The greatest Non-Disney animators IMO

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Kenneth Muse
Animation Department, The Smurfs
Preston Blair
Animation Department, Pinocchio
Virgil Ross
Animation Department, The Smurfs
Virgil Ross was a legendary animator who worked chiefly at Warner Brothers during the 'Golden Years of Animation'. Having moved through the ranks of the pioneering studios (as a trainee for Charles Mintz, in 1930, for $6 a week salary, and for Walter Lantz -- briefly -- in 1935), Ross joined Tex Avery at Leon Schlesinger's 'Termite Terrace'...
Ken Harris
Animation Department, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
Ken Harris was for 26 years one of the outstanding animators at Warner Brothers. He had no formal art school qualifications -- which effectively precluded him from working for Disney -- having started his career as a sports cartoonist for the "Los Angeles Examiner" and the "Evening Express". His training came courtesy of the genial Robert McKimson at Leon Schlesinger's 'Termite Terrace'...
Robert McKimson
Robert McKimson was born on October 13, 1910. He started his career in animation, along with many others, as an artist for Walt Disney's Oswald the Rabbit in 1928. After Disney went to produce Mickey Mouse cartoons, Hugh Harman & Rudolph Ising went to Warner Brothers to direct and co-produce cartoon shorts...
Rod Scribner
Animation Department, The Bugs Bunny Show
Rod Scribner was one of the most original and innovative animators of the golden age of Hollywood cartoons. He spent most of his career at the Leon Schlesinger/Warner Bros. cartoon studio working as an animator for the directors Tex Avery (1936-1941), Robert Clampett (1941-1945), and Robert McKimson (1948-1953) on their Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons...
Irven Spence
Animation Department, The Dick Tracy Show
Grant Simmons
Animation Department, Dumbo
Walt Clinton
Animation Department, The Ruff & Reddy Show
Michael Lah
Animation Department, The Ruff & Reddy Show
Ed Barge
Animation Department, Charlotte's Web
Ed Love
Animation Department, The Smurfs
Ray Abrams
Animation Department, Blitz Wolf