Who I would cast for Black Jewels tv-series

If Anne Bishop's Black Jewels series got adapted to a TV-series, these are the actors I would cast. This is my opinion!
I have no idea who I would cast for Leland, Robert Benedict, Wilhelmina, Geoffrey or Draca, so ideas would be good and welcome. If I forgot someone, which I'm sure I did, please tell me.
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Evanna Lynch
Evanna Patricia Lynch is an Irish actress. Born in the town of Termonfeckin in Ireland, she is one of four children to Donal and Marguerite Lynch. Her acting career began in 2007 when she competed in an open audition against nearly 15,000 girls, and won the coveted role of Luna Lovegood in the "Harry Potter" movie franchise...
“ As Jaenelle Angelline, Black Jeweled Black Widow Healer Queen, Witch, dreams made flesh and future Queen of Ebon Askavi ” - monica_mdias1
Ben Barnes
British actor Benjamin Thomas Barnes was born in London, England, to Patricia (Becker), a relationship therapist, and Thomas Barnes, a professor of psychiatry. He has a brother, Jack. His mother is from South Africa while his father is English. Barnes studied at Homefield Preparatory and King's College...
“ As Daemon Sadi, the Sadist, a Black Jeweled Warlord Prince ” - monica_mdias1
Dwayne Johnson
Actor, Moana
Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known as The Rock, was born on May 2, 1972 in Hayward, California, to Ata Johnson (born Feagaimaleata Fitisemanu Maivia) and Canadian-born professional wrestler Rocky Johnson (born Wayde Douglas Bowles). His father is black (of Black Nova Scotian descent), and his mother is of Samoan background (her own father was Peter Fanene Maivia...
“ As Lucivar Yaslana, Ebon-Gray Jeweled Eyrien Warlord Prince ---Has huge bat-like black wings ” - monica_mdias1
“ As Saetan Daemon SaDiablo, Guardian (one of the living dead) Black Jeweled Warlord Prince of Dhemlan and the High Lord of Hell

Imagine him as he was in Van Helsing, with a tan and sans the ponytail ” - monica_mdias1
Branscombe Richmond
Actor, Renegade
Highly recognizable Native American actor, stuntman and singer who is equally capable of portraying cold-hearted villains on the one hand and warm-hearted, open "good guys" on the other, as evidenced by his huge grin and hearty laugh. The solidly built 6' 3" Richmond has regularly played the bad guy on-screen...
“ As Andulvar Yaslana, the Demon Prince, demon-dead, Ebon-Gray Jeweled Eyrien Warlord Prince of Askavi Kaeleer --- Has black wings, like Lucivar ” - monica_mdias1
Tabrett Bethell
Actress, Dhoom 3
Tabrett Bethell is a talented Australian film, television, model and theater actress. Prior to her acting career, she worked as a cheerleader for the NRL (National Rugby League) Cronulla Sharks. She was also a model for the Chadwick Model Agency in Australia. Bethell trained at Australia's Leading Film and TV School Screenwise...
“ As Surreal SaDiablo, Gray Jeweled witch, whore and assassin, Dea al Mon/Hayllian dual blood line

Imagine Tab with black hair, gold-green eyes, pointy ears, and a sun-tan, and you get the picture ” - monica_mdias1
“ As Hekatah SaDiablo, Saetan's ex-wife, Red Jeweled Black Widow Priestess, High Priestess of Hell, demon-dead and a bitch of the first order! (sorry for that bit of rant, but it's true) ” - monica_mdias1
“ (Maybe) As Dorothea SaDiablo, Red Jeweled Black Widow Priestess, High Priestess of Hayll, and another mega-bitch

Imagine Bridget with a tan and golden eyes ” - monica_mdias1
Lotte Verbeek
Lotte Verbeek is an award-winning Dutch actress, dancer and model. Lotte was born in Venlo, Netherlands. She was educated at Gymnasium Collegium Marianum in Venlo and graduated in 2008 at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam. From 1999, Verbeek attended the Dance Academy in Arnhem and the Amsterdam Academy of Jazz/Musical Theatre and Dance...
“ As Cassandra, Black Jeweled Black Widow Queen, former Queen of the Dark Court at Ebon Askavi, now a Guardian, one of the living dead ” - monica_mdias1
James D'Arcy
James D'Arcy was born Simon Richard D'Arcy in London, England, to Caroline (O'Connor) and Richard D'Arcy. He was raised by his mother, a nurse. He trained at LAMDA and graduated in July 1995. During his three-year course, he gained acting experience by appearing in the plays "Heracles", "As You Like It"...
“ Like Bridget, he's a maybe

Maybe as Mephis, a Gray Jeweled Warlord Prince, and eldest son of Saetan SaDiablo, demon-dead.

I know he died of old age, but I always thought of him as young, so too bad ” - monica_mdias1
Steven Brand
Although native to Dundee, Scotland, Steven lived in East Africa when he was young, spending nine years in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. He experienced film for the first time in a drive-in cinema in Kenya. In 2002, having worked extensively in theatre, film and television in the UK, Steven was brought over to the US to star in Universal's The Scorpion King...
“ He's a maybe too...a biiiig maybe

Maybe as Prothvar Yaslana, Andulvar Yaslana's grandson and a Red-Jeweled Eyrien Warlord. Demon-dead ” - monica_mdias1
Peter Facinelli
Peter Facinelli was born in Queens, New York, the youngest child of Bruna (Reich) and Pierino Facinelli, a waiter. His parents are Italian immigrants, originally from Trentino, Northern Italy. He has three sisters. Peter was educated at St. Francis Preparatory School in Fresh Meadows, New York, and went on to attend St...
“ As Kartane SaDiablo, son of Dorothea SaDiablo and sire of Surreal SaDiablo ” - monica_mdias1
Joanne Whalley
Actress, Willow
An arresting, dark-haired stunner of 1980s and 1990s continental filming, Joanne Whalley should have made far more of an impact in Hollywood than she did. She was born in Manchester, England and prodded by her parents into acting at an early age, performing in school plays and winning a recurring role at age 10 on the popular long-running British TV serial Coronation Street...
“ As Alexandra Angelline, Opal Jeweled Queen of Chailliot, grandmother of Jaenelle Angelline ” - monica_mdias1
Cate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett was born on May 14, 1969 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, to June (Gamble), an Australian teacher and property developer, and Robert DeWitt Blanchett, Jr., an American advertising executive, originally from Texas. She has an older brother and a younger sister. When she was ten years old...
“ As Titian, a Dea al Mon Green Jeweled Black Widow Queen, now Queen of the Harpies, demon-dead witches who died violently at the hands of a male. She is mother of Surreal SaDiablo and kin of Jaenelle Angelline.

In the books Titian was supposed to look young, but really, look at her, Cate looks like an older version of Tabrett Bethell, almost as if she could be her mother, heh? ” - monica_mdias1
Dan Stevens
Dan Stevens was born at Croydon in Surrey on 10th October 1982. His parents are teachers. He was educated at Tonbridge School and trained in acting at the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. He studied English Literature at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Whilst he was a Cambridge undergraduate, he acted in several student drama productions...
“ Another maybe!

As Philip Alexander, Gray Jeweled Prince Alexandra Angelline's Consort. ” - monica_mdias1
Burn Gorman
The youngest of four children, Burn was born in Hollywood but was brought up in London with his parents and sisters. Burn's father is a Professor of Linguistics at UCLA. In 2006 Burn and his wife Sarah, a teacher welcomed their son Max Hugh Gorman. Their daughter, Nell was born on January 25, 2009. Gorman has worked with the English National Opera...
“ As Greer, a Hayllian Warlord who works for Dorothea as an assassin ” - monica_mdias1