All in the Family

People Who Played another member of their own family (usually a parent). All-Time. Alphabetically.
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Desi Arnaz Jr.
Desi Arnaz Jr. has lived in Boulder City, Nevada, since 1986, where he owns the Historic Boulder Theatre and helps direct non-profit Boulder City Ballet Company (BCBC) with his wife, Amy Arnaz. Boulder Theatre was built in 1932 during the construction of Hoover Dam and operated as a movie theatre until it could no longer compete with the new...
“ Desi Arnaz (Cuban Pete, The Mambo Kings) ” - peterdi315
“ Eddie Foy, Sr. (The Woman of the Town) ” - peterdi315
Eddie Foy Jr.
With the passing of Irving Foy in 2003, another era in American show business comes to a close. Eddie Foy & the Seven Little Foys appeared on screen together only once, in 1915 in A Favorite Fool, while Eddie Sr., without his progeny, appeared on screen in Actors' Fund Field Day and Yankee Doodle in Berlin. In the screen biography The Seven Little Foys...
“ Eddie Foy, Sr. (Benny from Panama, Frontier Marshall, Lillian Russell, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Wilson, Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre - The Seven Little Foys) ” - peterdi315
“ Waylon Jennings (Walk the Line) ” - peterdi315
Will Rogers Jr.
Will Rogers Jr. was elected as a Democratic congressman for Southern California in 1942. Although he served only 17 months in congress, he is best remembered as the American politician who did the most to try and save the Jews of Europe during World War II. Rogers joined the Emergency Committee to Save the Jewish People of Europe in 1943...
“ Will Rogers (Look for the Silver Lining, The Story of Will Rogers, The Eddie Cantor Story) ” - peterdi315
Isabella Rossellini
Actress, Blue Velvet
Isabella Rossellini, the Italian actress and model who has made her home in America since 1979 and holds dual Italian and American citizenship, was born cinema royalty when she made her debut on June 18, 1952 in Rome. She is the daughter of two legends, three-time Oscar-winning Swedish-born actress Ingrid Bergman and neo-realist master Italian director Roberto Rossellini...
“ Ingrid Bergman (My Dad is 100 Years Old) ” - peterdi315