List includes Native Americans and Latinas without an IMDB Page

Alba Rodriguez
Ana Caty Hernandez
Andrea Chediak
Angelique Nadine
Alejandra Campoverdi
Alexandra Gizela
Alysha Del Valle
Ayisha Diaz
Barbara Rodiles
Carla Aranguren
Carol Seleme Daniel
Carolina Prato
Cecilia Quintana
Christina Blackwell
Cindy Vanegas
Clara Costa
Claudia Ospina (tv)
Damaris Diaz (tv)
Dayanis Garcia
Diana Alvarado
Dulce Castellanos
Emmaly Lugo
Erika Csiszer
Erika Fernández
Gaby Alvarez (Despierta America)
Hencery Carillo
Ines Rosales
Jasmin Cadavid
Jessenia Vice
Johanna Gomez @joneofthewonders
Joselyn Cano
Lisa Mateo
Maity Interiano
Maria Camila Guzman
Maria Paula Ochoa
Mayra Suarez
Mayte Carranco
Meg Melillo
Melissa Marie Gonzalez
Mia Torres
Nathali Díaz
Patty Lopez Delac
Perla Valenzuela
Priscila Trejo
Rachel Serrano
Rosanna Castillo
Roxea Vancea
Sandra Bonilla
Vicky Justiz***
Veronica Becerra
Vivian Fabiola Valadez
Yanet Garcia
Yarena Rodriguez
Yovanna Ventura
Zena Foster
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Gabriela Lopez
Actress, The 5th Wave
Gabriela was born and raised in Dothan, AL. Throughout her childhood, everyone knew she was born to entertain. She recognized her itch for the arts at the age of 9 when she entered her 4th grade reading contest. Instead of just reading from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, she decided to perform as...
Catalina Rodriguez
Actress, Spin
A rising Latina from Miami who has made a career in modeling, TV commercials and as an actress - Catalina Rodriguez was born in Medellin, Colombia, her family is that of Spaniard and German descent. At three years old her family relocated to Miami, Florida in search of the American Dream where she was raised along with her older sister...
Tonantzin Carmelo
Actress, Into the West
Carmelo began her career as a native dancer and musician, recording 3 CDs with Canyon Records. She honed her acting craft in a myriad of professional theater productions, and is a member of the LA based professional theater company Native Voices, most recently as Lisa Yellowtree in the world premiere production of Carbon Black...
Pam Rodriguez
Transportation Department, Homage
Marilyn Mark
Actress, Mascots
Raised in New York City this talented actress knew arts and education and her need for it at a very young age. Her first play at the age of 7 was a revelation to her love and fearlessness in the arts. She earned a BA in Business Marketing while involved in the Drama/Theater Program thoughout her studies...
Ana Isabelle
Actress, Imprisoned
Ana Isabelle is a singer, composer, actress, dancer who stole the hearts of more than 30 million Latinos who voted for her and made her the winner of Viva el Sueño; a music reality show produced by Univision in which Ana Isabelle was crowned as the new Latin music rising star. On her international debut...
Evelyn Jimenez
Evelyn Jimenez was born in Castillo, Dominican Republic; she was introduced to the art of dance and modeling at an early age. She moved to Puerto Rico; that led her to start gaining experience as a model and as an actress. Her exotic beauty, drawing personality and wit, were a key to win various Beauty Pageants...
Shannon Baker
Shannon Baker is Carrier Dene of the Stellat'en First Nation reservation in northern British Columbia. She has an identical twin sister named Shauna. She resides in Los Angeles, California. Her and her twin sister are collectively known as 'The Baker Twins'. As an actor, model, and spokesperson Shannon Baker has been featured on a variety of television shows...
Shauna Baker
Actress, DreamCatcher
Canadian born, Shauna Baker was raised by her Dené Grandmother on a reservation in northern Canada. Shauna was extensively involved in business before her entertainment career began. Despite her success in the corporate world, she instinctively knew she was not following her dreams. Shauna started modeling, then moved to hosting and then fell in love with the dramatic arts...
Monique Barajas
A native Angeleno, Monique Barajas, is a Mexican-American actor. Monique was born in Monterey Park but spent most of her youth in Azusa, there she would join the legendary Mickey Rooney's Talent Town. Monique along with a brother and two sisters, was raised by a single mother who stemmed from Chihuahua, Mexico...
Karla Zamudio
Actress, Maximum Ride
Karla Zamudio, a native of Los Angeles, became inspired to work in the film industry at an early age. With her interesting Latin heritage and bi-lingual capabilities, she wanted to contribute to broadening the opportunities for actors in the Latin community. Her career began when she landed a top commercial agent and booked countless national and regional commercials in both Spanish and English...
Edy Ganem
Actress, Devious Maids
Edy Ganem is an American film actress born in Modesto, California. She is of Mexican and Lebanese descent and has two brothers. During her childhood, Edy and her family moved a lot. She has lived in several cities in Mexico. Edy also lived in Barcelona, Spain before moving to San Diego, California, where she decided to pursue acting. She now resides in Los Angeles...
Lucia Munoz
Lucia Munoz was born and raised in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. She was the 3rd child of 4. Lucia grew up speaking fluent Spanish. She is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent. Received her BFA in Acting from NIU. Is a member of SAG-AFTRA. She has been singing and studying vocal performance since the age of 13...
Liana Arauz
Actress, Better Half
Liana was born in Managua, Nicaragua and got to witness first-hand civil war and the ramifications of living under a communist regime. The family travel often and she spent school years living in Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and Belize, and college years in the US, Chile and Japan. Raised in a family of mainly doctors and engineers...
Yenitza Munoz
Self, Fit Club
Yenitza Muñoz is a southern California native born in Orange, California. She's first generation Mexican American and speaks English and Spanish fluently. Muñoz began working in Spanish television before leaping into the American entertainment market. She's an actress, journalist, writer, and model...
Graciella Evelina Martinez
Actress, Mindbenders
Graciella Evelina Martinez was born a free bird. As a child acting was not on her mind. She began her dancing career at the age of 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she was born as Tomiko Ly-Martinez. Although her mother Carmen Rita Martinez was born in Puerto Rico and her father Juan Ly is Cuban-Chinese...
T Lopez
Actress, Evolution
Wedil David
Wedil David was born in New Delhi, India and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut. She was discovered by future mentor Garry Marshall, who cast her in Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve. She studied acting in New York before making her move to L.A. In a relatively short time, Wedil has worked opposite three Oscar winners, including Hillary Swank, Jamie Foxx and Louis Gossett Jr...
Lisa Hernandez
Makeup Department, Game of Thrones
Chenine Lozano
Long Beach-native Chenine Lozano made her debut as a Rev New Media host in 2012, covering everything from music to lifestyle on the red carpet and providing viewers with up-to-date news through Hollyscoop, ModaMob, Stereotude, CaptainWAG and The Savory. Despite her new surroundings, Chenine jumpstarted...
Vanessa Born
Vanessa Born grew up in Granite Bay, California. Born July 21st, 1992 (the year of the monkey). She was raised by Bill Von-Bjorn a UK/Dutch computer programmer in the Silicon Valley and Marielle Von-Bjorn a Native American care-giver for the elderly. (Although her biological father, identity is NON-Disclosed...
Lela Loren
Actress, Power
Dani Garza
Actress, Paranoia
“ ? ” - IAmBeingSarcastic
Marilyn Cortez
Actress, Clear History
Marilyn practices Martial Arts. She has traveled around the world, her favorite places to visit are Israel and Turkey. Her parents are Feliciano Munoz and Elidia Marina Cortez. She loves horseback riding as well as training in Boxing, Bikram Yoga, Crossfit and jogging.. She has a major in Marketing from Rhode Island College.