My ultimate Hunger Games casting list for Catching Fire and Mockingjay

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Henry Cavill
Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill is a British actor. He was born on the Bailiwick of Jersey, a British Crown dependency in the Channel Islands. His mother, Marianne (Dalgliesh), a housewife, was also born on Jersey, and is of Irish, Scottish, and English ancestry. Henry's father, Colin Richard Cavill...
“ Finnick Odair
If he's going to be Superman in the new movie man of steel, why cant he be Finnick? this guy really does have the potential to play him! You just have to see him in Immortals as Theseus wielding that pointy stick around. ” - orangejuicyguy
“ Johanna Mason
Agnes has that fierce look that Johanna needs to have. I could totally see her playing this role to the utmost perfection! I am so convinced she should be Johanna.She is the ultimate Johanna! ” - orangejuicyguy
“ Mags
I think you can see by her picture that Mews would make a fun
Mags. ” - orangejuicyguy
Amy Acker
Born and raised in Dallas, Texas where she graduated Lake Highlands High School, Amy Acker is the oldest of four children; she has two sisters and one brother. An acting major at Southern Methodist University, Amy acted in several college theater productions. She appeared in various roles during the fantasy segments for the popular award-winning children's TV series Wishbone...
“ Wiress
She has a nerdy-crazy look that would really suite Wiress. ” - orangejuicyguy
“ Beetee
Im going off his look in Human Target. He look very smart with glasses ” - orangejuicyguy
Alycia Debnam-Carey
Alycia Jasmin Debnam-Carey was born on July 20, 1993. She is an actress from Australia. She grew up in Sydney, and graduated from Newtown High School of the Performing Arts in 2011 where she was a percussionist. In 2010, in partnership with the Berlin Philharmonic, she and around 40 other musicians worked together...
“ Cashmere
She has a beautiful look for the role. ” - orangejuicyguy
“ Cashmere
Ive always seen Mackenzie as Cashmere! she's very beautiful with a sinister face. ” - orangejuicyguy
Ryan Kwanten
Actor, True Blood
An Australian actor, Ryan Kwanten was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. He appeared on several TV shows Down Under, including a five year stint on the popular series Home and Away. After graduating from business school at the University of Sydney, he came to Los Angeles for what was supposed to be a brief visit but decided to stay...
“ Gloss
Ryan fits gloss's physical description and I would like to see him playing something different other than sex crazed Jason Stackhouse in True Blood. ” - orangejuicyguy
“ Enobaria
She can play manipulative very well,So I think she would be great for the role ” - orangejuicyguy
Katie McGrath
Irish actress Katie McGrath did not intend to make a career for herself in the acting profession, studying History at Trinity College, Dublin. Upon graduating, she became interested in fashion journalism and worked for lifestyle and fashion magazine, Image. After this, her mother's best friend, an assistant director...
“ Enobaria
If anyone has seen the ads for The Adventures of Merlin they would know that Katie would make a good Enobaria. ” - orangejuicyguy
“ Blight
I think he's about Haymitch's age, so I thought I would go for Mark. ” - orangejuicyguy
Judy Greer
Actress, Archer
Judy Greer was born and raised outside of Detroit, Michigan, as Judith Therese Evans. She is the daughter of Mollie Ann (née Greer), a hospital administrator and former nun, and Richard Evans, a mechanical engineer. She has German, Irish, English, Welsh, and Scottish ancestry. After training for nearly ten years in classical Russian ballet...
“ Cecelia
Judy has a motherly face! I could just see her with some children clinging to her legs. ” - orangejuicyguy
Jasmine Guy
Actress-dancer-director Jasmine Guy has enjoyed a diverse career in television, theatre and film. She began her professional career at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York City. Jasmine starred on Broadway in the original productions of Beehive and Leader of the Pack, and reprised hit productions of 'Grease'...
“ Seeder
I seen her and instantly thought of Seeder. ” - orangejuicyguy
Glynn Turman
Actor, Super 8
New York City-born African-American actor Glynn Turman enjoyed his first real taste of acting success at the age of 13 originating the role of Travis Younger on Broadway in Lorraine Hansberry's landmark play "A Raisin in the Sun" in 1959 opposite Sidney Poitier, Ruby Dee, Claudia McNeil and Diana Sands as his various family members...
“ Chaff
I just found him and thought he would be good! his picture has character. ” - orangejuicyguy
Brad Garrett
Standing 6 feet 8-1/2 inches tall, Garrett grew up in Woodland Hills outside of Los Angeles. His father was a hearing aid specialist working in geriatrics and his mother was a housewife. Garrett spent a whopping six weeks at UCLA before going into stand-up comedy full time. He began performing his act at various Los Angeles comedy clubs...
“ Plutarch
He's fun,goofy and would look great in some capital make up! I don't think you could get a better Plutarch. ” - orangejuicyguy
“ Woof
Well really all I can say is he look's the part! ” - orangejuicyguy
“ Hazelle
Anne has a soft motherly face that would suite Hazel. ” - orangejuicyguy
Actor, The Artist
Uggie is a Jack Russell terrier, born in 2002. He was rescued from being sent to a dog pound by Omar Von Muller, animal trainer. His career included touring with a dog talent show in the United States and South America and starring in commercials. His most famous movie roles are in Water for Elephants and The Artist...
“ Buttercup
I really truly believe that Uggie would make a good Buttercup! he really does have the charisma to play him. ” - orangejuicyguy
“ Darius
He has the right look that Darius needs! ” - orangejuicyguy
Jason O'Mara
Jason was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. Soon after graduating from Trinity College Dublin with a BA in Drama and Theatre he moved to London, England, to further pursue his acting career. Time spent in British repertory theater led to major roles in some of Britain and Ireland's great theaters...
“ Boggs
After seeing him in Terra Nova,he would make a spot on Boggs. ” - orangejuicyguy
Shay Mitchell
Shay Mitchell was born Shannon Mitchell in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to a Filipino mother and a father of Irish and Scottish descent. Even as a young child, she was interested in the performing arts, declaring to her parents that she would pursue such a career. Shay began dance lessons at the age of five...
“ Leevy
Shay has olive skin which I think is spot for Leevy, because everyone in the seem has that skin tone. ” - orangejuicyguy
Ginnifer Goodwin
Actress, Big Love
Ginnifer Goodwin was born Jennifer Michelle Goodwin on May 22, 1978, in Memphis, Tennessee, to Linda (Kantor), who worked at FedEx, and Tim Goodwin, who had a recording studio. Bright and talented, Ginnifer carried her love for theater and acting through her high school years. She graduated from Lausanne...
“ Fulvia Cardew
I really like her look for Fulvia! I don't no why, but I find her appealing for the character ” - orangejuicyguy
Isabel Lucas
Isabel was born in Melbourne, Australia. Her father is Australian and her mother is Swiss. When she was age 6, her family moved to Switzerland for a year. They moved back to Melbourne for a while before moving to a very small mining town in the Northern Territory (population 1,000). Along with her sister, she attended the Jabiru Area School, which included both white and Aboriginal children...
“ Annie
I looked at everyone's list and didn't see her anywhere! which I can't believe because she is the right age and has the perfect face. The first time I ever seen her was in Home and Away running across the beach in a towel! now what scene does that sound like? ” - orangejuicyguy
Caitlin Stasey
Actress, Neighbours
Caitlin Jean Stasey is an Australian actress who is well known for her roles as Francesca Thomas in The Sleepover Club, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours and Ellie Linton in the film adaptation of John Marsden's best seller 'Tomorrow When the War Began' Caitlin is from Victoria, Australia, She began taking an interest in acting/performing when she was about six years of age...
“ Annie
From watching her in previous roles,she would be amazing as Annie.Caitlin has done a range of different emotional storyline's that would make her great for the part. ” - orangejuicyguy
Aly Michalka
Actress, Easy A
Aly Michalka was born in Torrance, California, to Carrie (Begley), a musician, and Mark Michalka, who owns a contracting company. She has German, as well as English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh, ancestry. Aly began acting at the age of five in stage productions by churches her family attended outside Seattle...
“ Leeg twin 1
She's a twin! ” - orangejuicyguy
AJ Michalka
Actress, Super 8
Amanda was born in Torrance, California, to Carrie (Begley), a musician, and Mark Michalka, who owns a contracting company. She has German, as well as English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh, ancestry. She began seriously studying acting at the age of 9, landing a lead role in a church musical, "Jailhouse Rock"...
“ Leeg twin 2
She has a twin! ” - orangejuicyguy
“ Delly Cartwright
She has the right body weight for Delly,that was described in the book! ” - orangejuicyguy
Willa Holland
Actress, Arrow
Thanks to Steven Spielberg, who encouraged Darnell Gregorio-De Palma to put her daughter in front of the camera. Willa Holland signed with Ford Modeling Agency at age seven. Since then, she has booked numerous national commercials, and has even launched a career in both the big screen and the small screen. Though Holland made her on-screen debut in 2001 in the film Ordinary Madness...
“ Bonnie
When I was reading she came to mind! ” - orangejuicyguy
Radha Mitchell
Actress, Silent Hill
Radha Mitchell (born 12 November 1973) is an Australian actress. She started her career acting in various Australian TV series and movies, and later became known for her appearance in Hollywood films. Mitchell, a native of Melbourne, began acting when she was still in high school and had her professional debut on the popular Australian soap...
“ Twill
She is the right age! ” - orangejuicyguy
Michelle Pfeiffer
Actress, Scarface
Michelle Pfeiffer was born in Santa Ana, California, to Donna Jean (Taverna) and Richard Pfeiffer, a heating and air-conditioning contractor. She has an older brother and two younger sisters - Dedee Pfeiffer and Lori Pfeiffer, who both dabbled in acting and modeling but decided against making it their life's work...
“ Coin
I seen her with short hair in Dark Shadows and thought she would make a good Coin. ” - orangejuicyguy
Nicollette Sheridan
Nicollette Sheridan has won a worldwide audience with her past television and film roles. She exploded on the small screen with her Golden Globe-nominated role of "Edie Britt", the blonde bombshell of Wisteria Lane, on ABC's hit show Desperate Housewives. Sheridan was honored in her native England, receiving the 2006 Glamour Women of the Year Award for Best U.S...
“ Lyme
she has a muscular body which is described in the book. ” - orangejuicyguy
Olivier Martinez
Actor, Unfaithful
Olivier Martinez comes from a working-class family, raised in the Paris suburbs. He left school at an early age, holding various pick-up jobs such as salesman for jeans. Friends urged him to try acting, and at age 23 he enrolled in the International Conservatory of Paris. After several television shows...
“ Pollux ” - orangejuicyguy
Jason Momoa
Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa was born on August 1, 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is the son of Coni (Lemke), a photographer, and Joseph Momoa, a painter. His father is of Hawaiian descent and his mother, who is from Iowa, is of mostly German ancestry. Jason was raised in Norwalk, Iowa by his mother. After high school...
“ Brutus
He has the body strength to portray him! ” - orangejuicyguy
“ Thread ” - orangejuicyguy
“ Tigris ” - orangejuicyguy