El Camino San Diego

The men and women are interred at El Camino Memorial Park in San Diego, California.
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Billy Daniels
Billy Daniels toiled obscurely for years before becoming a star in 1950. He began singing in his native Jacksonville, Florida, moved to Harlem in 1932 and became a dishwasher and later singing waiter at Dickie Wells' restaurant-club. He toured with the Erskine Hawkins band circa 1935-36, then returned to Harlem...
“ Plot: Madonna Lawn Section, Lot 360 D ” - Syl
“ Plot: Sanctuary of Love (3), Crypt 4,Tier F ” - Syl
“ Plot: Section M Lot 266 ” - Syl
Preston Foster
Actor, Waterfront
Actor, composer, songwriter, guitarist and author. He moved from Broadway acting (1928-1932) into films, touring America with his wife and daughter, and did some recordings. He was the executive producer at the El Camino Playhouse in California. Joining ASCAP in 1953, his chief musical collaborator was Perry Botkin...
“ Plot: Loma Siesta Section, Lot 132 C, Grave 2 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Sunset Couches, Bay 2, Section D ” - Syl
Pete Rozelle
Pete Rozelle ranks as the most successful executive in the history of American sports. Under Rozelle's management of commissioner, professional American football overtook baseball as America's past-time and television came to maturity as the prime conduit for sports entertainment. When Rozelle took over the NFL as Commissioner in 1960...
“ Plot: Lakeview Mausoleum, Columbarium Room 1, Bay 2, Row C ” - Syl
Milburn Stone
Actor, Gunsmoke
Character actor Milburn Stone, the beloved "Doc Adams" on TV's long-running western classic Gunsmoke, was born in Kansas on July 5, 1904. Acting must have been in his blood as the nephew of Broadway comedian Fred Stone for Milburn left home as a teenager to find work with touring repertory troupes...
“ Plot: Vista del Lago Section, Lot 401-D ” - Syl
Patti Page
Patti Page was born Clara Ann Fowler in Oklahoma in 1927. She began her professional singing career at KTUL, a Tulsa radio station. Since the program was sponsored by Page Milk, she adopted the moniker Patti Page, and it stuck. Patti toured the US in the late 1940s with Jimmy Joy, and notably sang with the Benny Goodman band in Chicago...