The House of Night Movie Dream Cast

These are the people that I think should be the characters in the House of Night movies

If anything, I need help finding a person to be Dragon Lankford, so help!
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Liana Liberato
Actress, If I Stay
Liana Liberato was born in Galveston, Texas, the daughter of Rhondelle, a former real estate agent, and George Liberato. Her first significant role came in "Galveston: The Musical" when she was age 7. In the summer of 2005, she attended a week-long acting camp in California, where she attracted the attention of Central Artists...
“ Character: Zoey Redbird

She is the main character in the series. She has affinities for all of the 5 elements. She has had many love intrests and is special because she formed tatoos even though she is still a fledgling

Fledgling ” - gabs-louise-014
“ Character: Erin Bates

Shaunee's "twin" and one of Zoey's bestfriends. She has an affinity for water

Fledgling ” - gabs-louise-014
“ Character: Shaunee Cole

One of Zoey's bestfriends. Her "twin" is Erin Bates and she has an affinity for fire

Fledgling ” - gabs-louise-014
Kesun Loder
Actor, Fido
“ Character: Damien Maslin

One of Zoey's bestfriends. He has an affinity for air

Fledgling ” - gabs-louise-014
Andrew John Ferguson
Andrew started with "Studio Kids" background work, and has now moved on to a serious commitment to acting. Studying under Jeremiah Comey, Mary Kate McGeehan and Joy Rinaldi he is becoming a polished young actor. Andrew can't wait for that one right audition. He enjoys performing in front of people. He has an older brother Joey, two dogs and two cats.
“ Character: Jack Twist (blonde hair)

Damien's boyfriend and is really good with technology

Fledgling ” - gabs-louise-014
Candice King
Candice Rene King (née Accola) (born May 13, 1987) is an American actress, singer and songwriter, known for portraying the role of Caroline Forbes on The CW's The Vampire Diaries. Candice King was born in Houston, Texas, the daughter of Carolyn (Clark), who was an environmental engineer before becoming a homemaker...
“ Character: Becca Adams

Her love intrests are James Stark and Erik Night

Fledgling ” - gabs-louise-014
Alexandria DeBerry
Actress, A.N.T. Farm
Alexandria "Allie" DeBerry began modeling at the age of 5 in her hometown of Houston, Texas. After appearing in dozens of campaigns and commercials, such as American Girl, Barbie, and Burger King; she decided to try her luck at acting in Los Angeles. She went on to book roles on ABC's I'm with Her, Nickelodeon's True Jackson VP...
“ Character: Stevie Rae Johnson

Zoey's bestfriend who turned into a Red Vampyre. She has an affinity for earth and loves country style and music

Red vampyre ” - gabs-louise-014
“ Character: James Stark

A red vampyre from Chicago that can shoot arrows on target. He eventually become zoey's gaurdian and warrior. He also falls in love with her

Red Vampyre ” - gabs-louise-014
Sean Flynn
Actor, Zoey 101
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sean Flynn has been a working actor since the age of seven. Grandson of the legendary actor Errol Flynn, acting is in his roots. Beginning his career by appearing in a couple commercials, he quickly moved on to working in Film. At age 14, he secured the male lead in a television series on Nickelodeon: Zoey 101...
“ Character: Dallas

Red fledgling who likes Stevie Rae

Red Fledgling ” - gabs-louise-014
Shanica Knowles
Actress, Jump In!
Shanica Channell Knowles was born on November 17, 1990 in Miami Florida. Her native home is Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Shanica is an Actress, Singer and Songwriter. Her first Acting job was on Unfabulous (2005) most known for Hannah Montana (2006-2011) Jump In (2007) Awkward (2011) Harry's Law (2011) Melissa...
“ Character: Kramisha

She is a red vampyre and is a poet laureate

Red Fledgling ” - gabs-louise-014
“ Character: Erik Night

He is a vampyre that dated Zoey for a while and is also into acting

Vampyre ” - gabs-louise-014
“ Character: Darius

He is a Son of Erebus Warrior. His love interest is Aphrodite

Vampyre ” - gabs-louise-014
Olivia Wilde
Actress, Rush
Actress and activist Olivia Wilde is a modern-day renaissance woman. Starring in films and popular television shows, Wilde shares the screen with renowned actors while simultaneously giving back to the community. Olivia Wilde was born Olivia Jane Cockburn in New York City, to journalists Leslie Cockburn (née Leslie Corkill Redlich) and Andrew Cockburn...
“ Character: Neferet

Was once the vampyre high priestess of the Tulsa House of Night, she turned evil and is with Kalona

Vampyre ” - gabs-louise-014
Nicole Kidman
Actress, Moulin Rouge!
Elegant blonde Nicole Kidman, known as one of Hollywood's top Australian imports, was actually born in Honolulu, Hawaii, while her Australian parents were there on educational visas. Kidman is the daughter of Janelle Ann (Glenny), a nursing instructor, and Antony David Kidman, a biochemist and clinical psychologist...
“ Character: Professor Nolan

She is the popular drama instructor at the house of night

Vampyre ” - gabs-louise-014
“ Character: Proffesor Anastasia Lankford

She is the proffesor of spells and rituals at the house of night

Vampyre ” - gabs-louise-014
Adam Gregory
Actor, 90210
Adam Gregory is best known for his preppy-bad-boy character, "Ty Collins" on 90210. Gregory also stars as "Thomas Forrester" the only son and eldest child on The Bold and the Beautiful. Landing a leading role in Ryan Little's new film Saints and Soldiers: The Void, Gregory is now prepping for his upcoming lead role in The Janus Project as "Shane Johnson"...
“ Character: Preffesor Loren Blake

Youngest vampyre laureate proffesor at the house of night

Vampyre ” - gabs-louise-014
Reese Witherspoon
Actress, Walk the Line
Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon was born on March 22, 1976 at Southern Baptist Hospital (now Memorial Medical Center) in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is the second child of Mary Elizabeth "Betty" (Reese) and Dr. John Draper Witherspoon, Sr. Her father was a military surgeon specializing in ear, nose and throat...
“ Character: Professor Lenobia

She is the equestrian proffesor at the house of night

Vampyre ” - gabs-louise-014
Bryce Dallas Howard
Bryce Dallas Howard was born on March 2, 1981, in Los Angeles, California. She was conceived in Dallas, Texas (the reason for her middle name). Her father, Ron Howard, is a former actor turned Oscar-winning director. Her mother is actress and writer Cheryl Howard (née Alley). Her famous relatives include her uncle...
“ Character: Proffesor Penthesilea

She teaches literature at the house of night

Vampyre ” - gabs-louise-014
“ Character: Shekinah

She is the high priestess of all vampyres

Vampyre ” - gabs-louise-014
“ Character: Aphrodite LaFont

She used to be a fledgling but later turned back into a human. She has visions of the future

Human ” - gabs-louise-014
Michael Remmes
Michael Remmes was born to parents Paul and Holly Remmes on November 28, 1990 in Portland, ME. He is the oldest of five with three brothers and one sister. Growing up in Saco, ME his favorite time of year was the fall and along with it Halloween. After graduating from Thornton Academy in 2009 he spent a year in Florida at the University of Tampa before leaving school to move to Los Angeles...
“ Character: Heath Luck (lighter hair)

Zoey's high school boyfriend that has known her almost forever

Human ” - gabs-louise-014
Judi Dench
Actress, Skyfall
Judi Dench was born in York, England, to Eleanora Olive (Jones), who was from Dublin, Ireland, and Reginald Arthur Dench, a doctor from Dorset, England. She attended Mount School in York, and studied at the Central School of Speech and Drama. She has performed with Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre...
“ Character: Grandma Sylvia Redbird

Zoey's grandmother. Zoey feels like she is her mom rather than her grandmother

Human ” - gabs-louise-014
Kelly McGillis
Actress, Top Gun
Kelly Ann McGillis was born in Newport Beach, California, to Virginia Joan (Snell), a homemaker, and Donald Manson McGillis, a general practitioner of medicine. She has English, Welsh, Scots-Irish, and German ancestry. McGillis dropped out of high school to pursue a career as an actress, and attended Juilliard in Manhattan and Pacific Conservatory of Performing Art in Santa Monica, CA...
“ Character: Sister Mary Angela

Benedictine Sister who helps Zoey and her friends

Human ” - gabs-louise-014
Phoebe Tonkin
Actress, The Originals
Tonkin was born in Sydney. When she was four, she attended dance courses in classical ballet, hip hop, contemporary dance, and tap dance. At the age of 12, Tonkin began courses at the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) at the Wharf Theatre. Tonkin attended Loreto Kirribilli and later graduated from the Queenwood School for Girls...
“ Character: Kayla Robinson

Zoey's Ex-Bestfriend

Human ” - gabs-louise-014
Annabeth Gish
Actress, Mystic Pizza
A versatile actress, Annabeth Gish weathered the transition from child actor to adult, with a variety of dramatic and comedic roles on film and television. Anne Elizabeth Gish was born on March 13, 1971 in Albuquerque, New Mexico and moved with her family to Cedar Falls, at the age of two. Her parents were both teachers; her father...
“ Character: Linda Heffer

Zoey's mom

Human ” - gabs-louise-014
“ Character: John Heffer

Zoey's Stepdad who she hates

Human ” - gabs-louise-014
Maxine Bahns
Maxine Bahns was born in 1971 in Vermont, the daughter of a German-American father and a Chinese-Brazilian mother. Maxine left home at 16 and traveled to Barcelona, Valencia, Paris and Rome. Returning to New York, she attended NYU where she majored in Latin and Greek language and literature, also attending acting classes at Three Arts Studios...
“ Character: Nyx

She is their Goddess

Immortal ” - gabs-louise-014
Ben Barnes
British actor Benjamin Thomas Barnes was born in London, England, to Patricia (Becker), a relationship therapist, and Thomas Barnes, a professor of psychiatry. He has a brother, Jack. His mother is from South Africa, and is of Jewish heritage, while his father is English. Barnes studied at Homefield Preparatory and King's College...
“ Character: Kalona

A gorgeous fallen angel that was in love with Zoey's former self (Aya)

Fallen Immortal ” - gabs-louise-014