My interviews of 2012

I'm starting 2012 off with a bang with the fabulous (and very busy) Brian Anthony Wilson. (Just reading his IMDb profile makes me tired!) You can check out all my interviews at
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“ Wow! Just reading his profile makes me tired! Brian Anthony Wilson has got to be one of the busiest men in the business! And downright gracious, too. He was my first interview in 2012 and I had a BLAST!

Hear the interview in its entirety here:

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Hilliard Guess
Producer, New Dimensions
Born in Detroit, raised in the 'hood near San Francisco, youngest of five in a family pegged "The Cosby Show in the Ghetto." Hilliard's a former actor/dancer who transitioned to screenwriting over 16 years ago. He's a fun, ex-80s Mod/Punk with a knack for writing underdog/redemption stories in the bio...
“ Hilliard Guess charmed us with his wit, talent and volunteering spirit! This actor-turned writer/producer/director is taking Hollywood by storm - and we're along for the ride! Hear all about him right here:

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Davetta Sherwood
Born in Mount Vernon, New York, Davetta Sherwood is an accomplished actress, musician and model. Sherwood began her career in entertainment as a child print model before venturing into acting. She began taking acting lessons and her first role was a feature in the music video for Elektra Recording artist Vitamin C's hit Graduation (Friends Forever)...
“ DAVETTA STONE WOW'ed us with this interview! An Emmy-nominee and NAACP Image Award Winner, this hot, young actress and singer just released her debut album. You can hear the entire interview right here: ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ Gupton shared some wonderful stories about his upbringing (shout out to Mom!) as well as his disappointment over the recent cancellation of his TV show (NBCs Prime Suspect...I'm still peeved about that one!). It was a great interview that left us wanting more. You can hear it all right here: ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ He definitely missed his calling: Will Dalton should have been a comedian. Funny, sincere, polite and talented, this actor had me in stitches during our Feb 1st interview. Hear it here: ” - jbfreelancewriter
Erik McKay
Erik McKay is an American stage, screen and television actor. Born and raised in the Bronx. Child prodigy played the xylophone and piano. Performed at New York City Lincoln Center. Erik played Semi-Pro Football as a Wide-Receiver. For a number of years he was an model. He graduated from NYIT studied computer programming and information system...
“ We'll talk with McKay about training with "greats" like Bill Duke; his performances on award-winning projects (The Situation, 44); stage performances (A Soldier’s Play); and his writing endeavors. He's got a lot going on and we're just the ones to get it out of him. He'll be here on WED, Feb 8th at 7pm EST. Here's the link: ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ What a delight! Lawson's enthusiasm and insight into, not simply the industry but its pitfalls as well, were an eye-opener - and is evidenced by the feedback and immediate climb in archived listeners following the interview. We just HAVE to have him back! Hear why at this link: ” - jbfreelancewriter
Mike Jerome Putnam
Born Michael Jerome Putnam, Hamilton's bio reads like a bestseller: By the age of 17, he was a high school dropout and living out of his car with his dog. To survive, he found a job pumping gas and would often shower at friends' homes when their parents were at work. By the age of 33, this father of four was married and divorced...
“ Mike Putnam aka JEROME HAMILTON came onto the show on Feb 20th. His motto is "Life starts at 50!" and proved the truth of that statement by telling us how he has appeared on some of TVs most popular series, as well as the recently released Denzel Washington/Ryan Reynolds film "Safe House," and his recent turn in the upcoming Steve Carell/Jim Carrey flick, "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone." Hear the whole interview here: ” - jbfreelancewriter
Tony Clomax
Tony Clomax is an award-winning director known for the highly acclaimed series 12-Steps To Recovery, which was broadcast by Punch TV Network and Black Broadcasting Network, after going viral with 7 million plus views. He is also known for the Aspire TV documentary series The Graduates NYC, which was produced by Al Roker Entertainment...
“ The writer/director of one of the most popular web series (12 Steps to Recovery) is our guest for Mon, 2/27. Find out how he invented these eccentric characters; what we can expect from the series in the coming season; and more. Check it out here: ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ From his turn as Big Red in The Five Heartbeats, to Se7en with Pitt and Freeman, Mr. James is a force to reckon with! Our interview on Mar 12th was NOTHING SHORT OF PHENOMENAL!

I'm officially labeling this one as a classic. Check it out. ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ WOW! What a great interview! And we think 2012 will be HER year! (Films with Robert Deniro and Will Smith, respectfully.) Green is far wiser than her years and was more than pleased to share her knowledge with us. We're sure she has a bright future ahead.

You can hear it here: ” - jbfreelancewriter
Roy Williams Jr.
Roy Williams, Jr. in an American actor. He was born in Hawaii at Schofield Barracks Army Post to Sherri Williams (Logan) and Roy Williams. Roy has been featured television series (Being Mary Jane) (The Bold and the Beautiful) and short films(The Doner). Roy lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter.
“ To start out the month of May, we had a GREAT time with actor Roy Williams Jr. This fine actor (we mean that in every sense of the word) is making his mark in the industry...and he's just getting started.

Find out all about his background and where he's headed next at this link: ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ We couldn't have been more excited about this one! Irma P Hall, a phenom in the industry, and several of her colleagues discussed their film "Changing the Game," which also stars Sean Riggs.

Click the link to hear the interview: ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ Koran Dunbar has appeared on nationwide TV (Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Real World 20, MTV Beach House, etc), and infamous comedy venues (Hollywood’s HaHa Café). He is also the writer, director, and actor of the film “Greencastle,” produced through his own production company (From Rags 2 Riches).

Here's the interview in its entirety: ” - jbfreelancewriter
Karen-Eileen Gordon
Actress, Magic City
Karen-Eileen Gordon is most well-known to audiences from her two seasons on the hit Starz Original Drama "Magic City," as sassy New Yorker Florence. Born in Philadelphia, Gordon spent her early years in New Jersey before her real-estate-executive parents headed southeast to Florida, where she grew up...
“ I was thrilled to learn that Karen (who was already scheduled for the show) just signed a deal for an extended appearance on one of my favorite shows, A&E's "The Glades."

She was a great guest! Hear all about her climb to success here: ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ Actor, writer, director Skye Dennis of Philadelphia appeared on our program in late June. We heard about his upbringing and how it affected his life course to write compelling scripts. You can hear it here: ” - jbfreelancewriter
Michael McCallum
Michael McCallum is an award winning director/writer/actor/editor who was born in Lansing, MI where he currently resides. He started acting in 1997 started his film company, Rebel Pictures, in 1999. His first feature film as a writer/director, Fairview St., was premiered in Jan. 2009 at Celebration Cinema...
“ Michael McCallum of Rebel Pictures shows you don't have to have a Hollywood address to rumble with the big boys. Hear what he has to say about filmmaking right here: ” - jbfreelancewriter
Said Faraj
Actor, Green Zone
As a young boy in war torn Lebanon, Award winning International Actor Said Faraj became infatuated with acting after watching the adaptation of the play Les Miserables. Fast forward to Oct 1983. Said (pronounced SA-EED) found himself in the United States after fleeing his native country with little more than the clothes on his back...
“ In July, this 'naughty' guy delighted us with his charm and his "dreams-really-do-come-true" life story. His positive outlook on life, as well as his determination for the future makes him one of best interviews anywhere. Ever.

Said Faraj's the personification of tenacity! ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ Xango Henry is a community activist and a celebrity fitness trainer. This international star has been featured on NBC's Chuck, HBO's Curb Your Enthusiam, and in nearly 35 films and music videos. And Henry's most recent gig is the highly-anticipated TNT show, The Great Escape, the latest vehicle from uber-executive producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer!

He joined us in early August - bringing a boatload of listeners!

Listen to his story here: ” - jbfreelancewriter
Devin E. Haqq
Devin E. Haqq is a native of Nashville, Tennessee and a graduate of the Alabama Shakespeare Festival's Professional Actor Training MFA program. He has performed in numerous stage productions, around the regional United States and New York City, most recently appearing Off-Broadway in Epic Theatre Ensemble''s productions of Macbeth and Richard III...
“ Actor and filmmaker Devin E. Haqq joined us in August for an insightful view of the entertainment industry. A wonderful guest whose passion and creativity far exceeds his years! ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ Latonia's back to talk about the new stage production "Children of Killers," based on the horrific stories of the Rwandan uprising. A remarkable story by writer Kitori Hall (Mountain Top).

You can catch it here: ” - jbfreelancewriter
Michael Desante
Hailing from the Middle East, Michael Desante is an actor, producer and writer classically trained in all his areas of expertise; all delivered with an intellectually charming personality. From "The Hurt Locker," Kathryn Bigelow's critically acclaimed movie, to independent films such as "The Last Stop,"...
“ What an honor to have actor Michael Desante on my show. Featured in films like the critically acclaimed "The Hurt Locker," Desante discussed his passions, struggles and what next for his career.

The interview was a huge splash! Listen to it here: ” - jbfreelancewriter
Tony Lo Bianco
The career of actor Tony Lo Bianco is distinguished as much by its depth and variety, as by the skills and gifts Mr. Lo Bianco has brought to his work. He has appeared in numerous films, television programs, and stage performances, both on-screen and off as a writer, director, and producer. Throughout his career...
“ Tony Lo Bianco has made a name for himself as an actor, writer, director, and producer. He was here to promote his one-man stage production portraying former New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia in "The Little Flower,” which has been hailed by critics and LaGuardia’s own family members. It was a privilege to hear his stories, and learn from this distinguished and talented actor. I am truly humbled.

Hear why: ” - jbfreelancewriter
Chazz Palminteri
Bronx-born and raised Chazz Palminteri was a natural choice to continue the Italianate torch in film. In the tradition set forth in the 1970s by such icons as director Martin Scorsese and actors Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, John Cazale and Joe Pesci, Palminteri has brought grit, muscle and an evocative realism to the sidewalks of his New York neighborhood...
“ Chazz Palminteri joins industry insider Dominic Antignano, and Manhattan Film Institute (MFI) co-founder and actor/writer Tony Spiridakis on Monday, Sept 24th at 7pm EST to discuss their recent and future projects that will propel the careers of many up-and-coming artists. You can hear it here: ” - jbfreelancewriter
Mykelti Williamson
Actor, Con Air
Perhaps best remembered for his touching performance as "Bubba" opposite Tom Hanks in the Academy Award-winning Forrest Gump, Mykelti Williamson is one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, who has been steadily honing his craft since he first began acting professionally at the age of 18...
“ This talented actor joined us on Monday, Oct 1st. Known for his portrayal as the beloved Bubba in the award-winning film Forrest Gump (opposite Tom Hanks), Williamson continues to be one of the busiest actors in the biz!

Hear the whole thing right here! ” - jbfreelancewriter
Nakia Dillard
Actor, Split
Actor, writer, director, and entrepreneur, Nakia Dillard is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania As a child, his love of arts introduced him to a whole new world of colors, animation, and imagination. Being extremely talented in this field of artistry. Nakia anticipated this as a life career and profession...
“ This actor is on the road to success, after appearing in several films in 2012. We discussed his start in the industry, his goals moving forward and his entrepreneurial success with Aikan Entertainment (pronounced I-Can).

Find out all there is to know about Nakia Dillard! ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ We were privileged to have this writer along with producer Brian Rolling and actress Athena Colon - all reps from the new popular web series "Lenox Avenue," and what a show it was! They're a great bunch of folks who (obviously) enjoy each other's company.

Hear it here: ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ (See #27 for show description.) ” - jbfreelancewriter
Athena Colón
Actress, Blindly Bound
Athena Colon is a New York City actress born in the Bronx. She's known for Martin Scorsese's 'Vinyl', Netflix's 'Jessica Jones' and Hulu's 'The Bodega'. As a teen, she attended Henry Street Settlement's Urban Youth Theater and City Lights Youth Theatre. When not acting, she serves as a Teaching Artist with Family Life Theatre...
“ (See #27 for show description.) ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ Interviewing Windell Middlebrooks was a delight. Not only did he alter his schedule (I was late getting on the air!) but it went off without a hitch! He's a true pro and we thank him for his graciousness in accommodating us. ” - jbfreelancewriter
Tonya Williams
Born in London, UK, she is an only child of Lloyd G. Williams a now deceased Supreme Court Justice of the British Virgin Islands and St. Kitts, and Korah H. Williams a retired Registered Nurse. Both Tonya's parents are Jamaican, but met in the UK at University and married there. When Tonya was 1 1/2 years old...
“ What a show! We talked about everything under the sun: acting (of course), The Young and the Restless (naturally), colonoscopies (yes, colonoscopies!)....We were just two sistas kickin' it. Ahhhh, what a welcome change.

Hear all the gory details here: ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ Yes, he's back! But this time he's on the hot seat. I put some tough questions to Koran (like, "Why was the only Black woman in the film also the meanest?" Yes...I went there). He passed with flying colors. It was great! You can hear the whole interview here: ” - jbfreelancewriter
Vincent Spano
Born in Brooklyn, Vincent developed an interest in acting at a young age and was pursuing it professionally by age 14. A year later, he earned a co-starring role in the play "The Shadow Box" and a minor role in the movie The Double McGuffin came two years after that. At age 18, Spano was cast in The...
“ What an absolute gem! I knew Spano was a gifted actor (hey, we only have the best here), but I have NO CLUE that he had such vast knowledge behind the camera as well! So we're thrilled to know that he's embarking on his first full-length directorial debut in just a few months! Listen all about this great project right here... ” - jbfreelancewriter
J Michael Briggs
Actor, J Michael Briggs was born in Houston Texas. His career in entertainment started out in music. In 1989 while attempting to further his music career in Hollywood, J Michael, on the advice of actor friend, Peer Ebbighousen, started to do background work to make extra money. While working on a TV comedy for Disney/NBC called Hull High...
“ This was our second go-'round with actor J Michael Briggs...and it was fantastic! We caught up to him "on a whim" and he was able to accommodate us. This guy is great. Not yet a household name, but it's coming...we're sure of it. Why? Because he's a great actor, an all-around good guy...and he deserves it!

Find out why here... ” - jbfreelancewriter
Joan Benedict Steiger
Decades of work on stage, screen, and television and the love of three devoted men sounds like a full life; but in many ways, the story is just beginning for veteran performer Joan Benedict Steiger. With credits dating back to the original Candid Camera on television to her acclaimed solo performance as Leona Helmsley...
“ What a wonderful time we had with Ms. Steiger when we learned all about her life and loves, and the amazing book she's looking to write about it all. ” - jbfreelancewriter
“ WOW! Talk about a busy actress! I was tired just listening to her talk about her activities! She's got a lot going on...and acting is just ONE of them. Learn all about her here: ” - jbfreelancewriter