My Cast to Batman

Serious tone with many familiar characters from world of Batman.

Batman: Dark Knight (season 1)
- Main villain: Joker
- Secondary villain: None
- Batman has been there for a while. Bruce Wayne is good friends with Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawnes who are in relationship.
- Joker rises, everything is in jeopardy.
- Only police that sees Batman as hero, is new commissioner, James Gordon. But Harvey Dent believes that Batman is key to crime free Gotham.

Batman: Many Faces of Gotham (Season 2)
- Main villain: Two-Face
- Secondary "villain": Catwoman
- At the end of last season, wounded Harvey Dent turns into Two-Face.
- Same time mysterious Catwoman starts to show up in Night, just like Batman.
- Bruce Wayne meets young Richard Grayson and Batman meets Barbara Gordon.

Batman: Shadows of Fear (Season 3)
- Main villain: Scarecrow
- Secondary villain: Poison Ivy, Riddler and Man-Bat
- Batman is brought back to the past because of Scarecrow's toxin.
- Flashbacks to the past from death of his parents to the time he met Ra's Al Ghul and his daughter Talia.
- Robin meets Batgirl.
- Dr. Harleen Quinzell meets Joker.
- Batman and Robin are in crash course.

Batman: Darkness of Vengeance (season 4)
- Main villain: Joker
- Secondary: Harley Quinn, Penguine and Black Mask
- After Robin left Batman and Batgirl. Jason Todd became new Robin.
- Criminals are all trying to beat the Bat. Many others are interested about the Bat.
- Joker kills Jason Todd and cripples Barbara Gordon.
- Nightwing rises. Tim Drake becomes new Robin.
- League of Shadows is near.

Batman: Black Times (season 5)
- Main villain: Ra's Al Ghul
- Secondary villains: Red Hood and many assassins, like Deathstroke.
- Jason's dead is wears heavy.
- Ra's Al Ghul tries to force Batman to take his place.
- Batman - Talia - Catwoman
- Batman understands that he cannot win alone: Barbara Gordon becomes Oracle and Jean Paul Valley becomes Azrael.
- Red Hood unmasked.

Batman: Caped Crusader (season 6)
- Main villain: Hugo Strange
- Secondary villain: Amanda Waller
- Many villains face their doom when Gotham is in war.
- Ending is near and Ra's Al Ghul pushes Batman to the limits and same time he pushes Talia away.
- Hugo Strange and Amanda Waller want to destroy Batman and each other.
- Sacrifice of Jason Todd.
- Many are dead, including Strange and Waller
- Last ace Ra's al Ghul have...

Batman: Legend of the Night (season 7)
- Main villain: Bane
- Secondary villain: Joker
- After everything is happen, Batman faces greatest threat ever, Bane.
- Same time heroes and villains that are still alive after the war, show their true colors when end is near.
- Relationships.
- Final battles.
- Ending... Future.