TOP 100 most beautiful actors between 20-40 years old(2011-2012). According to IMDB users.

FINALLY!!! The "top 100 most beautiful actors between 20-40 years old" is here too.
I wanna thank "catojune-1" - for inspire me to do this list, and also thanks for all the good advice you gave me, i dont hope you think i'm a copycat or something.

And ofcause a big thanks to everybody who voted, and made this list possible to make. It was not many votes, but enough to make a top 100 list. (THANKS)
It was fun to make xD

PS: Wanna see how the list over hottest actresses went out: then here is the link:
The list goes from 100# to 1#.

And I will also mention five actors that were close to TOP 100 but didn't make it in the end:

#101 Henry Cavill.
#102 Ryan Phillipe.
#103 Ashton Kutcher.
#104 Steven R. McQueen.
#105 Ben Foster.

OBS: Please, dont complain about it, if you are against this list, you could just have voted on your favorites.
So remember it next time, I hope people will join me again to summer.