Fort Rosencranz National Cemetery

The men and women interred at Fort Rosencraz National Cemetery in San Diego, California.
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Irving Bacon
A minor character actor who appeared in literally hundreds of films, actor Irving Bacon could always be counted on for expressing bug-eyed bewilderment or cautious frustration in small-town settings with his revolving door of friendly, servile parts - mailmen, milkmen, clerks, chauffeurs, cab drivers...
“ Plot: Section A-F, Site 391 ” - Syl
Geraldine Decker
Actress, La traviata
From the time she was a little girl, Geraldine Decker sang and performed for her parents and friends. Her high school yearbooks extolled her heavenly voice as she participated in choir and drama programs. While her boys were little, she stayed active in community theater and local programs. Her singing and acting career began full-time at age 40 after her boys were grown and out of the house...
“ Plot: Section A-E, Site 33A ” - Syl
“ Plot: Section O Lot 3648 ” - Syl
Larry Clinton
Soundtrack, Raging Bull
Larry Clinton, "The Old Dipsy Doodler", was a musician who played trumpet, trombone and clarinet, arranged and wrote music, and served as the leader of his own dance band. Born on August 17, 1909, in Brooklyn, New York, he charted nearly 40 hit recordings, including the #1 hits "Cry, Baby, Cry" (1938), "My Reverie Heart and Soul" (1938) and "Deep Purple" (1939)...
“ Plot: Section A-A, Site C-562 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Section Aa, Grave 721
GPS coordinates: 32.4094086, -117.1471024 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Douglas Croft
Who was the first "Robin, the Boy Wonder"? No, not Burt Ward, but this popular, curly-haired child actor of the 1940s. In addition to being in the first "Batman" film, he appeared in many other major films, mostly at Warner Brothers. In almost all of these films, he played the hero as a boy, "growing up" to be...
“ Plot: X, 1327 ” - Syl
“ Plot: X, C-139 ” - Syl
Richard Garrick
Performed on Broadway; active from 1907-47. Garrick made his stage debut in the moderately successful production of "The Boys of Company B" (in which Mack Sennett appeared in one of his 2 stage roles). He appeared in the original 1947 production of "A Streetcar Named Desire" (in the role of the "Strange Man")...
“ Plot: Section Y Grave 59
GPS coordinates: 32.4104195, -117.1471176 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Tom Higgins
Art Department, Mermaids
Reed Howes
American silent-era leading man who became a familiar heavy in B-Westerns of the talkie period. Born Hermon (not Herman) Reed Howes in Washington, D.C., in 1900, he served as an apprentice seaman in the U.S. Navy during the last year of the First World War. After the war he graduated from the University of Utah and attended Harvard Graduate School...
“ Plot: Section X Lot 2163
GPS coordinates: 32.4101906, -117.1473694 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Jacques Jaccard
Director, Liberty
New York-born Jacques Jaccard got an early start in the film business, appearing on-screen as an actor as early as 1913. While continuing his acting career, he also performed behind-the-scenes duties such as assistant director, but he found his niche as a writer and eventually began directing also. He specialized in serials...
“ Plot: Section W Grave 1528
GPS coordinates: 32.4110489, -117.1470871 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: Section CBC, row 5, site 443 ” - Syl
Alan Le May
Alan Le May was a novelist, short-story writer and screenwriter, although today he may be best remembered for his novels which served as the basis for two classic westerns, The Searchers and The Unforgiven. He started his career as a journalist before becoming a full-time author (he wrote 17 novels in all).
“ Plot: Section A-a Grave 2376
GPS coordinates: 32.4096489, -117.1470871 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
John S. Peters
John S. Peters was an American actor and military technical adviser of films and television series of the 1950s and 1960s and is not to be confused with the John S. Peters of the 1920s and 1930s, who often doubled for Erich von Stroheim whom he resembled, and whose manners he often imitated.
“ Plot: Section Aa Grave 2383
GPS coordinates: 32.4096718, -117.1471863 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
“ Plot: SECTION CBE, ROW 4, SITE 193 ” - Syl
“ Plot: Section OS-A, Grave 192 ” - Syl
Laurence Stallings
Stallings was a Marine Captain who lost his leg fighting in WWI, and wrote "What Price Glory" about his deep anti-war feelings. The spirit of the play is subverted in the film adaptations.
Dick Wessel
Actor, Riverboat
Rough-and-tumble American actor Dick Wessel had a fierce-looking scowl on a bulldog of a mug. That, coupled with a thick build and imposing stance, earned him appearances in countless Warner Bros. comedies and hard-boiled crime dramas throughout the late 1930s and 1940s. Although he made hundreds of films...
“ Plot: Section A-a Grave 602
GPS coordinates: 32.4090195, -117.1468506 (hddd.dddd) ” - Syl
Gloria Winters
Actress, Sky King
Born in Los Angeles, Gloria worked in show business as a child. Small roles in movies led Gloria to be cast as William Bendix's daughter "Babs" on the television series "The Life of Riley" (1949). This show ran during the 1949-50 season. Her next television series was "Sky King" (1951), wherein she was cast as the niece...
“ Plot: Section CBH Row 4 Site 160 ” - Syl
Sally Forrest
Sally's parents were both amateur ballroom dancers, so it was no surprise when Sally developed an interest in dancing. She entered dance classes by the first grade and was signed by MGM upon her graduation from high school. In 1945, she moved with her parents to Hollywood, where Sally worked on the dances used in the films Till the Clouds Roll By and The Kissing Bandit...
Milo O. Frank Jr.
Milo O. Frank was born in New York City in 1922. He served in the US Marines during WWII and attended the USC-sponsored language school in Boulder, Colorado. Frank worked as a talent agent for the William Morris Agency in the late 1940s and early 1950s, and became agent for Sally Forrest (born Sally Feeney)...