Chilean filmmakers

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Raoul Ruiz
Chilean director Raúl, or Raoul, Ruiz (1941-2011) was one of the most exciting and innovative filmmakers to emerge from 1960s World Cinema, providing more intellectual fun and artistic experimentation, shot for shot, than any filmmaker since Jean-Luc Godard. A guerrilla who uncompromisingly assaulted the preconceptions of film art...
Alejandro Jodorowsky
Alejandro Jodorowsky was born in Iquique, Chile on February 7, 1929. In 1942 he moved to Santiago where he attended university, was a circus clown and a puppeteer. In 1955 he went to Paris and studied mime with Marcel Marceau. He worked with Maurice Chevalier there and made a short film, La cravate...
Pablo Larraín
Director, Jackie
Born in Santiago in 1976, Pablo Larraín is, along with Sebastián Lelio, Chile's greatest movie director as well as a major producer (through his Fabula company). Not for the weak-hearted, his films are straightforward, generally aggressive and interspersed with violence. They paint a hard-hitting portrait of his country...
Andrés Wood
Producer, Machuca
Andrés Wood (1965, Chile). After studying economics at the University of Chile he left for New York, where he attended a film course. When he returned to Chile he made his first feature film 'Historias de fútbol' which was a box-office hit.
Valeria Sarmiento
Chilean writer-director and editor who studied philosophy and filmmaking at the University of Chile in the 1960s. Based in Paris since 1974, her documentaries and feature films tend to address Latin American gender politics but she is probably best known as the regular editor and collaborator of her...
José Bohr
Director, Marihuana
Tito Davison
Born in Chillán, Chile in 1912, Davison worked in Hollywood as a comic actor in Spanish-language films for MGM (Así es la vida and La fuerza del querer) before MGM suspended production. He made his directorial debut in Argentina in 1937. He subsequently worked in Mexico and Spain, directing comedies such as El baño de Afrodita and sentimental dramas such as May God Forgive Me...
Jorge Délano
Director, Escándalo
He was the eighth son of Alfredo Delano and Emma Frederick. Born in Santiago, Chile, in 1909 he joined the Naval School but remained there for only one year, after purposely fracturing his nose in order to get out. In 1911 Jorge Delano was accepted into the "Instituto Nacional", the most prestigious school in Chile...
Rolando Klein
Director, Chac
Sergio Bravo
Documentary filmmaker, educator and activist pioneer of the new Chilean cinema which emerged in the Sixties. In addition to making many critical realist documentaries about Chilean culture and politics, he was founder and director of the Experimental Cinema section of the University of Chile and an inspiration and colleague to a generation of filmmakers...
Claudio Guzmán
Was married to Anna Maria Alberghetti, the opera and musical theater star and pitchwoman for Good Seasons salad dressing. Has 2 daughters with Alberghetti. His second daughter is Pilar Guzman (age 34, born 1972), a food critic & lifestyle& home/garden columnist for the New York Times. Pilar graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree is English & Italian.
Sebastián Lelio
Director, Gloria
Born in 1974, Sebastián Lelio is one of the leading figures (along with Pablo Larraín, Andrés Wood and a few others) of the post-dictatorship Chilean cinema. After graduating from the "Escuela de Cine de Chile" in Santiago, Lelio started by making shorts (he made five from 1995 to 2003, as well as a documentary)...
Orlando Lübbert
He studies Architecture and Cinema and has made documentaries: Los puños frente al cañon, Residencia en la Tierra, Chile: donde comienza el dolor, Isabel Allende and the films of fiction Der Übergang (El Paso) and Die Kolonie (La Colonia). Educational of Latin American Cinema in the University Free of Berlin...
Cecilia Barriga
Director, Time's Up!
Born in 1957 in Concepción (Chile). In the late 70s she moved to Madrid to study Image Sciences at the Universidad Complutense, shortly afterwards obtaining Spanish nationality. In 1983, she started working in cinema and, having made several documentaries and art videos, set up home in 1994 in New York...
Gustavo Graef Marino
Gustavo took the independent film scene by storm in the 90's with his very original and highly acclaimed take on post-Pinochet Chile with "Johnny 100 Pesos". The film became Chile's highest grossing movie and was selected as its official candidate for both the "Best Foreign Language Film" category in the 1993 Academy Awards...
Luis R. Vera
Director, Fiesta Patria
Luis R. Vera Director, producer, writer and professor of ommunications. As a consequence of the military blow, he is forced to abandon the country and he takes refuge in Peru and then in Rumania where the Máster obtains an Address of Cinema and Television for the University of Bucarest. Forbidden of entering in Chile...
Leo Kocking
Cinematographer, Miss Bolero
Cristián Galaz
Cristián Galaz, born in Santiago de Chile 1958. Studied philosophy at the University of Chile for 4 years. In 1986 accredited Journalist at the Catholic University of Chile. Since 1986 he participates in TV analizis as general editor and documentary filmmaker with more than 50 journalistic and documentary productions...
Boris Quercia
Director, Los 80
Jorge Olguín
Director, Eternal Blood
Jorge Olguín is a Chilean director. After working on many amateur videos as a teenage fanboy, Olguín went on to make several short films at university which were shown at festivals. He made his feature directorial debut with Ángel negro, a slasher film with a budget of 25 thousand dollars. This box-office success was credited as being the first Chilean horror film...
Patricio Valladares
Patricio Valladares (Chilean, born 17 July 1982) is a Chilean director, screenwriter, editor and producer. Known for his work in genre cinema Valladares has directed numerous features throughout the years. In 2011, he directed the "En las Afueras DE la Ciudad" (Hidden in the Woods). Based a true story...
Nicolás López
Writer, Aftershock
At 12 years old López started writing for Chile's most prestigious newspaper (El Mercurio). With his column 'Memories of a Penguin,' he gained devoted followers and ultimately an expulsion from school for poking fun at the Chilean education system. In 1998 he founded the site, which commented on films...
Ernesto Díaz Espinoza
Ernesto Díaz Espinoza is a Chilean genre Director, Screenwriter and Editor. He is known as a pioneer of action cinema in his country. Ernesto study Audio Visual Communication in Film and Television in the Film School DuoUC. Ernesto took an intensive course in screen-writing in Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona...
Cristián Leighton
Director, La Sangre Tira
Documentary filmmaker, scriptwriter and producer born in 1964 in Santiago, Chile. In 2000, he founded alongside Daniela Bunster The Documentary Production Company "Surreal Películas de la Realidad". He has directed and produced independent documentaries like The Desert Train (1995), Nema problema (2001)...
Niles Atallah
Director, Lucía
Luis Vitalino Grandón
Actor, The 33
Born Luis Vitalino Grandón Toledo in Concepción, Chile. In 1984, he moved to Stockholm, Sweden and studied Video Production in the ABF Institute in Stockholm, then he established Toledo Productions, making family documentaries to the Chilean colony and working as cameraman in MariaNorr Clinic south of Stockholm...