TOP 100 most beautiful actresses over 21 and under 40 according to IMDB users for 2011

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This is the final list of a voting poll that lasted a little over six months:
[b]1203 people
including me voted on this poll.
Votes of those that voted for the actresses the were not list are not counted, same thing with those that voted for the actresses that were younger then 21 or older then 40 and same for those that had same actress twice in their top 10.

List starts with #100 and finish with #1.
For those who doesn't like the results and have not voted, all I can say vote next time.

Tiebreakers were decided:
1. who has more first place votes
2. who has more voters in total
3. my opinion

I wish to one more time thank all man and women that voted, supported(on facebook or some other way) or just visited this poll during this past six moths, also thanks for all positive comments on final list.

Hope you will join me again sometime near the end of June when I will post new poll for 2012. I'm hoping that we can make this poll a annual thing. There will be some changes, but the principle will be the same. You will be notified on this or that other list in due time. Also I have to mention that many people took my idea and started with all sorts of different voting lists. I support all of them except those that are basically copy of my poll.

Here I will also mention five actresses that were close to TOP 100 but didn't make it in the end:
#101 Sarah Shahi 144 points
#102 Astrid Bergès-Frisbey 142 points
#103 Isla Fisher 141 points
#104 Deborah Ann Woll 139 points
#105 Emily Deschanel 138 points

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