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Dalton E. Gray
Dalton was born in Houston Texas and shortly moved Katy, Texas. His dad is a sheriff deputy and his mom started her own aviation business to be able to travel with Dalton to all his auditions and acting jobs. He has an older sister Katie. At age 13, Dalton was asked to do print work, didn't do it because he wanted to focus on his motocross career...
“ Dalton Edward Gray
5' 7" (1.70 m)
Before he started acting, he was an accomplished Motorcross racer which he started at age 8. With over 200 victories as well 15 sponsors from various Motorcross-related suppliers, by age 10 he owned 5 bikes.
Star Sign: Gemini

Started acting at 12, when he auditioned for a part "just for fun" which led to him being cast in his first production. ” - giovannab99
Max Schneider
Actor/Singer Max Schneider began performing at the age of three and hasn't stopped since. He started off singing and dancing for family and friends on his living room table, but ended up singing and dancing on a Broadway stage. He began his professional career in the Broadway musical, 13, and things just set off from there...
“ Charlie Prince- Rags ” - giovannab99
Asa Butterfield
Actor, Hugo
Asa Butterfield was born in Islington, London, England, to Jacqueline Farr and Sam Butterfield. He began acting at the age of 8, after a talent spotting casting director saw him at his local after school drama club, The Young Actors Theatre in Islington. Following on from a couple of small roles in films...
“ Asa Maxwell Thornton Farr Butterfield
April 1, 1997
Asa Butterfield has been a professional actor since the age of 8. He lives in London with his brother Morgan and his little sisters Loxie and Marlie.
Star Sign: Aries ” - giovannab99
Chandler Canterbury
Actor, Knowing
Chandler was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He is the middle child of three with an older brother and a younger sister. Chandler has always resided full time in Houston and attends public school despite steadily working in the film industry. Chandler began his film career playing a young version of Seann William Scott in Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach...
“ December 15, 1998
Chandler plays Jamie Stryder, the brother of Melanie (Ronan), a captured human whose body becomes the host for a parasitic alien "soul" named Wanderer. Surviving the Soul's implantation into her body, Melanie develops a relationship with Wanderer and together they try to locate the last pocket of surviving humans on Earth including Melanie's brother Jamie.
Star Sign: Sagittarius ” - giovannab99
“ Born: May 25, 1997
Older brother of Chandler Canterbury.

Older brother of Shelby Canterbury.
Star Sign: Gemini ” - giovannab99
“ Younger sister of Chandler Canterbury and Colby Canterbury. ” - giovannab99
“ Trivia: Brother of actress Daisy Tahan ” - giovannab99
“ Sister of actor Charlie Tahan.

Has an older brother. ” - giovannab99
“ Date of Birth
27 June 1999,
He has a younger brother.

His parents are William and Gina Ann.

Has a Youtube Channel called "TheOrangeTrampoline" where he plays Minecraft and makes short V-Logs.
Star Sign: Cancer ” - giovannab99
Ty Simpkins
At his young age, Ty Simpkins has proudly accomplished more than most in the world of entertainment - he has starred in two of the biggest blockbusters of all time. Simpkins can be seen opposite Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt in Universal's dinosaur box office monster hit Jurassic World. Prior...
“ Ty Keegan Simpkins

4' 7" (1.40 m)
Ty lives in California with his family, although they maintain a home in New Jersey as well. He is the youngest of 3 children; Ty loves participating in fencing, ice hockey and climbing the cliffs in the hills with his dogs Rufus and Chapin. ” - giovannab99
Ryan Simpkins
Actress, A Single Man
Ryan Simpkins is no stranger when it comes to making movies. It has been an up & onward journey. Ryan always brings a strong, playful, and passionate performance to every project she's involved with. Starting out at 4 years old Simpkins booked her first film. At 7 years old, she began performing double time as she debuted on Broadway...
“ Born: Ryan Elise Simpkins
March 25, 1998
Ryan Simpkins is no stranger when it comes to making movies. It has been an up & onward journey for this remarkable 14 year old as she brings a strong, playful, and passionate performance to every project she's involved with.
Star Sign: Aries ” - giovannab99
Max Thieriot
Actor, Jumper
Max Thieriot was born in 1988 in Los Altos Hills, California, and has two siblings. He was raised in Occidental, CA, and graduated from Sonoma Country Day School in 2002 and El Molino High School in 2006. He started acting when he took an improvisation class and modeled for GAP. He was also in two short films before making his big-screen debut in Catch That Kid...
“ Born: Maximillion Drake Thieriot
October 14, 1988
Max Thieriot was born in Los Altos Hills, California in 1988. He is the great-great grandson of Michael Henry de Young, who co-founded the San Francisco Chronicle in 1865.

Star Sign: Libra ” - giovannab99
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Shrader Lawrence was born on August 15, 1990 in Louisville, Kentucky, to Karen (Koch), who manages a children's camp, and Gary Lawrence, who works in construction. She has two older brothers, Ben and Blaine, and has English, as well as some German, Irish, and Scottish, ancestry. Her career began when she traveled to Manhattan at the age of 14...
“ Born: Jennifer Shrader Lawrence
August 15, 1990
Jennifer Lawrence was born in Louisville, Kentucky. She has 2 older brothers, Ben and Blaine, sister-in-law Meredith, and her parents are Gary and Karen Lawrence.
Star Sign: Leo ” - giovannab99
Willow Shields
Willow Shields was born on June 1, 2000 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has a twin sister, actress Autumn Shields, and an older brother, actor River Shields. Willow got her first job in 2008, narrating the short film Las Vegas New Mexico 1875, the story of a dying gunfighter who returns home after 10 years to make peace with his wife and daughter...
“ Born: June 1, 2000
Willow Shields was born on June 1, 2000 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has a twin sister, actress Autumn Shields and an older brother, actor River Shields.

Star Sign: Gemini ” - giovannab99
Alexander Ludwig
Alexander Richard Ludwig was born in Vancouver, Canada. His mother, Sharlene Martin, is a former actress and serves as his manager, and his father, Harald Horst Ludwig, is a businessman and co-chairman of the board for Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. He has 3 siblings; Nicholas, Natalie and Sophia, as well as a golden retriever named Waverly. He has German, Belgian, English, and Scottish ancestry...
“ Alexander Richard Ludwig
Born: May 7, 1992
Alexander Richard Ludwig was born in Vancouver Canada. His mother Sharlene Martin Ludwig is his manager, and his father Harald Ludwig is a businessman. He has 3 siblings; Nicholas, Natalie and Sophia, as well as a golden retriever named Waverly.
Star Sign: Taurus ” - giovannab99
Isabelle Fuhrman
Actress, Orphan
Isabelle was born in Washington, DC but grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. She has one older sister, Madeline, and her parents are Elina and Nick Fuhrman. Her career began when a casting director from Cartoon Network spotted her waiting for her sister and cast her for one of the shows, Cartoon Fridays. Isabelle's first acting gig came in 2006 when she booked a commercial for Rooms to Go furniture...
“ February 25, 1997
Isabelle grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Her mother, Elina Fuhrman, is from the Soviet Union. She has one older sister. Isabelle fell into acting at age 7, when she was cast on Cartoon Fridays.
Star Sign: Pisces ” - giovannab99
“ Born: Jack Henry Quaid
April 24, 1992 in USA

Is the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid.

His uncle is Randy Quaid.
Trivia: His uncle is Randy Quaid. See more »
Star Sign: Taurus ” - giovannab99
“ Quinn Edmond Julian Lord
Born: February 19, 1999
Quinn Lord was born in Vancouver Canada but holds dual citizenship with the United States which allows him to work in both countries. He started his acting career doing commercials at age 5.
Star Sign: Aquarius ” - giovannab99
Dylan Minnette
Actor, Prisoners
Dylan Christopher Minnette was born December 29, 1996 in Evansville, Indiana, to Robyn and Craig Minnette. Scouted by an agent in Chicago, Dylan began work on commercial modeling and acting at the age of seven. He later relocated to Los Angeles, CA to continue his acting career. Dylan scored his first major television role at the age of 8...
“ Minnette is the singer/rhythm guitarist for the band "The Feaver" with Zack Mendenhall (bass), Cole Preston (drums) and Braeden Lemasters (singer/lead guitar).
Born: Dylan Christopher Minnette
December 29, 1996
Star Sign: Capricorn ” - giovannab99
“ Two sisters, one older and one younger.
12 January 1998
Star Sign: Capricorn ” - giovannab99
Joey Luthman
Joey is known for his recurring role "Young Luke Spencer" on General Hospital as "Roger McFadden" on The Goldbergs and "Teen Zoltan" on A.N.T. Farm. He was just on _"Battle Creek" (2015)_, and coming up, recurring on Instant Mom. He is seen as "Drew" in Modern Family, Recurring as "Rad Ferris" on Weeds...
“ Born: Joseph Gregory Wagner Luthman
January 14, 1997
Star Sign: Capricorn ” - giovannab99
Jolie Vanier
Actress, Shorts
Jolie Vanier was born in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1998. Growing up in a family intensely involved with the fine arts, the young girl garnered leading roles in local children's theatre groups such as Childsplay and Desert Stages at an early age. Jolie made her leading role debut as Helvetica in the 2009 feature film Shorts (Warner Bros.) directed by Robert Rodriguez and starring Jon Cryer...
“ Jolie Jacqueline Vanier
January 14, 1998
Star Sign: Capricorn ” - giovannab99
Dakota Goyo
Actor, Real Steel
Dakota Goyo was born in Toronto, Canada, to Debra Goyo, a former model and singer, and David Goyo. His siblings, Devon Goyo and Dallas Goyo, have also acted. He has Italian and Scottish ancestry. Goyo appeared in his first commercial as an infant. His television debut came at the age of 5 in the CBS pilot "Ultra" (2006)...
“ Dakota Avery Goyo
Born: August 22, 1999
Star Sign: Leo ” - giovannab99
Justin Tinucci
Justin Tinucci was born in Denver, Colorado. He started acting at the age of 10. He now lives in Los Angeles, CA where he works in film, television, commercials and music. Justin loves being on set and filming- whether its television, features, commercials or short films. While he has enjoyed all of the projects he's worked on...
“ Born: January 14, 1999
Star Sign: Capricorn ” - giovannab99
“ Trivia: Brother of Actor Alec Gatlin.
Born: April 14, 1997
Star Sign: Aries ” - giovannab99
“ Trivia: Brother of Actor Hardy Gatlin.
Born: Gordon Alexander Gatlin
March 22, 1999
Star Sign: Aries ” - giovannab99
“ Born: Charlie John Rowe
April 23, 1996
Star Sign: Taurus ” - giovannab99
Ryan Lee
Actor, Super 8
“ Born: October 4, 1996
Star Sign: Libra ” - giovannab99
“ Trivia: Brother of Alexandria Basso and Annalise Basso. ” - giovannab99
Dakota Fanning
Hannah Dakota Fanning was born on the 23rd of February 1994, in Conyers, Georgia, USA, to Heather Joy (Arrington) and Steven Fanning. Her mother played professional tennis, and her father, now an electronics salesman, played minor league baseball. She is of German, Irish, English, French, and Channel Islander descent...
“ Born: Hannah Dakota Fanning
February 23, 1994
Star Sign: Pisces ” - giovannab99
Jodelle Ferland
Actress, Tideland
Jodelle Micah Ferland has built up an impressive resume filled with roles in film, television and, at the beginning of her career, commercials. Born on October 9, 1994, she got her start in an episode of CTV's Cold Squad, before landing the lead role in her first film, Mermaid at an early age...
“ Jodelle Micah Ferland
October 9, 1994
Star Sign: Libra ” - giovannab99
Atticus Mitchell
Actor, Fargo
Atticus is a young Toronto actor who began his professional acting career in 2009 with a recurring role in the YTV series, "How to be Indie". Atticus went on to appear as the memorable cyber bully, Carlos Martinelli, in a total of ten episodes. Subsequently, Atticus landed his first lead role, playing...
“ Born on July 25, 1995 ” - giovannab99
“ Born: May 30, 1997
Star Sign: Gemini ” - giovannab99
“ Born: January 22, 1993
Star Sign: Aquarius ” - giovannab99
Leo Howard
Actor, Kickin' It
An only child and born on July 13, 1997 in Newport Beach, California, USA as Leo Richard Howard and raised in Fallbrook, California (near San Diego), Leo is an accomplished movie actor and director known for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009), Kickin' It (2011) and Conan the Barbarian (2011). He is also a model...
“ Born: Leo R. Howard
July 13, 1997
Star Sign: Cancer ” - giovannab99
“ Born: February 16, 1994
Star Sign: Aquarius ” - giovannab99
Jean-Luc Bilodeau
Actor, Baby Daddy
Jean-Luc Bilodeau was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is the son of Raymond and Barbara Bilodeau and has a sister, Danielle, a talent agent in Vancouver, BC. Jean-Luc attended Holy Cross Regional High School in Surrey, BC. He was a dancer for 9 years before becoming an actor, but dropped out because of a busy film schedule...
“ Born: November 4, 1990
Star Sign: Scorpio ” - giovannab99
Jake T. Austin
He was born in New York, USA. His mother is Giny Rodriguez Toranzo and father is Joe Szymanski. His "T"-middle initial is taken from his mother's name 'Toranzo'. His younger sister, Ava, is his only sibling. His father has Polish, English, and Irish ancestry, and his mother is of Puerto Rican, Argentinian...
“ Born: Jake Toranzo Austin Szymanski
December 3, 1994
Star Sign: Sagittarius ” - giovannab99
“ Born: Dylan Riley Jacob Snyder
January 24, 1997
Star Sign: Aquarius ” - giovannab99
Braeden Lemasters
Actor, Easy A
Lemasters was born Braeden Matthew Lemasters in Warren, Ohio on January 27, to Dave and Michelle Lemasters. He and his family then moved to Santa Clarita where they now reside. Lemasters started acting at the age of 9, where he starred in Six Feet Under as Frankie. Lemasters got various roles in different shows and commercials throughout the years...
“ Braeden Matthew Lemasters
January 27, 1996
Star Sign: Aquarius ” - giovannab99
Sterling Beaumon
Actor, Astro Boy
Sterling Beaumon is best known for his starring role as 'Young Ben' on ABC's hit series LOST. Since then the accomplished actor has shown his diverse acting skills seamlessly segueing into characters you'd never expect the sweet, well-mannered young actor portray - teenage serial killers on two of primetime's most popular dramas, Law & Order: SVU (NBC) and Criminal Minds (CBS)...
“ Born: Sterling Martin Beaumon
June 2, 1995
Star Sign: Gemini ” - giovannab99
Luke Benward
Actor, Dear John
Actor Luke Benward will next star in the independent war drama, "Field of Lost Shoes." Benward was born in Franklin, Tennessee, to Kenda Benward (née Wilkerson), an occasional actress, and Aaron Benward, a country music singer in the duo Blue County. His grandfather, Jeoffrey Benward, is a Contemporary Christian music singer...
“ Luke Aaron Benward
May 12, 1995
Star Sign: Taurus ” - giovannab99
“ Cayden Michael Boyd
May 24, 1994
star sign:Gemini ” - giovannab99
Cameron Bright
Cameron was born in Victoria, B.C., on Jan 26, 1993. He resides in Vancouver, BC. At the age of 6, he was filming his first commercial. In 2002, at only 9 years of age, he worked in his first lead role in the movie Godsend, alongside Academy award-winner Robert De Niro. One month after completing Godsend...
“ Cameron Douglas Crigger
January 26, 1993
Star Sign: Aquarius ” - giovannab99
“ Born: May 16, 1994
Star Sign: Taurus ” - giovannab99
Graham Phillips
Graham Phillips is currently [2010] a series regular on the highly acclaimed new series, The Good Wife. For his work on that show he received a SAG Award nomination for Best Ensemble in a Drama. Graham was cast in the starring role of a film, Goats which will begin filming this fall. Recently Graham starred in the leading role of "Evan Goldman" in the Broadway musical 13...
“ Graham David Phillips
April 14, 1993
Star Sign: Aries ” - giovannab99
“ Born: March 10, 1998
Star Sign: Pisces ” - giovannab99
Trenton Rogers
Trenton was born on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and moved to Los Angeles in 2005. He got his start when he was 4 &1/2 years old acting in student films at NYU film school. In 2007 Trenton has filmed Pilots, TV episodes, National commercials, National Print ad, Radio Ad's, worked on Animated Features for Disney...
“ August 19, 2000
Star Sign: Leo ” - giovannab99
“ Born: Tyson Wood
September 1995 ” - giovannab99
Dylan Sprayberry
Dylan Sprayberry is an American actor and musician known for Man of Steel (2013), Teen Wolf (2011), Shuffle (2011) and Old Dogs (2009). Dylan attended West University Elementary until 2005 when his family moved to California. He has a younger sister, Ellery Sprayberry, who is also an actress. His most recent work (January 2015) has been starring in the fourth and fifth season of Teen Wolf.
“ Trivia: Brother of actress Ellery Sprayberry. ” - giovannab99
Mason Cook
Actor, Speechless
At just 15 years old, Mason Cook has made quite an impact on film and television. Mason currently stars as Ray DiMeo on the new ABC television comedy Speechless, premiering in fall 2016. In 2015, Mason notably was nominated for a Daytime Emmy award for "Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series" for his guest lead role in the Emmy-award winning children's series, The Haunting Hour...
“ Mason Cook Elston
July 25, 2000
Star Sign: Leo ” - giovannab99
“ June 22, 2002
Star Sign: Cancer ” - giovannab99
“ Born: June 18, 1997
Star Sign: Gemini ” - giovannab99
Max Charles
Actor, The Strain
At just 12 years of age, Max Charles is already an industry veteran, landing coveted roles on and off the big screen and working with some of Hollywood's most respected and acclaimed actors, writers and directors. Most recently, this charismatic and endearing young talent was nominated as " Best Young...
“ August 18, 2003
Star Sign: Leo ” - giovannab99
Troye Sivan
Troye Sivan Mellet is South African born YouTuber, Actor, Model and Singer known mainly for The Spud Franchise and X-Men Origins, Wolverine. He moved to Perth, Australia when he was 2 years old, still living there now with his parents, 2 brothers and sister. He has over 3.8 million subscribers on YouTube with videos ranging from song covers to challenge videos...
“ Troye Sivan Mellet
June 5, 1995
Star Sign: Gemini ” - giovannab99
Kodi Smit-McPhee
Actor, The Road
Kodi was born on June 13, 1996 in Adelaide, Australia, to Sonja Smit and Andy McPhee, who is an actor and professional wrestler. His sister is actress Sianoa Smit-McPhee. In 2014, Kodi starred in Twentieth Century Fox's Dawn of the Planet of the Apes opposite Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman...
“ June 13, 1996
Star Sign: Gemini ” - giovannab99
Field Cate
Following a lineage of Hollywood entertainers, Field Cate is steadily establishing a name for himself in the entertainment industry; it is, after all, in his blood. His great-aunt Esther Ralston's success as a silent film actress garnered her a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, his great-grandmother provided the first voice of Minnie Mouse...
“ Field Adrianus Cate
July 22, 1997
Star Sign: Cancer ” - giovannab99
“ Seamus Liam Davey-Fitzpatrick
December 29, 1998
Star Sign: Capricorn ” - giovannab99
“ Robert Moorhouse Coleman III
May 5, 1997
Star Sign: Taurus ” - giovannab99
“ Jackson Reid Odell
July 2, 1997
Star Sign: Cancer ” - giovannab99
Dominic Scott Kay
Dominic Scott Kay was born in Los Angeles, California. Dominic was interested in the arts from a very young age. In 2003 he established the band "Wisdom" and is its lead singer. At the age of 9, he wrote and directed a story based on true events of an abandoned white boxer he and his family rescued in 2003...
“ May 6, 1996
Star Sign: Taurus ” - giovannab99
Robbie Tucker
Robbie Tucker is a Michigan native who relocated to California with his family when he was just seven years old while his sister Jillian Rose Reed pursued her acting career. Growing up watching his sister on stage, Robbie's curiosity for acting turned to a passion shortly after arriving to Los Angeles when his first audition landed him his very first national commercial...
Joel Courtney
Actor, Super 8
Joel was born in Monterey, California, and raised in Moscow, Idaho. His parents are both school teachers. He is the youngest of four children and has two older brothers (Caleb and Josh) and an older sister (Chantelle). At age 14, Joel went to visit his brother, Caleb, during summer vacation. His brother was pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles...
“ January 31, 1996
Star Sign: Aquarius ” - giovannab99
“ August 13, 1999
Star Sign: Leo ” - giovannab99
“ John Anthony Maio
January 13, 1996
Star Sign: Capricorn ” - giovannab99
“ William Henry Milner
March 4, 1995
Star Sign: Pisces ” - giovannab99
Spencer List
Born April 6th, 1998, Spencer List is an actor who began his career at an early age in various films, television series, and commercials. Spencer recently wrapped the independent feature "The Bachelors," written and directed by Kurt Voelker, opposite J.K. Simmons and Josh Wiggins. Most recently, Spencer co-starred in "Hard Sell"...
“ Spencer W. List
April 6, 1998
Star Sign: Aries ” - giovannab99
Connor Gibbs
Connor, a California native, began acting professionally at 4 1/2 years old after landing two national commercials and a print job for Kodak. He has since had 17 national commercials and has appeared in the short films Candy Shop and director Jeremy Konner The Mis-Informant - with Jack Black as Nathan Spewman with Jack Black and America Ferrera...
“ February 2, 2001
Star Sign: Aquarius ” - giovannab99
“ February 19, 1999 ” - giovannab99
Dawson Dunbar
Actor, Trolls
Dawson Dunbar was born on July 14th, 1999 in Calgary, Alberta. He followed his brother's footsteps, Talon Dunbar, and started auditioning at the tender age of 3. He quickly began booking commercials and Made for TV films. At age 7 he was signed with a Vancouver Agent and shortly thereafter, Dawson was given the opportunity to pursue larger markets where he was auditioning for local print ads...
Bradley Steven Perry
In 2007, Perry began his professional acting career at the age of 8 with small roles in the films Choose Connor, and Magnificent Max. The following year, he made his television debut with a guest-starring role on the CBS crime-drama Without a Trace. Over the next year, Perry continued to appear in small comedic roles in such films as The Goods: Live Hard...
Alexander Gould
Actor, Weeds
Gould was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, to parents Valerie and Tom Gould. He began acting at the age of two and is perhaps best known for providing the voice of the title character of Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo. His on-camera credits include guest spots on the television series Ally McBeal...
Dakota Morton
At the age of 10 Dakota began his on-air career at CHOO-FM in Tofino. He hosted his own radio show called Bust-A-Groove each Saturday and cinched the Guinness World Record as Youngest Radio Presenter. His record is recorded in the Guinness World Records 2005: Special 50th Anniversary Edition page 25 and again in the same book on the last page...
Raymond Ochoa
Ochoa began acting professionally at 4 1/2 years old after landing a national commercial for JC Penny with 2 of his older brothers Ryan, who is a series regular on the Disney XD show "Pair of Kings" and Robert. Soon after he was booked in a recurring role on the TBS show "10 Items Or Less" and then as a series regular on the ABC show "American Family...
Blake Michael
Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Blake Michael is best known for his leading roles in Disney's Dog With a Blog and Lemonade Mouth. He began his career at the age of 3 booking numerous print jobs. When Blake was 5, he enrolled in acting classes with Lisina (Longo) Stoneburner at the Company Acting Studio in Atlanta...
Gavin Casalegno
Actor, Noah
Gavin began acting at the age of 7. He has since starred in feature films such as Darren Aronofsky's "Noah" alongside Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Connelly. He can be seen on a recent episode of "The Vampire Diaries" as "Young Damon", as well as numerous commercials and print campaigns for national retailers/magazines...
Liam James
Actor, 2012
CJ Adams
Actor, Godzilla
Cameron John "CJ" Adams, was born and raised in Rhode Island on April 6, 2000, to Donna and Matt Adams. His father is an author, golf expert and host of a show on SiriusXM satellite radio. CJ is best known for his role as Timothy Green in the 2012 film The Odd Life of Timothy Green, which earned him...
Griffin Gluck
Griffin Gluck is among Hollywood's young actors to watch, who at the age of 15 already has nearly ten years of acting experience under his belt. Gluck caught the acting bug early when he went to a summer children's showcase of Guys and Dolls at the Palisades Playhouse. At the age of six, he landed a leading role as 'Nathan Detroit,' and discovered his love for performing...