Vandiveer Photography Clients

An abbreviated list of the actors who've been photographed by Jonathan Vandiveer.
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Frida Farrell
Frida Farrell was the eldest of three siblings growing up in Malmö, a city with three hundred thousand inhabitants in southern Sweden. Her interest for acting awoke at the age of six when her grandmother took her to the theater to see Romeo And Juliet. Soon after, her mother enrolled her into a youth theatre group...
“ I've shot with Frida several times, she is always a joy to shoot with. ” - jonathanvs
Erin Carufel
Erin Carufel is an American actress, born in Modesto, California on September 28. Her mom, Catherine worked as a checker in a grocery store and her father, Michael as a salesman. When she was two years old, her father was transferred by his job to Beaverton, Oregon where her and her younger brother...
Mariah Buzolin
Mariah Buzolin, youngest child of two, was born on February 3, 1991 in Brazil. She moved to Los Angeles in 2007, where she began her career as an actress. Mariah Buzolin is best known for her role Maya Mercado in All my Children and for her role Zoe Mendez on Jane by design.
Zane Holtz
Zane was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where he began modeling at 5 years of age. He shot one of his first commercials on his 10th birthday. He relocated to California, in 1999, with his mom, Laura Mary Clarke and his three younger brothers; Beau, Harrison and Mackenzie Holtz. Zane continues to thrive in his career and has been seen in principal roles, both in Television and Film.
Allison Munn
Allison Munn was born and raised in South Carolina. After graduating from the College of Charleston, Munn knew she wanted to pursue acting full-time and moved to New York to study. She soon joined the cast of the famous off-Broadway production of "The Fantasticks" at New York's Sullivan Street Theatre...
Elisa Perry
Elisa Perry was born April 24 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is an actress known for Everybody Hates Chris (2006-2008), Won't Back Down (2012) and Lila and Eve (2015). After the loss of her mother at age six to breast cancer she and her siblings lived briefly in Asheville, North Carolina with her grandfather...
Tara Wilson
Actress, Snuffed Out
Tara Wilson was born in Canada and currently resides in New York and Los Angeles. She graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York city.
John Griffin
John Griffin was born and raised on Long Island, the son of two educators. He graduated from Stanford University, studied at Oxford University, then decided to forgo Columbia Law School, opting for a career in Hollywood instead. After many commercials and several guest star appearances, he was nominated...
Gwendolyn Druyor
Actress, Rumspringa
Gwendolyn Druyor was born in North Kingston, RI at 7:13pm, seven minutes before her twin sister. She grew up in Maine, Ohio, and Illinois, the daughter of a pilot and a real estate agent. Gwendolyn spent her younger years reading, swimming, and trying her darndest to be invisible. In an attempt to get her out of her shell...
Korbi Ghosh
Miscellaneous Crew, On Thin Ice
Martha Boles
Actress, Badboy
Ethan Flower
Born and raised in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, a lover and protector of animals lives in Los Angeles. Graduating Interlochen Arts Academy, time at Carnegie Mellon University and a Masters of Fine Arts from LAMDA - The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art; Ethan has worked on stage and film in London, The UK, The Netherlands, and the US.
Jeronimo Spinx
Actor, Get Out
Jeronimo is an American born, US Navy (Hospital Corpsman) veteran-turned-actor. He's best known for his recurring role of NCIS Agent Thompson/Thompson on the hit CBS drama, NCIS: Los Angeles and as Detective Drake in the Jordan Peele's box office smash hit, rotten tomatoes phenomenon Get Out. His most memorable TV moment (brief but significant) was his first TV moment...
Gene Gabriel
Gene Gabriel studied at HB Studios in New York City. His first professional job was a small role as a gang member in Joseph B. Vasquez's (Hangin' with the Homeboys) film The Bronx War. While living in Miami he answered an ad for improvisers and auditioned for "Laughing Gas" Improv comedy troupe and was one of their fastest rising apprentices...
Kandra King
Actress, Lake of Fire
Kandra Baker is the second oldest of four daughters born to Joyce Harrison (Bismark, North Dakota) and Mel Baker (Colorado Springs, Colorado). With no boys in the family, Kandra was introduced to sports at an early age. She learned to ride horses and skateboard in Texas, snow ski and ice skate in Colorado and became quite adept at water skiing and tennis in San Diego...
Ross Mackenzie
Actor, Veep
Born and raised in Weston, Connecticut, Ross graduated from Brown University before entering careers in finance, the music business, and internet start-ups. He discovered his love of acting while living in San Francisco when he took a beginner acting class at night at the American Conservatory Theater (ACT) and was immediately hooked...
Michael Bretten
Actor, Loose Ends
Michael Bretton, born Michael James Robert, was born in Lakewood, California. However, as a young boy and teenager, he had already began to travel the world! Michael's stepfather was in the military, which led to his early travels between the ages of 7-19, and his moving at least 11 times! Michael lived in numerous places within the United States including Virginia...
Joelle Carter
Actress, Justified
Joelle Carter can be seen in such feature cult favorites as High Fidelity and American Pie 2, and indies, Swimming and Lisa Picard is Famous (2000). In addition, Carter has starred in numerous television projects, including the controversial series, Wonderland, created by Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights)...
“ Shot with Joelle back in the 90's. ” - jonathanvs
Lucy Golden
Actress, Our Way
Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Lucy Golden brings a vivaciousness and quirky sense of humor to the many projects with which she's been involved. Her upbringing with her farmer parents in Kenya continues to shape her adult life as she follows her passion for performing by giving her courage and the ability to laugh off the pitfalls of show business...
Kit Pongetti
Miscellaneous Crew, Roseanne
Desean Terry
Actor, God's Army
He is a Juilliard graduate. Originally from Belize City, Belize, he is Known for his roles on the television shows "House," "Sleeper Cell," "Shameless," and the "God's Army" films. He lives in Los Angeles, California. Immediately after graduation he was cast "Stone Throw" written by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Lynn Nottage.
“ Shot with Desean back in February 2009. Desean, your reel is awesome, you are very talented. ” - jonathanvs
Randi Pareira
Actress, Hook
Randi, grew up thinking that all actors should be triple threats. That's what happens when you are weaned on MGM musicals. Though a classically trained actor and comedienne (UCLA Theatre Alum) the industry had other plans for her. A dance teacher suggested she go audition for the renowned choreographer...
Lycia Naff
Lycia Naff began her Hollywood career as a lead dancer on the T.V. series, Fame. She was given the opportunity to act on the series. That's when the acting bug bit. After three seasons on "Fame", Lycia went on to star in a number of plays, including "Closely Related", at the Southcoast Repertory Theatre...
Adam Donshik
Adam Donshik was born in New York but grew up in Connecticut. He attended Carnegie Mellon University where he intended to study Cognitive Neuro-Psychology. Two years into the degree Adam wised up and auditioned for Carnegie's prestigious College of Fine Arts. Four years later (six in total), Adam graduated...
Chris Villa
The Fitness Guru is a fitness trainer and Medation , Recovery, instructor who also makes diet plans for his clients based in , Palm Springs Ca. All his exercise programs come with personal instruction on how to "eat your way to a better life." He integrates a variety of exercises in his weight-loss program...
Alexandre Chen
Actor, New Girl
Alexandre is an Asian American filmmaker and actor who was born in Brazil. Graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Biology and moved to Los Angeles to teach high school science. Alexandre started his acting career in 2007 by taking acting class at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. He has since co/guest starred on many network television dramas ["Harry's Law...
Valerie Mikita
Actress, Graves End
Valerie Mikita was born in Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania. At the age of 4, her family moved to the Windy City, "Chi-Town." This is where Valerie fell in love with Musical Theatre, and more importantly, found her own voice. During her senior year in High School, Valerie was recruited by a professional touring theatre company and began touring the U.S...
Marc Casabani
Marc Casabani is of Egyptian nationality. As a young boy, he learned English by watching Sesame Street, Zoom, and The Electric Company. He is a veteran of regional theatre where at Wisdom Bridge Theatre in Chicago his portrayal of Song Liling in David Henry Hwang's M. Butterfly, won him the Chicago Academy of Theater Artists' Artisan Award for Best Actor in a Drama...
Lisa Pescia
Lisa Pescia was born and raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina, a small southern town adjacent to Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base. The only child of Richard and Edie Pescia, she grew up playing classical flute and studying dance. After finishing college in San Francisco, she moved to LA and began studying acting with Milton Katselas who quickly became a lifelong mentor...
Ryan Biegel
Producer, Top Chef
Andrew Patrick Ralston
Raised in Scottsdale, Arizona and Overland Park, Kansas. Moved more than 22 times. 12 of those happening before graduating high school. Andrew's first experience performing was as Pacman singing "Pacman Fever" at a second grade talent show. His best friend at the time (who was the Blue Ghost) and he...
“ 05/2008 ” - jonathanvs
Elizabeth Sung
Raised in Hong Kong, Elizabeth Sung is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. She holds a BFA in Dance from The Juilliard School and was a member of The Alvin Ailey Dance Company. Elizabeth studied acting with Sanford Meisner and Milton Katselas. She was in the Directing Workshop for Women at the American Film Institute where she made her first award winning film...
Jessa French
Actress, Justified
Jessa French has a gift for deception. This sunny, doe-eyed blond has an innocently magnetic, room-illuminating charm; yet, she has convinced millions of viewers otherwise, amassing a resume that reads like a rap sheet. Addict. Exhibitionist. Gangbanger. Prostitute. Religious fanatic. Arsonist. Murderer...
Drew Sherman
Miscellaneous Crew, Rush Hour 3
Wayne Morse
Casting Department, Escape Plan
Thomas Mikusz
Originally from Vienna, Thomas Mikusz is a sought after Austrian actor in Hollywood. With the face and charm to match his bravado of pursuing a career in film and entertainment, his variety of credits range from network television to independent film to theater, voiceover and animation. His face can be seen in magazine print ads and editorials in The New Yorker...
Tarniesha Stimage
Actress, Casual
Tarniesha Stimage is an actress, model and producer, known for Hansel and Gretel Strike Back (2012), Pounce (2009) and The Shuttle (2013). Tarniesha also appears in Cinterra Pictures' Palisades Justice as the Palisades Honorary Mayor - Sasha Fierce. Born in Riverside, CA and raised in St. Louis, MO Tarniesha attended math and science magnate schools during her formative years...