24 Hours Lost

Actors who appeared in both 24 and Lost
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Daniel Dae Kim
Through the diversity of his roles on stage and screen, Daniel Dae Kim continues to expand our perceptions of the Asian-American man. In characters ranging from the King of Siam, a Shakespearean hero, a social worker for the Chicago needy, to a counter-terrorist agent, his work has consistently proven to transcend the historical barriers of race and stereotype...
“ Tom Baker/Jin Kwon ” - leftywva
“ Theo Stoller/Desmond Hume ” - leftywva
John Terry
John Terry, a native Floridian, discovered acting through a series of fortunate events while building custom log homes in North Carolina. After performing in a few local theater productions, he moved to Alaska where he helped start a river rafting company. On his 30th birthday, he moved to New York and tried full-time acting and stayed with that...
“ Bob Warner/Christian Shephard ” - leftywva
Reiko Aylesworth
Actress, 24
Reiko was born in Chicago, IL.. She and her younger brother were raised by their mother who worked in a methadone clinic and later ran a jail. When Reiko was 13 yrs. old, they met the man who would become her stepfather and would introduce her to acting and theater. The family soon moved to Springfield...
“ Michelle Dressler/Amy GoodSpeed ” - leftywva
“ President Yuri Suvarov/Richard Malkin ” - leftywva
“ Lynne Kresge/Karen Decker ” - leftywva
Doug Hutchison
Doug grew up in Detroit and Minneapolis, eventually moved to N.Y.C., and attended the Juilliard School for a brief stint. After studying two years with Sanford Meisner and working a plethora of odd-ball jobs (including dressed as a giant Citibank card handing out fliers in Times Square), the actor worked...
“ Davros/Horace Goodspeed ” - leftywva
“ Andre Drazen/Edmund Burke ” - leftywva
“ Deng/Jae Lee ” - leftywva
Donnie Keshawarz
Donnie was born in Guelph, Ontario and raised in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Before discovering acting, Donnie was a soccer addict, then frontman for the prog-rock group Elements. He has a BFA from Rutgers University, and an MFA from The University of Missouri at Kansas City. Donnie resides in New York with his wife and his daughter, Sofia.
“ Yusuf Auda/Essam Tasir ” - leftywva
“ General Bowden/Howard Gray ” - leftywva
“ Rick Phillips/Big Mike Walton ” - leftywva
Jon Gries
Actor, Taken
“ Joseph Wald/Roger Linus ” - leftywva
Alan Dale
Actor, Neighbours
Alan Dale was born on May 6, 1947 in Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand. He is best known for his eight year role as Jim Robinson in the long running Australian soap opera Neighbours, played Caleb in the hit Fox series The O.C., featured on Lost and has a long list of recurring roles...
“ Vice President Jim Prescott/Charles Widmore ” - leftywva
“ Raymond O'Hara/Ryan Pryce ” - leftywva
“ David Weiss/Dave ” - leftywva
“ Consul Koo Yin/Dr. Pierre Chang/Dr. Marvin Candle/Dr. Edgar Halliwax ” - leftywva
Gabrielle Fitzpatrick
Actress, Mr. Nice Guy
Gabrielle Fitzpatrick started off as a professional model. She auditioned for a modelling part in the film 'Via Monte Napoleone' while doing a photo shoot in Milan but was given an acting role.
“ Diana White/Lindsey ” - leftywva
Hakeem Kae-Kazim
Actor Hakeem Kae-Kazim, classically trained in the UK at the highly regarded Bristol Old Vic and soon after graduation was invited to join the Royal Shakespeare Company. Hakeem's list of impressive credits include Pirates of the Caribbean III, Lost, Cane with Jimmy Smits, Law & Order: SVU with Mariska Hargitay...
“ Colonel Ike Dubaku/Emeka ” - leftywva
“ Major Zeze Eto'o/Yemi ” - leftywva
Jeff Kober
Actor, Sully
Jeff Kober, a native of Billings, Montana, was born on December 18, 1953. Not satisfied with being a rancher, Kober relocated to the L.A. area in his twenties with the desire to become an actor. His first appearance on the small screen was a non-billed role in the 1980s series V. Kober...
“ Conrad Haas/Mechanic (Uncredited) ” - leftywva
“ Doug Knowles/Mike ” - leftywva
Anthony Azizi
Actor, Eagle Eye
Anthony Azizi started his career many years ago, as a child, acting in plays for the Touchstone Theater run by Bill and Bridget George in Bethlehem, PA. He also started writing and staging his own plays at the age of eight for school and other public venues. He continued in the arts throughout all of his schooling...
“ Rafique / Mamud Rasheed Faheen/Omar ” - leftywva
“ Carla Matheson/Bonnie ” - leftywva
“ Sarah Gavin/Greta ” - leftywva