Actors Who Appeared as "Number Two" on "The Prisoner" (1967)

In order of their appearance
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Guy Doleman
Tough-looking New Zealander, with a long string of credits as an actor in Australian films and theatre. He was also prolific on radio as actor, announcer and compère. In August 1952, Doleman won a £300 prize for his performance in an Actor's Choice half-hourly play, entitled "The Coward". He used this...
“ "Arrival" ” - Caractacus23
“ "Arrival" ” - Caractacus23
Mary Morris
Mary first appeared on stage aged just 10. She received her formal training at the royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and went on to a long and distinguished career in film, television and the theatre. She toured Britain with her own theatrical touring company.
“ "Dance of the Dead" ” - Caractacus23
Peter Wyngarde
Peter Paul Wyngarde was born at the home of an aunt in Marseille, Southern France, and is the son of an English father and French mother. Owing to his father's work as a member of the British Diplomatic Service, Peter spent much of his early childhood moving from one country to another, and was educated in a number of different schools...
“ "Checkmate" ” - Caractacus23
Leo McKern
Although he sounded very British, Leo McKern was an Australian. By the time he was 15 years old, he had endured an accident that left him without his left eye. A glass eye replaced it - one might conjecture for the better, as far as making McKern a one-day actor of singular focus (no pun intended; his face had that extremely focused look)...
“ "The Chimes of Big Ben," "Once Upon a Time," "Fall Out" ” - Caractacus23
Eric Portman
With his clipped delivery, aristocratic if somewhat ominous manner and suave, urbane demeanor, Eric Portman was so good at playing German and/or Nazi officers that many believed he actually was German, or at least Austrian. The fact is that he was British to the core, having been born and raised in Yorkshire and educated in Halifax...
“ "Free for All" ” - Caractacus23
“ "Free for All" ” - Caractacus23
Georgina Cookson
Actress, Darling
Lean, aristocratic-looking British character actress,on stage from the 1940's. She was noted on Broadway for her performance (and for bringing the house down with her tango on opening night) as Lady India in Jean Anouilh's 'Ring Around the Moon' (1950-51). On television, her aquiline features and...
“ "Many Happy Returns" ” - Caractacus23
“ "The Schizoid Man" ” - Caractacus23
Colin Gordon
Ceylon-born Colin Gordon began acting on the West End stage as the hind legs of a horse in 'Toad of Toad Hall' in 1934. After wartime service, he returned to the stage, appearing in such plays as 'The White Carnation' and 'The Little Hut' (both 1953), 'Misery Me!' (1955) and 'The Touch of Fear' (1956)...
“ "A. B. and C.," "The General" ” - Caractacus23
David Bauer
Actor, Patton
Born in Chicago in 1917, David Bauer found more success as an actor in Europe than he did in his home country. He was one of those caught up in the anti-Communist hysteria that swept the US, and especially Hollywood, in the 1950s. Bauer left the US and settled in Great Britain. He found a niche in British television...
“ "Living in Harmony" ” - Caractacus23
Derren Nesbitt
Rather intriguing British actor who first appeared on UK cinema & TV screens in the late 1950s, and quickly found steady work as a rather unpleasant or untrustworthy individual. His cold, yet cunning features had him appearing in guest roles on many UK TV series including The Adventures of Sir Lancelot and William Tell...
“ "Its Your Funeral" ” - Caractacus23
“ "Its Your Funeral" ” - Caractacus23
“ "Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling" ” - Caractacus23
“ "A Change of Mind" ” - Caractacus23
Patrick Cargill
Best known for his appearances on British television in the comedy series Father Dear Father, Patrick Cargill was also a distinguished stage actor and a brilliant farceur. His immaculate timing was known throughout the profession to the point that when directors where casting a certain type of leading role they would refer to it as a "Patrick Cargill part"...
“ "Hammer into Anvil" ” - Caractacus23
“ "The Girl Who Was Death" ” - Caractacus23