Living Legends of the Indian Cinema

A Legend is one with an unique talent. They are revered by a discerning audience who have taste and class and admired by their peers for their superlative acting talent, style or looks. They become Icons to the masses. This is when stars looked like stars and acted like stars and the audience had good taste and class as opposed to these banchod front benchers from Dirty Desh and Filthystan, who have put these three suvvar dogs on pedestal and worship them as the greatest actors. One is an ugly dog, second is a midget monkey and the third is an ape in the IQ in double digits who dances like a demented penguin. All have criminal background. These suvvars are treated like dogs in all airports and sport stadiums.

Some of them rat scums are not qualified to clean the toilet of the Legends, let alone be a star or be seen on the same stage. These dogs are a disgrace to the profession and a an International emabarrasment since they are detained and strip searched in all airports. These suvvar banchods are kicked out by cops in sports stadium and banned for life. These banchods are so ugly the worst looking villains look better than these vermins.

The recent Apsara Awards where the Legends were brought on to the stage one by one like a winner in a contest, was a farce and a disgrace. They were treated like dirt. The Kuttae suvvaar producers from Kuttaestan have no clue how to treat and respect these stelwarts of the film industry. These Kuttae maderchods fed and raised on suvvar scum, belong in the sewer where they came from. These maderchods have no place in cinema or producing a quality show.
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Waheeda Rehman
Waheeda Rehmaan combined the classic Tamil-Islamic beauty with an extraordinary grace, talent and a truly transcendent appeal that ranked her among the pantheon of Bollywood's elite actresses. And few could dance better than she could! She was born into a traditional Tamil Urdu speaking Muslim family on 3 February 1938...
“ She is Liz Taylor for looks and Merryl Streep for acting in the Indian cinema. Too many movies to mention but "Guide" with Dev Anand and "Khamoshi" with Rajesh Khanna, were most expletive of her talent, not only as an actress but a great aesthetic and classical dancer (Guide.) She (and Sadhana) were two of the most beutiful and the classiest women, ever to grace the Indian cinema, now taken over by the imbecile imports who are a disgrace to acting and dancing. She admired Guru Dutt as an ace actor and director and has admiration for Vidya Balan as one of the best in the newer crop of actresses. ” - Herag Halli
Amitabh Bachchan
The trademark deep baritone voice, the tall, brooding persona, and intense eyes, made Amitabh Bachchan the ideal "Angry Young Man" in the 1975-84. The son of the late poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan and Teji Bachchan, he was born in Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. After completing his education from Sherwood College...
“ From an angry young man to a boring blogger..what an Icon! Actor the likes of Richard Burton and Ben Kingsley. The diction and deep baritone seperates him from the rest of the brood.

His new movie 'Department" by Ram Gopal Varma, is a bummer with wierd camera angles and wierd acting as done by his Jr. in "Ravvan" He is such an Icon he can get away with it. ” - Herag Halli
Om Puri
Om Puri is an Indian actor who has appeared in both mainstream Indian films and art films. His credits also include appearances in British and American films. He has received an honorary OBE. Puri was born in Ambala, Haryana. His father worked on the railways and served in the Indian Army. Puri graduated from the Film and Television Institute of India...
“ A voice and diction fit for an actor. Commanding screen presence in any role. He can literally take on any role and over shadow his fellow actors. ” - Herag Halli
Actress, Madhumati
Vyjayanthimala was born to actress and dancer Vasundhara Devi in a Tamil-speaking family in Chennai, India, on August 13, 1936. At the age of 4, she got the rare chance of performing a dance before the Pope. Then at the age of 15, while in her final year at school, she was signed-up by family friend...
“ Won the best actress award for "Sangam" and rightfully so. She along with Waheeda Rehman, were the classiest classical dancers in the Indian cinema which the suvvar kuttae producers from Kuttaestan have no clue about and never will, since they are busy producincg kachada movies for the filthy frontbenchers. ” - Herag Halli
Actress, Waqt
Sadhana was born on September 2, 1941 and was named after her father's favorite actress Sadhona Bose. Her father and actor Hari Shivdasani were brothers, and Hari's daughter is actress Babita Kapoor. Sadhana was an only child and her parents made her the center of their lives; in fact, her mother home-schooled her until she was 8 years old...
“ Greatest beuty ever in Indian cinema the likes of Hedy Lamaar in Hollywood. She was not a great actress but no one cared. Two films "Hum Dono" and "Mere Mehboob" are most indicative of her distinctive looks and style. "Hum Dono" is the most romantic movie ever in Hindi cinema (the original black and white is more appealing than the colour version) starring Dev Anand (1923-2011) and Nanda with one of the most romantic duet ever composed, by music maestro Jaidev Varma. ” - Herag Halli
Actress, Gumnaam
A film career spanning from the 1940s to the 1980s, Nanda was born on January 8, 1939, to a show-business Marathi family in Bombay, India. Her father was actor Master Vinayak, and her mother was Sushila. Nanda was the third of seven brothers and sisters. When she was just 5 years old, her father wanted to cast her in his film "Mandir" (1948)...
“ She was most remebered for "Gumnaam" with Manoj Kumar and "Hum Dono" and 'Teen Devian" with Dev Anand. She left indelible memories with the yesteryear audience, singing the mother of all Bhajans- "Ishwar Thero Naam" from "Hum Dono." with music by Jaidev Varma. These Bhajans are now taken over by the 'Item Numbers" composed by the No talent kuttaes suvvars from Kuttaestan with more malady than melody. ” - Herag Halli
Actor, Don
Pran was one of the leading character actors of Indian cinema. He was born on 12 February,1920 at Delhi. Pran was educated at different places namely Kapurthala, Unnao, Meerut, Dehradun and Rampur as his father late Lala Kewal Krishnan Sikand was a Government Civil Contractor for the construction of roads and bridges...
“ A quentissential screen villain and a doting screen father, who gate crashed daughters parties and ruined it for her and the jilted lovers who turned into an instant Liberace's on the piano, churning out soul searching numbers, that made the jilted lovers guilty as hell. Also this was during the period in Hindi cinema, when the ratio of villians to hero's were three to one. This ratio seems to have changed lately, since the three leading dogs from Filthystan are so ugly looking, they can pass for villains-saving enormous above the line production costs! ” - Herag Halli
“ He was wooden, when it came to acting, but made few incomparable patriotic movies. ” - Herag Halli
Asha Parekh
Actress, Upkar
Asha Parekh was born in a middle-class Gujarati household to a Hindu father, Pranlal Parekh, and a Muslim mother Sudha Parekh on October 2, 1942 in India. Since she was an only child, she became the center of her parents' lives. Her mother enrolled her in classical dance classes at an early age, and Asha excelled at dance to the point where she performed at stage shows...
“ She along with Biswajeet, Shammi Kapoor and Joy Mukherjee made an indelible team in the older movies, which are gems as compared to the current movies which have no artistic or aesthetic value that are mostly produced by the banchod brothers of bollywood.. The music of O.P. Nayyar and the sexy voice of Asha Bhosle used to be staple in the Golden Era of Indian movies and music, compared to the current copy-cat music directors from fithystan, who are a disgrace to music. Few like A.R. Rahman and Shantanu Moitra know their art. ” - Herag Halli
Sharmila Tagore
Sharmila Tagore is a Bengali actress, who has now achieved success in Hindi films produced by Bollywood. Sharmila Tagore's ancestor was the noted Rabindranath Tagore. Sharmila married the famous Indian cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan, and since then her marriage has been intact. Sharmila has one son and two daughters...
“ She and Rajesh Khanna, made a great screen pair (this is when the actors were handsome compared to the three so called leading actors more like leading dogs who look handsome to these filthy illegal illiterate banchod frontbencher scum from Dirty Desh.) She left an indelible mark in Shakti Samanth's "Aradhana." ” - Herag Halli
Bhanurekha Ganesan, better known by her stage name Rekha (born 10 October 1954) is a Bollywood Indian actress. Rekha has acted in over 180 films in a career that has spanned over 40 years. Throughout her career, she has often played strong female characters and, apart from mainstream cinema, appeared in art-house films, known in India as parallel cinema...
“ She was in her peak in "Silsila" and a note worthy perf in "Lajja." One of the classiest dancers as in "In Ankho Ki Mastike" "Umrao Jaan." The other songs she is famous for are; ""Pardeseeya" "Salaam-e-Ishq Merijaan" She was the recipient of the award for "Outstanding contribution to the Indian Films" at the IIFA awards in Singapore. Her best protege is probably-Priyanka Chopra who has her grace and the dancing skills. ” - Herag Halli
Actress, Brahmachari
Rajshree Shantaram is the daughter of noted V. Shantaram, who passed away in October 1990. She is the daughter of actress, Jayashree, who passed away recently on October, 19, 2004. Jayashree was the second wife of V. Shantaram. Rajshree's brother, Kiran Shantaram, was the former Sheriff of Bombay, Maharashtra...
“ The yesteyear actresses had class and style.They looked different, dressed different and acted different. They were distinctive in the way they styled their hair and fashioned their clothes. Rajshree, was the one who started this fashion trend in India. Her movie career ended abruptly after matrimony. She was the original pioneer of style and class in Indian movies. She will ever be rememberd for one movie "Geet Gaya Patharone" produced by her father, the Venerable V.Shantaram. She acted in several movies the last one being 'Around The World" with Raj Kapoor and "Bramachari" with Shammi Kapoor ” - Herag Halli
Mala Sinha
Actress, Pyaasa
“ She made a great pair with Manoj Kumar. She was one of the hottest stars in the 60's and 70's. ” - Herag Halli
Aruna Irani
Aruna Irani made her debut in the movie Gunga Jumna (1961) at nine years old playing Azra's character. After doing several small roles in films like Jahanara (1964), Farz (1967), Upkar (1967) and Aaya Sawan Jhoomke (1969). She later acted with comedian Mehmood Ali in films like Aulad (1968), Humjoli (1970)...
Actress, Saathiya
Jaya Bhaduri
In April 1948 Jabalpur-based, Bengali-speaking Indira and Tarun Kumar Bhaduri were blessed with a child they named Jaya, and enrolled in the St. Joseph's Convent School in Bhopal. Her acting career started when she was 15 in a Bengali film Mahanagar. She became an actress in her own right in Bollywood after the release of Guddi...
“ Forever "Guddi" of Hindi movies. One of the best perf was in "Silsila" with Amitab Bachchan who later became her hubby for 39 years and and now the First Family of Folly "Mumbai Film Industry" Wood. ” - Herag Halli
Simi Garewal
Simi Garewal was born on October 17, 1947 to a Punjabi Sikh family in India. Her father was J.S Garewal who was in the military. Her mother was a homemaker. Her family migrated to London in early 1953 when she was barely 6 years old. In 1961, she moved back to India in order to become an actress. She was offered a small role in the English film Tarzan Goes to India...
“ Acted in several movies but most known for her in depth TV interviews. ” - Herag Halli
Sridevi was born on August 13, 1963 in her father's hometown of Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India. Her mother was from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. So Sridevi grew up speaking Telugu and Tamil. She has a sister named Srilatha and a stepbrother named Satish. Her dad passed away during the year 1991, while her mom died during 1997...