Russian Actors Top 10

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Sergey Bodrov
Actor, Brother
Sergei Bodrov Jr. was born on December 27th, 1971 to producer and director Sergei Bodrov. He made his film debut in his father's Prisoner of the Mountains (Prisoner of the mountains) for which he won a Nika. From then on Sergei's career began. In 1997 he played a lead role in Brother which turned him into a star and made him one of the most known and beloved Russian actors...
Nikita Mikhalkov
Russian film-maker and actor Nikita Sergeyevich Mikhalkov was born on October, 21, 1945, a son of a well-known Russian poet Sergey Mikhalkov, who provided lyrics for the Russian anthem, and Natalya Petrovna Konchalovskaya, also a poet. As a child he was exposed to genuine literary talk at home, which was a fulcrum for a Russian art community...
Andrey Panin
Actor, Svolochi
Panin was rocketed to fame by the hit television detective show "Kamenskaya." In 2000, he had lead roles in both Valery Akhadov's "Don't Offend the Women" and Pavel Lugin's "Wedding," as well as Alexander Atanesyan's action thriller "24 Hours." He won the best actor prize at the Golden Ram film festival...
Sergey Bezrukov
He graduated from Moscow Art Theatre and made his cinema debut in Noktyurn dlya barabana i mototsikla. Since 1994 he has played a wide range of characters, such as Ivan Brilling in Azazel, Irakliy in Ironiya sudby. Prodolzhenie, Kappel in Admiral, Sumarokov in High Security Vacation, and Rzhevskiy in 1812. Ulanskaya ballada. His notable roles in Russian miniseries include starring as Sasha Belov in Brigada...
Aleksandr Domogarov
Born on July 12th, 1963 in Moscow, Alexander Domogarov never dreamt of going on the stage despite having an actor father. He was going to be an engineer, but then he understood that it wasn't his calling. Alexander decided to go to a prestigious Schepkin Theater School, and managed to enter it at the first try. He made his stage debut in the Maly State Academic Theater, known for its traditions...
Vladimir Vdovichenkov
Actor, Leviathan
His career Vladimir Vdovichencov began starring in two films that became cult in Russia. This is the "Boomer" (2003) by Petr Buslov and the TV series "Brigada" (2002). Participation in these projects have brought great popularity among the audience. At the moment, Vladimir appeared in more than forty films...