Old school freaky special effects wizards

Those old school special effects wizards who do most of their work with make-up and models on some of the greats of horror films.

So much is CGIed in modern movies that I wanted to salute those who got their hands dirty by advancing effects and are still implementing them today.
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Tom Savini
Pittsburgh-born actor/SFX wizard/stuntman/director Tom Savini did a tour of duty as a combat cameraman in Vietnam, and has since acquired a remarkable cult following among film fans, primarily due to his ground-breaking SFX in the "splatter movie" explosion of the early 1980s. Along with fellow special make-up legends Dick Smith and Rob Bottin...
“ King of special effects make-up. ” - Mighty_Emperor
Rick Baker
Makeup Department, Men in Black
“ One of the greats with a vast list of credits, particular triumphs being An American Werewolf in London. ” - Mighty_Emperor
Screaming Mad George
Special Effects, Predator
“ Has delivered some of the great body horror special effects like Society or Reanimator. ” - Mighty_Emperor
Rob Bottin
Makeup Department, Fight Club
“ The man behind the monstrosities in The Thing. ” - Mighty_Emperor
“ Worked with Bottin on The Thing and then went on to provide the magic in Aliens, the Predator and Terminator series. ” - Mighty_Emperor
Carlo Rambaldi
Special Effects, Alien
“ Brought Giger's designs to life with the head of the Alien in the film of the same name, and also worked on other aliens in CE3K and ET. ” - Mighty_Emperor
“ The man without whom there would be no New Japanese Gore films. ” - Mighty_Emperor
Greg Nicotero
Makeup Department, Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Gifted SFX and make-up wizard, who learned his trade under the watchful eye of SFX splatter guru Tom Savini. Nicotero and buddies, Howard Berger and Robert Kurtzman started KNB Efx Group in 1988 and the group has provided eye-popping & jaw dropping special effects for major Hollywood releases including The Green Mile, Vanilla Sky, Sin City and Land of the Dead.
“ The N in NBK

Worked on Tarantino and recent Romero films, as well as The Mist, The Faculty, Re-animator, Phantasm, Splice, Masters of Horror and the Walking Dead - basically a list of some of my favourite films. ” - Mighty_Emperor
Howard Berger
Makeup Department, Lone Survivor
“ The B in NBK

Tarantino and recent Romero films, Evil Dead, The Faculty, From Dusk Till Dawn and The Walking Dead. ” - Mighty_Emperor
“ The K in NBK

Evil Dead, Mouth of Madness, Re-animator, Dusk Till Dawn (which he helped create), The Faculty and Bubba Ho-Tep. ” - Mighty_Emperor
Nick Benson
Special Effects, Tremors
“ Dead Heat, Society, Re-animator and Tremors. ” - Mighty_Emperor
Mark Rappaport
Special Effects, The Revenant
“ Producing a lot of prosthetics and make-up in modern movies. ” - Mighty_Emperor
Dick Smith
Makeup Department, The Godfather
“ "The Godfather of Make-Up" who has been working since the fifties and helped revolutionise prosthetic make-up in the early 70s which would lay the groundwork for the explosion of horror. His credits are lengthy but in this context I wanted to flag up his Scanners work. ” - Mighty_Emperor
Brian Johnson
Special Effects, Alien
Brian Johnson is a award winning special and visual effects designer and director who for over 40 years provided his services to a multitude of film and television productions. Johnson's career began in 1957 when he joined Anglo Scottish Pictures after meeting veteran effects artist and skilled matte...
“ Worked on Alien and Aliens, plus his Space 1999 work was a big influence on Star Wars and he'd go on to work on The Empire Strikes Back. ” - Mighty_Emperor
John Carl Buechler
As someone who truly goes the entire nine yards, John Carl Buechler has made his name known as an accomplished writer, producer, director and special effects artist. Since his early years, Buechler was thrilled with a passion of special effects and formed his own company, Mechanical Imageries Inc.,...
“ From Beyond, Re-animator and Ghoulies. ” - Mighty_Emperor
Cleve Hall
Special Effects, Troll
“ Nightmare, Troll and TerrorVision ” - Mighty_Emperor
“ Galaxy of Terror, Friday the 13th, Pumpkinhead. ” - Mighty_Emperor
Rosario Prestopino
Makeup Department, Demons
“ Plenty of Fulci films and Demons. ” - Mighty_Emperor
Sergio Stivaletti
Special Effects, Cemetery Man
Sergio Stivaletti is most certainly one of the greatest European experts in the field of special effects and make-up to which he has been dedicated for over 20 years. Born in Rome in 1957, he has collaborated during his career with some of the genre's most important Italian directors, like Dario Argento...
“ Demons and Dellamorte Dellamore ” - Mighty_Emperor
Eiji Tsuburaya
Special Effects, Gojira
Eiji Tsuburaya ranks alongside Willis H. O'Brien and Ray Harryhausen as one of the great visionary SFX masters of twentieth century fantasy cinema. Best remembered as the amazing special effects genius behind the "Godzilla" series of monster films commencing in 1954, he also contributed effects to a host...
“ Godzilla and countless tokusatsu films from the 30s to the 70s. ” - Mighty_Emperor