A list of make up fx artist who created contemporary iconic characters
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Shaun Smith
Makeup Department, 300
“ “300 is one of my favorite films of recent times. The film's unique style has since inspired many TV and film knockoffs” ” - unitykincaid
Steve Johnson
Special Effects, Spider-Man 2
“ Who you gonna call?...sing in the blank...At a mere 23 years old, Steve Johnson headed up Richard Edlund’s Boss Film’s creature FX Department for Ghostbusters! ” - unitykincaid
Rob Bottin
Makeup Department, Fight Club
“ Rob Bottin was on fire in the 80’s….The Thing, The Howling, Legend, and Robocop! How is it possible he has not received an Academy Award for Make Up? Someone should start a petition. ” - unitykincaid
Carlo Rambaldi
Special Effects, Alien
“ RIP. The guy oversaw ET and ALIEN! 'Nuff said ” - unitykincaid
Nick Dudman
Makeup Department, Penny Dreadful
Nick Dudman and his team have created the make-up effects and the magical animatronic creatures ( and the CG scanning models ) in all of the Harry Potter films, garnering Bafta nominations for the first four in the series, and also for the seventh.The last Potter movie brought an Oscar Nomination,another Bafta Nomination and another Saturn Nomination...
“ The HARRY POTTER party SPANNED OVER A DECADE!! I grew out of them but they certainly made their mark ” - unitykincaid
“ Created the look of one of the most popular horror icons: Freddy Krueger of A Nightmare on Elm Street ” - unitykincaid
Kevin Yagher
Makeup Department, Bones
Beginning with such characters as Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge and Chucky in the "Child's Play" films, Kevin Yagher has established himself as one of the top make-up effects artists by developing and creating life-like creatures, aliens, animals and humans with meticulous detail. His company, Kevin Yagher Productions Inc...
“ Chucky put a stamp on creepy dolls. He also refined the look of Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare 2 which is often the look most identified with Freddy ” - unitykincaid
“ Mr Tucker designed the Elephant Man! The David Lynch film was made in 1980 and is a must see ” - unitykincaid
Greg Cannom
Makeup Department, The Lost Boys
“ Greg has got a huge body of work but one of my favorites is The Lost Boys (1987). The Lost Boys really inspired a whole new look for vampires. ” - unitykincaid
Chris Walas
Special Effects, Enemy Mine
“ Who hasn’t heard of Gremlins? ” - unitykincaid
“ The Trilogy won its fair share of awards and Richard seemed to be on all of them from Costume with Ngila Dickson to Makeup with Peter King to Special effects with Jim Rygiel, Randall William Cook, and Mark Stetson. He was even rumored to have been doing stunts ” - unitykincaid
“ Stuart has to make this list! Everyone loves the original Star Wars trilogy! The man's work is legendary. RIP ” - unitykincaid
Ve Neill
Makeup Department, The Hunger Games
“ Pirates of the Caribbean ignited a pirate craze. I loved the first film but the sequels made me sea sick! Ve has been doing makeup since the 70’s and has secured her place in history ” - unitykincaid
“ RIP. How can any list be complete without Stan Winston? His company created The Predator, Terminator and Dracula’s Dog! Ok. Forget Dracula’s Dog ” - unitykincaid
“ Michael Westmore was the makeup designer/supervisor/artist on ALL the Star Trek spin off series from 1987 - 2005! ” - unitykincaid