Hollows - Kim Harrison

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1. Alexandra Breckenridge

Actress | American Horror Story

Alex Breckenridge was born on May 15 1982 in Darien, Connecticut before moving to California when she was 12. Breckenridge first got an interest in acting at 13 when she performed in local theater productions and soon moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. Her first film was the ...

as Rachel Mariana Morgan

A witch-detective initially working as a runner for the Inderland Security (I.S.) service. She procures three wishes from a leprechaun she apprehends on her last run for the Inderlander Security service and uses a wish to get her independence. She makes a deal with the living vampire, Ivy Tamwood, and the pixy, Jenks, to give them the remaining wishes for their assistance in leaving the I.S. The three create the Vampiric Charms freelance runner service, and take various runs, or 'missions', both together and separately. In earlier books, she works to remove a death bounty placed on her by her former employer as well as freeing herself from a demon's debt. In the most recent books, Rachel finds herself learning about and using ley line and demon magic, both in order to do her job and protect her life and the lives of her friends and family. She is deeply ambivalent about using dark magic, but will continue to do so when she finds it necessary. Her aura's initial color is gold, like Trent's and Algaliarept's.

2. Celeste Thorson

Actress | How I Met Your Mother

Celeste Thorson was born in Orange County, California. and raised throughout New Mexico, Texas & California by her mother, a fine artist and father, a US Marine. Ethnically she is of Korean, Scottish Irish, Lebanese, Apache American Indian, and Spanish descent. She began acting as a child in live ...

as Ivy Alisha Tamwood

A living vampire that works with Rachel at the I.S. and follows her into freelance work. Ivy is six feet tall, elegantly thin, and very pale, with long black hair and an Asian cast. Ivy struggles with her vampiric nature on a personal level, as well as attempting to keep Rachel from being attacked by fellow vampires. She is bisexual and harbors a deep longing and affection for Rachel. She is deeply devoted to Rachel and Jenks, doing whatever it takes for them, mainly Rachel. Ivy is the last living vampire of the Tamwood bloodline (her younger sister, Erica is part of the Randal bloodline) and Ivy has been made a scion of her old master vampire Piscary. He has purposely tried to direct Ivy into lack of control and violence in any of her blood-related relationships. After claiming her as his scion, Ivy has had to work ever harder to resist his pressure to follow his desires. At one point, Ivy has to agree to let Piscary control her even more, in return for him leaving her sister alone. Ivy sees Rachel as her only true friend, her deep love interest, and as her one hope to escape her future as Piscary's scion. She hides her caring for Rachel beneath a very brittle and distant veneer, but she will kill anyone who gets in her way if Rachel needs her help.

3. Jeremy Sumpter

Actor | Peter Pan

Jeremy Robert Myron Sumpter was born on February 5, 1989 in Monterey, California, to Sandra (Johnson) and Gary Sumpter. He was raised in his mother's hometown, Mount Sterling, Kentucky. At a young age, he enjoyed mountain climbing and play with his friends like any other normal kid, but when he ...

as Jenks

A pixy who works with Rachel and Ivy in their freelance business. He often provides the comedy in the novels as well as working as a saboteur, electronics expert, and spy. He is always watching after Rachel, worried about her and Ivy's interactions, as well as the men who come into her life as they usually turn out to be untrustworthy.

4. Chris Hemsworth

Actor | The Avengers

Chris Hemsworth was born in Melbourne, Australia, to Leonie (van Os), a teacher of English, and Craig Hemsworth, a social-services counselor. His brothers are actors Liam Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth. He is of Dutch (from his immigrant maternal grandfather), Irish, English, Scottish, and German ...

Trenton Aloysius Kalamack

A purebred elf who is a shrewd businessman, one of Cincinnati's most powerful Inderlanders, and has a childhood history with Rachel. He is very attractive, tall, with baby-fine blond hair and green eyes. His father is responsible for curing Rachel's Rosewood Syndrome. Trent's goal is to resurrect the fertility of the elven race using whatever means necessary. He has a deep hatred for demons, due to his race's biological warfare with them in the past which nearly caused the elves to be wiped out. He is often flanked by his bodyguard and fellow elf, Quen and assistant, Jonathan. Even though they are very similar with different ideals, Rachel and Trent have a love/hate relationship.