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A small sampling of our talented PerformerTrack Members who we would like to shine the light on. (SPECIAL NOTE: ONLY those who have submitted to User Spotlight will be mentioned for privacy reasons.) If you would like to be added, or removed, kindly email with your request.
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Kristina Hughes
Actress, Old School
Kristina Hughes, a New England native and a firm believer that through hard work and perseverance one's acting career can flourish to "expected heights" while unveiling "unexpected roles". While growing up in Medford, Massachusetts and attending Lexington Christian Academy in the suburbs of Boston in her late teens...
“ "I was mentioned by name in the FANGORIA review of Green River: 'Kristina Hughes plays a wonderfully unstable 'Ali' and she shows a great range and stretch in character.' If you love thrillers then check out Green River to get in the mood for this Halloween!

I love how PerformerTrack helps me stay in touch with my reviewers. I can export their info to send them my e-newsletter, send them a letter through mail merge letting them know I'm available for interviews and I can print labels to add them to my targeted postcard sends. I'll be reconnecting with FANGORIA for another review when the web series I've just been cast in is coming out. If they loved my performance once, then I am going to turn that CONTACT into a CONNECTION!

"This was my second time working with Director Ron Howard. My scenes were very intimate and it was great to know that Mr. Howard remembered working with me 10 years ago back in NYC when I played a school teacher in Ransom. I love that I can track residuals from as far back as I want to and I am so excited about the PerformerTrust feature. I am using it to save up for two things right now a Mont Blanc pen to sign contracts with and a digital camera that I can bring with me to red carpet events. "

I save so much $ and time being a talent-on-target, focused and getting the results I want."

"PerformerTrack has assisted me immensely in exporting my contacts into my quarterly 'Hughes Happenings' newsletter campaigns. This allows me to alert the media and other Industry professionals who I have turned from Contacts into a Connections of my recent news. I've also been able to assist my producer of 'The Resolve' in getting the word out which is no doubt a benefit to the production itself and my cast/crew. The more eyeballs on the web series, will of course help propel its success. PerformerTrack has saved me so much time in doing this and has allowed me to coincidentally book three more projects and connect with some new representation I've been targeting. Promoting bookings truly does lead to more work, exposure and opportunities."

"Booking this project was a prime example of how this is a 'Relationship Business'. I keep in touch with my contacts and cultivate my business relationships through PerformerTrack. It was the Casting Director of the project who I stay in touch with who brought me in and I ended up booking essentially the third lead of this animated feature! Now, with PerformerTrack, I will forever keep in touch with the Producer, Writer, Director, and everyone else I met at my recording sessions at the studio."

"The director and producer of this project had hired me before. Directly Booking this project was another success story of staying in touch with contacts using PerformerTrack!"

"Since I've been assisting with PR for the Series, using PerformerTrack's Booked Projects Area, combined with it's Cast & Crew section, I've been able to create and schedule Tweets to gain more followers and fans. Also with the Web Listings Area I've been able to archive online reviews & comments that will come in handy when our next press campaign is released. Without PerformerTrack, I've be searching the web any time I wanted to find buzz. Not it's all in oue place and backed up. What a time saver!"

"Since I've been assisting with PR for the Series, using PerformerTrack's Booked Projects Area, combined with it's Cast & Crew section, I've been able to create and schedule Tweets to gain more followers and fans. Also with the Web Listings Area I've been able to archive online reviews & comments that will come in handy when our next press campaign is released. Without PerformerTrack, I've be searching the web any time I wanted to find buzz. Not it's all in oue place and backed up. What a time saver!"

"PerformerTrack's Booked Projects 'Web Listings' area is so valuable! I've been able to keep an eye on all the websites that are embedding the episode's code and then track hits and fan comments which has been helpful in more PR opportunities. More media outlets are interested in the show. In fact, here's a link to a recent recording of the "Acting Up Show" with Brian Vermeire as the co-guest, with hosts Skyler Caleb and Steve Molton. It's exciting to see the growth of 'The Resolve' all the Contacts I've made, the Events I've been invited to, and the Cast & Crew. If I didn't have everything tied together in PerformerTrack I know I'd be missing out and my home office would be a disaster!"

"With PerformerTrack I can keep up with my contacts and keep up with the ones that submit for my films. If I can use them in the future, I have their info handy." ” - Jillian Peterson
Brian Vermeire
Cinematographer, FancyFeaster
Brian Vermeire is a proud graduate of the Sanford Meisner 2-year acting program. While studying the Meisner Technique he simultaneously learned the ropes of improv and sketch-comedy at the famous Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles. There he studied directly under such well-known comedic actors as Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers...
“ "PerformerTrack made tracking the Booking ridiculously easy! From the Wardrobe Fitting, to the Call Time, to my Post-Project Follow-Ups with the Cast & Crew who I worked with on set. I can't wait to pop my Income into the Project's Income area. PerformerTrack has a home for every single detail ~ it's absolutely genius!"

"PerformerTrack is the best tool for my career!!! Tracking my gigs, the material I do and the money I make is a breeze with this application! With PerformerTrack I take my career seriously, and in return my career takes me seriously!"

"Tracking this Booking with PerformerTrack was incredibly easy! From scheduling my Call Times, to connecting my new contacts to the Cast & Crew area of the project... PerformerTrack had me covered!"
"Using PerformerTrack is what allows me to walk into a Booking with confidence... from all of my Pre-Production Appointments though Production and beyond through Post-Production I have everything tracked.... including everyone I worked with on the project through PerformerTrack's dynamic Cast & Crew section. So good!"

"PerformerTrack is ridiculously amazing - all of my Auditions, Callbacks, Bookings, Contacts, Appointments, Expenses, Income - all working together harmoniously like a well-oiled machine... any performer using it would agree: PerformerTrack = Career Bliss" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "PerformerTrack helps me during tax time because all my expenses are in one easy to use report."

"I love PerformerTrack because it allows me to put my career in perspective and get my business sense in gear."

"I love PerformerTrack because it allows me to put my career in perspective and get my business sense in gear." ” - Jillian Peterson
Harold Phillips
Actor, The Falls
Harold Phillips has worked professionally in theatre, film and television for over 30 years. In that time, he has built a reputation for his commitment to the characters he plays, and his efforts to strengthen the creative industries in cities he's worked in. Harold was born in Frankfurt, Germany to an American military family...
“ "Time is the most important asset we manage as performers. We live and die by our calendar - we have to block out time for rehearsals, performances, auditions, PR opportunities, and (oh yeah) time with our families and loved ones. PerformerTrack lays out all the performer's commitments and reminders in an easy-to-follow fashion, with a "performer assistant" right on the home page for quick reminders. Add to this the fact that it's available all the time from any device with an internet connection (even my Blackberry Storm), and it's my #1 recommended tool for any performer!"

"PerformerTrack totally saved my bacon! This weekend I had an audition at a place I'd never been to before. When I got to the address I THOUGHT the audition was at, though, I found out it didn't exist!

"The team at Holdon Log has really outdone themselves with PerformerTrack. It expands on their previous ActorTrack product in almost every way imaginable - every section of the program has been expanded and linked together, and the ability to access data from any computer with an internet connection makes managing my career that much easier. With the level of detail I can track in this system, I feel confident that I can guide my career in any direction I want to take it."

Luckily, I had my Blackberry Storm with me. I brought up PerformerTrack on the web browser and double-checked the address - and realized I was a block over. Glad that the system is always available where ever I am!."

"I can honestly say that PerformerTrack has revolutionized how I approach my acting business - I've doubled my acting income last year, and it's largely because PerformerTrack keeps me on-task and paying attention to important details like checking-in and following up. It's a must for the professional performer!"

"PerformerTrack really helps me keep my schedule straight - even when I'm not home at my main computer. I was out of town when when I booked this gig - the "Online Anytime" feature of PerformerTrack allowed me to log the booking, add it to my schedule AND add the production details... ALL from my hotel room in Jacksonville, FL."

"PerformerTrack's "Virtual Closet" feature really helped me out with this one... I took a photo of the wardrobe I wore to the audition, and added it to my "Virtual Closet" entry. When the job was booked, I was able to go back and see what I looked like when the photographer took my audition shots - this helped me to get the hair style and accessories I brought to the shoot right!"

"PerformerTrack followed my every step of the way - from recording the time of my first audition, to reminding me what to wear to the callback, to giving me a spot to fill in all the details about the final booking. Truly an essential show BUSINESS application!"

"I've had my best year ever this year... and it's largely because PerformerTrack keeps me organized on on-task! It is absolutely true - you guys rock, and the system has helped me make an amazing jump in my career this year! Thanks for everything!"

"The 'Cast and Crew' section of the Booked Projects section has been a god-send - it let me keep track of who I worked with on this very funny film, and when other filmmakers in the area started looking for crew it put contact information for everyone I was on-set with right at my fingertips! What a great addition to the system!"

"I couldn't keep my career running without PerformerTrack - when I'm knee-deep in production, it's easy to lose track of events I need to follow-up on, contact information for people in the industry, and my schedule. Thankfully, PerformerTrack puts it all in one place - and I can even access it on my Blackberry so I can keep track of information while on location!"

"The Booked Projects section helps me keep all the relevant names and dates associated with a project straight. I've got all the contact information for everyone on the project in one spot - and I've got all the dates in the Pre-Project/ Project/ Post-Project sections (which conveniently ports over to my PerformerTrack calendar). I'd be lost without it!!!! Also, PerformerTrack makes promoting my projects a breeze - I just export the addresses in my Contact Database for agents, casting directors, producers, etc; print those addresses on labels, and poof! Postcards ready-to-mail!"
"It's no secret that this business moves fast. PerformerTrack helps me keep all the details straight as I'm jetting from one appointment to the next - and this booking is a perfect example.

When I woke up Friday morning and checked PerformerTrack (it's one of my home pages) I was reminded that the Oregon Media Production Association (our industry trade group) was having an event that afternoon. I popped by the office (using my Droid to note the mileage for the trip in the Expenses section) and met with a few people - including a director I've been looking to work with. I pulled up PerformerTrack on my Droid and checked the director's "history" in my contacts section, and was reminded of a video he'd recently for Portland's IBEW local. I complimented him on the video and reminded him that I do voice work.

Fast-forward to Monday. After an audition I checked my email and saw a note from the director asking for my phone number so he could book me for a voiceover session. I looked up his number in my PerformerTrack contacts, gave him a ring, and booked the job. Once I got off the phone, I fed the booking into PerformerTrack - including the studio location and name of the engineer working on the project.

PerformerTrack is so integral to the way I do business now, I can't imagine how I got by without it!"

"I've been a big advocate of PerformerTrack as the one-stop-shop for keeping track of your acting business for quite some time now... I'm especially enjoying the Web Links section of the "Booked Projects" tab - it's a great way to keep all the online mentions and web sites devoted to my projects in one spot!"

"One of our jobs as actors is to keep track of things AFTER the job is done: when is the check coming in the mail? When will we get our copy? When will the project air or screen at a theater? PerformerTrack's "Post-Project Details" section helps to track all this; just enter the date you expect that check or copy to show up in your mailbox, and a reminder appears on your "Performer Assistant" section of the home page... and lets you know it's time to pick up the phone and call the producers if the envelope hasn't already arrived!

PerformerTrack's contacts database really came in handy for us recently when someone dropped out of our cast unexpectedly. I was able to call up my contacts on my smart phone, limit the "contact type" to Actors, and give the director some recommendations right there on the spot. It's GREAT having all my contacts in one place and easily searchable!"

"This is a 100% PerformerTrack success-story. I was called in to read for this spot, and logged the details into the system. Then, at the last minute, the audition was canceled... so I marked the audition log entry as "inactive...". UNTIL the next day, when casting wanted me at their office within the hour! Thankfully, I had everything I needed logged into PerformerTrack - I just made the audition "active" again from my Blackberry, found the address of the office and refreshed my memory about the project... and went in there and booked the gig!"

"In a 'relationship business', PerformerTrack helps you keep on top of your Industry contacts like nothing else can. I auditioned for a different part in the film earlier this year, and even though I didn't book it I've stayed in touch ever since. By keeping tabs on those associated with the production, I was able to keep my face in front of them... and they ended up asking me to play this part without an audition!

Another example of how PerformerTrack's 'Contacts' section helped me out - I auditioned for director Jon Garcia last year for another feature I didn't get cast in. When he contacted me last week about playing this role, I was able to find him in my Contacts section and look through my 'History' notes and re-familiarize myself with him."

"I use PerformerTrack every day to help me keep track of my contacts - the history section is especially helpful, as I can see when the last time I communicated witha contact was, and what we talked about!"

"PerformerTrack has revolutionized the way I keep track of my business... I've set it as my home page so every time I open my browser I see reminders of audition follow-ups, invoices due, and other important information."

"PerformerTrack is an essential tool for building my career. The ability to track a project from submission through premier or launch gives me a firm handle on all the aspects of my business." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "Love PerformerTrack. I use it on my iPad, iPhone & 27" Mac Computer desktop! I tell everyone about using PerformerTrack. It is one of the best things for my career. I am proud of myself because I am organized. It is worth my time to do it. The staff is so available and gives me so much support. Love them." ” - Jillian Peterson
Chuck Loring
Chuck Loring aka "H" has been playing bass since 1983. He got bitten by the bass bug while doing Light Design for the Boston based band "Luna". After working with his best friend Chuck Colbert, the two formed "The Bad Habitz". H moved on to play for "White T's" and "Central Artery" then toured the East coast for 6 years...
“ "We've all tried to put notes in a spiral note book, it begins to look like a doodle pad. PerformerTrack puts it all in its place."

"I like PerformerTrack's ability to track casting directors, ad co's, etc."

"PerformerTrack helps me to track and spread the word on my forward moving career.

"I like everything about PerformerTrack. You offer great services and rewards for the people with the drive to put it to work." ” - Jillian Peterson
Nicole Sadighi
Actress, I Am Neda
Nicole, the daughter of two prominent Iranian-American journalists, Nader Sadighi and Shahla Arasteh, grew up in London, England, in a little town called Twickenham, Richmond upon Thames. And it was those early years that she remembers wanting to grow up to be an actress. At the age of nine she auditioned...
“ "PerformerTrack helps me track all of my projects, expenses, appointments and so much more. It keeps me organized."

"Every time I go to use PerformerTrack I learn something new. It's uses are endless. Now that I have I don't know how I would live without it. It's my 'PersonalAssistant'."

"It helps me track all of my projects, expenses, appointments and so much more. It keeps me organized!"

"PerformerTrack is my little personal assistant, CPA and moral support. It's a bit like the invention of the internet: How was the world functioning before the internet. Once you've got it you can't go back."

"PerformerTrack is my premier organizational tool! It makes my professional and personal so much easier to organize and streamline." ” - Jillian Peterson
Jef Canter
Also known as "Jef with 1 F", Jef is a New York based stage and screen actor who was born and raised in North Florida and also worked out of San Diego and Los Angeles, California before relocating to NYC. His films have played at film festivals across the United States. In 2014, Jef will go into production on "Funny" his first feature film...
“ "How many times and ways can I say that I depend on PerformerTrack to run my business."

"I could never keep everything straight without PerformerTrack!"

"I have to say I just switched to PerformerTrack from 'another' program (which was clumsy to use), I know I made the right choice... they walked me through the program, helped me to immediately see the value, and have made me feel like a part of the family. I'll never use anything else!"

"PerformerTrack is a tool that I can't live without. As a stage actor my auditions may be all over the country... and I may audition live or via video submission or a combination. With so many different projects on my radar screen at any one time, people often ask: "How do you keep it all straight?" My answer... PerformerTrack! I love how the people at PerformerTrack listen to suggestions from their subscribers and you can see those suggestions become part of future updates."

"PerformerTrack is the only thing that can keep me organized."

"PerformerTrack helps me stay organized and keep all my auditions and contacts straight. It's the number one tool that helps me to present myself professionally in this highly competitive market."

"PerformerTrack is my number 1 organization tool!"

"Just switched to PerformerTrack and I've already finding it so easy to use and the customer service is second to none I've ever experienced. The way the work flows through the program makes it so easy to get where I need to go... and to remember to follow up as well as adding specific notes to the contacts I'm working with."

"PerformerTrack is the one tool I could never do without. It has helped me stay organized and keep things straight for my run of 14 shows in a row now and all the auditions in between."

"PerformerTrack is the only way I can keep my days straight with all the auditions I have in NYC each week."

"It's so nice to know that wherever I go I can access PerformerTrack. On the web, on my cellphone (HTC EVO) I can refer back to past auditions or schedule new ones. Can't live without it!" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "PerformerTrack helps keep me organized; many things I would easily have forgotten I now save there." ” - Jillian Peterson
Steve Whelan
Sound Department, Cartel War
Steve Whelan is an American actor and producer. He was born in San Mateo, CA, January 7th, 1970. Steve grew up in Northeast Ohio and Connecticut, later earning a BA in Theatre at Indiana Universtiy. After three years of creating original, experimental Theatre in Philadelphia, he turned his focus to film...
“ Not only do I use PT for my acting career, I also use it for my production company, Relentless Filmworks. I am able to effortlessly track all my clients and create an awesome database of super talented folks! ” - Jillian Peterson
Mercedes Rose
Mercedes Rose was born to be a performer. She has always realized this -- and steadily, the rest of the world is recognizing it, too. Blessed with a perfect name for an actress, an endless supply of enthusiastic determination, and little desire to pursue any other career path... she has built up a very...
“ "PerformerTrack is my brain. Everything I need to keep my show-biz career in line!"

"Not to be dramatic or anything- but how did I live before PerformerTrack? The positive energy that comes from constantly entering my auditions and (the best part) my bookings is invaluable. Since joining the PerformerTrack ranks in January I have felt a forward momentum like never before in my 13+ year career. I can't recommend this organizing product highly enough. Every performer from the beginner to the seasoned pro should have PerformerTrack at their fingertips. And, scene."

"PerformerTrack keeps me from losing my mind in this crazy business! Having all the 'business' stuff in one location makes every day easier."

"I have never been more on top of my career then when I began using PerformerTrack. Tax time 2010 should be a snap! I have raved about PerformerTrack so much my actor friends they all think I get a commission! But when I find a product I love that also keeps me organized, I feel the need to share!"

"Without PerformerTrack I wouldn't know if I was coming or going. Or who owed me money!"

"I love the PerformerTrack is constantly updating and improving! It seems like every time I log on there is a new awesome feature. Love it!"

"I use Performer Track to keep track of everything about my business. Literally everything. It is my brain." ” - Jillian Peterson
Myles Cranford
Actor, Interwoven
Born and raised in Los Angeles, his inner voice spoke 'acting' at the age of 7. He soon after decided that he would become a physician. He pursued that goal for 15 years. During his undergraduate studies (a pre-med/liberal arts curriculum, with a minor in Philosophy and Religion) his elective course work was acting, directing, and film...
“ "At the audition (for this project), I booked it, and when the Writer/Director asked me if I was available on a specific date, I pulled out my phone, went online into my PerformerTrack Account to look at my calendar and confirm I was available. I told them all about PerformerTrack! Just thought you might like to know how much I appreciate your products, service, and helpful attitude toward your fellow Actors and others in the Industry." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "I love so many things about PerformerTrack, but the thing I like the most is how it helps me keep track of who I've met at auditions so that it's easier to form long-lasting relationships." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "With PerformerTrack I love having all my info organized in one place."

"With PerformerTrack I love having one place to keep my audition info... also to see my "success rate". Since joining I book one out of every 5 auditions!"

"With PerformerTrack Great having all my info in one place!"

"PerformerTrack is very helpful."

"Still learning about PerformerTrack - I am new to it." ” - Jillian Peterson
Georgiana Jianu
Actress, The Vision
Growing up in Romania, Georgiana's childhood allowed her to nurture a well-rounded understanding and compassion for humanity. She lived with her parents in Bucharest, nicknamed the "Little Paris," embracing the sophistication and artistic attitude of this European city. Her summers were spent in the...
“ "With PerformerTrack it is so much easier to keep track of details! Fascinating to go through and get data collected over a year's span."

"I love Performer Track - I can use it on my IPhone!" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "My Holdon Log Logbooks gives me a permanent record of every audition and booked job I've had, going back to the very first play I auditioned for seven years ago. I use it in conjunction with PerformerTrack, which keeps track of which headshots are getting the most response, my audition-to-callback ratio, industry contact information, and much more. Performer Track is like having my own private research and development department." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "I booked and shot a Apple commercial for Cablevision this week and love the way the PerformerTrack helps you track things through the process. From the initial audition to the callback to the booking. It even gives you a little kudos after booking the work which is a nice touch. Then it lets you put in the financial details of the booking to include Coogan information." ” - Jillian Peterson
Ben Whitehair
Ben plays FBI Agent Banks opposite Matthew McConaughey in the film GOLD, to be released worldwide on Christmas Day 2016. He also stars in the upcoming major motion picture THE SUMMERLAND PROJECT, and recent television appearances include THE NIGHT SHIFT, BETTER CALL SAUL, and recurring roles on GRIMM and MANHATTAN...

"With PerformerTrack I have all my actor information in one place. Indispensable."

"I <3 PerformerTrack!"

"PerformerTrack allows me to keep the myriad aspects of my career all in once place, and most importantly helps me to keep track of my Industry relationships. Keep up the good work. :)" ” - Jillian Peterson
Kim Farris
Actress, Her
California native with a Mediterranean mix of Sicilian, Maltese, French, Irish and Sioux Indian. Kim recently completed her directorial debut and co-starring role on the web series "Turning the Page" written by "Romantic Comedy 101"'s Doug Kayne. Working on a number of projects, one of her most fun...
“ "I love how PerfromerTrack allows me to share my news and get myself "out there"!!!"

"I love how PerformerTrack keeps me so organized!!!! It has all the features I need accessible in a simple format. Brilliant!"

"In PerformerTrack I love how everything is in one place, from audition scheduling, to BOOKINGS, plus the small but important details like expenses! I recommend it to all my actor friends!"

"I Love PerformerTrack! I love how it keeps track (and reminds me) of my auditions and bookings!! The expense page is awesome!"

"I love using the User Spotlight to share my successes!!!" ” - Jillian Peterson
J Michael Briggs
Actor, J Michael Briggs was born in Houston Texas. His career in entertainment started out in music. In 1989 while attempting to further his music career in Hollywood, J Michael, on the advice of actor friend, Peer Ebbighousen, started to do background work to make extra money. While working on a TV comedy for Disney/NBC called Hull High...
“ "PerformerTrack makes it easy for me to keep the business end of my career organized. It's like having a personal secretary or office manager :)"

"Since I started using Performer Track I treat my acting business more like a business. Thank you Performer Track!!!"
"Thank you PerformerTrack, I don't know how I would manage my acting career without you!!!"

"Performer Track has allowed me to really take my career to the next level.

Filling out the audition pages makes you really understand how valuable it is to track things. From which casting directors call you in the most to which audition outfits work best, it is all important information an actor needs to supercharge a career.

Performer Track is an awesome tool to keep you focused on the business end of an acting career and all you have to do is fill in the online forms, Performer Track does the rest!

Thanks Performer Track!!!"

"I love that Performer Track not only allows me to track my acting but is also perfect for tracing my producing projects as well. The way it is set up, anyone in the entertainment business can use it for the business side of their career choice. Whether you are a Director, producer or grip. There are elements of performer track that are useful!! Brilliant!!!"

"I just printed out the expense report for 2008 so I can do my taxes. It's awesome!"

"PerformerTrack makes the business side of acting easy. I can track which types of characters I get called in for and which ones I book. It really helps with self submissions because I have a good idea which roles I am most likely to be called in for"
"PerformerTrack makes the business side of acting easy. I can track which types of characters I get called in for and which ones I book. It really helps with self submissions because I have a good idea which roles I am most likely to be called in for"

"PerformerTrack keeps the business side of my acting career clearly organized so I can spend more quality time with my Characters :)" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "Performer Track was a Godsend during tax time! It was so easy to export the report and sort the data."

"PerformerTrack enables me to feel on top of all of the various details of my career. It's a great feeling to know that my data is organized and easy to access and analyze."

"With PerformerTrack I love knowing that the details of my day to day efforts are all in one place."

"I love that Performer Track allows me to track all of the details of my career! The expenses feature was invaluable during tax time!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Erick Chavarria
Actor, Get Hard
Erick was born and raised in Guatemala. As early as 5 years old Erick knew he wanted to be an actor. While growing up in a small village with his grandparents he would reenact scenes from the Soap Operas he had watched with his grandmother the previous night. As a teenager he moved to the United States and got the opportunity to go to college to study business administration...
“ "Love PerformerTrack!!!"
"PerformerTrack makes my life easier."

"PerformerTrack keeps me from forgetting all those little expenses that I would otherwise loose track of." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "I love the system and the customer service is outstanding. I intend to use PerformerTrack for my other small business, "Got Choralography?"

"Using PerformerTrack has re-energized my career in a way I never thought possible." ” - Jillian Peterson
Craig Walker
Craig Walker grew up in Hamden, Connecticut and attended Hamden High School. He went on to study acting at Syracuse University's School of Visual & Performing Arts with Arthur Storch. Craig came to New York City in 1991. A few years later he started aTheaterco. on 26th Street in the Chelsea neighborhood...
“ "PerformerTrack puts all of my details into one space. I have found it easy to keep bookings and details together, and the thought of having expenses and income coupled in one easy place is pretty darned exciting!!!" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ I love Performer Track cause it helps me keep up with all the info on my auditions and bookings. ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "I love having all of my contacts in one place and being able to make notes about my interactions with them. Lord knows in this business, we meet a lot of people and it's nice to have a program that helps me keep everybody straight!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Robert Keniston
Born in Queens and raised in Rockaway Beach, NY Robert originally planned to be a stuntman before deciding on a career as an actor. He began on stage playing an eclectic mix of roles including Princess Elizabeth in the inaugural production of "As Fate Would Have It", Clifford Anderson in the classic thriller "Deathtrap" and Marky Grossman in the South Florida run of "Grandma Sylvia's Funeral"...
“ "Best organization tool for performers who are serious about tracking their progress."

PerformerTrack is an excellent program! I keep finding new things and it's amazing how organized this program helps you to become. A great resource that is superior to any product out there on the market. Bravo!"

"PerformerTrack Great system to track your progress. Love how easy it is to do my taxes at the end of the year."

"Keeps me highly organized. The staff is really cool too. :-)"
"A great tool to keep organized and retain all pertinent information. Great staff and customer service."

Love PerformerTrack. Especially around tax time. I can print a report and provide it to my CPA easy-peasy!

"There are many levels to PerformerTrack. I recently discovered how PerformerTrack keeps track of the offices you visit and how often you're called in. Great tool!"

"PerformerTrack is a great tool to use to keep it all together. Even when I'm not ... :-)"

"PerformerTrack keeps me and my stuff organized. Really helpful come tax time." ” - Jillian Peterson
Jordan Van Vranken
Actress, Bad Teacher
Jordan can be seen in episodes of Criminal Minds, Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush, in the Cameron Diaz film Bad Teacher, and heard in the Warner Brothers/HD Films' animated series CHADAM, also starring Katey Sagal, as the voice (and motion) of Ripley. She has completed over 20 independent films, several festival bound...
“ "PerformerTrack keeps me organized!" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "Even if I get a little delinquent in trying to keep track of my business, PerformerTrack never goes away. It's always there for you whenever you need it!"

"With PerformerTrack it is terrific that everything you need to track your performing career (and business) is conveniently located in one place!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Kristin McCoy
Actress, Tag
“ "With PerformerTrack I can easily keep track of my mileage for projects, appointments, and project details. I can look something up via my cell phone if I forget where I am going, contacts, etc. It is a great system - a gold mine!"

"With PerformerTrack I can easily keep track of my mileage for projects, appointments, and project details. I can look something up via my cell phone if I forget where I am going, contacts, etc. It is a great system - a gold mine!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Andy Gates
Andy Gates is an American Film and Television actor. He has trained at Emerson College, American Conservatory Theatre and The Actors Workshop in Boston. He has trained with Cliff Osmond, Michelle Danner, Ron Max, Rick Pagano and Susie Landau. His breakthrough film role was in the film The Cleaning Lady and his big stage debut was back in 1990 at ACT's annual favorite 'A Christmas Carol'...
“ "I love PerformerTrack. Keep it up guys!"

"I am NOT organized, PerformerTrack helps me BE organized." ” - Jillian Peterson
Diana Elizabeth Jordan
Diana Elizabeth Jordan is a rare person and actor. Her courage and heart fills every role she takes on and she finds a specific truth that makes her version of the role memorable, impacting and truly unique. She not only makes non-traditional casting easy, she redefines the potentials of traditional casting...
“ "I love PerformerTrack. It helps keep me very organized."
"With PerformerTrack I appreciate how easy it is to keep track of everything in one place." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "PerformerTrack is such a wonderfully exhaustive resource. All aspects of the business are covered, and if not, the good people behind the scenes are quick to respond and adapt accordingly. Everyone in show business should use PerformerTrack." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "With PerformerTrack I love the help in getting organized as a business!" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "PerformerTrack keeps all the information in one place. When I need some info, I don't have to waste time looking, I know where to find it." ” - Jillian Peterson
Katherine Norland
Over the relatively short time Katherine Norland has been in Hollywood, she has acted in nearly 100 films. In 2005 she Co-Stared on "Malcolm In The Middle" in the Mrs. Tri-County episode. In 2007 she was in "Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck" she played opposite Corin Nemec of Parker Lewis Can't Lose and Stargate SG-1 which was distributed by Lion's Gate...
“ "PerformerTrack keeps track of the biz so I can focus on the show."

"PerformerTrack keeps everything in it's place."

"Keeps track of all the bits and pieces"

"With PerformerTrack it's all right there."

"PerformerTrack is a bit of clarity in an uncertain industry."

"I like PerformerTrack's customer support!"

"(with PerformerTrack) It's all in one place!"

"PerformerTrack's customer service is the best!"

"I like that PerformerTrack is online."

"Easy way to track everyone's contact information without scraps of paper, notebooks and a zillion business cards cluttering the place."

"I like that PerformerTrack is online and accessible from anywhere." ” - Jillian Peterson
Adrian Kali Turner
Adrian Kali Turner is an actor, singer, dancer, writer, entrepreneur and community activist. Adrian is from Atlanta, Georgia and lives in the Los Angeles area where he is pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. From portraying the emotionally compelling Duane in The Walking Dead to the hilariously funny and scene stealing Shawn in Bad Teacher...
“ "PerformerTrack is a great way to get a handle on your business of acting. Everything you need to stay organized." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "With PerformerTrack I'm so happy to finally be keeping track of all my auditions. Tracking my wardrobe is helping me know what works and also remember what to wear to callbacks." ” - Jillian Peterson
Erich Lane
Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Erich spent the majority of his life in Houston, Texas. While in Houston, he attended The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts where he studied theater/acting. He then graduated from UCLA's theater, film and television department. Erich is an Eagle Scout and helped a mentally challenged scout become an Eagle Scout as well...
“ "PerformerTrack keeps me organized and the contacts section makes sending out postcards a breeze."

"PerformerTrack really keeps me organized!! I love having a record of the auditions and projects that I have done. I'm finding that I now am getting auditions from directors and casting directors that I have previously worked with and I can now refresh the director and or casting director on how we initially met. Thanks for such a FANTASTIC product!! PerformerTrack has really helped me!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Theresa Layne
Actress, Graigslist
Theresa Layne is an American actress known for her commanding screen presence and unforgettable personality. After being accused of making Mr. Rogers look mean by a director and going after her career like a Pit Bull by her acting coach, she has earned the distinct description "Sweet with a Bite". With her mid-west charm and west coast savvy, she is proving to be a force to be reckoned with...
“ "Just sent my tax guy my business miles. Even my husband was impressed by how organized I was. PerformerTrack is a true miracle!!!"

"It is really keeping me focused and more aware of where I am going in my career!!!"

"Love this program. Excited to start the New Year "on track"!!! Thank you Performer Track. I am keeping track of my contacts so much better now. My career is really taking off. I have been working more and more, but am not as frazzled knowing I have a process for staying organized."

"PerformerTrack is a great organizational tool. I just got started and am already recognizing how it is going to propel my career forward."

"Keeps me focused on my career path."

"PerformerTrack keeps me focused on my career path. I like being organized and creating appointments and reminders to follow-up with my contacts!!!"

"Keeping me organized and ready for the new year and taxes."

"Keeping me organized through this very busy season. My business is growing and PerformerTrack is helping me keep my records and new contacts together."

"Gearing up to send my holiday cards and I am seeing all my hard work pay off as I easily create MAILING LABELS using PerformerTrack. This is truly a first for me!
I can't believe what a difference PerformerTrack has made in my ability to keep on top of everything. After my first year, I now feel like I am in a business not a hobby!!!"

"Keeping myself organized has been a true blessing and foundational to my success. I was able to look in my contact notes when I met a casting director for the second time and know where we met. Terrific!!!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Lucius Baston
Lucius Baston Junior, the youngest of three boys, was born in South Richmond Hill Queens, NY to parents Lucius Baston, Sr., an Army veteran, turned transportation (train) conductor, and mother Veronica Albury. Lucius played high school basketball, and was an 11-year-old disk jockey (DJ) in the early days of Hip-Hop (1980s)...
“ "I was throwing away soooo much money! After each audition that I incurred expenses (i.e. rental cars, gas, meals lodging, etc.) I would attempt to save the receipts for tax time. I pretty much ended up with faded receipts lying all over the place that were no longer legible. All those tax deductions went right out the window! After getting on board with PerformerTrack, and getting a run down of how the system can help me by your support staff member (who was extremely thorough, patient and friendly) I absolutely couldn't wait to jump in and use it.

I just recently had an audition out of town. I put my expenses into PerformerTrack immediately and tossed the receipts in a shoe box. You really have no idea of how much it all adds up until you use PerformerTrack. The amount in deductions alone has more than paid for the annual subscription!

This is the first program for performers that I actually enjoy using. It's easy and straight forward. PerformerTrack is a great way to stay organized and keep your business ON TRACK. I feel that Performer Track is an absolute necessity for any performer who is serious about their career."

"I can keep excellent track of my career and expenses."

"PerformerTrack is a great way of keeping track of your career!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Julia Parker
A native of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Julia Parker moved to Boston at the age of ten where she first caught the acting bug when she appeared in her high school production of Woody Allen's Don't Drink the Water. Upon graduation from the University of New Hampshire, Julia moved to Manhattan where she studied acting at the famed HB Studios with William Hickey...
“ "PerformerTrack keeps me organized." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "PerformerTrack and the Holdon Log books keep your life organized."

"PerformerTrack is a great way to keep track of all your auditions."

"PerformerTrack is one of the most comprehensive tools I found in the business. I highly recommend it to anyone. It is the best way to keep a concise record of your auditions, agents, casting directors and locations as well as web sites & emails. It is an extremely handy tool, as well as at tax time for record keeping." ” - Jillian Peterson
Hilary Greer
Actress, Alien Dawn
An actress, comedienne, and feisty writer born in NYC. Just shot the lead in a thriller opposite Eric Roberts. Such great chemistry some scenes were improved. Hilary is adept with her beloved SYFY genre. She had 2 seasons on Alien Dawn, in which she played Series Regular Ruby Turner a scientist and mother out to protect her son and save the world...
“ "PerformerTrack is like having another agent supporting me and reminding me to take care of the business side."

PerformerTrack organizes everything for me and my Representation. I know how many times I have been in for CD’s and what types of projects they do. I know who sees me and for what type of roles. PerformerTrack makes it easy for me and for my Reps. ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "What a great organizational tool! And so comprehensive and easy to use. They thought of (just about) everything that you can use from map functions to expense calculations. The virtual closet rocks!"

"Am able to track and log performances, mileage and contacts on set with ease. This tool allows me to instantly access and keep track of all the information I need to, when I need to."

"I like PerformerTrack's ease of use and unique functions. Comprehensive and versatile sections and outstanding customer service." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "PerformerTrack keeps me organized."

"PerformerTrack keeps good records!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Kim Estes
Actor, Crossroad
Estes was born and raised in Los Angeles (Jefferson Park/Crenshaw district) and attended college at CSU, Cal Maritime Academy in Vallejo, CA and post-graduate work at the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business. He joined the US Merchant Marines and the US Navy upon graduation...
“ "PerformerTrack is a wonderful productivity tool!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Karen-Eileen Gordon
Actress, Magic City
Karen-Eileen Gordon is most well-known to audiences from her two seasons on the hit Starz Original Drama "Magic City," as sassy New Yorker Florence. Born in Philadelphia, Gordon spent her early years in New Jersey before her real-estate-executive parents headed southeast to Florida, where she grew up...
“ "PerformerTrack makes me look like an organizational black-belt."

"With PerformerTrack everything's in one place...I cannot say enough how fabulous that is."

"Hmmm...not enough space to LIST why I like PerformerTrack. It ROCKS!!! I feel like I now have the black-belt organizational tools I need to support serious blast off...HOORAY! :)" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "I really love PerformerTrack and the awesome supportive staff who tirelessly and genuinely help to answer all my questions and give me ideas how to promote myself with specialized targeting/follow-up of contacts with blast emails and announcements." ” - Jillian Peterson
Jessica Sherr
Actress, Annie
“ "PerformerTrack keeps me organized and proud of the work. Makes me happy to see the progress." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "PerformerTrack is a must for parents of child actors!" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "Helps me keep organized." ” - Jillian Peterson
John Richard Petersen
John Richard Petersen was born and raised in Schiller Park, Illinois, just outside of Chicago's O'Hare Airport. John knew at an early age he was destined for the stage. Plays in grade school, along with John's dabbling in the art of magic, helped prepare him for his involvement in high school drama where he blossomed on the stage...
“ "Keeping a diary of my auditions and callbacks helps me to better prepare for upcoming auditions so I can do my best and hope I book the gig!" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "I love how PerformerTrack keeps me organized and on top of my career."


"Love it. PerformerTrack keeps all of my information in one place. Lets me be organized."

"I love Performer Track. It keeps me organized and on top of my business."

"Now that I am a member of AFTRA PerformerTrack is more important to me than ever. Helps me keep all of my career contacts and information in one place. Also, with the ability to access it through my iPad my information is always with me." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "With PerformerTrack I love having all my contact info and scheduling info in one convenient place. Customer service is outstanding. I sent an email question and got an email returned very quickly. In a few hours I received a call from them and they spent 25 minutes with me, making sure I was getting the most from this wonderful product!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Jen Ponton
A Jersey native and a comedic force, Jen has served up laughs in both film and television. She is a Muppet enthusiast, horror fanatic, and body love activist. Jen is most commonly recognized for her work in the Emmy-nominated episode of "30 Rock," "Reaganing," opposite Kelsey Grammer at a Carvel being swindled by the Best Friends Gang...
“ "I love PerformerTrack, most of all for tracking my deductions come tax season!"

"I LOVE the new system! THANK YOU!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Zach Callison
Zach began acting at the age of seven. He was cast as Winthrop in The Music Man. Zach liked the fact that the lisp he had to use allowed him to spit without getting in trouble. Zach was cast in his first feature film role in "Kingshighway" 2007. He has an older brother Wes and older sister Andrea.
“ "What I like about PerformerTrack is the fact there are so many useful tools built within it."

"Staying organized with PerformerTrack!"

"With PerformerTrack I can keep up with my contacts and keep up with the ones that submit for my films. If I can use them in the future, I have their info handy." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "PerformerTrack is right on the money! I feel even more focused and can see the numbers, daily tasks etc at a glance. I feel that I am attracting more work because of the organization this provides!"

"Within the first week in one day I had 4 auditions! This is awesome! 3 Voice and 1 print. I feel more like I am being managed vs just being another face. This is a dream come true! I really feel more focused and organized with Performer Track! Once again I can't say how much I appreciate PerformerTrack!" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "I can keep track of my schedule and helps to keep me from getting double booked."

"Love Performer Track because it keeps me in check with all my details and I can let all of you hear of my successes."

"PerformerTrack keeps me organized and allows me an instant look at the business side of my business (such as money spent or made). I like the user spotlight. I can allow a broader range of people to know my work."

"PerformerTrack helps me keep track of what appts I have and when. I feel better prepared and not as stressed with the business side of my business now."

"I like how PerformerTrack keeps track of Booking information and I can log into it from my phone on the go. I also like that I can use the 'User Spotlight' form to shout it to the world. :)" ” - Jillian Peterson
Patrick Gorman
Actor, Gettysburg
Patrick has appeared as a performer in almost all phases of entertainment. He was born in Visalia, California. Although he's been in SAG over 50 years, he began his professional career as a dancer. He was with Judy Garland at the Palace on Broadway and Donald O'Connor and Sammy Davis Jr. in Las Vegas...
“ "I was able to see your seminar 'Becoming #1 on IMDb... I liked the information, your energy and good humor in the presentation. I've been in the business for a very long time but am only lately learning what 'the business' really is."
- Patrick Gorman ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "PerformerTrack and the Holdon Logs are simple to use and so effective at keeping me on track!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Soren Bryce Martin
Actress, Never Alone
Soren Bryce Martin began traveling from TX to CA at the age of 13. She began booking work immediately and relocated to the Los Angeles area permanently at the age of 16. Soren is an accomplished guitarist and violinist. She is an award winning singer/songwriter and has written and composed music for several of the projects in which she has starred.
“ "PerformerTrack helps me keep up with all my contacts."

"I had 14 auditions last week! PerformerTrack helps me keep up! :)"

"PerformerTrack is helping me get organized! Keeps me organized! I'm liking it!" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "I could not be working this much and be this confident walking in to nail these auditions if I was not keeping track, on levels I didn't even know existed, through PerformerTrack!!!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Bella King
Bella King, a young writer, director, and actress is quickly becoming a recognizable name among producers, casting directors, and her peers in the industry. Born in Ronan, Montana, Bella grew up acting in community theater and began booking work at the age of 6 while living in the Chicago area. While working on set...
“ "PerformerTrack helps my business keep organized." ” - Jillian Peterson
Ryan Kitley
Ryan Kitley has worked in Chicago and Los Angeles for nearly 20 years as an actor, an improviser, a director, and an acting teacher. He is a member of SAG, AFTRA, and AEA with his MFA in acting from the Theatre School at DePaul University. Film and television credits include Boss, Detroit 1-8-7, Turks...
“ "I love PerformerTrack because it helps me to stay organized and focused on my career." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "It's great to be able to spread the word to the whole community like this!" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "I like how the format of PerformerTrack makes you think about every step of the process of working and nudges you to document it."

"I like putting something in there as the final step of a project. It's in there and complete."

"I like that PerformerTrack is 'online' and available to me wherever I can grab ahold of an Internet connection. PerformerTrack reinforces that this is a job. You report to yourself by reporting to PerformerTrack. It's great to have a place to keep track of what you are doing, not just for the organization, but also for the mindset and the sense of accomplishment with what we do on the 'business' side of acting." ” - Jillian Peterson
Sarah Ellis
Originally from Northern Virginia, Sarah graduated from George Mason University with a BA in theatre where she received The Excellence in Performance Award. Some of Sarah's television credits include the role of receptionist in the HBO series K Street (director Steven Soderbergh) and teacher in an episode of the disturbingly funny FX series Louie...
“ "I love PerformerTrack! It makes me feel like I am the CEO of my own business!" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "PerformerTrack is a great organizer!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Faye Yvette McQueen
Faye Yvette McQueen was born in Jamaica, New York in 1961. She attended Catholic School, studied dance at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in NYC and Martha Graham Contemporary Dance School. Faye started her own dance school at the age of 12 in her neighborhood. She performed with The New York Broadway Dancing Cheerleaders in NYC...
“ "I absolutely love PerformerTrack! It is a great way to keep up with my busy life as an actress." ” - Jillian Peterson
Terence Bernie Hines
Actor Terence Bernie Hines has shared the stage and or screen with the great ones ranging from Meryl Streep and Ed Asner, to most recently Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig and Shirley Maclaine. Terence broke onto the scene in the Farrelly Brothers' "Stuck on You." He's been seen on the small screen in such shows as "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"...
“ PerformerTrack adds organization to my life as an actor!" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "Without PerformerTrack, I don't know how I would stay organized!!!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Matthew Solomon
Actor, Chatter
Matthew Solomon, named "Best Emerging Filmmaker" by the RIP Horror Film Festival 2015, was born and raised on the mean streets of West Hollywood, California, where he attended Fairfax High School and majored in "Sneaking Off To Canter's For Lunch." He later attended the University of Southern California School of Music on a Studio/Jazz Guitar scholarship and began his journey in the music biz...
“ "PerformerTrack is an awesome tool for keeping me organized!" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "I love everything about PerformerTrack." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "(With PerformerTrack) it's great to be able to track all my auditions in one place. It is invaluable to be able to keep track of my theatre expenses." ” - Jillian Peterson
Pamela Shaddock
Actress, Mad Men
Trusted to act toe to toe with the best in the business, Pamela Shaddock brings hope and healing to the characters she plays. Luminous, Earthy & Pragmatic, Powerfully Moving, are words that have been used to describe her performances. A proud Bostonian her passion for acting started locally having landed her first professional jobs while still in high school...
“ "Thanks PerformerTrack for helping me take the guess work out of being organized with my career!"

"PerformerTrack is easy, efficient & exciting to use. I LOVE being able to go to one source to track ALL my business needs!"

"I love that I have ONE location to update and access all of my career related information. Thank you PerformerTrack!" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "After 10 years of being in the business, I've learned that relationships and the business side of the Entertainment Industry is just as important as talent. Performer Track is the best way to manage that! I love your product!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Kevin Craig West
Kevin Craig West - Award winning actor/filmmaker and proud member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA. When not on camera or stage, he enjoys producing, directing, writing and coaching. He also enjoys sharing his talents as a teacher/artist and has worked with many Arts in Education groups including Theatre for a New Audience...
“ "PerformerTrack is an easy solution for multitasking." ” - Jillian Peterson
Lidia Sabljic
Actress, Mr. Id
Lidia was born in a small town called Backa Palanka located in the northern Vojvodina province of Serbia which you probably couldn't find on map, so don't worry about it. Her parents moved to Chicago, IL and planted roots when she was a year old. She graduated from DePaul University in Chicago, IL with a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology...
“ "It's the most useful tool I've ever used for my career."
"PerformerTrack makes me run my business like a business!" ” - Jillian Peterson
David Militello
Actor, Perfection
David Militello was born in Austell, Georgia. After three years of not talking at all, by age 4 David had a voice and he wanted to be heard. At age 4, he gave a performance in his church's Easter program that earned him a standing ovation. His performance at age 7 in his church's Christmas program, left the audience in awe...
“ "My mommy loves using PerformerTrack because it helps her to keep up with our busy schedules." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "PerformerTrack allows me to be organized and really professional." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "PerformerTrack keeps my mom organized with all my acting stuff!"

"PerformerTrack is easy to use." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "PerformerTrack is the best thing since Bon Jovi! I love how it keeps me organized & focused. PerformerTrack helps me to easily keep track of contacts & stay on top of follow-ups."

"With PerformerTrack I love how I can copy & paste my email correspondence to my contacts notes section & refer back to as needed. Performertrack helps me stay on target with all the different areas of my business."

"PerformerTrack is always on the cutting edge, expanding & improving upon an already fabulous system!"

"PerformerTrack is the best organizational tool, efficient & easy to use. It's a great way to keep everything about the business of show at your fingertips." ” - Jillian Peterson
Jeff Joslin
Actor, model and producer Jeff Joslin is a former professional football player and two-time national champion quarterback at Carson-Newman College. In 2006, after being laid off from medical equipment job and going through a divorce, he entered the entertainment business and moved to New York City and became a quick success...
“ "Ease of use. Scheduling auditions, bookings, etc." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "I love how all the information I need to know for auditions is clearly written out, and it's so easy to print and bring with me. It's fantastic too that it automatically logs auditions and project appointments in my calendar so I don't have to double check everything! Because who has time for that - I have sides to learn!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Kirk LaSalle
Born to a single mother, Kirk is the grandson of Hollywood stuntman Ross T. Sherman, actor Kirk LaSalle is as much known for his action roles and movie stunts as his physical comedy on set. He spent his early years moving from coast to coast, growing up in the urban setting of Los Angeles, California...
“ "Vast improvements with even more features! Now I can access and update info on my auditions or booking and even add news ones... from anywhere in the world! I have a manager that can also get to my booking and audition info now. Moving the ActorTrack product to a (now "PerformerTrack") web-based product was the best upgrade! Better performance and a huge amount of new features...If you're a professional actor and you're serious about your career...You can't beat PerformerTrack! ." ” - Jillian Peterson
Dionne Audain
Actress, Salt
Dionne Audain is an emerging artist who began her career in the DC Metro area known for her passion, drive and dedication. Having a BA in English (Literature & Rhetoric emphasis) and a Master's of Public Administration (MPA) from the number one program in the nation - The Maxwell School at Syracuse University...
“ "EVERY year at tax time it's a daunting task to get all my receipts entered, all the income added up and to be on time to my accountant - not this year - thanks to PerformerTrack. I am soooo excited about the entire program and most of all I can log on from anywhere with an internet connection - even my iPhone. I love being able to track my every little expense and income details for my acting business."

"I love PerformerTrack! It's the best. You have got to use PerformerTrack for PerformerTrack to work for you and your business! Thank you for for making this product!"

"LOVE PerformerTrack!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Mike Pfaff
Growing up in the blue-collar working class area of Hackensack, NJ taught Mike Pfaff at an early age the values of hard work, courage and toughness. It's these same values, which helped him compete at an elite level and obtain and NCAA Div. 1 Track Scholarhip to attend Penn State University, where he...
“ "The online tool is fantastic and gives a very quick analysis of bookings, trends, contacts, etc... unbelievably helpful." ” - Jillian Peterson
Cupid Hayes
Casting Department, Loose Ends
“ "I like PerformerTrack and Holdon Log because it is the only way to do business!"

"As soon as one starts working in the business, they NEED PerformerTrack. It IS their business. Not having PerformerTrack is a great disservice to yourself and to your craft. So, sign-up already! You'll be kicking yourself that you didn't do it earlier!" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "I am so pleased with your product. For once there is someone looking out for us, the artist and this is PerformerTrack. It seems the Industry is always taking advantage of us, either be it producers, photographers, headshot printing, agents, etc... PerformerTrack keeps everything organized from auditions to expenses; a must for all real artists." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "PerformerTrack has really helped me to organize all of my contacts and audition information!" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "As the CEO of me as an actor, PerformerTrack is the very best product available to oversee all aspects of my business and career. It is easy to use, however, very detailed in all areas. It keeps me focused, on time, and gives a bigger picture of my career. I especially like the income and expense section for those income tax deductions!

The key benefit for me overall of this product is it is web based. It gives me peace of mind to know my information is in a highly secure site and accessible to me at anytime anywhere. Anyone out there, who has experienced a computer gone haywire, losing all your information, will know that this is the only way to go in this day and age.

Congratulations on all the hard work that was put into this product! I look forward to even more functions and updates to come. " ” - Jillian Peterson
Keiko Elizabeth
Actress, Hawaii Five-0
Keiko Elizabeth was born in Sacramento, California and graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Biological Science. After a stint teaching middle school science to kids coming out of juvenile hall in San Francisco, she decided to pursue a professional acting career. Keiko received an MFA in Acting from Cal State Fullerton...
“ "Nothing slips through the cracks with PerformerTrack - it keeps everything for me!." ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "There are many, many businesses out there that have their hands out to take money from people who are working hard to make their way in this Industry, and many of those offer little or nothing of real value in return.

Those of you who know me, also know that I have no patience for that. However, when I heard about the service that PerformerTrack offers, I signed up for it myself, because I saw quickly that even if I use only part of the service, it will more than pay for itself during the course of the year." ” - Jillian Peterson
Alyson Stover
Alyson Stover was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, to parents Joy and Dan. Her beautiful mom, from Long Island, was a Powers model in NYC in the 1930's, and also worked for the great publicist Benjamin Sonnenberg. Her father was an auditor with the federal government and a true Virginia gentleman...
“ "With PerformerTrack I love being organized!" ” - Jillian Peterson
“ "I like that PerformerTrack keeps all of my contacts in one place!" ” - Jillian Peterson
Reatha Grey
Reatha Grey, one of the hip, sexy, ready-to-party-senior pranksters starring on the NBC hit series Betty White's Off Their Rockers, was born in Los Angeles, California. Her father was a dentist and her mother worked as a social worker and elementary school teacher. Grey enjoyed a comfortable middle-class childhood...
“ I love PerformerTrack. I am not the most organized person in the world, but PerformerTrack makes me look like I am. I can keep track of all of my auditions, all of my shoot days and all things career. It's quick and easy to use and I have all my information in one place. I have been using PerformerTrack since it was a program on a cd, now it's even better because it's on the web, which means it is where I am. So when I'm shooting the show all over the country I can still stay organized. ” - Jillian Peterson
Blake Cooper
In 2013, after reading James Dashner's international bestselling adventure story, The Maze Runner, a then twelve-year-old Blake Cooper related so well to the character of 'Chuck' that, upon discovering a big screen adaptation in the works, he took to Twitter to voice his case to play the role. The book's rabid fan base took it from there with a passionate grassroots casting campaign...
Jimmy Palumbo
Actor, The Family
With over 65 TV and film credits, Jimmy Palumbo has been acting for over 25 years. His recent credits are Taken 3 and a co-starring role in Luc Besson's The Family with Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones. Other credits include A Most Violent Year, 5 Flights Up, Mysteries of Laura, Sex and the City 2...
“ I have been using Performer Track for over a year now and I find it to be EVERYTHING you need to run and track your career. And it is great for taxes too!!! If you have a problem, just call them and they will help right away! I also can say...i had my best year ever while using Performer track!!!

It TRACKS EVERYTHING...its all there for u... ” - Jillian Peterson