Eurasian Women

Women of Mixed European and Asian descent.
Asia = From middle east to far east, from Israel to Philippines
Turkey and Russia are considered to be european
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China Chow
Actress, The Big Hit
China Chow, born in London, is known to divide her time between New York City and Los Angeles. She is the child of late model/designer Tina Chow (who died of AIDS in 1992) and restaurateur Michael Chow (whose Mr. Chow restaurants are the talk of the town in London, Manhattan and Beverly Hills)...
“ German, Japanese, Chinese, born in the UK. ” - oligiman187
Devon Aoki
Actress, Sin City
Born in New York but raised in California, Devon Aoki is no stranger to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Her father is former Olympic wrestler and Benihana restaurant magnate Rocky Aoki and her mother is Pamela Hilburger, a jewelry designer. Devon is of Japanese (from her father) and German and English (from her mother) ancestry...
“ German, English, Japanese, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Shannyn Sossamon
Shannyn Sossamon, who credits her striking looks to a mix of English, French, Hawaiian, Dutch, Irish, Filipino, and German ancestry, was born Shannon Marie Kahololani Sossamon in Honolulu, Hawaii. At the age of one, Shannyn and her family moved to a new locale: Reno, Nevada. Her youth was spent at a dance studio...
“ French, Dutch, English, Irish, German, Filipina, born in the USA (Hawaii). ” - oligiman187
Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Anne Hudgens was born in Salinas, California. Her family moved to San Diego, California whilst she was still a toddler. She has a younger sister, Stella Hudgens, who is also an actress. Her mother, Gina Hudgens (Guangco), an officer worker, is from the Philippines. Her father, Greg Hudgens, a firefighter, has Irish and Native American ancestry...
“ Spanish, Irish, Chinese, Filipina, also American Indian, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger was born on June 29 in Honolulu, and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. While attending a performing arts high school, she won the Coca-Cola Classic Talent Contest and performed in many plays at The Actors Theatre of Louisville. She then furthered her studies majoring in theater arts at Wright State University before entering the premiere season of the WB's television show...
“ Russian, Filipina, born in the USA (Hawaii). ” - oligiman187
Jessica Sutta
Actress, Bully
The baby girl of the family, Jessica Sutta started dancing at age 3 and hasn't stopped since. Her audition for the Dolls last year came with a graceful save; when her hairpiece fell out, she kept going with a smile and of course, she got the job. Her love for Robin's choreography makes the job her perfect match...
“ Irish, Russian, Polish, Japanese, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Kristin Kreuk
Actress, Smallville
Kristin Kreuk was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to Deanna Che, who is of Chinese ancestry, and Peter Kreuk, who is of Dutch descent. Her parents are landscape architects. She attended and graduated from Eric Hamber High School. Although she did some stage work in school, she focused more on her studies. She described herself as shy and boring...
“ Dutch, Chinese, born in Canada. ” - oligiman187
Catherine Bell
Actress, JAG
Catherine was born in London, but moved to California with her Iranian mother at age 2. Her mother still acts as her personal assistant. As a child, she acted in various TV adverts. She went to UCLA to study biology, but dropped out to become a model in Japan. She moved back into acting with a Mexican...
“ Scottish, Iranian, born in England. ” - oligiman187
“ Norwegian, Malaysian, born in Norway. ” - oligiman187
“ German, Irish, Korean, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Tia Carrere
Actress, True Lies
Tia Carrere was born Althea Rae Duhinio Janairo on January 2, 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii. While attending Sacred Hearts Academy, Tia was discovered in a Waikiki grocery store and landed the female lead in the indie movie Aloha Summer. Although her passion has always been singing (grandmother Rae took Tia to her first singing lesson at age ten)...
“ Spanish, Chinese, Filipina, born in the USA (Hawaii). ” - oligiman187
“ Irish, Chinese, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Maggie Q
Actress, Nikita
Margaret Denise Quigley was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, to a father of Polish and Irish descent (originally based in New York) and a Vietnamese mother. Her parents met during the Vietnam War. Maggie has two older half-siblings from her mother's previous marriage, and two older sisters. The family moved to Hawaii and settled in Mililani...
“ Irish, Polish, Vietnamese, born in the USA (Hawaii). ” - oligiman187
“ French, Chinese, born in France. ” - oligiman187
Kelly Vitz
Actress, Sky High
“ German, Chinese, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
“ Irish, Dutch, Korean, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
“ French, Chinese, born in Canada. ” - oligiman187
“ German, Korean, also Native American, born in South Korea. ” - oligiman187
Shay Mitchell
Shay Mitchell was born Shannon Mitchell in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to a Filipino mother and a father of Irish and Scottish descent. Even as a young child, she was interested in the performing arts, declaring to her parents that she would pursue such a career. Shay began dance lessons at the age of five...
“ Irish, Scottish, Filipina, born in Canada. ” - oligiman187
Sandra McCoy
Actress, Cry_Wolf
Sandra McCoy was born and raised in San Jose, California. Her mother, Madeline McCoy, was a high school P.E. teacher, tennis coach, and aerobics instructor. Her father, Gary McCoy, was the director of database management at the county Sherrif's Department and a private pilot. Her brother, who was two years her junior...
“ Irish, Filipina, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Kelly Hu
Actress, X2
On February 13th, 1968, a girl of Chinese, English, and Hawaiian ancestry was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her father, Herbert, was a salesman and her mother, Juanita, worked many odd jobs to help support the family. She has one older brother, Glenn. She is a former Miss Teen USA, and modeled in Japan and Italy for several months before deciding to relocate to L.A...
“ English, Chinese, born in the USA (Hawaii). ” - oligiman187
Lexa Doig
Actress, Andromeda
Toronto native Alexandra Doig was born on June 8th, 1973, to Filipina mother Gloria and Irish-Scottish father David. Her parents held season tickets to their local theater, and Lexa was inspired to begin acting after seeing a production of "Porgy and Bess" at the age of nine. She dropped out of high school in grade 13...
“ English, Scottish, Filipina, born in Canada. ” - oligiman187
Cinta Laura Kiehl
Cinta Laura Kiehl is a German-Indonesian actress, singer and model in Indonesia. Begin her career in 2007; she has starred in several TV series, movies and endorsed several local and international brands. Since the start of her career, she had won several awards for acting and singing, two of which are from the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Indonesia...
“ German, Indonesian, born in Germany. ” - oligiman187
“ English, German, Scottish, Russian, Spanish, Filipina, Chinese, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
“ Portugese, British (Scottish), Chinese, born in Canada. ” - oligiman187
“ Spanish, Filipina, born in ????. ” - oligiman187
Mei Melançon
Mei Melançon was born in the Philippines to a Chinese/Japanese father and French mother, but was raised by her step-father who is American. Her childhood was spent in countries in Asia and Europe. At the age of five she learned to play guitar and was in a Summer children's band called The Blossoms that toured around Japan...
“ French, Japanese, Chinese, also Native American, born in the Philippines. ” - oligiman187
Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif is one of eight siblings, 7 girls and 1 boy, from a mother who is a Caucasian of British Nationality, and a father who was formerly from Kashmir, India, but who has since acquired British citizenship. Her mother is now re-settled in Chennai (formerly known as Madras), the Capital of the state of Tamil Nadu in India...
“ English, Indian, born in Hong Kong. ” - oligiman187
Kimberly Estrada
Kimberly Estrada is an American actress known for playing a wide range of roles, from professional boxer to vixen. Estrada is an ethnic blend of primarily Chinese, Spanish and Native descent and has an extensive background in martial arts and combat including Shaolin Kempo, Jeet Kun Do Kung Fu, Jiu-jitsu...
“ Spanish, Chinese, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Carmit Bachar
Carmit Bachar is one of the most visible dancers in the industry today. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Carmit is of Israeli, Dutch, Indonesian, and Chinese descent and comes from a family of entertainers. She competed internationally as a rhythmic gymnast for 10 years, and placed 5th in the Olympic trials in 1992...
“ Dutch, Israeli, Indonesian, Chinese, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Vanessa Lachey
Vanessa Joy Minnillo was born on November 9, 1980, at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines. She is the daughter of Helen Ramos Bercero and Vincent Charles Minnillo, a crew member on an Air Force aircraft (he has since retired). Her father is American, from Ohio, and is of half Italian, one quarter Russian-Jewish...
“ Irish, Italian, Filipina, born in the Philippines. ” - oligiman187
Julia Nickson
Julia Nickson was born in the beautiful island city of Singapore. Her early years were spent in the vales of Wiltshire, England followed by the red rock canyons of the Zambezi river in Africa, but she returned to Singapore after her father's death when she was only six. From the age of seven to seventeen,she...
“ British, Chinese, born in Singapore. ” - oligiman187
Sandrine Holt
Sandrine Holt made her feature film debut in Bruce Beresford's epic Black Robe, which earned her a Genie Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She has starred in such films as Rapa Nui, Dance Me Outside and Pocahontas: The Legend. In addition, she co-starred with Jennifer Garner, Buck Henry and Amanda Peet in 1999...
“ French, Chinese, born in the UK. ” - oligiman187
Celeste Thorson
Celeste Thorson was born in Orange County, California. and raised throughout New Mexico, Texas & California by her mother, a fine artist and father, a US Marine. Ethnically she is of Korean, Scottish Irish, Lebanese, Apache American Indian, and Spanish descent. She began acting as a child in live community theater in New Mexico...
“ Scottish, Irish, Spanish, Lebanese, Korean, also Apache American Indian, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
“ Portugese, Norwegian, English, Chinese, born in Hong Kong. ” - oligiman187
Cheryl Burke
Miscellaneous Crew, Dancing with the Stars
“ Irish, Russian, Filipina, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Reiko Aylesworth
Actress, 24
Reiko was born in Chicago, IL.. She and her younger brother were raised by their mother who worked in a methadone clinic and later ran a jail. When Reiko was 13 yrs. old, they met the man who would become her stepfather and would introduce her to acting and theater. The family soon moved to Springfield...
“ Welsh, Dutch, Japanese, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
“ Irish, Japanese, born in ????. ” - oligiman187
Sophie Wu
Actress, Kick-Ass
“ Scottish, Chinese, born in the UK. ” - oligiman187
“ Finnish, Indian, born in the UK. ” - oligiman187
Dilshad Vadsaria
Actress, Greek
Dilshad Vadsaria was born in Karachi, Pakistan, of Portuguese and Indian descent. She moved with her family to the US at the age of six and spent her childhood in various parts of the country, including Chicago, Richmond (Virginia) and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She eventually moved to New York to study acting...
“ Portugese, Indian, born in Pakistan. ” - oligiman187
Nicole Lyn
Nicole Lyn began cultivating a love of music, dance and storytelling from an early age. At just 8 years old, she won enrollment into Toronto's prestigious Claude Watson School for artistically gifted students and immersed herself in the performing arts. By the time she was 18, she was well known for her roles on Canadian television...
“ Portugese, British, Chinese, also African Jamaican, born in Canada. ” - oligiman187
“ Portugese, Hungarian, Indian, born in Germany. ” - oligiman187
Rachel Grant
Actress Rachel Louise Grant De Longueuil was born on the Island of Luzon in the Philippines. She is related to British royalty through her grandfather, the late Baron Raymond De Longueuil (second cousin to Queen Elizabeth II of England) whose mother was Ernestine Maude Bowes-Lyon. Rachel is the middle of three sisters and spent much of her childhood in the English town of Nottingham...
“ English, Scottish, French Canadian, Spanish, Filipina, born in the Philippines. ” - oligiman187
Jasmin Tabatabai
She played in the woman-band "Even Cowgirls get the blues", which also helped her to play her part in the movie Bandits. She wrote most of the songs for the Soundtrack of "Bandits". On 3rd December 2002, her first child, a girl named Angelina Sherri Rose, was born. Father of the child is the American musician Tico Zamora, who lives in Berlin with Jasmin...
“ German, Iranian, born in Iran. ” - oligiman187
Nia Peeples
Nia Peeples was born in Hollywood, California, on December 10, 1961. Her family moved to West Covina, California, where she and her two sisters, Paula and Cynthia, grew up. At eight years old she began performing with her family, giving concerts for community groups and conventions and doing dances of different cultures...
“ German, Spanish, Italian, Scottish, Irish, Filipina, also Native American, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Navi Rawat
Actress, Numb3rs
“ German, Indian, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
“ German, Swedish, Chinese, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Dia Mirza
Dia Mirza was born on 9th December in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Born to a Bengali mother, Deepa, and a German father, Frank Handrich, she grew up imbibing the value of different world views. Having studied at J Krishnamurti School, where students get educated not by rote, but by resolute guidance to be free of social conditioning...
“ German, Indian, born in India. ” - oligiman187
“ Swedish, French, Italian, English, German, Korean, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Sanoe Lake
Actress, Blue Crush
Sanoe Lake is a surfer, model and actress. She was born and raised in Kauai, Hawaii. Her name "Sànoe" means " The Mist of the Mountains." She was a known tomboy and thrill seeker when she was growing up earning herself the nickname "Sanoe boy." Sanoe was discovered at 15 years old by a manager on the beach of Oahu's North Shore when she came in from surfing...
“ English, German, Scottish, Irish, Japanese, Chinese, born in the USA (Hawaii). ” - oligiman187
Tila Tequila
Singapore-born, Houston-raised Tila "Tequila" Nguyen has become a pop culture sensation. She is one of the most popular personalities in cyberspace, breaking records on MySpace, with a record breaking 1.4 million friends, as well as Facebook. Raised in a Buddhist temple, the Vietnamese teenager soon rebelled against her strict upbringing...
“ French, Vietnamese, born in Singapore. ” - oligiman187
Mia Riverton
Actress, Red Doors
Mia Riverton was born in Columbus, Ohio and grew up in Indianapolis with her scientist parents and a younger brother, Daniel. While performing in local theatrical and musical productions, she caught the attention of a talent agent and was soon landing commercials, TV and theater roles on a regular basis...
“ Irish, Spanish, Chinese, also Cherokee, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
“ Norwegian, Thai, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Jacki R. Chan
Actress, Crank
“ British, Portugese, Chinese, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Jennifer Tilly
Jennifer Tilly burst onto the scene playing the tone deaf Monica Moran in The Fabulous Baker Boys, and has been playing unforgettable characters ever since. She earned an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of the spectacularly untalented Olive Neal in Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway. She followed that up...
“ Not sure about european background. ” - oligiman187
Meg Tilly
Actress, The Big Chill
Mother Patricia was a teacher, and former stage actress, her father Harry (Chinese), a car salesman. In the mid 1960s her mother divorced and moved back to Texada Island, British Columbia, to live with Tilly's grandmother, and later the family moved to Victoria. Sister of actress Jennifer Tilly. Raised in British Columbia by her mother and step-father...
“ Not sure about european background. I'll list the Tilly sisters just in case. ” - oligiman187
“ Norwegian, French, Irish, German, Scottish, Welsh, Mongolian, also Native American, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Anna Maria Perez de Tagle
Actress, Camp Rock
Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, is one of today's hottest triple threats with an extensive list of accomplishments including acting, singing, and dancing. The talented rising star opened for the Jonas Brothers Asia 2012 tour. She also concluded her starring role in Godspell on Broadway, the beloved classic from Stephen Schwartz alongside Hunter Parrish and Corbin Bleu...
“ Irish, Spanish, Filipina, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Liza Lapira
Actress, 21
“ Spanish, Filipina, Chinese, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Crystal Lowe
Actress, Insomnia
Crystal Lowe was born on 20th January 1981 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. At a young age, Crystal and her family moved to Hong Kong where she grew up a few years of her life and is now fluent in Cantonese. Because of her natural beauty, Crystal then entered such modeling competitions including "Miss Teen Oriental." She has also been a sunshine calendar girl...
“ Scottish, Chinese, born in Canada. ” - oligiman187
“ Scottish, English, Burmese, Indian, Iranian, born in the UK. ” - oligiman187
“ Welsh, Japanese, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
“ Portugese, English, Chinese, born in China (Macau). ” - oligiman187
Katie Cockrell
Katie Cockrell is an American actress, dancer, and performer. She grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and started dancing at the age of 5. She's of mixed ethnic background, her mother is Chinese and her father is English and Irish. Katie has an identical twin sister, Kellie, who is also an actress. Katie's...
“ English, Irish, Chinese, born in the USA. Twin sister of Kellie Cockrell. ” - oligiman187
“ English, Irish, Chinese, born in the USA. Twin sister of Katie Cockrell. ” - oligiman187
“ Irish, French, Korean, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Elaine Tan
Elaine was born in London, England. She attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School and performed in West End stage productions, including South Pacific and The King & I, Royal Variety Shows, film, television, radio and commercials. After leaving to attend a regular academic school, she continued taking her LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) Exams...
“ British, Portugese, Chinese, Malaysian, born in the UK. ” - oligiman187
“ British, Chinese, born in the UK. ” - oligiman187
“ Spanish, Japanese, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Jodi Ann Paterson
Strikingly gorgeous brunette stunner Jodi Ann Paterson was born on July 31, 1975 in Balikpapan, Indonesia. Her mother is Indonesian and her father is an American of mixed Swiss and English descent. Jodi's family moved to Oregon when she was two years old. She grew up in Springfield, Oregon. Paterson attended Thurston High School...
“ Swiss, English, Indonesian, born in Indonesia. ” - oligiman187
Nadia Bjorlin
Nadia Bjorlin was born the fifth out of six children. Her parents Ulf Björlin (a Swedish conductor and composer, known to be the worlds most active opera composer during the 20th century) and Fary Bjorlin. Her siblings are Katja, Kaj, Kamilla, Ulf J:r and Jean Paul. (Each sibling have a history of artistic or creative work in their background...
“ Swedish, Iranian, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
“ German, Irish, Thai, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
“ Irish, Filipina, Chinese, also African, Puerto Rican, Sioux Indian and Cherokee Indian, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Summer Bishil
Actress, Towelhead
Summer Bishil was born in Pasadena, California. She and her family moved overseas when she was three. Summer attended British and American schools while her family lived overseas, She returned to her home town of Pasadena just shy of her 14th birthday. In love with the idea of becoming an actress since the age of five...
“ German, Scottish, East Indian, also Mexican, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Nargis Fakhri
Actress, Rockstar
Nargis was born to multi-cultural parents in Queens, New York City on 20 October 1979. She started her career as an American model, even appearing in America's Next Top Model Cycles 2 and 3 in 2004. She also posed for the 2009 Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar. In 2011, she made her Bollywood debut with Imtiaz Ali's Rockstar alongside Ranbir Kapoor...
“ Czech, Pakistani, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
“ British, Filipina, born in the UK. ” - oligiman187
“ Scottish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, also Blackfoot Native American, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Roma Maffia
Actress, Nip/Tuck
From a hit television drama to a medley of feature films, Roma Maffia graces the entertainment mediums with her trademark sophistication and charismatic appeal. Roma portrays the smart, no-nonsense anesthesiologist, 'Dr. Liz Cruz,' on the hit FX drama, "Nip/Tuck." 'Liz' has earned the respect of her physician colleagues...
“ English, German, Indian, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
“ Irish, Filipina, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Bérénice Marlohe
Actress, Skyfall
French actress Bérénice Marlohe first came to international attention when she was cast as the glamorous and enigmatic Severin in the twenty-third Bond film Skyfall, alongside Daniel Craig which grossed over 1.11 billion dollars worldwide. Marlohe will continue to expand her presence in the states on the silver screen...
“ French, Cambodian, born in France. ” - oligiman187
Sarah Shahi
Sarah Shahi was born Aahoo Jahansouz in Euless, Texas, to an Iranian father and Spanish mother. She is a former NFL cheerleader and a descendant of a 19th-century Persian Shah. She attended Trinity High School and Dallas Southern Methodist University, studied opera and majored in English. As a teenager...
“ Spanish, Irani, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Cassie Steele
Toronto native Cassie Steele joins the cast of THE L.A. COMPLEX as Abby. The aspiring Canadian actress is best known for her role as Manny Santos on 10 seasons of the internationally acclaimed drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation. Cassie was a 2003 nominee and the 2002 winner of a Young Artist Award for Best Ensemble Actor in a TV Series for her portrayal of Manny Santos...
“ British, Filipina, born in Canada. ” - oligiman187
Daniella Alonso
Daniella Alonso was born in New York City, to a large family of Puerto Rican, Peruvian, and Japanese descent, and was raised in an all-women household. At age fifteen, she was discovered by the Ford Modeling Agency, and began booking jobs for teen magazines like Seventeen, YM, and Teen, which led to her booking commercials for Clairol...
“ Spanish, Japanese, also Puerto Rican, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
“ English, Chinese, born in the UK. ” - oligiman187
“ Scottish, Indian, born in the UK. ” - oligiman187
Hayley Kiyoko
Hayley first appeared in national commercials for GM, On Star, K-Mart, and Slim Jim, and became the TV spokesperson for Cinnamon Toast Crunch. In addition, she had a couple of guest star roles on Nickelodeon's Unfabulous. As a dancer, she studied with Scotty Nyugen. She is a prolific songwriter and she plays the drums...
“ German, Scottish, Welsh, Japanese, also Canadian, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
“ Italian, Irish, German, Japanese, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
Jenna Dewan Tatum
Actress, Step Up
Jenna Dewan is an actress, former model, and dancer. She was born on December 3, 1980 in Hartford, Connecticut, to Nancy (Bursch) and Darryll Dewan. Her father is of half Syrian Lebanese and half Polish descent, and her mother has German and English ancestry. Jenna grew up in Grapevine, Texas and discovered a love for dancing at the age of five...
“ Polish, English, German, Lebanese, born in the USA. ” - oligiman187
“ French, Russian, Korean, born in Canada. (Note: Mantis in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is originally German-Vietnamese) ” - oligiman187
Jessica Sula
Actress, Split
“ Estonian, German, Chinese, also Afro-Hispanic (Trinidad and Tobago), born in the UK. ” - oligiman187
Alyssa Veniece
Actress, Furious 7
Alyssa Veniece is a Canadian recording artist, songwriter, dancer, and actor from Toronto, Ontario of Jamaican, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Indian, Irish, and French decent. In 2015, she was awarded the SOCAN Pop/Rock Music Award for co-writing the platinum-selling single "Chills" and founded ADK (A Different Kind) Alliance...
“ Portugese, German, Irish, French, Chinese, Indian, also Jamaican, born in Canada. ” - oligiman187