Actors who committed suicide

Brian Keith and Richard Farnsworth for example, committed suicide after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. And are excluded from this list.
It’s a moral debate, but in my point of view I think in this chases they commit an act of euthanasia, whithout the help of a doctor, because its not supported by law in most countries.
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Dorothy Abbott
Perennial starlet Dorothy Abbott was a sexy, vivacious, wide-smiling model, showgirl and actress who could brighten up a room. Unfortunately, her cinematic offerings wound up being pretty minimal and her last years were marred by depression and, ultimately, a tragic end. She was born Dorothy E. Abbott on December 16...
“ Depressed about the end of her marriage to police officer and actor Rudy Diaz, Abbott committed suicide in Los Angeles on December 15, 1968, a day before her 48th birthday. ” - sebasnl
“ The cause of his death remains unknown, although the coroner for the case ruled his death to be a suicide. ” - sebasnl
Stanley Adams
Stocky character actor Stanley Adams had a relatively minor career in motion pictures, with the possible exception of his baby-faced millionaire Rusty Trawler of Breakfast at Tiffany's fame. Otherwise, he played innumerable minor ethnic villains, bartenders and avuncular, fast-talking characters, known in the credits only by their first names...
“ He died as the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound ” - sebasnl
“ While the rumor that Alfie Anido was murdered still persists, with the aura of an urban legend, the fact remains that no evidence has been put forth to rebut the official version of a suicide. ” - sebasnl
Jeremy Applegate
Actor, Heathers
Jeremy was born on August 29, 1965 as Paul Boyce. He was named by his sisters after Paul McCartney of the Beatles fame. He changed his name to Jeremy Applegate in 1983.
“ He committed suicide by gunshot. ” - sebasnl
Marion Aye
Marion Aye was born Maryon Eloise Aye on April 5, 1903 in Chicago, Illinois. Her father was a lawyer who moved the family to California. When she was fifteen Marion lied about her age to elope with her older boyfriend Sherman Plaskett. Sadly he passed away just a year later. While walking on the beach in a bathing suit Marion was discovered by producer Mack Sennett...
“ Aye was found in a "semi-conscious condition" after swallowing poison in a motel room. ” - sebasnl
“ Was found hanging from the ceiling fan in her apartment, committed suicide due to depression. ” - sebasnl
Diana Barrymore
Actress, Nightmare
"Too Much, Too Soon" was the story of Diana's life, and the title of her autobiography. Her father was stage and screen legend John Barrymore; and her mother was Blanche Oelrichs (who wrote under the masculine pseudonym Michael Strange), who had just divorced Mr. Thomas and had 2 children (Leonard and Robin) from that marriage...
“ She died from an overdose of alcohol and sleeping pills. ” - sebasnl
Barbara Bates
Actress, All About Eve
The lovely Barbara Bates, a demure but very troubled young spirit, began her career at age 19. Groomed in obscure starlet bits, it wasn't until Warner Bros. signed her up in 1947 and perpetuated an appealing girl-next-door image that things started happening for her. She was born Barbara Jane Bates...
“ She committed suicide in her mother's garage by carbon monoxide poisoning. ” - sebasnl
“ He died after falling from a building. ” - sebasnl
Brenda Benet
Brenda Benet, born Brenda Ann Nelson in Los Angeles, California, on August 14, 1945, was a classic example of the modern-day Hollywood tragedy. As a television actress with good dramatic scope, she managed to piece together a wide and impressive portfolio of guest shots in a career spanning just over 16 years before taking her life at the age of 36...
“ She shot herself in front of her ex-lover. ” - sebasnl
John Berg
John was born in Wichita Falls, Texas on April 5, 1949 to parents Dr. Owen C. Berg and Evelyn van Emden Berg. John graduated from Wichita Falls High School in 1967. John attended the University of Chicago, Tulane University and the school of life. During his life, John had a diverse career path - holding many jobs including restaurant manager...
“ He committed suicide in his home by turning on a hibachi grill in his bedroom and succumbing to its carbon monoxide fumes. ” - sebasnl
Laurie Bird
Actress, Annie Hall
Laurie Bird was a cute and charming actress who appeared in only three pictures during her regrettably short-lived career. Bird was born on September 26, 1953 in Long Island, New York. Laurie was working as a model when she was chosen by director Monte Hellman, from nearly 500 women, to portray "The Girl" in Two-Lane Blacktop...
Jonathan Brandis
Born in Danbury, Connecticut, USA, to Greg and Mary, Jonathan Brandis began his career at age 5, acting in television commercials. He appeared in small parts in several films and TV shows before his first starring role in the 1990 film The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter. He starred in popular films such as Ladybugs and starred as Lucas Wolenczak in Steven Spielberg's television series SeaQuest 2032...
“ He died of injuries after he hanged himself. ” - sebasnl
“ He committed suicide at his home. ” - sebasnl
With classic patrician features and an independent, non-conformist personality, Capucine began her film debut in 1949 at the age of 21 with an appearance in the film Rendezvous in July. She attended school in France and received a BA degree in foreign languages. Married for six months in her early twenties...
“ She jumped from her eighth-floor apartment. ” - sebasnl
Ray Combs
Miscellaneous Crew, The Blair Witch Project
“ He destroyed the inside of his home and had also been banging his head against the walls, he was admitted to a psychiatric ward in a hospital and placed on a 72-hour mental observation.

Early the next morning, Combs fashioned a noose from his hospital sheets and hanged himself in a closet ” - sebasnl
“ He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. ” - sebasnl
“ He died from a self-inflicted rifle shot to the head. He was 51. His distraught brother, Dennis, never recovered from Lindsay's death and also committed suicide with a shotgun. ” - sebasnl
“ Suicide by barbiturate poisoning. ” - sebasnl
Soundtrack, Mary and Max
“ She decided to end her life with an overdose of barbiturates, leaving a suicide note "La vie m'est insupportable... Pardonnez-moi", which reads "Life has become unbearable for me... Forgive me." ” - sebasnl
Bella Darvi
Bella Darvi became a 50s symbol for one of the many movie "Cinderellas" whose bright and beautiful Hollywood fairy tale would come crashing down, ending in bitterness and tragedy. A self-destructive brunette beauty, her life was full of misfortune. Of Polish/French descent, she miraculously survived the tortures of a WWII concentration camp as a youth...
“ She committed suicide, after several failed attempts by gas. ” - sebasnl
Joan Dowling
Actress, The Magic Box
Joan Dowling was born on January 6, 1928 in London, England. Her mother was unmarried and Joan never knew her father. She was primarily raised by her grandmother. Joan dreamed of becoming an actress but she was too poor to afford acting lessons. Despite her lack of training she began auditioning and made her stage debut when she was just fourteen years old...
“ Gas poisoning. ” - sebasnl
Peg Entwistle
Peg Entwistle's name as her birth occurred, was Lillian Millicent Entwistle, on Wednesday, July 1st, 1908 in Port Talbot, Wales, United Kingdom. Growing up, she was interested in the stage and when she became older she worked primarily as a stage actress. Peg wanted to have a shot at Hollywood. She was enthralled with the lifestyle and wanted...
“ She stood to the foot of the Hollywoodland sign, climbed a workman's ladder to the top of the "H" and jumped. ” - sebasnl
Andrea Feldman
Actress, Heat
Andrea Feldman was a performer in several of Andy Warhol's films, most prominently in the film "Heat" as Sylvia Miles's daughter. She was notable for her screechy voice and hysterical performance style, and she often played out-of-control characters unable to cope with their circumstances. She committed...
“ “I’m headed for the big time. I’m on my way up there with James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.”
Holding a Bible in one hand and a crucifix in the other, she jumped from the fourteenth floor of 51 Fifth Avenue. ” - sebasnl
“ Her depression apparently led to her suicide jump. ” - sebasnl
“ Hanging himself in his Los Angeles home. ” - sebasnl
Michèle Girardon
Actress, Hatari!
This stunning, fragile starlet was born Henriette Michèle Leone Girardon in Lyon in August 1938. Having completed her acting studies at the local conservatoire she won a competition as "the most photogenic girl in France" by the age of twenty. Photo shoots followed and a minor career as a model with appearances on the cover of prestige magazines "Vogue" and ""Marie-Claire"...
“ She committed suicide via an overdose of sleeping pills. ” - sebasnl
“ She committed suicide by stabbing herself in the chest. ” - sebasnl
“ She was found hanged in her flat in Paris. ” - sebasnl
Michael Gothard
Best remembered in Britain for the television series Arthur of the Britons, Ken Russell 's The Devils and as the villain in For Your Eyes Only. His break into films came with Don Levy's Herostratus. Michael was unmarried, living in Hampstead, England and under treatment for depression at the time of his suicide in 1992.
Dorothy Hale
Dorothy Hale was born Dorothy Donovan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At the age of sixteen, She was sent to a convent. Then she attended a drama school. She was a good friend of Claire Booth Luce and even starred in a theatre production called "Abide By Me." Dorothy was known for her incredible beauty and charm...
“ Jumped. ” - sebasnl
Elizabeth Hartman
Elizabeth Hartman was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. She was the middle of three children. She soon appeared in a play, "A Clearing in the Woods", in high school and, at that point, she knew she wanted to be an actress. After high school graduation, she was accepted at Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh...
“ She committed suicide by jumping from fifth floor window of her apartment. ” - sebasnl
Libby Holman
Libby Holman's life was one of early poverty, extraordinary talent, scandal, fabulous wealth and tragedy. She's the stuff books and movies are ripe for. Born into a once-prosperous Jewish family in Ohio, her family's stock brokerage business collapsed in 1904 when her uncle disappeared after embezzling nearly $1 million...
“ Carbon monoxide poisoning, was found nearly dead in the front seat of her Rolls Royce by her household staff. ” - sebasnl
Soad Hosny
The owner of discovery of her artistic talent is a poet "Abdel Rahman Khamisi", who share her in his play "Hamlet for Shakespeare" in the role of «Ophelia», then director "Henary Barakat" annexed for the crew of his film "Hassan and Naima" in Naima's role and released the film in 1959, and then she make a lot of films and eight radio series...
“ She had fallen from the balcony of her apartment. Courts in England could not decide whether Hosny had committed suicide or had been killed by her care-taker. In 2002, however, British courts decided that the cause of Hosny's death had been a suicide, although substantial evidence suggested she had been murdered. ” - sebasnl
Phyllis Hyman
Deep-voiced and statuesque, Phyllis Hyman sang with a life-affirming energy and emotional intensity found in few other female vocalists. Born in Philadelphia in 1949 (and raised in Pittsburgh), her professional career began in New York City where, during an engagement, she was spotted by producer Norman Connors and contemporaries Jean Carne and Roberta Flack...
“ She committed suicide by overdosing on pentobarbital and secobarbital .
Her suicide note read in part:

"I'm tired. I'm tired. Those of you that I love know who you are. May God bless you." ” - sebasnl
Joyce Jameson
Well-endowed, attractive Joyce Jameson was typecast as 'broads', 'dames' and dizzy blondes - somewhat in the vein of Barbara Nichols. In real life, she was said to have been the antithesis of her screen personae, a graduate in theatre arts from UCLA, highly intelligent and well-read. Joyce began acting in films from 1951...
“ Overdosing on pills. ” - sebasnl
“ Gunshot in the face. ” - sebasnl
Nafisa Joseph
Actress, C.A.T.S
Nafisa Joseph was born March 28, 1978 Bangalore, Karnataka, India to Nirmal Joseph, a Keralite Syrian Christian and Usha Joseph, a Bengali, who was a descendant of Tagore and first cousin of Sharmila Tagore. Nafisa studied at Bishop Cotton Girls' School and St. Joseph's College, both at Bangalore. She was Catholic...
“ She hanged herself in her flat. ” - sebasnl
“ Depression, it was never revealed how he ended his life. ” - sebasnl
“ He was found hanging from a tree in a "densely wooded area...unseen from the path" of Vancouver's Stanley Park. ” - sebasnl
Carole Landis
Carole Landis was born on New Year's Day in 1919 in Fairchild, Wisconsin, as Frances Lillian Mary Ridste. Her father, a railroad mechanic, was of Norwegian descent and her mother was Polish. Her father walked out, leaving Carole, her mother and an older brother and sister to fend for themselves. After graduating from high school...
“ She committed suicide at the age of 29 in 1948. After her death, newspapers headlined stories about the actress, some with the title "The Actress Who Could Have Been...But Never Was." ” - sebasnl
“ He hanged himself from the flies of his home stage in the Theatre on the Balustrade. ” - sebasnl
“ She jumped out of a window, dying instantly after falling several floors. ” - sebasnl
“ He committed suicide at the age of 20, by hanging himself on a chain link fence, outside Vena Avenue Elementary School, that he had attended in childhood. ” - sebasnl
Marie McDonald
Kentucky-born Marie McDonald, born Cora Marie Frye in 1923, was a leggy, voluptuous blonde starlet who pursued her career with a vengeance but found little reward in the end. Her mother was a former Ziegfeld girl and her grandmother an operatic singer. Her father, on the other hand, was not so artistically inclined...
“ She was found dead of a drug overdose. ” - sebasnl
“ She committed suicide on September 3, 1954. ” - sebasnl
Maggie McNamara
Actress, The Cardinal
Maggie McNamara was born Marguerite McNamara in New York City. She was one of four children and her parents divorced when she was nine. Maggie wanted to be a fashion designer so she enrolled at New York's Textile high school. Her friends encouraged her to start modeling and she was signed by The John Powers agency...
“ Overdose of sleeping pills. ” - sebasnl
Virginia Maskell
This ill-fated British actress was born in the Shepherd's Bush area of London, England, on February 27, 1936. After the outbreak of World War II, young Virginia and her family were evacuated to South Africa. She eventually returned to London and entered a convent school where the pretty, grey-eyed brunette developed an interest in acting...
“ Overdose. ” - sebasnl
“ She committed suicide, in 1924. ” - sebasnl
“ She died in a motel room in Multnomah, Oregon, an outlying suburb of Portland. Her body lay undiscovered for several days. ” - sebasnl
“ In 1965, Barbara Ann Thomason (stage name Carolyn Mitchell) began an affair with Milos. The two were found dead in her husband Mickey Rooney's Los Angeles house in 1966. The American official inquiry stated that Milos had shot Thomason with Rooney's chrome-plated .38 caliber revolver and then committed suicide.

The official inquiry provoked rumors and doubts that they were actually both murdered in revenge for having an affair ” - sebasnl
Born in the pre-war Prague, young Miroslava Sternova (or simply Miroslava, as she was known in her film career) was brought to Mexico by her parents in the late 30s, leaving her childhood, her native Czechoslovakia and her beloved grandma. After winning a beauty contest in Mexico City, Miroslava spent some time in Los Angeles studying acting...
“ Overdosing on sleeping pills. ” - sebasnl
Marilyn Monroe
Probably the most celebrated of all actresses, Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1, 1926, in the charity ward of the Los Angeles General Hospital. Prior to her birth, Marilyn's father bought a motorcycle and headed north to San Francisco, abandoning the family in Los Angeles. Marilyn grew up not knowing for sure who her father really was...
“ Acute barbiturate poisoning, resulting from a "probable suicide”. ” - sebasnl
Eva Mottley
Actress, Scrubbers
Eva was born in England in 1953. Few details are known of her early life or of her break into acting. Her biggest success on television was her role in Widows as Bella O'Reilly. After the show's successful first series a second was commissioned, but Eva left the show after rowing with the producers...
“ She was found dead from a drugs overdose. Her death was declared as suicide ” - sebasnl
“ Overdose of barbiturates in her apartment in New York.

A note found next to her deathbed read,

"This is the only way I know to be free again...Please don't follow me." ” - sebasnl
“ She was found dead in a gas-filled room.

She left two notes in her room which were found by police.

One stated she intended to end her life because she was tired.
The other said I am just about gone and will soon be with my friend Wally. ” - sebasnl
Hugh O'Conor
Actor, Chocolat
A young dramatic actor of film and TV who has appeared in several dark big-screen dramas, the Irish-born O'Conor (not to be confused with the late American actor Hugh O'Connor) began acting at the age of eight. O'Conor was still a relative unknown pre-teen when he co-starred with Liam Neeson in the British-made feature Lamb...
“ He called his father to tell him he was going to end his life. He told his father he believed he could not beat the drugs and could not face another drug rehabilitation program.

His father called the police, who arrived at Hugh's Pacific Palisades, California home just as he shot himself in the head.

(The photo showing is of an other actor and not the one who committed suicide, its mentioned in the bio > Amercian Actor) ” - sebasnl
“ Around 10 o'clock April 8, 1986, the manager of the Sun Music building found the 18-year old Okada in her gas-filled Tokyo apartment, crouching in a closet and sobbing with a slashed wrist. Two hours later, the singer jumped to her death from the seven-story Sun Music Agency building.

Her untimely death resulted in many copycat suicides in Japan. ” - sebasnl
“ He was found dead by his mother at his home, hanging from a camcorder charger cable after committing suicide. ” - sebasnl
“ She was discovered hanged. She was 22 years old. ” - sebasnl
Pina Pellicer
Actress, Macario
Pina Pellicer was, and still is, one of the most beloved Mexican actresses of all time. She set a standard for realism in a time when "melodrama" and "artificial" acting still ran rampant. She was best known for her groundbreaking performance in One-Eyed Jacks with Marlon Brando. She is greatly missed...
“ She committed suicide on December 4, 1964, aged 30. The presumed cause was depression. ” - sebasnl
Justin Pierce
Actor, Kids
Born in London, England to a Welsh mother and an Australian father, Justin Charles Pierce was raised in the Marble Hill section of Manhattan, New York City. He attended P.S. 7 in the Bronx for Elementary School and J.H.S. 141 in the Riverdale section of the Bronx for Junior High School. Pierce's parents divorced when he was 15 years old...
“ He was found hanging in his room at the Bellagio Hotel by hotel security. He was 25. ” - sebasnl
Luigi Pistilli
Luisi Pistilli's most notable stage successes were roles in "The Threepenny Opera", "St. Joan of the Stockyards" and a 1972 production, "Lulu". In 1991 he reprised his role in "Lulu" in the first professional collaboration with actress-singer Milva, his partner in previous plays as well as in a four-year offstage relationship...
“ He committed suicide in his Milan home just before he was to appear in the final performance of Terence Rattigan's Tosca, on April 21, 1996. ” - sebasnl
Dana Plato
Dana Michelle Plato was born in Maywood, California, on Saturday 7 November 1964. Her first excursion into the film world occurred when she was eleven in the television film Beyond the Bermuda Triangle. Dana never really made an impact on the TV screen until she landed the part of Kimberly Drummond in the TV hit sitcom Diff'rent Strokes from 1978-1984...
“ An overdose of the painkiller(S) Lortab along with Soma.

In 1991, Plato ended up in Las Vegas with no work. She entered a video store, produced a gun, and demanded the money from the register.
The clerk called 911 saying, "I've just been robbed by the girl who played Kimberly on Diff'rent Strokes". ” - sebasnl
“ He took his own life by throwing himself under a train. ” - sebasnl
“ He jumped from a window from a hotel. ” - sebasnl
Valdemar Psilander
Young Danish Valdemar tried to make a success in the theatre when he first appeared on Casino Teater in 1901. He never succeeded on the stage - his voice didn't sound right! But notices were otherwise kind to him. Psilander was good-looking, charming and exuding a certain joie-de-vivre. He soon abandoned his plans of becoming an opera singer, preferring the new medium of motion pictures in 1910...
“ He committed suicide on 6 March 1917, aged 32 ” - sebasnl
“ His body was found hung in a shed on a farm property. ” - sebasnl
David Rappaport
British actor David Rappaport earned more roles and respect than most guys his size (or any size for that matter) who attempted a professional acting career. Born with the genetic condition dwarfism (he was 3' 11"), he was often typecast in bizarre, sometimes silly and demeaning roles; but, like others before (Michael Dunn) and after (Peter Dinklage)...
“ He committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest. ” - sebasnl
Kuljeet Randhawa
Kuljeet Randhawa was born on January 1, 1976 in Ranigangh in West Bengal. Her father served for the Indian police and this gave Kuljeet opportunities to travel across India including Patiala, Punjab where her father was serving at the time of her suicide. She began modeling as a student, and her work included several ads and runway shoes for major designers...
“ She hanged herself at her apartment.

In a suicide note, Kuljeet stated that she was ending her life as she was unable to cope with life's pressures. ” - sebasnl
Marvel Rea
Actress, The Simp
Marvel Rea was born Marvel Luciel Rea on November 9, 1901, in Ainsworth, Nebraska. Her family moved to California when she was a child. Marvel grew into a beautiful teenager and in 1917 she became a Mack Sennett bathing beauty. The following year she married banker Henry Page Wells. Unfortunately he was a drug addict and she divorced him less than a year later...
“ She committed suicide by ingesting ant paste. ” - sebasnl
Rachel Roberts
Beautiful, swift and tough-tongued British character actress Rachel Roberts gained notice for her roles on the English stage, before she hit it largely in films. Born in Wales and married to actor Rex Harrison in 1962, Roberts made her film debut in a key role in J. Lee Thompson's Young and Willing a drama film about the life of women in prison...
“ Her death was a result of swallowing lye, alkali, or another unidentified caustic substance. ” - sebasnl
“ He was found dead in a field near his Connecticut home, his throat had been cut.
The state medical examiner later ruled the death a suicide. ” - sebasnl
Michael Roof
Actor, xXx
“ His body was found hanged from a tree in a wooded area near a Snellville, Georgia, elementary school parking lot. ” - sebasnl
Johanna Sällström
Actress, Under ytan
Johanna Sällström was born on December 30, 1974 in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1997 she won the award Guldbaggen for best female leading role in the movie Beneath the Surface, which became her big breakthrough. Getting tired off all the interest around herself she moved to Denmark where she worked at a café shop...
“ In 2004 Johanna and Talula narrowly escaped death in the 2004 tsunami while vacationing in Thailand. Johanna held on to a tree with one arm and to her daughter with her other.

Sällström was found dead in her home in Malmö shortly before midnight on 13 February 2007. She had recently been released from a psychiatric unit where she had been receiving treatment for depression. The cause of her death was suicide by an overdose of sleeping pills at the age of 32. ” - sebasnl
George Sanders
George Sanders was born of English parents in St. Petersburg, Russia. He worked in a Birmingham textile mill, in the tobacco business and as a writer in advertising. He entered show business in London as a chorus boy, going from there to cabaret, radio and theatrical understudy. His film debut, in 1936...
“ He had taken five bottles of a drug called Nembutal.

He left behind a suicide note, which read:

Dear World, I am leaving because I am bored. I feel I have lived long enough. I am leaving you with your worries in this sweet cesspool. Good luck. (with his signature under the writing) ” - sebasnl
David Scarboro
Actor, EastEnders
David fell to his death on April 27th, 1988, at the age of 20. Although he had suffered periods of depression, the official coroner's verdict regarding his death was "accidental". His recurring role as tearaway Mark Fowler on EastEnders was recast two years later with former child actor Todd Carty
“ He committed suicide by throwing himself from Beachy Head.

*Beachy Head is a chalk headland in Southern England, close to the town of Eastbourne in the county of East Sussex, immediately east of the Seven Sisters. The cliff there is the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, rising to 162 m (530 ft) above sea level. ” - sebasnl
Actress, Thee
“ She committed suicide, aged 17. ” - sebasnl
“ It is suspected that she committed suicide by poisoning herself. ” - sebasnl
Inger Stevens
As a child she moved to Manhattan, Kansas, where she lived all the way through high school. When her father moved away, she moved in with a friend and stayed. She took dance classes at Kansas State University, then moved to Kansas City, where she taught dance and first got into modeling.
“ barbiturate poisoning ” - sebasnl
Robin Stille
Tall, lovely and spirited actress Robin Rochelle Stille was born on November 24, 1961 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her parents were Jere Stille and Sarah Bridge. Stille had two sisters and one brother. She moved with her family to Los Angeles, California. Robin graduated from Garden Grove High School in Garden Grove...
“ A drinking problem supposedly led her to commit suicide in Burbank, California in 1996 at age 34. ” - sebasnl
David Strickland
David Strickland was born in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York, on October 14, 1969. Raised in Princeton, New Jersey, he never thought about an acting career until moving to the LA suburb of Pacific Palisades while in high school. Instead of going to college, he joined a theater company and began performing comedy sketches that he wrote along with a friend...
“ He hanged himself at the Oasis Motel with a bed sheet over the ceiling beam. ” - sebasnl
“ In 1967, after killing a customer over a dispute, Switzer drove himself to a remote area near Glendale, California and committed suicide. ” - sebasnl
“ stab wounds self-inflicted. ” - sebasnl
Lou Tellegen
Actor, 3 Bad Men
Born in the Netherlands of Greek/Dutch descent, Lou Tellegen (born Isidor Van Dameler) was a marvelously handsome man whose life was temptestuous. Having something of a wandering pair of feet, he journeyed through Europe during his youth, doing odd jobs like prize fighting, driving a cab in Brussels...
“ He locked himself in the bathroom, then shaved and powdered his face. Then while standing in front of a full-length mirror, he committed suicide by stabbing himself with a pair of sewing scissors seven times (supposedly while surrounded by newspaper clippings of his career), resulting in lurid press coverage. ” - sebasnl
Li Tobler
Self, Passagen
Li Tobler will best be remembered as Swiss painter H.R. Giger's longtime girlfriend. She was a theatre student and actress when Giger met her in 1966. By 1974, Tobler had lost interest in acting and opened an art gallery of her own in Zurich. The following year she took her life with a revolver. She is immortalized in Giger's famous portraits _Li I_ and _Li II_, both from 1974.
“ At her last exhibition, entitled Schuhwerke (German for Shoe Works), the guests were invited to appear wearing bizarre shoe creations. Giger filmed the guests while wearing a pair of "shoes" hollowed out of fresh loaves of bread. Despite Tobler's initial enthusiasm with her new project, after a short period of creative stir, she fell into a lethargic state and committed suicide at the age of 27, on Whit Monday 1975. ” - sebasnl
Dudu Topaz
Actor, Bubot
“ In Detention, he was found by a warden hanging in a shower (the only place without video surveillance). ” - sebasnl
“ Suicide with a female lover after a failed marriage. ” - sebasnl
Helen Twelvetrees
Helen Twelvetrees was born Helen Marie Jurgens in Brooklyn, New York on December 25, 1908. Her interest in the theatricals was apparent at an early age. After graduating from high school. Helen embarked on a stage career. She participated in a number of plays in New York City, but gravitated toward film when she headed to the West Coast in late 1928...
“ She was found unresponsive on the floor of her living room in a modest bungalow located at 315 Oak Hill Drive in what was pronounced a suicide by coroners in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Her official cause of death was listed as an overdose of prescription medication given to her for a chronic kidney ailment. ” - sebasnl
Hye-ryeon Lee
Actress, Jilju
“ U;Nee (Hangul: 유니; May 3, 1981 – January 21, 2007), was a South Korean singer, rapper and actress who was found hanged at her apartment, a presumed suicide. ” - sebasnl
Actress, Roja
“ She hanged herself. ” - sebasnl
“ He committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. ” - sebasnl
Lupe Velez
Together with Dolores del Rio, Ramon Novarro, Lupe Velez and José Mojica as among the few Mexican people who made history in the early years of Hollywood. Vélez career began in Mexico City, where she lived with her mother and sisters. In 1925, while working in a clothes store, Vélez caught the attention of three theatrical managers who were impressed by her beauty and grace...
“ In the mid-1940s, Vélez began a relationship with actor Harald Maresch, and became pregnant with his child. Unable to face the shame of giving birth to an illegitimate child, she decided to take her own life. Her suicide note read:

"To Harald: May God forgive you and forgive me, too; but I prefer to take my life away and our baby's, before I bring him with shame, or killin' [sic] him.
Lupe ” - sebasnl
Hervé Villechaize
Hervé Villechaize was born in Paris on April 23, 1943. He stopped growing very early and his father (who was a surgeon) tried to find a cure by visiting several doctors and hospitals. But there was none, so Hervé had to live with his small height and also with undersized lungs. He studied at the Beaux-Arts in Paris and made an exhibition of his own paintings...
“ He shot himself at his home. ” - sebasnl
“ He committed suicide in 2005. ” - sebasnl
Marie Walcamp
Marie Walcamp was born on July 27, 1894 in Dennison, Ohio. Dennison had a small population and was miles from Canton and Youngstown, the two nearest big cities in the state. Because of its size, the town didn't afford the type of opportunity of fame that Marie wanted. She began to dream of stardom early...
“ Overdose of medication. ” - sebasnl
“ She felt from the 16th floor of her apartment building. Her death has been considered a suicide ” - sebasnl