Dream casting list for fallen by Lauren Kate

This is what ive got so fare!! They are who i pictured while reading...


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“ luce price

cut her hair and she would make a beautiful luce...
i can just see her in the black dress that is on the front cover of the books!! ” - popbimandbub3
“ luce price
Can someone put a photo here for her already....
Some 2014 photo's of Demi. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=demi+harman+2014&biw=899&bih=456&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=ZpYZVJufNOnGiwLezYCwCQ&ved=0CBwQsAQ ” - popbimandbub3
India Eisley
Eisley was born on October 29, 1993, in Los Angeles, California, to musician David Glen Eisley and actress Olivia Hussey. Her grandfather was actor Anthony Eisley. Eisley and her mother appeared together in the movie Headspace. After small roles in various independent films, Eisley gained a major role in The Secret Life of the American Teenager...
“ luce price ” - popbimandbub3
Alexandra Daddario
Actress, San Andreas
Alexandra Anna Daddario was born on March 16, 1986 in New York City, New York, to Christina, a lawyer, and Richard Daddario, a prosecutor. Her brother is actor Matthew Daddario, and her grandfather was congressman Emilio Daddario (Emilio Q. Daddario), of Connecticut. She has Italian, Irish, Hungarian...
“ Luce Price ” - popbimandbub3
Douglas Booth
Actor, Noah
Douglas John Booth is an English actor. Booth was born in London, England, the son of Vivien (De Cala), an artist, and Simon Booth, who works in shipping for Citigroup. He has appeared on English television as (Christopher and His Kind, Great Expectations), starred in the film Romeo & Juliet, and played Shem, one of the sons of Noah...
“ Daniel
My ultimate Daniel.
This is who I pictured while reading the books ” - popbimandbub3
William Moseley
William Peter Moseley was born on April 27, 1987, in Gloucester, England, to Juliette (Fleming) and Peter Moseley, a cinematographer. He is the eldest of three children with a younger sister named Daisy and and younger brother named Ben. His father's name is also William's middle name. He wanted to act since he was 10 years old...
“ Cam or Daniel

Daniel is blonde but i think william's physical appearance is more suited to Cam. ” - popbimandbub3
Tyler Blackburn
Tyler Blackburn stars as Caleb Rivers, the bad boy with a soft side who swept Hanna off her feet on Pretty Little Liars. Caleb is drawn to stay in Rosewood after witnessing some strange events that are seemingly connected to him. Blackburn recently starred in Alloy Entertainment's web series Wendy...
“ Cam
Probably the closest actor I could find to matching the image I pictured Cam while reading. ” - popbimandbub3
Evan Peters
Actor, Kick-Ass
Evan Peters was born in the winter of 1987 to Phil and Julie Peters in St. Louis, Missouri. When his father's job was transferred and the family moved to Grand Blanc, Michigan, Evan began taking acting classes and at age 15, he moved with his mother to Los Angeles in hopes of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry...
“ Cam
Massive MASSIVE fan of Evan Peters,I actually can't believe I never had him on here until I read someone's suggestions that he would of been good for the role. ” - popbimandbub3
Penn Badgley
Actor, Easy A
Penn Badgley was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to Lynne Murphy Badgley and Duff Badgley, who worked as a newspaper reporter and carpenter. Badgley split his childhood years between Richmond, Virginia. and Seattle, Washington. In Seattle, he was involved in the Seattle Children's Theater and did voice-overs for a children's radio station...
“ Cam
I wasn't a fan of Gossip Girl,but he was kinda cool in 'Easy A'
It would be interesting seeing him play the bad boy for once. ” - popbimandbub3
Madeline Zima
Madeline Zima began her acting career at the age of seven and has developed into a seasoned and diverse actress. Equally skilled at comedy and drama, she has worked continuously for several decades, in critically-acclaimed projects. She was born in New Haven, Connecticut, to parents Dennis and Marie...
“ arinne ” - popbimandbub3
Hayley Kiyoko
Hayley first appeared in national commercials for GM, On Star, K-Mart, and Slim Jim, and became the TV spokesperson for Cinnamon Toast Crunch. In addition, she had a couple of guest star roles on Nickelodeon's Unfabulous. As a dancer, she studied with Scotty Nyugen. She is a prolific songwriter and she plays the drums...
“ penn ” - popbimandbub3
Chelsea Hobbs
Chelsea Hobbs was born in Vancouver, Canada to her father Richard Hobbs who was in the music industry and her mother Dana Hobbs, an entrepreneur. Chelsea's formal training began at the age of 3 with dancing, and she ended up in an arts program in high school, dancing 5 hours a day, 6 days a week. Her parents...
“ molly ” - popbimandbub3
Isabelle Fuhrman
Actress, Orphan
Isabelle was born in Washington, DC but grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. She has one older sister, Madeline, and her parents are Elina and Nick Fuhrman. Her career began when a casting director from Cartoon Network spotted her waiting for her sister and cast her for one of the shows, Cartoon Fridays. Isabelle's first acting gig came in 2006 when she booked a commercial for Rooms to Go furniture...
“ molly ” - popbimandbub3
“ Gabbe ” - popbimandbub3
“ Gabbe ” - popbimandbub3
“ Roland

ever since I read fallen,I pictured Roland a certain way but could never find an actor I liked to add to my list here but after thinking about it for awhile I finally decided on tyler above...I think he has the perfect look and the right amount of charm for the role of roland!! ” - popbimandbub3
“ miss sophia ” - popbimandbub3
Rosanna Arquette
Actress, Pulp Fiction
Rosanna Arquette has acted extensively in film and television, and has come to be acknowledged as an actress of rare depth and scope. Arquette was born in New York City, New York. Her parents, Lewis Arquette, an actor, and Brenda Denaut (née Nowak), an acting teacher and therapist, had 4 other children: Richmond Arquette...
“ miss sophia ” - popbimandbub3
“ miss sophia ” - popbimandbub3