2012 Upcoming Rising Child Stars

These young actors have been voted among the top kids by a panel of judges to become rising stars in 2012. Look to see if your favorite is on the list.
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“ Dylan plays the hystercial Milton on the show Kickin It. Expect to see a lot more from this fine young actor. He was fantastic in the Broadway production of Tarzan. We all think with his threatrical background he will be returning to broadway in the near future. ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
“ Jake Short has apperared in many shows. It seems he has found his mark on the new show Ant Farm. He sure is a cutie! We expect he will be doing lots of Disney shows in the future. ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
Jovan Armand
Actor, Dumbbells
Jovan Armand is a teen actor. In the film, "Chub", he portrays a young teen without a father, who becomes an easy victim to the school bully until he meets an unlikely friend who helps him find his voice. In "Miracle Maker", he is a young man trying to find a miracle to help save his terminally ill father...
“ We spotted Jovan in Los Americanos. This is someone to keep your eye on. He can cry on the spot. He is a superb actor. Such a cutie. ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
Hunter James Mckeever
Hunter was born to act and perform! From age 1 he named his first stuffed toy "Actor", and would try and impersonate everyone. The 1st dose of acting he had was when the family appeared on a television show. He then decided that he loved the camera. He started doing background work and after 40+ shows, movies and music video's he landed an agent and Manager...
“ Caught Hunter on a clip of Numb3r's and a touching short film called "One More Day" where he dies of Cancer. This young man can act. Keep your eye out for him. He is Movie material! ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
Sean Ryan Fox
Actor Sean Ryan Fox can be seen playing the lead role of "Jasper Dunlop" in Nickelodeon's hit series, "Henry Danger". The show centers around 13 year-old Henry Hart, who is the side-kick Swellview's #1 super hero, Captain Man, Henry has the best after school job ever! He gets to beat up bad guys, play with cool gadgets and it pays $9 an hour...
“ We spotted Sean on CSI and a Trailer of Davids Dinosaur. This cute little guy should be seen more in 2012. He has a smile that will make you just melt! ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
Ashley Nicole Greene
Ashley Nicole Greene is a talented little girl from San Diego, California. In addition to being a triple threat talent (acts, sings and dances), she also models. At the tender age of three, Ashley made the bold statement that she wanted to be a movie star and a famous singer. Since that statement, she has handled her career like a seasoned professional...
“ Such a pleasure to watch her on Majors and Minors. We expect she will be booking a lot of roles in the up coming year. She has such a sweet face that makes you melt. ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
China Anne McClain
Actress, Descendants 2
China Anne McClain comes from an artistic family. Her father, Michael McClain, is a music producer, vocalist, writer and sound engineer. His first production was on Beyonce's younger sister, Solange Knowles (Solo Star CD - track no.16 entitled Sky Away). China Anne's mother, Shontell, is also a vocalist and songwriter...
“ You can see China on Ant Farm. She has a voice that won't stop. Amazing. Look for her to be a huge star! We are talking another dianna Ross in the future but bigger! ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
“ This kid has the looks of a STAR. Watch for him. He will be a Lady Killer! We predict he will be a huge star. He has those movie star looks like Brad Pitt/Rob Lowe. We saw him on a episode of Zeke and Luther. No doubt he will be on the most beautiful list in the future. ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
“ This kid is another one with the looks. We have spotted him at quite a few Red Carpet Events. He has a smile worth a Million Bucks! Look for him in the future. He will be another Lady Killer! We all agree, he is like the next sexy Ashton Kutcher. ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
“ Oh my, Can you say BEAUTIFUL. We spotted Sophia on a Talent Show singing and dancing. She is now working on a latino Soap Opera. What a Beauty! ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
Taylor Hay
Born in San Diego, CA, Taylor Hay began acting at the age of four when she was cast in the first commercial she ever auditioned for. She was introduced to the industry by her mother, actress Debbie Britt-Hay, but was the driving force to making this profession her life's work. She worked steadily, building her body of work...
“ What a Cutie! Expect to see a lot more of Taylor. She frequents a lot of Red Carpets and has made her mark in a few short films. Look out for this Beauty. Watch out for "TAYLOR HAY". ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
Marlowe Peyton
Marlowe officially started her acting career at the age of four and has continued to work on both large and small screen. In her short years, she has been blessed with the opportunity to have worked with some very prestigious directors; Christopher Columbus, Alan Poul, Alisa Statman, Pamela Fryman, Randall Einhorn, Paul McCrane, Elliot Hegarty, and Jason Woliner to name a few...
“ Wow, what a Doll. I expect Marlowe will be seen in a lot of projects in the upcoming year. She is a real cutie! ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
Ava Allan
Ava Allan was born in Los Angeles, California on March 1st, 2000. She landed her first modeling job for Disney catalog when she was only six, and has continued to model for many national magazines and catalogs. She also landed numerous national commercials most notably Angry Birds, Hyundai, Hasbro and Nissan...
“ What a Beauty. Look for Ava in every Glamour Magazine that hits the shelves. She is a Beauty:) ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
Joey Luthman
Joey is now a Series Regular on the dramatic National Geographic Series: The Long Road Home as "PSC Jonathan Riddell". He recently guest starred on Chicago Med and Hawaii Five-O. He is known for his recurring roles as "Young Luke Spencer" on General Hospital as "Roger McFadden" on The Goldbergs and "Teen Zoltan" on A.N.T. Farm...
Victoria Strauss
Actress, Spork
Victoria Strauss studied musical theatre at The Metropolitan Educational Theatre at age 5. She appeared in Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, Annie and leads in both Sound of Music and Beauty and the Beast. She became interested in acting at age 9. She has been featured on icarly, Bones and Workoholics and movies such as "Not So Bummer Summer" and "The New Muppet Movie" and numerous commercials...
“ Can you say Angel? Victoria has the face of a Star in the making. Victoria has graced many Red Carpets and we expect to see a lot more of her and her adorable sister. She has a cute Disney look. ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
Sophia Strauss
Sophia Strauss studied musical theatre at the Metropolitan Educational Theatre since she was age 5. She appeared in Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, Sound of Music, Annie and Beauty and the Beast. She has been featured in the movies Hop Little Fockers and Gangster Squad television shows Victorious and Bucket and Skinners Epic Adventures...
“ Sophia is another one of Hollywoods Beauties. She will go far. Don't forget her name and face as I am sure 2012 will be the year for her! ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
Gabriella Holland
Actress, Model, Influencer....Growing up with role models like Angelina Jolie to Jennifer Lopez,. at such a young age , she knew she wanted a career in the entertainment industry! Gabriella became recognized when she was 12 years old after landing a leading spot for the National Target Commercial 'I am a Pharmacist.' From there she began to land roles with Eva Longoria in "Without Men" ...
“ Can you say Cutie Pie. We understand she has just landed a lead role in Wasteland Metropolis a Zombie show. We look forward in seeing her shine in 2012. ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
“ You can catch this cutie in the Hangover. Keep a look out for this one. I expect quite a few of these kids on this list will work with her. 2012 will be her year! ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
Shannon Kummer
Director, Oblivious
Shannon's was cast in her first lead role in a film at the age of 13. She loves the thrill of playing dark emotionally challenging roles and is at home playing everything from the mean girl to the girl next door. Shannon has a black belt in Taekwondo and is working towards her black belt in Xtreme Martial Arts...
“ All we could say was WOW! Look at the Beautiful girl. Their is no doubt in our minds that she is a STAR in the Making. Look out for Shannon Kummer. ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012
Justin Tinucci
Justin Tinucci is originally from Denver, Colorado. He began acting at the age of 10 after he was contacted by the producers of iCarly and asked to guest star on a special skills episode called the iCarly Awards. The producers had discovered him after viewing television interviews of Justin and his sister Kayla competing against adults in international indoor skydiving competitions...
“ Justin has the looks of a Star. We expect he will exceed tremendously in 2012! He recently appeared in the Muppets. ” - Top 20 Upcoming Kid Stars 2012