The Best 50 TV Characters Ever

by grandad4 | last updated - 13 Oct 2012 | Public

This is my take on the top 50 TV characters on all time. I haven't seen all the shows in the world so I'm sure there is some of your favorite characters that are not included. This is my opinion too so remember that.

Along with the character on this list there is also a small blurb about the character, what TV show they are from, my favorite episode that they are in, and my favorite quote of theirs.

List starts with #50 and ends with #1.

Feedback would be appreciated too.

No real spoilers in any of the blurbs too.

Sorry about some of the pictures being just the actors or not just the relevant character. IMDB only lets you use pictures from IMDB and for some shows (The Wire) they don't have many pictures of the show.