Film Composers (Star System)

Original film scores
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John Williams
As one of the best known, awarded, and financially successful composers in US history, John Williams is as easy to recall as John Philip Sousa, Aaron Copland or Leonard Bernstein, illustrating why he is "America's composer" time and again. With a massive list of awards that includes over 41 Oscar nominations (five wins)...
“ 25 stars
**How to Steal a Million
**Schindler's List
**Family Plot
**The Towering Inferno
*Fiddler on the Roof
*Close Encounters of the Third Kind
*Raiders of the Lost Ark
*Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
*Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
*Jurassic Park
*Far and Away
*The Witches of Eastwick
*Memoirs of a Geisha
*The Sugarland Express
*Penelope ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Max Steiner
Composer, Casablanca
Austrian composer who achieved legendary status as the creator of hundreds of classic American film scores. As a child he was astonishingly musically gifted, composing complex works as a teenager and completing the course of study at Vienna's Hochschule fuer Musik und Darstellende Kunst in only one year...
“ 21 stars
**Gone with the Wind
**King Kong
**The Big Sleep
**The Letter
**The Searchers
*Angels with Dirty Faces
*Of Human Bondage
*They Died with Their Boots On
*Arsenic and Old Lace
*Key Largo
*The Fountainhead
*White Heat
*Follow the Fleet
*The Gay Divorcee ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Dimitri Tiomkin
Music Department, It's a Wonderful Life
Dimitri Tiomkin was a Russian Jewish composer who emigrated to America and became one of the most distinguished and best-loved music writers of Hollywood. He won a hallowed place in the pantheon of the most successful and productive composers in American film history, earning himself four Oscars and sixteen Academy Awards nominations...
“ 19 stars
**Strangers on a Train
**Shadow of a Doubt
**Dial M for Murder
**It's a Wonderful Life
**Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
**High Noon
**You Can't Take It with You
*The Thing from Another World
* Lost Horizon
*The Fall of the Roman Empire
*I Confess
*Angel Face ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Bernard Herrmann
Music Department, Kill Bill: Vol. 1
The man behind the low woodwinds that open Citizen Kane, the shrieking violins of Psycho, and the plaintive saxophone of Taxi Driver was one of the most original and distinctive composers ever to work in film. He started early, winning a composition prize at the age of 13 and founding his own orchestra at the age of 20...
“ 18 stars
**The Man Who Knew Too Much
**Citizen Kane
**Taxi Driver
**North by Northwest
*La Mariée était en noir
*The Trouble with Harry
*The Wrong Man ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Charles Chaplin
Writer, Modern Times
Charlie Chaplin, considered to be one of the most pivotal stars of the early days of Hollywood, lived an interesting life both in his films and behind the camera. He is most recognized as an icon of the silent film era, often associated with his popular "Little Tramp" character; the man with the toothbrush mustache, bowler hat, bamboo cane, and a funny walk...
“ 17 stars
**Modern Times
**The Great Dictator
**The Gold Rush
**Monsieur Verdoux
**City Lights
**The Kid
*A King in New York
*A Dog's Life
*The Circus ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
John Barry
Music Department, Juke Box Jury
John Barry was born in York, England in 1933, and was the youngest of three children. His father, Jack, owned several local cinemas and by the age of fourteen, Barry was capable of running the projection box on his own - in particular, The Rialto in York. As he was brought up in a cinematic environment...
“ 17 stars
**Body Heat
**The Man with the Golden Gun
**Dr. No
**Dances with Wolves
*Peggy Sue Got Married
*Out of Africa
*You Only Live Twice
*From Russia with Love
*Diamonds Are Forever
*Octopussy ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Nino Rota
Composer, The Godfather
Born in Milan in 1911 into a family of musicians, Nino Rota was first a student of Orefice and Pizzetti. Then, still a child, he moved to Rome where he completed his studies at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in 1929 with Alfredo Casella. In the meantime, he had become an 'enfant prodige', famous both as a composer and as an orchestra conductor...
“ 14 stars
**The Godfather
**Death on the Nile
**Romeo & Juliet
**War and Peace
*8 1/2
*La Dolce Vita
*Boccaccio 70
*The Taming of the Shrew
*The Godfather: Part II
*Roma ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Ennio Morricone
A classmate of director Sergio Leone with whom he would form one of the great director/composer partnerships (right up there with Eisenstein & Prokofiev, Hitchcock & Herrmann, Fellini & Rota), Ennio Morricone studied at Rome's Santa Cecilia Conservatory, where he specialized in trumpet. His first film scores were relatively undistinguished...
“ 14 stars
**Cinema Paradiso
**The Untouchables
**Lolita (1997)
*Once upon a Time in America
*C'era una volta il West
*Il buono, il bruto, il cattivo
*Le Secret ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Franz Waxman
Music Department, Peyton Place
Franz Waxman (Wachsmann) pursued his dream of a career in music despite his family's misgivings. He worked for several years as a bank teller and paid for piano, harmony and composition lessons with his salary. He later moved to Berlin, where he continued his study and progress as a musician. He was able to support himself by playing and arranging for a popular German jazz band...
“ 14 stars
**Rear Window
**Sunset Blvd.
**A Place in the Sun
*Woman of the Year
*Stalag 17
*The Two Mrs. Carrolls
*My Geisha
*The Paradine Case ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Alex North
Music Department, Goodfellas
Alex North studied music at the Curtis Institute of Philadelphia, then won a scholarship to Juilliard in New York (1929) and the Moscow Conservatoire (1933), making him the first-ever American to become a member of the Union of Soviet Composers. In Europe, he worked as music director for the Latvian State Theatre...
“ 14 stars
**The Misfits
**The Children's Hour
**A Streetcar Named Desire
**Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
*Good Morning, Vietnam
*Ghost ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Alfred Newman
Music Department, The King and I
“ 13 stars
**The Seven Year Itch
**All about Eve
*Gentlemen's Agreement
*Foreign Correspondent
*How the West Was Won
*How Green Was My Valley
*The Prisoner of Zenda
*Wuthering Heights
*Heaven Can Wait
*The Song of Bernadette ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Thomas Newman
Music Department, WALL·E
“ 13 stars
**The Shawshank Redemption
**Little Children
**The Horse Whisperer
**American Beauty
**White Oleander
*The People vs. Larry Flint
*Desperately Seeking Susan
*Deceived ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Miklós Rózsa
Music Department, Ben-Hur
'Miklos Rozsa' studied the violin from the age of five. In 1926, he began studying at the Leipzig Conservatory. In 1929, his violin concerto was performed there. While living in Paris from 1931, Rozsa had his 'Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song' and his 'Symphony and Serenade for Small Orchestra' performed...
“ 12 stars
**Quo Vadis
**Double Indemnity
*El Cid
*The Lost Weekend
*Adam's Rib ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Roy Webb
Composer, Notorious
Trained in classical music at Columbia University, Webb worked on Broadway by the time he was in his mid-20's, not only composing incidental music, but co-writing original plays with his older brother, the director Kenneth S. Webb. By 1923, he worked as conductor/arranger on hit shows like "Music Box Revue" and "Stepping Stones"...
“ 12 stars
**Bringing Up Baby
**The Body Snatcher
*The Spiral Staircase
*Kitty Foyle
*Journey into Fear
*The Curse of the Cat People
*The Falcon Out West ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Danny Elfman
Music Department, Corpse Bride
As Danny Elfman was growing up in the Los Angeles area, he was largely unaware of his talent for composing. It wasn't until the early 1970s that Danny and his older brother Richard Elfman started a musical troupe while in Paris; the group "Mystic Knights of Oingo-Boingo" was created for Richard's directorial debut...
“ 11 stars
**Silver Linings Playbook
**To Die For
*Big Eyes
*A Simple Plan
*Anywhere But Here
*Batman ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Alan Silvestri
Composer, Forrest Gump
In over thirty years as a film composer, Alan Silvestri has blazed an innovative trail with his exciting and melodic scores, winning the applause of Hollywood and movie audiences the world over. Born in Manhattan in 1950, Alan was first drawn to music at an early age. Beginning as a drummer, his love for instruments quickly grew to include the bassoon...
“ 11 stars
**The Bodyguard
*Back to the Future
*Outrageous Fortune
*The Parent Trap
*Practical Magic
*What Lies Beneath ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
James Newton Howard
James Newton Howard attended the University of Southern California's music school, but dropped out to tour with Elton John, and eventually compose music for film and television. He started with Head Office in 1985. He has been nominated for eight Academy Awards. He currently is a songwriter, record producer, conductor, keyboardist, and film composer.
“ 11 stars
**Pretty Woman
**The Devil's Advocate
**Confessions of a Shopaholic
*Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
*Tough Guys
*The Fugitive
*King Kong (2005)
*My Best Friend's Wedding ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
“ 10 stars
**Agnes of God
**Steel Magnolias
**A Man for All Seasons
**L'Été meurtrier
*The High Commissioner
*Jules et Jim ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Marvin Hamlisch
Music Department, The Spy Who Loved Me
Composer, songwriter ("Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows"), and conductor, educated at the Professional Children's School, Juilliard, and Queens College. He was the musical director for Equity Library Theatre productions, and wrote songs for Liza Minnelli and for Julius Monk's 'Upstairs at the Downstairs' revues...
“ 10 stars
**The Way We Were
**TheSpy Who Loved Me
*The Prisoner of Second Avenue
*Take the Money and Run
*Three Men and a Baby
*The Sting
*Ordinary People ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Hans Zimmer
German-born composer Hans Zimmer is recognized as one of Hollywood's most innovative musical talents. He featured in the music video for The Buggles' single "Video Killed the Radio Star", which became a worldwide hit and helped usher in a new era of global entertainment as the first music video to be aired on MTV (August 1, 1981)...
“ 10 stars
**Rain Man
*The Lion King
*The Simpsons Movie
*The Prince of Egypt
*Thelma & Louise
*The Preacher's Wife
*The Holiday
*Driving Miss Daisy
*Bird on a Wire ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Elmer Bernstein
Music Department, Airplane!
Elmer Bernstein was educated at the Walden School and New York University. He served in the US Army Air Corps in World War II. A prolific and respected film music composer, he was a protégé of Aaron Copland, who studied music with Roger Sessions and Stefan Wolpe. Bernstein worked in various artistic endeavors...
“ 10 stars
**The Ten Commandments
**To Kill a Mockingbird
*Desire under the Elms
*The Great Escape
*Sweet Smell of Success
*Three Amigos! ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Maurice Jarre
Unlike many musicians who started to learn music while still in their childhood, Maurice Jarre was already late in his teens when he discovered music and decided to make a career in that field. Against his father's will, he enrolled at Conservatoire de Paris where he studied percussions, composition and harmonies...
“ 9 stars
**Ryan's Daughter
**Doctor Zhivago
**Fatal Attraction
*Lawrence of Arabia
*Ghost ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
John Morris
Music Department, Young Frankenstein
“ 9 stars
**The Elephant Man
**The Woman in Red
**The Producers
*Blazing Saddles
*Silent Movie
*Dirty Dancing ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
“ 9 stars
**Girl with a Pearl Earring
**Tamara Drewe
*The Luzhin Defense
*The Painted Veil
*Chéri ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
“ 9 stars
**Blue Velvet
**Wild at Heart
**Mulholland Dr.
*Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
*Holy Smoke
*La Cité des enfants perdus ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Victor Young
Music Department, Casino
Violinist and conductor Victor Young was a prolific composer and arranger, who worked on more than 300 film scores over a period of twenty years. He came from an impoverished, but musical background and was trained on the violin at the Warsaw Imperial Conservatory, later studying piano in Paris under the French master Isidor Philipp...
“ 9 stars
**Samson and Delilah
**The Greatest Show on Earth
**The Country Girl
**Around the World in Eighty Days
*The Palm Beach Story ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
“ 8 stars
**Single White Female
**A Dangerous Method
*High Fidelity
*The Cell
*The Silence of the Lambs
*Striptease ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Henry Mancini
Born in Cleveland, Ohio, but brought up in Pennsylvania, where he played the flute in a local band, as a youth, before sending some arrangements to Benny Goodman. Goodman offered him a job and, after serving in WWII, he joined the rearranged Glenn Miller band. In 1952, he was given a two-week assignment...
“ 8 stars
**Breakfast at Tiffany's
*The Pink Panther
*Wait until Dark
*The Great Race
*Ghost Dad ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Dave Grusin
Music Department, Good Times
“ 8 stars
**Absence of Malice
*The Firm
*Divorce American Style ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
“ 8 stars
**Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez
*Le Gendarme se marie
*Le Gendarme à New York
*Le Gendarme en balade
*Le Gendarme et les extra-terrestres
*Le Gendarme et les gendarmettes
*La Soupe aux choux ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Quincy Jones
Considered to be one of the greatest minds in music and television history, Quincy Delight Jones, Jr. was born on March 14, 1933 in Chicago, Illinois. He is the son of Sarah Frances (Wells), a bank executive, and Quincy Delight Jones, Sr., a carpenter. Jones found his love for music while he was enrolled in grade school at Seattle's Garfield High School...
“ 7 stars
**Cactus Flower
*The Color Purple
*In the Heat of the Night
*In Cold Blood
*The Italian Job ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Marvin Hatley
Music Department, Way Out West
Composer, conductor and author, educated at UCLA and then a staff pianist for KFWB in Hollywood for four years, then to vaudeville for one year, and then to KFUD. Two years after joining the Hal Roach Studios, he took over its music department, which he directed for ten years. Joining ASCAP in 1952, his most-popular composition is the Laurel and Hardy theme, which he always spelled "Ku-Ku".
“ 7 stars
**Sons of the Desert
**Way Out West
*Saps at Sea
*Swiss Miss
*The Music Box ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
“ 7 stars
**The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
*River of No Return
*We're Not Married!
*Let's Make It Legal
*Bus Stop
*Poor Little Rich Girl ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Jerry Goldsmith
Music Department, Total Recall
Born on February 10, 1929, Jerry Goldsmith studied piano with Jakob Gimpel and composition, theory, and counterpoint with Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. He also attended classes in film composition given by Miklós Rózsa at the Univeristy of Southern California. In 1950, he was employed as a clerk typist in the music department at CBS...
“ 6 stars
**Basic Instinct
*Logan's Run ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Adolph Deutsch
Academy Award-winning composer, songwriter, conductor and arranger, educated at London Poly. and the Royal Academy of Music. He came to the USA in 1910 and became a US citizen in 1920, eventually leading his own orchestra; later he composed and arranged for and conducted other dance bands. He was the music director and arranger for three Broadway musicals...
“ 6 stars
**The Maltese Falcon
**Some Like It Hot
**The Apartment ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Michael Nyman
Composer, The Piano
Michael Nyman studied piano, harpsichord and music history with Alan Bush at the Royal Academy of Music, and musicology with Thurston Dart at King's College, London. Between 1968 and 1978 he worked as a music critic and in 1977 he founded the Campiello Band, later renamed the Michael Nyman Band. Many of his filmscores were composed for the films of Peter Greenaway...
“ 6 stars
**The Piano
**The End of the Affair
**Nathalie... ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Leroy Shield
Music Department, Shanghai Knights
Versatile in many different musical fields, Leroy Shield started out as organist and pianist at the age of five. He made his professional début at 12 and at 15 became an arranger, composer and concert pianist. He accompanied opera singer Eva Gauthier during her American concert tours and pioneered the modernist composers Ravel...
“ 6 stars
**Our Relations
**Pardon Us
*Saps at Sea
*Top Flat ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
“ 6 stars
**A Farewell to Arms (1957)
*Solomon and Sheba
*The Quiet American (1958)
*The Barefoot Contessa ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Elliot Goldenthal
Composer, Heat
Elliot Goldenthal is an Academy Award-winning composer best known for his original music scores for such films as Frida and Across the Universe, among his other works. He was born on May 2, 1954, in Brooklyn, New York. His father was a house-painter, and his mother was a seamstress. Young Goldenthal was fond of music and theatre...
“ 5 stars
*A Time to Kill ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
“ 5 stars
**Jean de Florette
**Manon des Sources
*Cyrano de Bergerac ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Louis Levy
Music Department, The 39 Steps
“ 5 stars
**The Lady Vanishes
**The 39 Steps
*Under Capricorn ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
“ 5 stars
**Ieri oggi domani
**Una giornata particolare
*Matrimonio all' italiana ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Michel Legrand
Michel Legrand is a three times Academy Award-winning French composer, conductor and pianist who composed over 200 film and television scores as well as recorded over a hundred albums of jazz, popular and classical music. He was born on February 24, 1932, in Becon-les-Bruyeres, in the Paris suburbs...
“ 5 stars
**The Swimming Pool
*The Thomas Crown Affair
*Une Femme est une femme
*Lady Sings the Blues ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Pino Donaggio
Composer, Carrie
Born in Burano (Venice) in 1941, Pino Donaggio studied violin at the Conservatory of Venice and Milan. After a period of adolescent performer of classical music with the Solisti Veneti and the Soloists of Milan, in 1959 he began to devote himself to the pop music that soon led to international success...
“ 5 stars
*Don't Look Now
*Dressed to Kill
*Body Double ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
“ 5 stars
*Dangerous Liaisons
*Sweet Home Alabama
*You've Got Mail
*Cry Freedom
*The Crucible ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Hugo Friedhofer
Music Department, Casablanca
Hugo Friedhofer -- how many times have you seen that name in the credits of 1930s and '40s movies for "orchestration" or "musical arranger" and thought -- Gee, what a busy guy! He was, and, ironically, much of that work went uncredited. He is not usually mentioned with the great film composers of early Hollywood...
“ 5 stars
*The Rains of Ranchipur
*Joan of Arc ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Alan Menken
Music Department, Beauty and the Beast
Alan Menken born on July 22, 1949 in New Rochelle, New York, USA as Alan Irwin Menken. Composer, Actor and Artist, he is famous to working with the legendary Disney Studios since 1987. begun his career as a Composer in 1971 be composing for New York City Ballet and Jingles. He also works many works in the Cinema including as a Actor...
“ 5 stars
*Beauty and the Beast
*The Little Mermaid ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Irving Berlin
Soundtrack, The Aviator
Irving Berlin was born Israel Isidor Baline on May 11, 1888 in Mogilev, Belarus, Russian Empire. Towering composer, songwriter, ("God Bless America", "Always", "Blue Skies", "White Christmas") author and publisher, he came to the United States at age 5 and was educated in New York's public schools. His earliest musical education was from his father...
“ 4 stars
**Top Hat
*Follow the Fleet ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Bronislau Kaper
Music Department, A Day at the Races
Born: February 5, 1902 in Warsaw, Poland Died: April 25, 1983 in Los Angeles, California, USA Kaper displayed musical talent as early as the age of seven when his family acquired a piano. His inclination to music led him to study both piano and composition, while also taking courses in law to satisfy his father...
“ 4 stars
**A Day at the Races ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Jack Nitzsche
Music Department, Death Proof
“ 4 stars
**One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
*Nine 1/2 Weeks
*Mermaids ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Michael Gore
Music Department, The Hangover
“ 4 stars
**Terms of Endearment ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Nelson Riddle
Music Department, Route 66
Versatile Ameican arranger/conducter who started as a trombonist with several big bands, including Tommy Dorsey. In a long, distinguished career, he not only scored numerous films and television shows, but made many now-legendary recordings in collaboration with such people as Rosemary Clooney, Nat 'King' Cole...
“ 4 stars
**Lolita (1962)
**Paris When It Sizzles ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
“ 4 stars
**Tacones lejanos
**Femme Fatale ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Neal Hefti
Music Department, The Odd Couple
Composer ("'Batman' Theme), conductor, arrager and trumpeter, educated in high school and through private music study. He was a trumpeter and arranger with dance orchestras including those of Harry James, Woody Herman, and Charlie Spivak between 1941 and 1951. He was a staff arranger and arranger for the "Arthur Godfrey Show" and the "Kate Smith Show" over ABC...
“ 4 stars
**Barefoot in the Park
*How to Murder Your Wife
*The Odd Couple ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Kenyon Hopkins
Music Department, 12 Angry Men
“ 4 stars
**12 Angry Men
**The Hustler ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Stephen Warbeck
Stephen Warbeck began studying piano and composing at the age of four. His parents were keen amateur musicians who encouraged Stephen to pursue his musical talents. By his mid-teens, Stephen developed an affinity for rock 'n' roll as well as for theatre. He studied Drama and French at Bristol University...
“ 4 stars
**Shakespeare in Love
*Birthday Girl
*Proof ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Jerome Kern
Jerome David Kern was born in 1885. He began his stage career grafting American songs (for which he wrote the music) into imported European operettas. His breakthrough came with the song "They Didn't Believe Me", written (with lyrics by Edward Laska) for a show called "The Girl from Utah". It established him as a major American composer in 1914...
“ 4 stars
**Swing Time
*You Were Never Lovelier ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
James Horner
Music Department, Titanic
James Horner began studying piano at the age of five, and trained at the Royal College of Music in London, England, before moving to California in the 1970s. After receiving a bachelor's degree in music at USC, he would go on to earn his master's degree at UCLA and teach music theory there. He later completed his Ph.D...
“ 4 stars
*The Name of the Rose
*The Mask of Zorro
*A Beautiful Mind ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
André Previn
Music Department, Fight Club
“ 4 stars
**Irma la Douce
*Kiss Me, Stupid
*The Fortune Cookie ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Basil Poledouris
Basil Poledouris was born on August 21, 1945 in Kansas City. He started taking piano lessons when he was 7 years old. Eventually, he went on to become a student at USC, where he studied the arts of directing, cinematography, editing, sound and, of course, music. It was also at USC he met John Milius and Randal Kleiser...
“ 4 stars
**The Blue Lagoon
*Starship Troopers
*Protocol ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
“ 4 stars
**The Duchess
*The Human Stain
*The Lake House ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Ernest Gold
Award-winning composer/songwriter ("Exodus" [Grammy/Academy Awards, 1960] ). He joined ASCAP in 1957, and his other popular-song compositions include the title songs for "On the Beach" and "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World".
“ 4 stars
**It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
**The Defiant Ones
*Inherit the Wind ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
“ 4 stars
**East of Eden
**Rebel without a Cause ” - a_z_a_r_y_a
Ron Goodwin
Music Department, Where Eagles Dare
Ron Goodwin was born on 17th February 1925 in Plymouth. He was the son of a London policeman who was detached to the harbour-town. His mother felt that piano lessons would be a good pastime, so in his fifth year, the little Ron was hoisted onto a piano-stool and his education on this instrument began. Ron himself was at that time not really convinced about that parental ambition...
“ 4 stars
*Murder at the Gallop
*Murder Ahoy! ” - a_z_a_r_y_a