The best characters of "the X-Files"

The best characters of "the X files" in order from greatest to least.

(Only characters who've been in more than one episode.)
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David Duchovny
David William Duchovny was born on August 7, 1960, in New York City, New York, USA. His father, Amram Ducovny, was a writer and publicist who was from a family of Jewish immigrants (from Ukraine and Poland), and worked for the American Jewish Committee. His mother, Margaret (Miller), was a Scottish-born school teacher...
“ Fox Mulder

(Best episode: "The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati" or "Redux II") ” - JohnSlash
Gillian Anderson
Actress, The X-Files
Gillian Anderson was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Rosemary Alyce (Lane), a computer analyst, and Homer Edward Anderson III, who owned a film post-production company. She has English, German, and Irish ancestry. Gillian started her career as a member of an amateur actor group while at high school. In 1987...
“ Dana Scully (Best episode: "Moment Mori" or "all things") ” - JohnSlash
Megan Leitch
Actress, It
“ Samantha Mulder (Best episode: "Redux II")
also played by Vanessa Morely & Mimi Paley ” - JohnSlash
Jerry Hardin
Actor, The Firm
A highly engaging, charismatic, and reliable character actor with a long and distinguished career spanning half a century, Jerry Hardin has been gracing both the big and small screen, and stage, with many enjoyable performances, highlighted by a relaxed and pleasing Southern twang. Born November 20...
“ Deep Throat (Best episode: "E.B.E.") ” - JohnSlash
Roy Thinnes
Roy was born on April 6, 1938, in Chicago, Illinois. During his formative years, he had wanted to become a doctor or football player - or, if one wants to believe his early press releases, both. He started in show business at a radio station, where he did everything: engineering, DJ shows, news and dramatizations...
“ Jeremiah Smith (Best episode: "Talitha Cumi") ” - JohnSlash
“ Walter Skinner (Best episode: "One Breath" or "Avatar") ” - JohnSlash
“ Cigarette Smoking Man (Best episode: "Redux II") ” - JohnSlash
John Neville
When he was in his early sixties, Terry Gilliam cast him in the title role of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Although the film was a financial failure, his starring role in this major production, as well as his fine performance, led to an explosion in his career. He has since had numerous roles in feature films and television...
“ The Well-Manicured Man (Best episode: "Paper Clip") ” - JohnSlash
Peter Donat
Actor, The Game
The Cando-American actor Peter Donat had a 50-year-long career in TV, motion pictures and theater. So respected was Donat, that Francis Ford Coppola considered casting him in the role of Tom Hagen in The Godfather that went to Robert Duvall. The nephew of Oscar-winning actor Robert Donat, Peter was born Pierre Collingwood Donat on January 20...
“ William Mulder (Best episode: "Anasazi") ” - JohnSlash
“ Mr. X (Best episode: "Herrenvolk") ” - JohnSlash
“ Gibson Praise (Best episode: "The Beginning") ” - JohnSlash
Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman
A renowned American Indian activist-singer-songwriter.
“ Albert Hosteen (Best episode: "The Blessing Way" or "Paper Clip") ” - JohnSlash
“ Leyla Harrison (Best episode: "Alone") ” - JohnSlash
Veronica Cartwright
Actress, Alien
Born in Bristol, England, Veronica is the older sister of the popular child actress Angela Cartwright. In her early career, Veronica was cast in a number of popular movies such as The Children's Hour, Spencer's Mountain and Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. As such, she was cast as "Jemima Boone" in the popular television series Daniel Boone...
“ Cassandra Spender (Best episode: "One Son") ” - JohnSlash
Laurie Holden
LAURIE HOLDEN is best known to audiences as Andrea in the hit AMC drama series The Walking Dead. However, Laurie's big acting break came much earlier in her career, starring with Vanessa Redgrave in the critically acclaimed TNT mini-series Young Catherine. Since that auspicious beginning, she has appeared in several groundbreaking television series...
“ Marita Covarrubias (Best episode: "One Son") ” - JohnSlash
Melinda McGraw
Actress, Mad Men
Melinda McGraw is a classically trained actress known for her range, playing a wide variety of roles in comedy and drama alike. Ms. McGraw grew up in the Boston area and was a member of the Boston Children's Theater. She attended Bennington College briefly until she was accepted at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London...
“ Melissa Scully (Best episode: "One Breath") ” - JohnSlash
Bill Dow
Bill Dow is an award-winning actor and director (and occasional writer) in theatre, film, and television, with scores of credits over a long and varied career. Currently appearing in two hit television series, Bill Dow is a versatile and sought after performer. As Dr. Lee on Stargate SG-1, he is the passionate...
“ Dr. Charles Burk (Best episode: "Leonard Betts") ” - JohnSlash
Annabeth Gish
Actress, Mystic Pizza
A versatile actress, Annabeth Gish weathered the transition from child actor to adult, with a variety of dramatic and comedic roles on film and television. Anne Elizabeth Gish was born on March 13, 1971 in Albuquerque, New Mexico and moved with her family to Cedar Falls, at the age of two. Her parents were both teachers; her father...
“ Monica Reyes (Best episode: "This Is Not Happening") ” - JohnSlash
Robert Patrick
Robert Hammond Patrick Jr. was born on November 5, 1958 in Marietta, Georgia, and raised in Columbus, Ohio, the eldest of 5 children. He attended the Bowling Green State University in Ohio, but dropped out after he took a drama course and became interested in acting. After leaving college, he took a job as a house painter and continued as such until a boating accident in Lake Erie in 1984...
“ John Doggett (Best episode: "Via Negativa") ” - JohnSlash
“ Michael Kritschgau (Best episode: "The Sixth Extinction") ” - JohnSlash
James Pickens Jr.
James Pickens Jr. was born October 26, 1954 in Cleveland, Ohio. While attending college at Bowling Green State University, Pickens began pursuing an interest in acting. He graduated from BGSU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1976. Afterwards, Pickens began work on the stage at the Roundabout Theatre in New York City...
“ FBI Deputy Director Alvin Kersh (Best episode: "One Son") ” - JohnSlash
Bruce Harwood
Bruce was born in North Vancouver but then moved to Prince Rupert. When he was in elementary school, his family moved to Vernon, British Columbia in the Okanagan Valley, where he lived until going to the University of British Columbia. He met Heather when they were in Junior High School together, but didn't start a romance until he was in University...
“ John Fitzgerald Byers (Best episode: "Unusual Suspects") ” - JohnSlash
Tom Braidwood
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, The X-Files
“ Melvin Frohike (Best episode: "The Blessing Way") ” - JohnSlash
“ Richard 'Ringo' Langly (Best episode: "The Gift") ” - JohnSlash
Lucy Lawless
New Zealand icon Lucy Lawless, is most famously known for her role as "Xena the Warrior Princess". Lucy is married to producer Rob Tapert (Robert Gerard Tapert) and resides in New Zealand. They have two sons, Julius Robert Bay Tapert and Judah Miro Tapert, who were both born in New Zealand. Lucy also has a daughter, Daisy Lawless, from her first marriage to Garth Lawless...
“ Shannon McMahon

(Best episode: "Nothing Important Happened Today II") ” - JohnSlash
“ Alex Krycek (Best episode: "Paper Clip") ” - JohnSlash
Raymond J. Barry
Before moving into film, Raymond J. Barry appeared in more than 75 stage productions, winning two Obie Awards for "Leaf People" and "Molly's Dream." Barry earned a degree in philosophy at Brown University before being accepted by the Yale School of Drama. After he moved to New York in the 1960s, his...
“ Senator Richard Matheson (Best episode "S.R. 819") ” - JohnSlash
“ Captain William Scully (Best episode: "One Breath") ” - JohnSlash
Brian Thompson
Actor, Joe Dirt
Brian Earl Thompson was born on August 28, 1959 in Ellensburg, Washington. Raised on the Columbia River in Longview, he learned the value of academics and athletics, as the son of two teachers and the second of six siblings. His interest in acting was first sparked during his senior year of high school with the role of the Russian ballet instructor...
“ Alien Bounty Hunter (Best episode: "Herrenvolk") ” - JohnSlash
Brendan Beiser
Canadian actor Brendan Joseph Beiser was born in Boston Massachusetts. His father, a Canadian psychiatrist, held a professorship at Harvard in the late '60s/early '70s. When Brendan was six, the Beiser family moved to from the US to France for a year before returning permanently to Canada. Brendan studied...
“ Agent Pendrell (Best episode: "Herrenvolk") ” - JohnSlash
Steve Railsback
Actor, Lifeforce
Noted for his dangerous, chameleon-like portrayals while possessing the scariest-looking pair of eyes in the business, leathery-looking Steve Railsback has mesmerized us over the years with a number of weird, often warped roles both on film and television. While never achieving the degree of stardom deserved...
“ Duane Berry (Best episode: "Duane Barry") ” - JohnSlash
Doug Hutchison
Doug grew up in Detroit and Minneapolis, eventually moved to N.Y.C., and attended the Juilliard School for a brief stint. After studying two years with Sanford Meisner and working a plethora of odd-ball jobs (including dressed as a giant Citibank card handing out fliers in Times Square), the actor worked...
“ Eugene Victor Tooms (Best episode: "Tooms") ” - JohnSlash