Westminster Orange County

The men and women are interred at Westminster Memorial Park in Westminster, Orange County, California.
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Loyal Griggs
Cinematographer, The Ten Commandments
Loyal Griggs entered the film industry in the mid-1920s, directly out of high school, as an assistant in the special effects department of Paramount. He was a cameraman for nearly 30 years before graduating to director of photography, and he proved his worth by winning an Academy Award for cinematography for Shane, just two years after his elevation to lighting cameraman.
“ Plot: Block 19-A, Section 49, Space 4
GPS coordinates: 33.4493790, -117.5965805 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Danny Lockin
Danny Lockin was born in Hawaii in 1943, and was raised in Omaha, Nebraska. He was an exceptional dancer who started dancing professionally at age eight. He appeared in the film Gypsy as Gerry. He appeared on Broadway in the 1964 revival of "West Side Story", and in other shows such as "The Sound of Music"...
“ Plot: Block 29, Section 219, Grave 4 ” - Syl
“ Plot: South end of park, Shakespeare Lane; Sec. 31, Grave 114, Marker 7 (between 3rd and 4th tree by curb) ” - Syl
Neal Fredericks
Cinematographer, The Blair Witch Project
Neal L. Fredericks was born in Newport Beach, California. Neal lived all over the world, in Asia and Europe, and was based in Los Angeles, California. As a director of photography (cinematographer), Neal's theatrical feature film debut was Laughing Dead. His breakthrough films were The Blair Witch Project and Dreamers.
“ Plot: Meditation, Lot 250, grave 4 ” - Syl