Maximum Ride Cast

I don't know whether these are good choices but I choice them because their age seemed about the right age for when the movie is coming out.
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Ryan Simpkins
Actress, A Single Man
Ryan Simpkins is no stranger when it comes to making movies. It has been an up & onward journey. Ryan always brings a strong, playful, and passionate performance to every project she's involved with. Starting out at 4 years old Simpkins booked her first film. At 7 years old, she began performing double time as she debuted on Broadway...
“ Max- I have never seen her in anything before but from the types of movies she's been in she seems like she could play the part. With her looks she just has to get contacts and change her eye color from blue to brown. ” - ladida6737
Colin Ford
Actor, Push
The "Supernatural" kid isn't so supernatural. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, he soon aspired to the career of acting at the age of 4, where he first got his modeling job in Atlanta, Georgia. He broke into feature films at the age of 5 where he played as Clinton Jr, in "Sweet Home Alabama". He made more films after that...
“ Iggy- Just dye his hair strawberry blondish and he could play the part of Iggy with no trouble. His acting skills seem pretty good and I say 75/25 on playing Iggy ” - ladida6737
Ashley Nicole Greene
Ashley Nicole Greene is a talented little girl from San Diego, California. In addition to being a triple threat talent (acts, sings and dances), she also models. At the tender age of three, Ashley made the bold statement that she wanted to be a movie star and a famous singer. Since that statement, she has handled her career like a seasoned professional...
“ Nudge-She has the looks and her acting skills seem great. I have a felling she could pull of this part well. ” - ladida6737
“ Gazzy- He has the looks but I'm not sure about his acting skills. It is possible he could play the part just still worried about his acting. ” - ladida6737
Elle Donoghue
Elle is a sweet, happy and silly little girl! Following in her big brothers footsteps, she had her first on camera job at 6 weeks playing a newborn in a PSA and then her first print job at age 8 weeks for Babies R Us. Since then Elle has had nearly 100 print jobs and several on camera projects including small roles in 2 feature films...
“ Angel-Just dye her hair blondish, get contacts to change her eye color to blue and she has the looks. Just not sure about her acting skills though but she could pull it off, I think. ” - ladida6737
Josh Hutcherson
Joshua Ryan Hutcherson was born on October 12, 1992 in Union, Kentucky to Michelle Fightmaster Hutcherson, who worked for Delta Air Lines, and Chris Hutcherson, an EPA analyst. He has one younger brother, Connor Hutcherson. From the age of four, Josh knew that he wanted to be an actor. In order to pursue his goal, Josh and his family moved to Los Angeles when he was nine-years-old...
“ Ari-Just dye his hair blond ( I think it is already blond from playing Peter in The Hunger Games) and perfecto you have the looks. Acting skills are amazing so I know he can play Ari brilliantly. ” - ladida6737
Uriah Shelton
Actor, The Glades
Uriah was born on March 10, 1997 in Dallas, Texas. One month later his family moved him to Magnolia Springs, Alabama, a small river community about 40 miles south of Mobile. Growing up, Uriah pursued interests in martial arts, piano, and soccer. At the age of 7, he took a modeling class with his cousin...
“ Fang- Just get contacts and tada! We have Fang. ” - ladida6737
Connor Jessup
Connor Jessup was born in Toronto, Canada. An actor since the age of eleven, he is best known for his role as Ben Mason in TNT's sci-fi series Falling Skies and as Taylor Blaine in the ABC drama American Crime. Other notable roles include an early stint on the Discovery Kids series The Saddle Club, and acclaimed lead performances in Blackbird and Closet Monster...
“ Dylan- Just dye hair blond and get some turquoise contacts. ” - ladida6737