Hollywood Limo

Here's the cast of a possible HBO sitcom about a limousine business in L.A. with their zany drivers and even zanier customers.
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Kristen Wiig
Actress, The Martian
Kristen Carroll Wiig was born on August 22, 1973 in Canandaigua, New York, to Laurie J. (Johnston), an artist, and Jon J. Wiig, a lake marina manager. She is of Norwegian (from her paternal grandfather), Irish, English, and Scottish descent. The family moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, before settling in Rochester...
“ Madeline "Maddy" Sparx is a driver. She is the identical twin of Molly Sparx, the star of her own late night cable talk show, the Molly Sparx Show. Maddy is a ditzy and strange person with multiple personalities, which her sister Molly use as characters as she hosts her cable late night talk show. Although Maddy is not the best employee she is useful to the Hollywood Limo company because her connections through her twin bring in lots of stars as customers. She is often high on weed. When ever a star flies into Hollywood to be on Molly's show, Maddy is their driver, which confuses them because they think at first she is Molly. This is how stars have small but funny cameos on the show. She always gets these gigs so Molly can interact with her to be inspired. ” - SweetHotAngel
“ Lou Lee is a driver while he is looking for a job as a TV weatherman after getting his meteorology degree. He is easily annoyed, but very loyal and out of all the guys has the biggest crush on Maddy. He is the wit. Everyone tells him Asians are never the weather guy. ” - SweetHotAngel
T.J. Miller
A comedian. Improvisation, Sketch and Stand-up comedy are his forte. Todd Joseph Miller was born in Denver, Colorado, to Leslie, a clinical psychologist, and Kent Miller, an attorney. He went to East High School, and college in Washington, D.C. There, he performed with the group receSs for 4 years...
“ Jackson Frank is a driver when he needs to be. He is the ultimate slacker. Driving only when he needs a little cash for some drugs. He dreams of being a successful DJ but doesn't do anything about it, not even having a musical collection. He often says extremely dumb things that just make no sense. He'll make jokes that no one else thinks are funny but laugh himself silly over them. ” - SweetHotAngel
“ Paulie "The Grinder" Wisemiller is a driver but used to be a star wrestler. He is articulate and well read. He wishes to returns to his earlier career but knows he never will and decided to switch to working in film. He continually tries out for small roles like "Third Gladiator" but keeps failing to get them. ” - SweetHotAngel
Bronson Pinchot
When Bronson Pinchot began auditioning for Broadway roles, he refused to do accents. Years later, his ability to do accents is what gave him his first break in film and led to television success as Balki Bartokomous, the odd cousin from a Balkan nation who comes to live with Mark Linn-Baker on the sitcom Perfect Strangers...
“ Larry Baker is the owner/manager of Hollywood Limo. He is a big Dodgers fan. He is a clean freak, always harping on how clean and neat the limos should be. He does surprise inspections. He's a shmoozer and hob nobber, always trying to get into parties, using his connections through his limo company, but everyone already knows him, but they don't know who he is, a limo owner, but they love him. The cameo stars always have a different nick name for him. They see him and go, "Oh! Look! It's Gruff McGruff" or "Oh! Look! It's Little Buddy!" The cameo star always has two scenes, one in Maddy's limo and one at some event where they see Larry. ” - SweetHotAngel
Stephen Root
One of the most prolific character actors working today, Stephen Root has worked alongside many of the biggest names in Hollywood. Born in Sarasota, Root majored in acting and broadcasting at the University of Florida and remains a die-hard Gator fan. After three years of touring the U.S. and Canada with the National Shakespeare Company...
“ Donnie Van Wyck is a common customer of Hollywood Limo. He is rich but how exactly he got his money and what he does is never explained. He is usually drunk and always accompanied by a different pretty, young girl who never says a word. ” - SweetHotAngel
Michael Ian Black
Michael Ian Black was born in Chicago, Illinois, but his family moved to Hillsborough, New Jersey, when he was young. His parents divorced when he was 3. When he was 12, his father died during neurological surgery following a mysterious assault. Michael attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts but left before graduation...
“ Jacob West is the producer of the Molly Sparx Show. He's always seen wearing a head set of ear-phones and microphone and a baseball cap. He's a harried and anxious person, always trying to get stuff done, constantly feeling he's behind schedule with too much to do. He's the main liaison between Maddy and Molly and always greets Maddy and her guest star client. He's the only person who detests Larry Baker, why we don't know. Often when the guest star sees Larry and says, "Oh, look, it's Howdy Doody (or whatever,)" it is said to Jacob who was just trying to tell the guest star something important, but the guest star sees Larry, says that and walks away from Jacob. He's sardonic and loves sarcasm. ” - SweetHotAngel