Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Memorial Park

The men, women, and beloved animals who are interred at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California.
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“ Plot: Beloved Hope, Lot #1424, Space #1 ” - Syl
Borden Chase
Writer, Red River
Prior to his career as a writer, Chase was employed as chauffeur for notorious prohibition-era gangster Frankie Yale -- until Yale was 'rubbed out' by Al Capone's mob in July 1928. Chase, then still going by the more prosaic name Frank Fowler, as well Yale's other regular driver, James Caponi...
“ Plot: Garden of Haritage, crypt 960 ” - Syl
Michael Chekhov
Actor, Spellbound
Michael Chekhov was a Russian actor in the Moscow Art Theatre who emigrated to America and made a career in Hollywood, earning himself an Oscar nomination. He was born Mikhail Aleksandrovich Chekhov in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1891. His mother, Natalya Golden, was Jewish, and his father, Aleksandr Chekhov...
“ Plot: Hillside, L-5564 G-2
GPS coordinates: 34.1464882, -118.3255234 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Courts of Remembrance [unmarked] ” - Syl
“ Plot: Gentleness, L-1063 G-1
GPS coordinates: 34.1509018, -118.3226700 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Courts of Remembrance, Sanctuary of Enduring Protection, Crypt 3744 ” - Syl
Ethlyne Clair
Actress, Jane's Sleuth
Ms. Clair, a natural happy extrovert, starred in silent comedies, Westerns, and serials. She was most popular in Westerns opposite cowboy stars such as Hoot Gibson although her career was less than a decade long. She made her Hollywood debut in a series of comedies called 'The Newlyweds and Their Baby'...
“ Plot: Homeward, Lot 3950, space 2 ” - Syl
Robert Clampett
Born in San Diego, California, the young Robert Clampett was monumentally moved as a child by the film The Lost World, inspiring him to create a sea-serpent sock-puppet that he used in puppet shows to entertain the neighborhood kids. This led him to create a stuffed Mickey Mouse toy, which became a prototype for the first mass-produced Mickey Mouse doll...
“ Plot: Murmuring Trees, L-6891
GPS coordinates: 34.1457710, -118.3229065 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Robert Clarke
A movie-crazy kid in his native Oklahoma City, Robert Clarke decided at an early age that he wanted to be an actor, but nevertheless suffered from stage fright in his first school productions. He acted in University of Oklahoma radio plays and on stage at the University of Wisconsin before hitching a ride to California to try to break into the picture business...
“ Plot: Courts of Remembrance, Crypt 5391 ” - Syl
William H. Clothier
Began working in film in 1923 as assistant cameraman. Worked in Mexico, Spain, served in Army Air Corps in WWII after which he returned to Hollywood.
“ Plot: Garden of Victory, Lawn Crypt 279 A ” - Syl
Ann Codee
Actress, Can-Can
“ Plot: Devotion, L-8863, G-2 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Sheltering Hills, Lot 3761, Space 1 ” - Syl
Helen Kruger
Music Department, String
“ Plot: Court of Remembrance, Second Courtyard, Wall Crypt 2301 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Court of Remembrance, Second Courtyard, Wall Crypt 2301 ” - Syl
Dennis Cole
A virile, beefcake blond of the late 1960s and 1970s small screen, Dennis Cole certainly had it all going for him, but tragic circumstances prevented an all-out successful career. A rugged TV version of Robert Redford, his tan, chiseled, surfer-fit looks were ideally suited for crime action and adventure stories and he gained ground by appearing everywhere -- daytime soaps...
“ Plot: Revelation, Section 3430, Grave 3 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Enduring Faith, L-3999 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Revelation, Lot 3430, Grave 4
GPS coordinates: 34.1456909, -118.3238831 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Chuck Colean
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, McHale's Navy
“ Plot: Enduring Faith, L-4610 G-1
GPS coordinates: 34.1474686, -118.3259964 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Ray Collins
Ray Bidwell Collins was an American actor in film, stage, radio and television. One of his best remembered roles was that of Lt. Arthur Tragg in the long-running series Perry Mason. Collins was born in Sacramento, California, to Lillie Bidwell and William C. Collins, a newspaper drama editor. He started acting on stage at the age of 14...
“ Plot: Garden of Heritage, crypt 909 ” - Syl
Goldie Colwell
Beautiful Goldie Colwell born in Kansas in 1889. began on stage in the late 1900's. Goldie appeared in few leading roles but many character and supporting roles in more than 80 westerns and comedies making her film debut in Tom Mix's 'Why the Sheriff is a Bachelor' for the Selig Film Co in 1911, later Goldie appeared in many 'Jerry' comedies directed by Milton J...
“ Plot: Enduring Faith, L-1786 G-4
GPS coordinates: 34.1468506, -118.3268585 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Beloved Hope, L-1051 G-1
GPS coordinates: 34.1474495, -118.3291626 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
William Conrad
Actor, Cannon
William Conrad became a television star relatively late in his career. In fact, the former Army Air Corps World War II fighter pilot began his screen career playing heavies. He was Max, one of The Killers hired to finish off Burt Lancaster in his dingy lodgings. He was the corrupt state inspector Turck working for the syndicate in The Racket...
“ Plot: Lincoln Terrace plot 4448
GPS coordinates: 34.1427994, -118.3188171 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Court of Liberty, Left of Washington statue
GPS coordinates: 34.1443787, -118.3169708 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Summerland, L-6136 G-4 (unmarked) [unmarked] ” - Syl
“ Plot: Remembrance Columbarium, N-61185 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Court of Valor, L-5083 G-1
GPS coordinates: 34.1447906, -118.3163986 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Jerome Cowan
Jerome Cowan was one of Hollywood's most prolific and instantly recognisable character actors. His trademark pencil-thin moustache and slicked back hair, immaculate suits and sophisticated manner were his stock-in-trade for impersonating an assortment of rejected husbands, shifty politicians, lawyers and shady detectives...
“ Plot: Courts of Remembrance, Columbarium of Remembrance, Niche G-60502 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Murmurrng Trees, Lot 9915, space 1 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Court of Remembrance, C7702A (top row) ” - Syl
“ Plot: George Washington Section, 2nd Terrace - near Stan Laurel against west wall ” - Syl
Gary Crosby
Actor, Girl Happy
The stocky-framed, lookalike son of singing legend Bing Crosby who had that same bemused, forlorn look, fair hair and jug ears, Gary was the eldest of four sons born to the crooner and his first wife singer/actress Dixie Lee. The boys' childhood was an intensely troubled one with all four trying to follow in their father's incredibly large footsteps as singers and actors...
“ Plot: Blessed Assurance, Lot 1582, Space 3 ” - Syl
Scatman Crothers
Scatman Crothers was born Benjamin Sherman Crothers on May 23, 1910 in Terre Haute, Indiana. Songwriter ("Dearest One"), actor, composer, singer, comedian and guitarist who, after high school, appeared in nightclubs, hotels, films and on television. He made many records, including his own compositions...
“ Plot: Lincoln Terrace Plot 4545
GPS coordinates: 34.1427994, -118.3185272 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Pauline Curley
Actress, Love Apple
Coming from a theatrical family (her mother was an actress), Pauline Curley was an actress from the age of five, and toured the vaudeville circuit with her family. Her first known film role came in 1913, and although her movie career lasted 16 years, she never made the top, or even the middle, ranks of stardom...
“ Plot: Lincoln Terrace, L-4597, G-4 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Murmuring Trees, L-5443
GPS coordinates: 34.1452217, -118.3218994 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Edward Curtiss
Editor, Scarface
Born and raised in Los Angeles by mid-continent parents, Edward Curtiss "broke in to" the motion picture business, circa 1921, as an early-aviation, "barn-storming" pilot and wing-walking stunt-man, flying out of the old Western Avenue and "Mines" Field airports, among others. While doing stunt work on a picture directed by Howard Hawks...
“ Plot: Vale of Peace, L-4657 G-2 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Vale of Peace, L-4657 G-1
GPS coordinates: 34.1513481, -118.3199692 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Leo Damiani
Music Department, Counterpoint
“ Plot: Lincoln Terrace ” - Syl
Ken Darby
Music Department, The Wizard of Oz
Composer ("How the West Was Won"), songwriter ("Make Mine Music"), choral director, conductor, arranger, singer and author, educated at Christian College and a student of Tibor Serly, Ernst Toch, Herman Hand, and Victor Young. He originated The King's Men male vocal quartet in 1929 and appeared on radio...
“ Plot: Lincoln Terrace, Plot #4246
GPS coordinates: 34.1429596, -118.3187103 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Sabu's role of Toomai in the 'Elephant Boy' was originally a minor one with the focus being on the other actors and the elephants. When the early rushes were viewed Sabu's naturalness and photogenic quality stood out which, combined with his way with the animals, caused the script to be re written giving him a major part...
“ Plot: Sheltering Hills, Lot 482, Grave 1
GPS coordinates: 34.1478119, -118.3257828 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Alexis Davidoff
Costume and Wardrobe Department, The Hoodlum Priest
“ Plot: Enduring Faith, L-256 G-1
GPS coordinates: 34.1465607, -118.3222122 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Sheltering Hills section, Map C26, Lot 4850, Interment Space 2 ” - Syl
Bette Davis
Actress, All About Eve
Ruth Elizabeth Davis was born April 5, 1908, in Lowell, Massachusetts, to Ruth Augusta (Favor) and Harlow Morrell Davis, a patent attorney. Her parents divorced when she was 10. She and her sister were raised by their mother. Her early interest was dance. To Bette, dancers led a glamorous life, but then she discovered the stage...
“ Plot: Court of Remembrance, large white tomb to the left of the entrance. ” - Syl
Brad Davis
Born in Florida in 1949, Brad Davis moved to Georgia after graduating from high school to pursue an acting career. From there, he moved to New York City, twice, to find work. By the early 1970s Davis was acting in off-Broadway plays while studying acting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts. His stage work...
“ Plot: Court of Remembrance/Columbarium of Valor, G64054
GPS coordinates: 34.1292000, -118.3202209 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Gail Davis
Actress, Annie Oakley
Hailed by Gene Autry as the 'perfect western actress', diminutive, pig-tailed Betty Jeanne Grayson had all the genre's prerequisite attributes. The daughter of a prominent Arkansas physician (who went on to became State Health Officer), she had been trained in drama and dance at the University of Texas...
“ Plot: Abiding Love, lot 4632, space 1B ” - Syl
“ Plot: Courts of Remembrance, C-4242 (north outer wall)
GPS coordinates: 34.1502190, -118.3202591 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Isabel Dawn
Isabel Seitz (aka Isabel Dawn), born October 20, 1897, was the daughter of John and Mary Seitz. Isabel was a 1916 graduate of Central High School in Evansville, Indiana and then worked on the editorial staff with the Evansville Courier, later working for the Kokomo Dispatch and Louisville newspapers...
“ Plot: Devotion, L-8279 G-1
GPS coordinates: 34.1522598, -118.3209229 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Laraine Day
Born into a prominent Mormon family in Utah, Laraine Day's acting career began after her parents moved to Long Beach, California, where she joined the Long Beach Players. She appeared in her first film in 1937 in a bit part, then did leads in several George O'Brien westerns. Signing a contract with MGM...
“ Plot: Revelation, Lot 3310, Space 4 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Columbarium of Radiant Dawn, N-G61744
GPS coordinates: 34.1501694, -118.3199463 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Gene de Paul
Soundtrack, The Aviator
Songwriter ("I'll Remember April", "Cow Cow Boogie", "Teach Me Tonight"), composer, pianist, singer and arranger, educated at Benjamin Franklin High School and in private piano study. He was a pianist in dance orchestras, and toured theatres as a singer, also arranging music for vocal groups before working under contract to film studios...
“ Plot: Murmuring Trees, L-4953 G-1
GPS coordinates: 34.1454201, -118.3214722 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
André De Toth
Director, House of Wax
Although he obtained a law degree from the Royal Hungarian University, Andre De Toth decided to become an actor, and spent several years on the stage. He then entered the Hungarian film industry, obtaining work as a writer, editor, second unit director and actor before finally becoming a director. He directed a few films just before the outbreak of WW II...
“ Plot: Ascending Dawn, Lot 5721, Space 2A
GPS coordinates: 34.1471481, -118.3270264 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Courts of Remembrance, wall crypt 5542A, above Andy Gibb
GPS coordinates: 34.1493111, -118.3207703 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Rod Dedeaux
Miscellaneous Crew, Field of Dreams
Head baseball coach at USC for 45 seasons, won 1332 games and 10 NCAA titles. Played for the 1935 Brooklyn Dodgers.
Sandra Dee
Sandra Dee was born Alexandria Zuck on April 23, 1942 in Bayonne, New Jersey, to Mary (Cymboliak) and John Zuck. She was of Carpatho-Rusyn descent. Her mother envisioned a show business career for her daughter and would often lie about her age in order to get Sandy where she wanted to go. For example...
“ Plot: Courts of Remembrance, Sanctuary of Enduring Protection, wall crypt 3739 ” - Syl
Frank DeKova
Actor, F Troop
Frank DeKova parlayed a sinister scowl, piercing eyes and an all-around menacing attitude into a long career of playing cold-blooded trigger-men, rampaging Indian chiefs, brutal Mexican army officers and the like. So it would probably come as a shock to those who know his work to discover that, before he became an actor, he was--of all things--a schoolteacher...
“ Plot: Summerland, L-233 G-2
GPS coordinates: 34.1513100, -118.3186111 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Vale of Peace, L-4095 G-1
GPS coordinates: 34.1512413, -118.3195419 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Court of Valor, L-5301, space 2 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Summerland, L-176 G-2
GPS coordinates: 34.1513290, -118.3185120 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Reginald Denny
Actor, Rebecca
Sometime in the early 1930s, Denny was between scenes on a movie set when he met a neighborhood boy who was trying to fly a bulky gas-powered model plane. When he tried to help by making an adjustment on the machine, Denny succeeded only in wrecking it. But this launched his infatuation with model aviation, and his new hobby grew into Reginald Denny Industries, maker of model plane kits...
“ Plot: Morning Light, Lot 7451 ” - Syl
Vernon Dent
Vernon Dent was born on February 16, 1895 in San Jose, California and educated there and in Oakland, California. Before entering motion pictures in 1919, he was an accomplished song writer. He entered movies (it is believed) in the Hank Mann Comedies for Arrow in 1919. From there Dent did a short series of one reel "Folly Comedies" for the independent Pacific Film Company in 1921-22...
“ Plot: Hillside, L-3796 ” - Syl
Frank De Vol
Music Department, Kiss Me Deadly
Frank DeVol was born to Herman Frank DeVol and Minnie Emma Humphreys DeVol in Moundsville, West Virginia, on September 20, 1911. He grew up in Canton, Ohio. His father had a "pit" orchestra at the local movie house, and his mother had a sewing shop in Canton. His father was also an accountant. Frank De Vol graduated from McKinley High School in 1929...
“ Plot: Lincoln Terrace, Companion Lawn, Lot 4477, Space 3B ” - Syl
“ Plot: Columbarium of Radiant Dawn, N-G61775
GPS coordinates: 34.1500587, -118.3199310 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Ronnie James Dio
How many rock stars can brag about recording and touring consistently in six different decades? That's just one of the many claims to fame enjoyed by Ronnie James Dio. Born on July 10, 1942, this Cortland, New York native began his recording career back in 1958. Even back then, the seeds of Ronnie James Dio's future musical excesses had already been sown...
“ Plot: Courts of Remembrance, Three Children sarcophagus ” - Syl
“ Plot: Court of Liberty, L-283 ” - Syl
Roy Edward Disney
Roy Edward Disney began working for the Walt Disney Company as an assistant film editor on the True-Life Adventure film in 1954. In 1967, he was elected to the Board of Directors of the company. In 1984, he returned to the company as vice chairman of the board, and head of the animation department. On October 16...
“ Plot: Sheltering Hills, 125
GPS coordinates: 34.1479301, -118.3252335 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Devotion, L-7934
GPS coordinates: 34.1522598, -118.3204498 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Edward Dmytryk
Edward Dmytryk grew up in San Francisco, the son of Ukrainian immigrants. After his mother died when he was 6, his strict disciplinarian father beat the boy frequently, and the child began running away while in his early teens. Eventually, juvenile authorities allowed him to live alone at the age of 15 and helped him find part-time work as a film studio messenger...
“ Plot: Murmuring Trees, Lot 3585, Space 4
GPS coordinates: 34.1448784, -118.3209305 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Jimmie Dodd
Composer, songwriter ("Mickey Mouse March"), actor, singer, guitarist and conductor, Jimmie Dodd was educated at the University of Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Conservatory and Vanderbilt University. He began his career in 1933 as a guitarist and singer on radio, coming to Hollywood in 1937 to play in the Louis Prima orchestra and later become an actor...
“ Plot: Vale of Peace, Lot 4791, Space 1
GPS coordinates: 34.1516685, -118.3199921 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Court of Liberty, Lot 815A ” - Syl
“ Plot: Courts of Remembrance, Sanctuary of Salvation, Crypt 3733 ” - Syl
Leo Durocher
American professional baseball player and manager.
“ Plot: Hillside Section, lot 3311, space 2 ” - Syl
Dan Duryea
Dan Duryea was educated at Cornell University and worked in the advertising business before pursuing his career as an actor. Duryea made his Broadway debut in the play "Dead End." The critical acclaim he won for his performance as Leo Hubbard in the Broadway production of "The Little Foxes" led to his appearance in the film version, in the same role.
“ Plot: Morning Light, Lot 7347, Space 3 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Remembrance, L-380 G-4
GPS coordinates: 34.1502419, -118.3223801 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Arthur Edeson
Cinematographer, Casablanca
Arthur Edeson is an American cinematographer who was a pioneer of his craft. His career spanned four decades and encompassed many films now regarded as classics. Born in New York in 1891, Edeson first worked as a still photographer. In 1911 he entered the movie business at Eclair Studios, a production unit based in Fort Lee...
“ Plot: Churchyard, L-3505 G-3
GPS coordinates: 34.1491203, -118.3257065 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Anthony Eisley
The future stage, screen and TV star (real name: Fred Eisley) was born in Philadelphia. His father was general sales manager and "troubleshooter" for a large company, and his work kept the family on the move (up and down the East Coast) throughout Eisley's young life. As early as the days of school plays Eisley knew that he wanted to be an actor...
“ Plot: Lincoln Terrace, Companion Lawn, Lot 4448, Space 2B
GPS coordinates: 34.1428413, -118.3188019 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Court of Remembrance
GPS coordinates: 34.1493111, -118.3207703 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Hal England
Leading man of the American stage who played occasional character roles in film and television. England was a native of King's Mountain, North Carolina and a graduate of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He made his Broadway debut in 1958, directed by Alfred Drake in "Love Me Little." He followed this with a success in "Say...
“ Plot: Sheltering Hills, L-1669
GPS coordinates: 34.1481781, -118.3268433 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Josh Ryan Evans
Actor, Passions
Despite being one of the smallest actors in Hollywood at 37 inches, Josh proved quality early on in life. By creating and distributing his own business cards before he was even a teenager, Josh landed a spot on "The Dancing Baby" ice cream commercial, which led to his role in Baby Geniuses, where he played all the babies and did all the dancing...
“ Plot: Providence Columbarium ” - Syl
Michael Evans
The stage and screen actor Michael Evans was born John Michael Evans on July 27, 1920, in Sittingbourne, England, to A.J. Evans, who wrote the 1926 novel "The Escaping Club" about his escape from a WWI prisoner of war camp, and the former Marie Galbraith, a concert violinist. The young John decided...
Richard Farnsworth
Actor, Misery
An American stuntman who, after more than 30 years in the business, moved into acting and became an acclaimed and respected character actor, Richard Farnsworth was a native of Los Angeles. He grew up around horses and as a teenager was offered an opportunity to ride in films. He appeared in horse-racing scenes and cavalry charges unbilled...
“ Plot: Columbarium of Purity, N-63294
GPS coordinates: 34.1500702, -118.3197403 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Marty Feldman
"I am too old to die young, and too young to grow up," Marty Feldman told a reporter -- a week before he died. This beloved comedian, who poked fun at himself, as well as others, was born Martin Alan Feldman on July 8, 1934, in London, England. His parents were of Ukrainian Jewish heritage (from Kiev)...
“ Plot: Garden of Heritage, lot 5420
GPS coordinates: 34.1446800, -118.3171997 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Eddie Fetherston
Why the devil did Eddie Fetherstone appear more than forty times on the screen as a reporter, a newspaperman, a news or cinema operator, a photographer? It is a mystery that only the casting directors of the golden age of Hollywood could solve. For Eddie had nothing to do with journalism. For an unknown reason...
“ Plot: Homeward, L-4917
GPS coordinates: 34.1509094, -118.3213806 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Tribute, L-939 G-1 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Hillside, L-4819, G-3 ” - Syl
Jack Fina
Soundtrack, Melody Time
Pianist, songwriter ("Bumble Boogie"), composer and conductor, educated at the New York College of Music and a student of August Fraemcke and Elsa Nicilini. He was a pianist in dance orchestras, including that of Freddy Martin, and then formed his own orchestra (which used his composition "Dream Sonata" as its theme)...
“ Plot: Sheltering Hills, L-333 G-4
GPS coordinates: 34.1481094, -118.3255234 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Shug Fisher
This country singing-and-playing perennial earned the nickname of "Shug" early in life from his mother, who used to call him "sugar" as an infant. The native Oklahoman was born George Clinton Fisher in 1907, the son of a Scots-Irish father and part Choctaw mother. He learned how to play the mandolin...
“ Plot: Beloved Hope, Lot 1055, Space 3 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Lincoln Terrace, Lot 4215
GPS coordinates: 34.1431007, -118.3181534 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Robert Florey
Robert Florey became infatuated with Hollywood while in his teens. By the time he set off for America in the early 1920s he had written articles on film for Cinemagazine, La Cinematographie Francaise and Le Technicien du Film, acted and directed one-reel shorts in Switzerland and worked as an assistant for Louis Feuillade at his studio in Nice...
“ Plot: Murmuring Trees, lot #4361
GPS coordinates: 34.1458397, -118.3210602 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Tony Fontane
Tony Fontane was born September 18, 1925 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and grew up in North Dakota and Chicago. He escaped the grinding poverty of his youth by joining the Coast Guard in World War II, after which he rose to prominence as a singer in the night clubs of New York. After winning the Major Bowes Original Amateur Hour...
“ Plot: Court of Remembrance, lot 409 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Columbarium of Providence, Niche 65077 ” - Syl
Robert Francis
Relatively new to Hollywood, young Robert Francis, 25, was a rising young actor on the verge of film stardom in 1955 after making a solid debut as a ranking officer in The Caine Mutiny - alongside a formidable, normally intimidating group of veterans such as Humphrey Bogart, José Ferrer, Van Johnson and Fred MacMurray...
Roberta Collins
Brassy'n'beautiful blonde Roberta Collins was a terrific, dynamic and scene-stealing delight who greatly enlivened a bunch of choice down'n'dirty 1970s drive-in exploitation pictures with her earthy good humor, boundless vitality, superior acting ability, strong, forceful personality and smoldering sex appeal...
“ She is interred with her son. ” - Syl
“ Plot: Murmuring Trees, L-9187
GPS coordinates: 34.1447487, -118.3190536 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Courts of Remembrance, C-3571, outer south-east wall.
GPS coordinates: 34.1491890, -118.3202362 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Homeward, L-3812 G-2
GPS coordinates: 34.1504593, -118.3204269 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl