Green Hills Memorial Park

The men and women interred at Green Hills Memorial Park in Ranchos Palos Verdes, Los Angeles, California.
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Rodney Anoai
The man who would eventually become known as Yokozuna was born in San Francisco on October 22, 1966. He came from a wrestling family, as his uncles were Afa Anoai and Sika Anoai. He was trained by his uncles and Sam Fatu as a teenager and wrestled in Alabama and the USWA under the name Kokina Anoai. He already weighed 400 pounds...
D. Boon
Soundtrack, Jackass: The Movie
D. Boon created the legendary punk rock band, Minutemen, with George Hurley and Mike Watt in 1980. The trio went on to release 11 albums in less than six years and toured maniacally until Boon's tragic death in late December of 1985 caused the group's abrupt demise.
“ Plot: Lakeview Lawn, Plot #365. Look for the numbers painted on the curb on the north side of Lake View Drive, until you find #360, D.'s grave is five rows up the hill, walking north. ” - Syl
“ Plot: Parkview, Crypt 111, C ” - Syl
Charles Bukowski
Writer, Barfly
Charles Bukowski, the American poet, short-story writer, and novelist, was born Heinrich Karl Bukowski, Jr. in Andernach, Germany on August 1920. He was the son of Henry Bukowski, a US soldier who was part of the post-World War I occupation force, and Katharina Fett, a German woman. His father, his wife and young "Henry Charles" returned to the United States in 1922...
“ Plot: Ocean View #875 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Park View Terrace, Lawn Crypt 204 B ” - Syl
Bob Custer
Kentucky-born Bob Custer was an actual cowboy who left the range to perform in rodeo shows. Like many other rodeo performers, he found out that appearing in western films paid quite a bit more (and was much less dangerous) than bull-riding and steer-roping, and he began to gain popularity as a western star in a series of medium-budget films in the early and mid-'20s...
“ Plot: Faith and Hope section, Grave #420 A ” - Syl
“ Plot: Sanatuary of the cross, North wall, 259, Depth B. ” - Syl
Kenneth Green
Born in Los Angeles to Abraham & Grace (Penrod) Green. Was A child Star with Hal Roche's Little Racals. In 1922 played a small part in the movie Red Mill. From there Kenneth Green worked for Warner Bros, then known as National Pictures. in transportation. Stated in the Warner 7arts magazine after his death...
“ Plot: Sanatuary of the cross, North wall, 259, Depth B. ” - Syl
Don Terry
Fondly remembered by many cliffhanger fans of the 30s and 40s as staunch, gung-ho hero Don Winslow, athlete-turned-actor Don Terry identified quite well with his alter-ego. An adventurer at heart, he was born and christened Donald Prescott Loker on August 8, 1902. His parents were of Old English background...
“ Plot: Cypress, Crypt 58, Tier C ” - Syl