y name is Shekhar. I'm doingEngineering
 . I am very simple guy. I have very fond of reading books. I'm playing the cards, but very serious in the year and once or twice, and yes, I'm in seif Mai could not beat the red one, like it is the owner please .....

 I action, sport, Mindid movies, books, novels, songs, dance, just like all the choice, I have not ever love anyone, and neither is anyone loves me, and your friendship is not. I am not telling a lie, I swear to God and to read my biography ........

I Rewari Nine my village there was reading classes, and later reads in the twelve to the sun Mahendergarh school, and now the sun is Engineering
.'m in college .............. .

 I have photos, videos, convert them, cutting, adding new, removing old, video or photo to create a very romantic is very sad. I had to make thousand of photo and video Fifty’s almost over the Internet No one could see. They will get on the Shakhar Ghantala Search new songs, movie, Hollywood New movies, songs you, Shekhar Ghantala to Search in Google and then on to Click on Website then the all will get, and you hear that people will bring you all of the Sheri Sour beloved pet will live about one mile every detail ...........

 I am a beautiful, gentle, symmetric, strong,that girl is looking for. If may have been in a girl who could be friends with me and extended his hand to tell me via email, my email ----- ---

I football, Volleyball’s playing rackets. Vegetarian food does not do anything wrong, nor anything’s the drugs. I'm a medium family. I Laptop, Pulsar the 220 cc bikes running very short. I three million (3000000) is the home ................

I c, c + +, Java, Hardware, Nat, Operating system, html code, so many things to come. My father is engineer in America ...........

Please be a girl to be friends. I believe that if God created me to Sirf, which will be friends with me,,,,,,.

 The full details of my life’s Telling the truth, I'm not anything like the guys call you, girl, do not do not do anything’s not at all. Thing to ask someone if any, email me through the can tell, no Can you be friends with someone just the delay, I am late, dark, Dijiaga send emails,,,,,,,,,

 ,,,,,,,,,,,, Shekhar's poetry seems quite ..................... How you sit in the eyes, remembering the cried also,,, lowered the Pike then pierce the

 -,. -. -., -. Shaker will only get a girl to be friends,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, belatedly,,,,,,,,,, sad If they have,,,,,,,,,,,, who not only never been in search of the girl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,

----------------------- Thank you my dear friends,,, happy Live, be polite,,,, God Balls U,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

 -------- I am Shekhar also Continue .............. to ...................... Life ........... forward ...........
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