the first ambassador of "cool Britannia." Even before his 1924 drugs-and-sex scandal of The Vortex...
Sadie Frost
Actress, Dracula
Tracey Ullman
Actress, Corpse Bride
Tracey Ullman (born Trace Ullman) is a multiple award-winning television, stage and film actress who performs as a comedian, singer, dancer, as well as works as a screenwriter, producer, director, author, and businesswoman. She holds dual British and American citizenship. Ullman's early appearances...
Jack Hawkins
Actor, Ben-Hur
In Britain, special Christmas plays called pantomimes are produced for children. Jack Hawkins made his London theatrical debut at age 12, playing the elf king in "Where The Rainbow Ends". At 17, he got the lead role of St. George in the same play. At 18, he made his debut on Broadway in "Journey's End"...
Freddie Bartholomew
Child superstar Freddie Bartholomew was born Frederick Cecil Bartholomew in Harlesden, London, the son of Cecil Llewellyn Bartholomew and Lilian May Clarke Bartholomew. From age three he grew up in the town of Warminster under the care of his father's unmarried sister Millicent. A precocious lad, Freddie was reciting and performing on stage at three years of age...
Brian Aherne
Actor, I Confess
Brian Aherne was an Oscar-nominated Anglo-American stage and screen actor who was one of the top cinema character actors in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Born on May 2, 1902 in King's Norton, Worcestshire, England, Aherne performed as an actor as a child. At age 18 he made his debut as an adult with the company that would evolve into the world-famous Birmingham Repertory Theatre...
Tony Selby
Congenial character actor whose best film roles came in two vastly different films in 1971 and 1972 - Richard Burton's 'Villain' and Spike Milligan's 'Adolf Hitler - My Part in His Downfall'. With his down-to earth, friendly London voice he'd been a regular on television for years by this stage, appearing in a roll-call of British TV series since his debut in No Hiding Place in 1964...
Jimmy Hanley
Good-natured British actor Jimmy Hanley was groomed by the Rank Studio system during his teen years and earned stardom as the "boy next door" type in exuberant musicals and likeable comedies. He married actress Dinah Sheridan in 1942 and they appeared together in a number of featherweight war-era films...
Wulan Guritno
Wulan Lorraine Guritno was born in London, England. She is an Indonesian actress. She began her career as a presenter in the Italian League Highlights on RCTI television station, which later became the Lega Calcio. A year later, during World Cup 2002, she hosted World Cup-Tainment on RCTI television station in Indonesia. She became the presenter of Euro 2004 on the same television station...