Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park

This cemetery has a memorial cenotaph plaque for Amelia Earhart. There are notable aviators who are also interred here as well. This cemetery is located in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.
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Mary Alden
Mary Maguire Alden was born in New York City on June 18, 1883. She appeared in her first film when she was 31 years old in the production of The Second Mrs. Roebuck. From that point on, Mary was kept very busy in the studios in New York. When the film companies moved west, Mary went with them. She continued her torrid pace in filmmaking...
“ Plot: Block G, Section 7621, Lot 2 [Unmarked] ” - Syl
Luis Alberni
Spanish character actor Luis Alberni was born on the date of October 4, 1886 in Cataluna Barcelona, Spain. His mother's maiden name was Malo, and father's surname Alberni. Luis attended the University of Madrid and majored in drama, it was around this time that he began to get involved in acting in Europe...
“ Plot: Block G, Section 6171, Lot 5 ” - Syl
Eddie Acuff
Eddie Acuff is one of those wonderful supporting actors who peopled the fascinating world of Hollywood's A, B or Z movies. In a career spanning eighteen years he appeared in an amazing almost 300 movies and one TV episode! His appearances could be invisible (when deleted), hardly visible (he portrayed an endless series of cabbies...
“ Plot: [unmarked] ” - Syl
“ Plot: (Unmarked) ” - Syl
Johnny Arthur
Actor, My Stars
American actor who specialized in timid or whiny characters. He appeared on the stage in England and in the USA, and performed in musical comedy. He began his film work in silents and often worked in the films of Hal Roach.
“ Plot: Lot 4 Section 1747 Block K (NM) ” - Syl
Jill Banner
Jill Banner's early life was somewhat nomadic. Her father died when she was 2, and her mother moved from Washington to South Dakota and Iowa before settling in Glendale, California. Jill attended the Hollywood Professional School (one of her classmates was Peggy Lipton). Her debut film, Spider Baby or, The Maddest Story Ever Told...
Bea Benaderet
Bea Benaderet had a remarkable career in radio and television. In the earlier days of radio, before television, she provided the voice for numerous names of characters on the radio, on shows like "Fibber McGee and Molly," "My Favorite Husband" with Lucille Ball & the Jack Benny Show. She was...
“ Plot: Mausoleum of Hope, Row C, Crypt 34
GPS coordinates: 34.1877785, -118.3631973 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Section H, Lot 8351, Grave 6 ” - Syl
Willie Best
One of the hard-working, unappreciated African-American actors of Hollywood's "Golden Era" who produced good work with what he was given. He starred alongside some of film's great comedians including the Marx Brothers, Bob Hope, Laurel and Hardy and three films with Shirley Temple. In addition to being a talented comedian and character actor...
Clem Bevans
Actor, Saboteur
Born in 1879, Clem Bevans spent most of his performing career on the stage. First appearing in 1900 in a vaudeville act with Grace Emmett as a boy and girl act, he would move on to burlesque and eventually make the move to Broadway and even opera productions. His first screen appearance did not come until 1935...
Symona Boniface
Actress, Micro-Phonies
An American actress most frequently seen in bit parts in comedy shorts, mostly at Columbia Pictures, particularly those of The Three Stooges, Symona Boniface entered the theatre as a playwright and actress, and produced plays as well. After the stock market crash of 1929 she began taking bit parts in films...
“ Plot: Lot 1, Block A, Section 1746 (unmarked) ” - Syl
Al Bridge
American character actor, a fixture both in Westerns and in the comedies of Preston Sturges. Although frequently billed as "Alan" Bridge, he was born Alfred Morton Bridge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1891 (not as "Alford" Bridge in 1890, as his tombstone erroneously states), he and his sister, future actress Loie Bridge...
“ Plot: Lot 5 Section 7690 Memorial G ” - Syl
Arthur Q. Bryan
Arthur Q. Bryan was best known as the voice of Elmer Fudd in the Warner Brothers cartoons, but was also an accomplished radio actor, playing Doc Gamble on "Fibber McGee and Molly" for over 10 seasons beginning in 1943.
“ Plot: Block L, Section 998, Lot 7 ” - Syl
Nana Bryant
Actress, Harvey
“ Plot: Garden of Faith ” - Syl
Yakima Canutt
Starting out as a rodeo cowboy and then becoming a stuntman in silent westerns, Yakima Canutt later doubled for such stars as Clark Gable and John Wayne, among others, in such dangerous activities as jumping off the top of a cliff on horseback, leaping from a stagecoach onto its runaway team...
“ Plot: Garden of Remembrance ” - Syl
Naomi Childers
Naomi Childers was born on November 15, 1892 in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Largely a character actress, she began her career at the age of 22 in Ziegfeld Follies filmed in 1914. From then until 1919, Naomi appeared in nineteen films. Some of the films in question were Mr. Barnes of New York, The Dust of Egypt, Fathers of Men and The World and Its Woman...
“ Plot: Lot 3, Section 11705 ” - Syl
Mae Clarke
Actress, Frankenstein
Vivacious, blonde Mae Clarke was exposed to cinema from an early age, her father being an organist in a motion picture theatre. Growing up in Atlantic City, New Jersey, she learned how to dance and, at the tender age of 13, was already performing in nightclubs and amateur theatricals. In 1924 she was one of "May Dawson's Dancing Girls"...
“ Plot: Section C, lot 2424 ” - Syl
Edmund Cobb
Edmund Fessenden Cobb, son of William Henry Cobb (1860-1909) and Eddie Ross (1862-1945), was the grandson of Edmund Gibson Ross (1826-1907, Governor of the Territory of New Mexico and the Senator from Kansas credited by many as having cast the deciding vote in the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson)...
“ Plot: Block G, Section 6910, Lot 5
GPS coordinates: 34.1914787, -118.3593979 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Melville Cooper
Actor, Rebecca
Born George Melville Cooper on October 15, 1896, in Birmingham England, he was the son of non-professionals W.C.J. and Frances (Brennan) Cooper, and attended various English public schools, including King Edward's School in Birmingham. Attracted to the stage as a teenager, he made his debut at Stratford-on-Avon at age 18...
“ Plot: Adoration section, 6602
GPS coordinates: 34.1920204, -118.3590775 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Tex Cooper
Tex Cooper was born as Judge Thomas Cooper in Denton, Texas, the son of Wilford Cooper and Lemon Pair. Tex had siblings Walter and George Cooper. His parents were farmers and hailed from Bradley County, Tennessee. Tex's trademark in the movies was his Buffalo Bill lookalike appearance. His grandfather...
“ Plot: Lot 6, Section 237 in Restland B Block, about 120 feet from curb 513 ” - Syl
Aneta Corsaut
Pretty, auburn-haired actress Aneta Louise Corsaut was born in Hutchinson, Kansas on November 3, 1933. She majored in drama at Northwestern University and studied acting with Lee Strasberg, who is often considered the "father of method acting in America". Aneta dropped out in her junior year to pursue a career in acting...
“ Plot: Block G (Graceland), Section 651. right next to curb marker 6583. ” - Syl
Jane Cowl
Jane Cowl was born in Boston, Massachusetts on December 14, 1884. Jane was one of the fine stage actresses of her time, who eventually found her way onto the silver screen in 1915 in Garden of Lies. She appeared (and became a playwright) on Broadway from 1903-47; acted in The Spreading Dawn in 1917 but she stepped away from films for a long time...
“ Plot: Block E, Section 4256, Lot 4
GPS coordinates: 34.1917381, -118.3566666 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Richard Crane
Dark haired, athletic American leading man of 40's B-movies. Richard Crane was at his most successful at a time when Hollywood was somewhat denuded of its male stars, most of whom were doing wartime military service. Upon their return to the ranks, Crane's career went into decline. He did, however, have a brief resurgence in the 1950's as the square-jawed...
Nick Cravat
Long-time circus acrobatic partner of Burt Lancaster (performing as "Lang & Cravat") may have been short on stature, but he was big on athletic prowess and highly enjoyable to watch on-screen. According to reports, Cravat was as strong as a bull. When he lost his cool, it took several men to hold him back...
Richard Day
Art Director, On the Waterfront
Richard Day's film career began in 1918 when director Erich von Stroheim hired him as a set decorator. His work so impressed von Stroheim that the director kept Day as a set decorator, then an art director, and costume designer on many of his productions. Day left von Stroheim and struck out on his own in the '30s...
Joe DeRita
Born into a show business family, DeRita began performing at the age of 7. He played the Burlesque circuit until 1942 when he went to headline in California stage shows. He toured with Randolph Scott and Bing Crosby for the USO during World War II. Joe made his film debut in "The Doughgirls" (1944) and continued to perform in films...
“ Plot: Block D, Section 338, Lot 19
GPS coordinates: 34.1875916, -118.3608322 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Douglass Dumbrille
Distinguished character villain Douglass (R.) Dumbrille, whose distinctive stern features, beady eyes, tidy mustache, prominent hook nose and suave, cultivated presence graced scores of talking films, was born on October 13, 1889, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He was first employed as a bank clerk in...
“ Cenotaph Plot: Portal of the Folded Wings
GPS coordinates: 34.1895905, -118.3540115 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Cliff Edwards
Becoming popular with playing the ukulele, his unique singing and supplying the voice of animated movies, Cliff Edwards was one of the most popular singers in America. Born in Hannibal, Missouri, Edwards left school at the age of 14, moved to St. Louis, and started to work as a singer in saloons. Edwards then taught himself to play the ukulele...
“ Plot: Block G, Section 6414
GPS coordinates: 34.1920204, -118.3585510 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Block E, Section 5040, Lot 2 ” - Syl
Franklyn Farnum
Boston-born Franklyn Farnum was on the vaudeville stage at the age of 12 and was featured in a number of theatre and musical productions by the time he entered silent films near the age of 40. He appeared to be at his most comfortable in the saddle, his career dominated mostly by westerns. Some of his more famous films include the serial Vanishing Trails and features The Clock...
“ Plot: Resurrection Mausoleum. Niche 5B. ” - Syl
“ Plot: Devotion, Lot 5, Section 11582, Block I ” - Syl
Gladys George
One of the fine if relatively short-lived character actresses of Hollywood heydays of the 1930s and 1940s, Gladys George came into an acting family while literally on the road. Her parents were actually English and touring with a Shakespearean theater company in Patten, Maine when she was born (although usually noted as 1900...
“ Plot: Garden of Faith. ” - Syl
Leslie Goodwins
London-born Leslie Goodwins broke into Hollywood in the 1930s as a gag writer for two-reel comedies, and later directed several of them. He started directing features in 1936, specializing in knockabout comedies. Goodwins spent much of his career at RKO, and was responsible for the Leon Errol / Lupe Velez "Mexican Spitfire" series...
Lita Grey
Lita Grey began working for Charles Chaplin at his Hollywood studio when she was 12, doing bit parts in a couple of movies of his. Three years later, at 15, she met Chaplin again, became pregnant by him and they were married in 1924, when she was 16 and he was 35. They had two sons before their three-year marriage ended in a bitter divorce...
“ Plot: Garden of Remembrance, rose garden [unmarked] ” - Syl
Jonathan Hale
Canadian-born Jonathan Hale had a long film career, appearing in over 200 pictures. He was a member of the diplomatic service prior to his film career, and his stately bearing stood him in good stead for the variety of corporate executives, military officers and high-level politicians he often played...
“ Plot: Section G, Lot 6501, Grave 4 (unmarked). ” - Syl
“ Plot: Block G, Section 6911 ” - Syl
Lois Hamilton
Actress, Stripes
Lois Hamilton (Areno) personified a new wave of actresses who built careers on both beauty and brains. Lois attend Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennslyvannia, and the University of Florence in Florence, Italy, where she received degrees in Psychology and Fine Arts. As a top Ford model in the late 1970s...
“ Plot: Block L, Section 998, Lot 16 ” - Syl
Oliver Hardy
Although his parents were never in show business, as a young boy Oliver Hardy was a gifted singer and, by age eight, was performing with minstrel shows. In 1910 he ran a movie theatre, which he preferred to studying law. In 1913 he became a comedy actor with the Lubin Company in Florida and began appearing in a long series of shorts; his debut film was Outwitting Dad...
“ Plot: Garden of Hope, Lot 48
GPS coordinates: 34.1892815, -118.3610687 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Leigh Harline
Composer, Pinocchio
Academy Award-winning composer (score, Pinocchio (1940), conductor, songwriter ("When You Wish Upon a Star" [Academy award, Best Song, 1940) and arranger Leigh Harine was educated at the University of Utah. He was a music student of J. Spencer Cornwall. He arranged the first transcontinental broadcast from Los Angeles in 1932...
“ Plot: 2M 2 Mausoleum of The Resurrection ” - Syl
Harry Harvey
Harvey had a musical background and began his entertainment career in 1918 with "Gus Hill's Honey Boy Minstrels." From there he went on to appear in various minstrel and burlesque shows. This led to many roles in Broadway shows. He went to Hollywood in 1934 and had a career spanning almost fifty years...
“ Plot: Lot 17, Section 933, Block L ” - Syl
“ Plot: Chapel Gardens ” - Syl
“ Plot: Section 147, Garden Of Peace ” - Syl
Judd Holdren
In the role of Commando Cody, Judd Holdren patrolled America's threatened skies after actors Tristram Coffin and George Wallace hung up their flying suits. (Coffin was Rocket Man in "King of the Rocket Man" and Wallace was Commando Cody in "Radar Men from the Moon.") Holdren played the airborne hero in "Zombies of the Stratosphere" and also in "Commando Cody...
Carol Holloway
Actress, The Saphead
Little known today, Carol Holloway was one of the more prolific, and athletic, of the serial queens. The daughter of a Massachusetts college professor, she caught the acting bug at an early age and hooked up with a theatrical stock company, which took her to New York. There she worked for several film studios...
“ Plot: Memorial Block F, Section 5823, Lot 2 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Block G, Section 7693, Lot 6 [Unmarked] ” - Syl
“ Plot: Garden of Hope ” - Syl
Alice Terry
Actress, The Magician
Alice started as an extra in films at age 15. She worked in "Inceville" and would appear as several characters in 'Civilization (1916)'. In 1917, she would meet director Rex Ingram and they would marry in 1921. It was also in 1921 that Alice would gain acclaim as Marguerite in 'The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921)'...
“ Plot: Block D, Section 3347, Lot 5
GPS coordinates: 34.1893692, -118.3554306 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Block L, Section 999 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Block E, Section 4932 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Prayer, Block L, Section 999, Lot 27 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Lincoln Memorial Section, Lot 31 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Section L, Lot 816 (next to Gladys George). ” - Syl
"87% of Criswell's predictions have come true!" -- The ones he reminds you of. Whereas it is true Criswell made an amazing forecast on The Jack Paar Program on March 10, 1963: "I predict that President Kennedy will not run for reelection in 1964, because of something that will happen to him in November 1963." Criswell also predicted the destruction of Denver...
“ Plot: Niches of Remembrance, F-10, Space 2 ” - Syl
Fuzzy Knight
American character actor primarily of Western "sidekick" roles. Born John Forest Knight in Fairmont, West Virginia, Knight joined a traveling minstrel show as a musician at age 15. He attended The University of West Virginia as a law student, supporting himself as the drummer in his own band. Finding music more rewarding...
“ Plot: Evergreen Area, Lot 1, Section 9820, J [unmarked] ” - Syl
June Knight
A vivacious blonde from Los Angeles, California, June Knight made a name for herself on Broadway in "Hot Cha!", in which she co-starred with 'Lupe Valez', Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Bert Lahr and Eleanor Powell. When transferring into movies, the roles she was in proved forgettable to audiences. Even though she never made a single movie throughout 1941-49...
“ Plot: Portal of the Folded Wings ” - Syl
“ Plot: Block I, Section 12318, Lot 2 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Lot 2, Section 6587, Memorial G ” - Syl
“ Plot: Block G, Section 6600, Lot 4 [Unmarked] ” - Syl
“ Plot: Block L, Section 942 [Unmarked] ” - Syl
Robert Lowery
Actor, Circus Boy
Robert Lowery was born Robert Larkin Hanks in Kansas City, Missouri, the only living child of Roscoe Hanks, noted Kansas City attorney and oil investor; and Leah Thompson, concert pianist and organist. He attended local Kansas City schools and graduated from Paseo High School in 1931 with a record as an accomplished athlete...
“ Plot: Plot 6500, north end of park
GPS coordinates: 34.1918793, -118.3585281 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Edward Ludlum
Primarily a prestigious stage director, he is often credited as one of the founders of "Los Angeles Theater" and of also having influenced the careers of such notables as Paul Newman, Sally Field, Bernie Kopel, Audie Murphy and Wanda Hendrix among others.
James Luisi
A native New Yorker, James Luisi attended St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights on a basketball scholarship. He served in the Army during the Korean War. He then played one season (1953-54) with the Baltimore Bullets in the National Basketball Association. His acting career began on the stage with early parts coming in the Broadway musicals "Sweet Charity" and "Zorba"...
Barton MacLane
Barton MacLane graduated from Wesleyan University, where he displayed a notable aptitude for sports, in particular football and basketball. Not surprisingly, his physical prowess led to an early role in The Quarterback with Richard Dix. MacLane once commented that, as an actor, he needed to have the physical strength to tear the bad guys "from limb to limb"...
“ Plot: Hope section, 5460
GPS coordinates: 34.1890717, -118.3572388 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Section L, Lot 998 (next to Arthur Q. Bryan). ” - Syl
“ Plot: Garden of Rest, Lot 408 (niche garden) ” - Syl