Top Ten B Western Villains

Recently, I have become a big fan of old westerns and series that existed before my birth. I have noticed there is a regular group of actors who portray the villain in these B westerns. Here is a list of my favorite villains, in no particular order.
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George Chesebro
Actor, Wolfblood
George Chesebro was an American character actor who, after a few leading roles in silent films, became an omnipresent bit player in "B" westerns. A native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Chesebro became involved in traveling stock theater productions before the age of 20, and by 1911 was a seasoned performer...
Roy Barcroft
Actor, Oklahoma!
After serving in World War I, Roy Barcroft spent most of the 1920s and early 1930s moving from job to job. It was in the 1930s, after he moved to California with his wife, that he found his calling while acting in amateur theatrical productions. In 1937 he was appearing in bit parts in various genres...
Robert J. Wilke
Prolific American character actor of primarily villainous roles. The son of German parents, Cincinnati feed-store manager August Wilke and his wife Rose, Robert Joseph Wilke grew up in Cincinnati. He worked as a lifeguard at a Miami, Florida, hotel, where he made contacts in the film business. He was able to obtain work as a stuntman and continued as such until the mid-'40s...
Lane Chandler
Husky-voiced supporting player, mostly in 30s westerns, who appeared also in a few Hollywood costumers and modern-dress features through the 1950's.
I. Stanford Jolley
Perennial film western heavy I. Stanford Jolley could be spotted anywhere and everywhere in dusty "B" fare from 1935 on. Often mustachioed, this freelancing, wideset-eyed, black-hatted villain, who showed up in Hollywood following vaudeville and Broadway experience, could be counted on to give the sagebrush hero a devil of a time before the film's end...
Bud Geary
Actor, Robin Hood
Born Sigsbee Maine Geary in Salt Lake City, Utah, on February 15, 1898, ace stuntman Bud Geary began appearing in films in 1920, and it wasn't long before the strapping (6'1"), athletic young man was strutting his stuff with such action players as Douglas Fairbanks in Robin Hood (in which Geary played Will Scarlett) and Buck Jones in The Arizona Romeo...